16 May 2009

A restless soul, feasting to my eyes

This whole week, life was not that bored after all. My diary was full with meetings, which was quite unconventionall for me. Despite the periodic and scheduled meetings that I had to attend, there were also quite a number of unexpected meetings that really bogged me down with the unnecessary nitty gritty bit, of which normally shrinks my brain into a pea size. I am very surprised to see many meeting nowadays can drag on and on until the wee hours and the people can still talk like there is no tomorrow, and the minute of the meeting hardly finished the last line on a piece of paper.

I have not yet subjected myself to a very strict regime of diet, but I am quite sure this week alone has contributed a lot in adding up a few kilos into my body weight. I supposed the normal practice to serve calorie-laden pastries and caffeinated drinks during the meeting need to be seriously considered. No wonder government officers nowadays could not keep up with the ideal BMI (Body mass index).

Having spent many hours warming the seat in the cold meeting rooms, and got caught in the traffic jam, I really missed my serene and sedated life in my office. I hardly had enough time to join my normal corum in the cafeteria for a round of serious discussion on national issues, like why most Malaysian government servants wanted to extend their retirement age until they can't even remember their own age, whereas they can retire early and spend their remaining mortal life repenting for their past sins in Gua Tempurung, for example. What more on politics. If any of my colleagues ask me now, who is the current MB of Perak, I wouldn't know or tell for sure. I hardly read any newspapers these days. The only program I watched is 'House'.

Despite the heavy schedule and after spending numerous hours gazing through photos and micrographs, which were compiled for the past few weeks, I decided to treat my eyes on other subject that wouldn't strain my iris as much, thus inhibited my eyes from becoming more 'sepet'. After all, I need to thaw back my brain into its normal size. Coincidentally, my colleagues told me that there are few interesting exhibition being showcased in the University of Malaya. The one that I am interested to see was by an artist from South Korea, Prof. Mi Jai Lee. Jolly good I thought, I must go!

I however missed the opening ceremony and also the beautiful gamelan performance, a traditional musical ensemble played by my friend. I can't remember when was the last time I listen to the sound of gong, angklung and other peculiar musical instruments. The exhibition entitled "the '25th. Solo Exhibition - Celebrate Transition from Traditional to Digital Art"
was a good one, even though there was not much artifacts on display. At least the tour around the museum had put some perspective back into my life and burned up few grams of calories in my body.

My colleague with her team getting ready for their gamelan performance during the opening ceremony. photo courtesy of my friend (middle in the front row).

This blur image of the opening ceremony has proven my long suspicion that Parkinson's syndrome has somehow has a very strong connection with the quality of each photo. Never ask your friend with known disease to shot for you at any important event. This photo courtesy of a budding cameraman who wants to remain unidentified, using my colleague camera while she was getting ready to perform the gamelan.


Si Penconteng said...

Saya paling geram bila agenda yang sama are brought forward to every coming meeting. Ngggghhh. Buang masa betol.

arsaili said...

salam...owh...meeting perkara yg sungguh tak suka and with my condition, after 1 hr, my back will give the strong signal...move ur ass!!!! or else i need a pain killer.

patungcendana said...

meeting?...erk...apa tu?

budak botak yang comel kat bawah tu kau ke ? hehehe...so bloody cute...macam pelakun cerita little buddha...

DrSam said...

yang paling geram, orang yang asyik bawa agenda lepas-lepas yang sama ke setiap kali mesyuarat boleh terlepas pula tu.

we are in the same boat bro. The back problem is sometimes a blessing in disguise also. I had in many occasions excuse myself from the meeting using my back problem.

budak montel yang botak tu junior yang pertama. Tapi kemana tumpahnya kuah jika tak ke nasi.

zino said...

sekarang zino pun terpaksa menghadiri meeting demi meeting.. kadang kala jadi ahli je kadang kala mempengerusikan nya.. kalau tengok jadual macam tak ada masa free

loteh den..balik pun selalu lambat.

Anonymous said...

..:) patut pun sibuk Dr.Sam...
jadual penuh ngan meeting... :)

tak per lepas ni Zooom malaysia..

DrSam said...

memang melotehkan kalau hari-hari asyik duduk bercakap aja. Kalau buat kerja (bidang kita) seronok dan tidak terasa letihnya. Maso berlalu pun tidak teraso. Apo nak dikato.

fahmi latiff,
Nak mengadap komputer lepas balik rumah, badan dan minda pun tak larat. Mata pun berat semacam aje. apa lagi, zzzzzzz...

cuti sekolah ni memang cadang rehat sakan. Zooooommm ke Ganu.

tchersally said...

Hmmm..no wonder we hardly see u around lately..

Yes..meeting can be d most "euwww" thing on earth..like u said..can take hours with no decision made..

Cuti sekolah zoooommmmm Ganu?? kalau nak lajak zooooommm Klantan..calling2..

ashley said...

'Meetingolics' is probably a new disease crops in..


DrSam said...

itu salah satu asbab kenapa herhiebernasi, laptop merajuk pun ya juga.

Insyaallah, jika panjang langkah, kita hello orang di KB.

anyholic thing is consider excessive and abnormal :)

MariaFaizal said...

There were time that I loved to be in the meeting, just to day-dream (got away from work pressure for a while :)

P/S: Thank you so much for delivering the soaps right to my door. You guys were so lucky you did not see my face with thick bedak sejuk just now,haha...

Regards to Sis Zayda & lovely children.Thanks again for the free sample of the green soap.so far the orange one has worked wonders to my skin.I'm delighted!Faizal says 'hi' too! :D

Hidup KOKA said...

sometime I sleep in meetings....

boring sangat!!!

madam gold said...

Hi doc! Meetings??? Teacher s meetings can sometimes can go until 4-5:00 in the evening, and you guys are lucky to have donuts and coffee.Kita orng lepas meeting biasanya kebuluran...nothing served.

Zue said...

Salam DrSam,

Meeting ni kadang2 memang meletihkan. At my place, biasanya meeting dibuat pada lewat petang dan biasanya tak ada "calorie-laden pastries and caffeinated drinks" tu...biasanya setakat air mineral saja dan selonggok tugas selepas meeting.

I melawat pameran Prof Mi Jai Lee tu dua kali. Memang menarik menyaksikan pameran lukisan dari seorang Profesor yang berpengalaman dan disegani dalam bidang tersebut, dan yang lebih menarik perhatian I adalah Profesor itu sendiri, yang dimata I lebih indah dan lembut seindah lukisan-lukisan beliau yang dipamerkan.

Dan alunan lagu-lagu musik gamelan memang sangat menarik dan mengasyikkan...:)

patungcendana said...

re: kemana tumpahnya kuah jika tak ke nasi.

so true doc...:-)

thank you for the wish...

sri kandi?...erk...perjuangan belum berakhir...

CAHAYA said...

Your schedule looks tight! That explain your absent from blogging world. :)

Zendra said...

Doc, the moment I retired and thus stopped having nescafe and 2 kuih manis at every meeting pagi dan petang, I lost 5 kg. in weight. Yeah, and I don't miss meetings at all ever :-D

DrSam said...

some of the meeting will end up without any decision at all, that is after a long monologue by a chairman. Yes, some members even fall asleep in the meeting and have their own sweet dream.

No problemo. We purposely gatecrashed to your house in hoping to catch you in one of your "uncompromising situation" :) almost got a glimpse of you in your weekend 'bedak sejuk'!

Hi to Faizal too.

hidup KOKA,
so far I've never succumbed into that effort yet, but hardly keep myself from yawning and yawning and yawning....

madam gold,
still considered acceptable if the meeting finishes before dusk, but if you have to stay back in the meeting until past the midnight, I think that is madness.

Salam. dengan teknologi yang serba canggih ni sepatutnya tak perlu kehulu kehilir sokmo nak pergi meeting pun. boleh buat 'teleconferencing' etc. setakat sekali sekala ambil angin tu tak apa lah. tapi kalau dah diari tu penuh dengan meeting, bila masa nak duduk buat kerja. tu yang ponat tu.

Terimakasih daun keladi
ada pameran menarik jemput kita lagi :)

semua guru, pendidik, pengajar dan sewaktu dengannya adalah pejuang dan srikandi bangsa.

Will find a sanctuary to detoxify myself soon. A get together BBQ would be nice too :)

Haaa...haa...a cuppa and yes exactly 2 kuih manis at every meeting (wonder why 2 kuih and not 3 or 4) are really bad for our health. Good for you ma'am.

Hey wait da minute. that's mean if I can find all the good excuses not to attend the meeting, I can have my ideal BMI in no time yeah :)

zafi said...

i hate meeting actually but what to do... its a must in every organization! oh id love gamelan n cak lempong stuff! :P

encik ariff said...

patut lama xnmpk (di blog :P)

DrSam said...

everything that is done in excess, is something that I despise.

encik ariff,
bertapa dalam bilik mesyuarat :)

pal7 said...

drSam main sekali ker?..hehe

DrSam said...

pernah cuba ketuk, tapi memang bakat tak ada kat situ. Jadi penonton aja.

TuN TeJa said...

mmg musim bz kot skang drsam..

Oldstock said...


The most time I spent in meetings was when I was in government service. Sampai jadi expert amik minit mesyuarat.

I still hold meetings now but basically as a means to check progress. If I chair meetings, I limit them to 1.5 hours max.

JohnJenin said...

Baca cerita DrSam pasal meeting, teringat dialog embum dalam filem embun.

"Orang melayu ni memang kuat bermesyuarat"

Pakcik lebih suka effective meeting yang pendek dan straight to the point. Tak da makan makan pon tak pa. :)

mizzyN said...

saya pergi kursus meeting dah dua kali, bila balik office je cuba buat minit versi yang kita belajar la kan. Tapi org mesyuarat tu tak nak terima dan nak stick pada format kotak2 asal tu.

part makan tu yang best, tapi filler banyak sangat tu memang tak tahan.

balqissy said...

Agak bz juga sekarang, berperang dengan perasaan pula. ahaha...

DrSam said...

TuN TeJa,
Sibuk meeting.

Same rule applies to me. 1.5 to 2 hours is the max time. More than that, mostly rubbish.

John Jenin,
Kalau kita jadi pengerusi takpe, masalahnya bila kaki melalut yang suka meleret-leret jadi pengerusi.

some couldn't adapt to the changes.

dahsyat tu.

mizzyN said...

john jenin, pakcik: ramai pengerusi ibarat penglipur lara.

DrSam said...

kalau jadi tukang karut tu lagi haru :)

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Memang feningskan kalo byk meeting.. uggghhhh stressful if too many issues so for me, 30mins is enuff... straight to the point, issue, cause, solution and next action then finito... nak bukak hikayat lepas the end oklah ;p

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