12 June 2009

Guane gamok Ganu kite ?

If the Roman Coliseum, the iconic symbol of the imperial Rome were not in the existence I am very sure, the collapsed Sultan Mizan Stadium will be listed as another member of The Seven Wonders of the World. But history doesn't work that way. You need great emperors, great architects, great storytellers and story spinners to make it into the list. Alas, Terengganu only has keropok lekor, nasi dagang and few Pak dalang, the court jesters Wak Long and Pak Dogol. What a shame.

Hard may it seem, there is however no need to point fingers at each other. In a way it is very rude to point the finger at someone else other than poking it into your own nose. As the original Ganu kite who spent my entire pubescent life wondering why there is no single train line/track in the town or connecting the town to other major towns in the west side of Peninsular, I feel oblige to share my own opinion on this serious matter.

The 450 million or more had crumbled with the hope of Ganu kite and probably the entire Bolehland nation when the stadium kissed the ground and bit the dust. That one will be written down into the glorious history of keropoklekor land and passed down to generations to come. I read recently, it will need another 20 millions more for the repair (estimated amount - by whom only God knows). That is million ringgit not in rupiah. I think there is no need to wisely spend another millions when, the crippled stadium who shares the same capacity as the Colosseum (can accommodate 50,000 spectators/ultraman) has already attracted visitors as far as from Kg. Tok Beng to the Lost world of Atlantis.

When I visited the site previously during my 'balik kampung' trip, I saw people came in bus load and vehicles lining the street, ignoring the traffic jam on the Sultan Mahmud bridge to admire and got captivated by the beautiful sight of this new monument. People took photo (as shown in today's newspaper as well), having picnic and some locals even sold local produces on the site. Business looked very good. Other local landmarks like the masjid terapung, masjid kristal, museum losong looked deserted. Looking at the current status and the number of excited visitors streamlining the place, probably a world heritage site by UNESCO wouldn't be something of impossible after all. Just leave it that way for the time being.

I say, the money need for the repair is to be put somewhere else of which would benefit the majority. For example, the powers that be should seriously consider completing the LPT highway that somehow got out from their priority list and halted at Jabor interchange. This will cut the journey from the west coast tremendously. Acu, cuba, try that first.

As it is now, the show must go on. Having said all the above and with the joyful spirit of 'mujo' instill strong in each of Ganu kite , I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this special song, "Pasir roboh" to my fella Ganu kita, who read this rambling, whatever you are doing and up to at the moment, wherever you are.

Stay cool, 'begheh' and 'senyum sokmo'!


JIVEBUMZ said...

camno kalo nk runtuh jugak kan? hiks

encik ariff said...

runtuhan yg glamorous.

arsaili said...

salam..cantek nya gambor masjid tu

miezi said...
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miezi said...

if it's meant to runtuh, it'll runtuh, no matter what.

same goes with us, no matter how hard we've tried, if the Dude above said "that"'s not for us, "they" will never be ours.

this is what called FATE, no?


arep said...

i sajes jgn la repair.. biar jer cam tu at least boleh jadik tourist attraction.. i pun nak bergambar jugakkkkk!!!!!

Razak said...

Salam...Ada petunjuk dari yang Maha Esa dari kejadian tersebut

MariaFaizal said...

Although I'm not from Ganu, but I feel very frustrated that the stadium that built using tax payers' monies collapsed (which fortunately didn't happen when the place is hosting an event. Otherwise, there would have been many fatalities).

My hubby told me (apart from the 'usual' corruption that causes the collapse), the architects involved weren't A+ students formerly OR if YES, they sure 'tiru' during exams :P

Nevertheless, I'm 'happy' that contractor was happy the payment had fully been received :)

Have a great weekend Doc & family.

nahmy said...

begheh...mmg begheh, tp hok runtuh tu..gu mano tuh? duit kuar dah milliong-milliong...

zino said...

bila berlaku kes kes macam ni structural engineer akan berasa susah hati.. tak sabar nak tau apakah punca nya... dulu zino pun banyak buat design beberapa bangunan di Kl ni..

dalam design we all follow the good practice.. guide line dalam code dan sebagainya.. tapi kita jangan lupa kuasa allah mengatasi segala nya..

ada ramai party yg terlibat dalam satu2 pembinaan ni.. masing masing ada peranan saling berkaita antara satu dengan lain.. developer nya kontraktor nya engineer nya arkitek nya dan pekerja binaan tu sendiri.. semua ada peranan..

harap2 penemuan punca masaalah dapat di leraikan segera supaya kesilapan serupa tidak berulang di masa akan datang.. inshaalah..

NONG said...

hai DrSam,
apa kabar?bestnya dapat tengok sendiri bumbung stadium tu.:)
di mana silapnya?kita sendiri tak tahu.harap tidak berulang lagi kan.

patungcendana said...

pasir roboh doc?....ayo....menyayat hati terengganu aku...huhuhu....

re:...nak lagi aerodynamik...baca episode seterusnya...hehehe...

ps...kita orang main sambung2 cerita...ok gak...kena baca dari episode 1, baru faham...:-)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! DrSam...yeah, agreed that the collapsed stadium should be left like that...it just looks like colloseum! better the money to be used to complete the LPT so many people can benefit it...;-)

Oldstock said...

Salam Doc,

It sure is ironic that the collapsed stadium gets more visitors that other buildings. Ganu kite now has a new tourist attraction.

But jokes aside, this is quite a serious matter. It is a damn embarassment to the construction industry in Malaysia, bukan takat kat Ganu saja. It tells the whole world that Malaysian contractors are still 3rd world rated, despite other successes such as Twin Towers, KLIA, SIC and Smart Tunnel.

Bina stadium tapi runtuh. Bina highway tapi tak siap-siap. Adeh... malu.

While it may be noble not to point fingers, I think it is time someone really gets screwed for this one. A disaster of this scale cannot be simply swept under the carpet.

But *sigh*... in Bolehland, I suspect the real culprit will be let off the hook.

Zendra said...

Salam Doc. It's a sad day for oghe Ganu (I'm not one, but I know a few). To me, this is a case of cause and effect. The effect is collapse, the cause may be a structural flaw, or Act of God (by way of a very highly localised ribut taufan, earthquake hehe). The "mujo" part is there were no fatalities. The hikmah part should be that kerajaan negeri now inspecting the soundness of the other new structures (are they?). Is that why ppl are staying away instead of congregating to these places - fear of collapse? I'm no engineer lah Doc, just giving my 2 seng.

bozzobattousai said...

sempat lagi berposing di tapak runtuhan tamadun rasuah dan kerja sambil lewa manusia nampaknya...

DrSam said...

dah ditakdirkan begitu.

encik ariff,
peristiwa hitam yang tidad dapat tidak terlakar didalam sejarah. Tengok siapa penglipurlara, kena gaya memang glamer gitu.

salam bro, masih di West Yorkshire ke? Selamat berziarah. Looking forward to our mengeteh session soon.

Suratan atau kebetulan?

Don't give up dude, have faith and keep trying.

cepat pergi sana, kot-kot nanti bila dah popular sangat, nak ambil gambor pun kena bayar.

DrSam said...

Salam...Setiap kejadian ada tanda-tanda kebesaranNYA untuk diambil iktibar.

To say that I am not frustrated is a bit of understatement, dissgusted is more appropriate. 'Mujo' there is no fatality, only a big scracth to the pride of the powers that be.

There was a big national sport tournament (IPTA) that supposedly going to use the stadium as their major venue. The calamity happened a day before the big event. Cant' imagine the catastrophic damage it would do. A big MUJO again!

warmest regards to Faizal and your cute kiddos!

kita rakyat marhain ni setakat garu kepala aja. Banyak yang perlu dipelajari dan diambil iktibar dari peristiwa tersebut. Itu pun jika ada yang mahu belajar.

DrSam said...

the technical part normally has no problem (engineers, architects etc), but when the greedy invisible hands came and interfere, then everything became haywire.

Hi Nong, lama tak singgah. Harap orang Salimandut semua gumbira.

Kesilapan mesti ada. Zero defect tidak mustahil tapi mungkin sukar. Jika kecil memang tidak memudaratkan, tetapi jikalau kesilapan itu terlampau besar, beginilah akibatnya.

setakat ni harap-harap pasir kat Pantai Batu Burok masih tidak terhakis, dah tak ada apa-apa yang roboh.

p/s: cerita bersiri lah pulok, agak-agak berapa episod ni :)

Being thinking that way too :)

Serious matter yes indeed. I think if everybody is serious enough in carrying out their good duty, at least the 'scar' won't be this big.

screw no, but scratch everybody's back probably yes. Malaysian is famous to have this 'gatal'gatal' on their back. Like you said, this is Bolehland. How!

Salam. There will be a chain reaction and the aftershock after this. One thing about Malaysian is we never want to learn or very slow to learn and 'mengambil iktibar' from what happened in the past. Asyik opocot...opocot...opocot!

posing tetap posing. Yang lain tu antara yang terlibat dengan Yang Maha Esa. Kita hanya penonton menikmati kejadian dan tanda-tanda kebesaranNYA. Wallahuaklam.

Sir Pök Déng said...

Ah, the so called collapsed Colosseum from the ancient time immemorial. Bravo. LOL.

I was in the stadium during our recent Sukma's opening ceremony. Everybody was talking about the one side of the majestic roof that looked slightly curved from the rest of the perfectly constructed roofs.

As we were no engineers or architects whatsoever, we would claim no smart statement to say that would be a main factor of the future huge catastrophe of the building. And now, it just happened.

madam gold said...

Yes ,I agree with you doc.Acu,cuba try sambung LPT tu than repairing the stadium. Senang sikit I nak balik kampung ..and for you too.Tak do lah ambo terlambung-lambung dlm kereta due to uneven road surface..boleh sakit satu badan.

*SiRibenMerah said...

my bro in law, Nazmizan still duk regret sampai skang sbb dia x dan nak lari dlm stadium tuh.. sepatutnya ada sukan staf IPTA, and dia pon da ready nk lari kat stadium tuh.. hajat x kesampaian.. musnah impian.. aduhaiiii~

piNky LuCiA said...

sangat kecewa dengan keruntuhan yang tidak di jangka kan itu.. huhu... siapa kah yang bersalah?

nhayatiz said...

Parents u, Ganu kat aner? (cheeeyyy wah...sajer guna mat salleh ganu...:))

miezi said...

Dr, kebetulan is also destined :)

Anonymous said...


Uwaaaa..... lucu betul tengok gambar kat atas tu, siap posing lagi, ekekekeke.....

Memang dah lama kedengaran mengenai keretakan stadium tu, tapi tak sangka pulak runtuh begitu teruk. Mujurlah masa anak Tie berkunjung ke situ bersama rakan2 sekolah (masa tu MD Said bagi duit sorang RM5, dan t-shirt lagik!), bangunan tu tak buat hal... dan mujurlah tak de siapa pun yang tercerdera.. hu hu..takut betul...

CAHAYA said...

Woa, nice picture, I would say.

Thank God that no one's there when that incident happen.

We will never know the truth of what when wrong, or whatever that when right (if any). People will keep finger pointing to others, and busy blaming whoever faults they can think of.

I hope Malaysian are more truthful. Being honest and come out to take the blame and make it right. But it is really so much to ask. No one will ever want to do such thing.


mizzyN said...

dr sam pun mengabadikan kenangan dengan runtuhan bersejarah ini ye

Faisal Admar said...

agree with cahaya. nice pic!

its hard to get a great pic with "special" background like that (i mean without editing and some special effect!)

well, should we ask the architect and the engineer now?

JohnJenin said...

Stadium yang setengah runtuh nih dah jadi macam new landmark untuk Terengganu. Semua orang berebut nak ambik gambar. Tapi persoalan di minda

If we buy electronics stuff, example tv. Kalau rosak in one year ada warranty. Tapi untuk bangunan yang mahal macam ni, tak ada warranty ke? Kenapa kena fork out another 20mill untuk repair?

p/s: sorry kalau pakcik tanya soalan bodoh...

Nite Garden said...

Twin Towers, KLIA, SIC and Smart Tunnel - all these were the products of foreign contractors. Perhaps that 20 millions can be worth spent for young talented malaysian architects and engineers to get education and technical experiences overseas.

I agreed with Cahaya. "Being honest and come out to take the blame and make it right"

I believe there must be some technical defects which many people have to sit down and do the root cause analysis. Those who involved have to take it seriously.

We must ensure that it was the last incident that happened in our history and there will be no tragedy in the future.

If we are taking care of ourselves better, God will be taking care of us the best..

Have a groovy day ahead DrSam :)

besi said...

manusia sentiasa alpa dan lupa....
itulah akibatnya......seratus tahun? setahun pun leh runtuh...sabar je la

MohdHafizKamal said...

Ambillah pengajaran dari insiden itu.....cukup2lah melakukan kesilapan yang tak sepatutnya....merugikan wang malah boleh mengakibatkan korban yg tak berdosa.

Nurhani Salwa Binti Jamaluddin said...

Salam Dr Sam,

Time has changed. Now people prefer to take picture next to the ruined stadium, rather than beautiful sculpture like KLCC.. Haha! Joking!

DrSam said...

Sir Pok Deng,
So there were already telltales and almost everybody noticed it. It sounds very scary. Wondering why only the so-called expert didn't notice the very obvious abnormality but the commoners like us.

madam gold,
salam. Really looking forward to see the LPT complete ASAP. I can spend my weekend away from the haze almost every weekend on the beach then.

BIL still can run or jog around the new monument. With loads of paparazzis waiting for the unsuspecting athletes, boleh posing sakan.

Ada hikmah disebalik semua kejadian.

piNky LuCia,
ramai yang mempunyai perasaan sama. Diharap kejadian tersebut menjadi pengajaran yang paling berharga (mahal tu - million...million...million) bagi kita semua.

Ganu asli, kampung dekat dengan Tok Molor (5 minit dari K. Ibai). Nama kampung glamer sangat, Google Earth pun tak masuk dalam senarai :)

Ya, kebetulan yang telah direncanakan.

tu le dia. Biasanya macam tu le. Simptom-simptom dah nampak, tapi tak nak terima hakikat dan masih berfantasi semuanya akan self-healing. Akhirnya kebaboooommm!

Mujo, kejadian berlaku ketika tiada acara besar sedang dijalankan. Kalau tidak acara pembahagian duit wang ehsan RM200 kepada pemuda/pemudi baru-baru ini pun buat kat situ kot.

DrSam said...

Thanks for the compliment. Did you visit the keropoklekor land recently?

Yes, the noble thing in admitting ones fault is probably things in a mere sweet dream. Accountability is something hard to come by in our society these days. If this happened in Japan, I am very sure many will commit seppuku (harakiri) by now. It's their code of honor.

But this is Bolehland.

I did't want to miss the history :)

Faisal Admar,
Hi bro. Long time no hear. I assume you are very occupied now with the study. Stay cool.

Thanks for the compliment.

We won't probably get the true story. The damage has been done and its huge. Any damage control effort is going to be very, very costly. Probably the stadium would be a better subject for engineering or architectural study/courses in universities, so that we won't see this kind of catastrophe in the future.

DrSam said...

Memang saya pun banyak juga soalan-soalan bodoh yang berlegar-legar dikepala. Kita ni samalah Pak Cik.

Harap-harap ramai orang cerdik pandai boleh bagi jawapan.

Nite Garden,
Everybody in their right mind is probably having the same expectation as you.

Good idea you got there. Hope the powers that be think alike.

Great day to you too!

Sifat manusia memang begitu. Ataupun memang ada setengah tidak belajar atau mahu ambil tahu tentang sejarah (Talak sekolah muye).

Apo nak dikato. Memang itulah harapan kita semua.

Nurhani Salwa binti Jamaludin,
Kalau KLCC runtuh pun ramai juga yang berminat tu. Aha..joking aside Nauzubillah.

patungcendana said...

neverending story doc...

teringat gi pesta pantai kat batu burok...huhuhu

DrSam said...


Memang seronok betul bila teringat pesta kat BB tu. meriah yang amat. Satu kampung berkampung disana main pondok-pondok. Lepaking tepi pantai tenung bulan. Malangnya tak ada pula gambar-gambar pesta tu untuk jadi bahan sejarah - masih anak-anak.

Faisal Admar said...

i do hope so doc. the damage not only happen to the building that has no soul but to us with souls too.

DrSam said...

I am sure the building has it own soul. If you listen carefully, you can hear the building is crying right now.

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

dokdang gi situ sebelum jadi gini :(

CAHAYA said...

My last visit was last year. Where that 'something' was still standing proudly. I missed keropok lekor. :P

It was the culture/education that brought some people not to take ownership over something they did. They surely will take ownership if it turns good. But not when bad/worst things happen.

It's still not to late to practice it, you know. But as you put it, it's just a mere dream. I wish for a brand new Bolehland.

Zue said...

DrSam...U memang the very good writer lah...ada saja idea u menulis...

balqissy said...

doc... apekah lagu pasir roboh itu? xpernah dgr kot.

DrSam said...

Liyana Safra Zaabar,
guane gitu, dok dang sokmo :)

Brandnew Bolehland needs brandnew way of thinking.

I share what I see, what I feel.

lagu klasik asli lama, dalam youtube ada rasanya.

geraugebang said...

Gerau sangat suka baca post ni. gerau bukan kerabat Ganu kita, tapi gerau nak nyanyi lagu Pasir Roboh.

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