03 August 2009

Getting ready for the big day

Seriously I thought it was too early to rush out and wandering helplessly with other bargain-hunters around the streets of Jalan Masjid India shopping for this coming Raya. Furthermore, we don't even subjected ourselves yet to another sin-free month and body-cleansing ritual by restraining from all the forbidden foods that have done so much damage to our body. But my significant half has a different idea, much-much reasonable idea.

Past experience of last minute Raya shopping had caused us to just contented with whatever decently looking fabric available on the street, which ended up so freaking colorful, I think Kumpulan Boria Sungai Pinang would have laughed had they've seen us so brilliantly inhomogeneous.

So a few wonderful weeks back, just before I was kicked out from my noble duty in the rubber estate and embraced myself in the warm hospitality of young and freshly graduated nurses, I followed my significant half to the back alleys of Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman, indulging myself nonchalantly in a lifetime shopping spree.

I then realized the atmosphere there hasn't changed much since my prowling-varsity years. There are still many Indians merchants as usual but there was no more street artisans though, showing off their magnificent artistic skill on the canvases. There was however, many street peddlers from the neighboring countries finding refugees in this Bolehland heaven. I am least surprised, because if you ask them how some of them managed to get a visa, the answer will most probably 'bisa'.

Back to the main story- we ended up in a considerably new textile mall after consulting our shopaholic informer. I think it was worth the visit as their price was surprisingly very un-Malaysianly cheap, I mean reasonable and acceptable (some don't like the word cheapo). Before I can even think and passed out looking at the hundreds metres of fabric my wife happily tuck hungrily in her shopping bags I got mesmerized with so many breath-choking bargains the store has to offer. She even managed to buy 2 pairs of fabric for our bibik's baju kurung. With lightning speed I paid the bill and romantically persuaded her out to breath some fresh air into my congested lung. The mission was however not completed yet.

I was told by my luvly-jubly significant half, some tailors has already closed their book from taking any order for this coming festive season. People in the Bolehland (that include my significant half and myself) got so paranoid these days they even bought their kain for baju Raya way before the Mega sale. But worry not, I know there is one tailor shop in Paya Jaras which has good and luvly-jubly tailors, whom don't mind sleeping in their sleeping bag trying very hard to finish all the orders even before the Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja has a peek on the moon. Job finally accomplished.

For all the trouble, hunting high and low in the back alleys for the whole family attires (plus 2 for the bibik) , getting our vital body measurement with the family designer in a prestigious boutique which situated close to a pasar malam, at the end I spent less than RM1K. Not bad isn't it?

By the way, the color theme this year for the whole family is a stormbringer dark purple (again)! Smoking hot...


Pn Kartini said...

Good strategy..!!!Mudah bila dah buat preparation awal2:)
....Purple??..my fav colour!!Nice Whatttt..:)

tchersally said...


nice to see u have updated ur blog, got much better i assumed..

hehe..speaking bout shopping for hari raya, I have started way before the Mega Sales too..hate the idea of last minute preparation..BUT eventhough i usually complete everything before the fasting month ( so that during fasting month, i can concerntrate on performing my duty as a humble muslim!! ngeh3x..) I couldnt help myself from joining the frenzy of those last minute shoppers..

errmmm..last week me n my 2 friends went to KL, a day trip, pergi first flight,balik last flight..untuk apa??? untuk SHOPPING!!! best!! terapi stress!!

ShiDa said...

Amboi...Semangat Raya sungguh!
Tapi berbaloi beli skrg ni coz nnti bila bln pose.. semua naik hrga plus nak berebut memilih baju..camni esok harus shida ke mall la jugak coz semlm ada terpandang kebaya yg telah menambat hati ni..hehehe

ashley said...

hmmm..kok semangat berkobar kobar gitukkkk

Fly said...

Alhamdulilah, bro dah sihat.. Warna purple cun bro, memang segak ah satu family di hari yang ditunggu2 nanti :)

DrSam said...

Pn. Kartini,
tu le dia. Nasib baik ada pakar yang terer buat 'strategic planning'. Saya pun memang minat warna purple, terutama yang gelap.

Live and kicking as usual. TQ.

Correct...correct...during fasting month if we go shopping during daytime, then you will get dehydrated fast. If you go at night, then we will miss our Terawih. No choice, shop early.

wah...you came to shop here with your private jet ka?

Kebaya dihari Raya memang kena gaya tu ShiDa.

semangat raya memang dari dulu berkobar-kobar.

Alhamdulillah. Dah dua kali tema tu. Agaknya suka sangat warna ni kot.

Titil said...

Wah. Awalnya buat persiapan! But then again, my family and I usually prepare everything at the eleventh hour. Hehe.

VersedAnggerik said...


pastu, sape puasa tak cukup, tak dapat pakai baju raya erk?

Razak said...

Salam Dr,

Seronok dengar Dr dah sihat & dah pergi shopping, persiapan seawal begini cukup bagus kerana bila datangnya bulan Ramadhan masa digunakan sepenuhnya utk beribadah.

Salam ukhwah Dr...

DrSam said...

jangan sampai shopping kat Seven eleven dah ye :)

kih...kih... ada sesiapa yang pernah tak dapat baju raya sebab posa tak cukup ke?

Salam sahabat. Sebenarnya peristiwa bersejarah tersebut dilakukan sebelum saya mendapat ujian Tuhan lagi. cuma tak sempat berkongsi cerita tempoh hari.

Salam ukhwah kembali.

Zendra said...

Shopping sudah, cleansing pun sudah, sekarang fokus kat puasa jer lah. Good strategy! Some people even send out kad raya on 2nd Ramadan.

Me, baju raya dah dibuat dan sudah pun dilaramkan hahaha

mEiZ SHA said...

awalnyer sopping doc?

gud anyway..me too da siap sumer...;)

DrSam said...

Everything must be planned properly, but at the end HE has the final say. Looking forward to a good and fulfilling Ramadhan.

Great Madam Zen, You beat me by a month :) Expecting a kad raya from you ma'am?

Bagus betul rakyat Malaysia sekarang ni. Semua membuat persiapan yang rapi menyambut hari Lebaran.

Zendra said...

Sure Doc, just let us have your full names and mailing address and you'll have the privilege of sending us a card in return, fair? :)

DrSam said...

That sounds fair enough ma'am. In fact, our personalised Raya card this year is already signed and ready to be delivered to the many friendly recipients - courtesy of my good in-house 'strategic planner'

ouT oF My MinD said...

taun nie baru nak rasa 'kegilaan; orang yang membuat baju raya awal 2 bulan. Sblum nie, asyik dok ckp orng cam beriya-iya je nak raya sbb sibuk tempah baju awal. akibatnya, tiap2 taun, saya terpaksalah cari baju siap je......

penjenayah merah jambu. said...

drsam,tahu tak,waktu mula2 dapat pt semangat gila nak beli baju raya,tp tgh shopping,kawan mesej suruh beli tiket sebab cuti tiba2,terus ilang nafsu nak beli baju raya.alkisahnya ada org cakap,kalau cuti ni,cuti raya akan tinggal 2 hari.hesh,mao tak makan ati..huhu..

DrSam said...

ouT oF My MinD,
Memang beraya sakan betul kita-kita ni ye. Sekali dah terkena tak buat perancangan awal, dah serik. Kekadang tu bukan tak merancang, tapi kesibukan yang buat kita terkantoi.

Penjenayah merah jambu.
Awat jadi 2 hari je cuti Raya? Tak apa cik secret, sementelah cuti terkujat ni, pergi juga shopping baju cun melecun, kalau tak sempat nak melaram masa Raya Puasa, sambung pula melaram masa Raya Haji. Amacam?

Yern Ain said...

awalnya buat persiapan!

da bsr2 sket ni x enjoy raya sgt.

missin d old days which i enjoyed myself sgt2.

Meen Eunos said...

Dr da sehat bile da bole
berjalan-jalan untuk pre shopping
Apepon saye lebih suke shopping
time bulan puase. Mungkin lain
orang lain caranye kan Dr..?

p/s: tema tahun ni adalah brown.

alhaqimi said...

awal ni... tapi baik bersedia b4 ramadan kan Dr.. nnt dah bulan ramadan leh fokus nak buat xtra ibadat...

hurm, lama tak melawat blog Dr, xtaw dr sakit...

payarumput21 said...

Salam DrSam...

Wah.. siap dah shoppin raya yea...

Myself now busy rallying to replace the puasa that still need to be replaced..

p/s - dah terdengar2 lagu raya.. :-)

Naddiea said...

opppsss..dh buat baju raya yer..aiseh my kids punyer baju raya belum tempah lagi.tp kain dh lamaaaaa ada kt tailor sbb aritu my cik suami buat baju melayu utk maulidur rasul kain ada lebih.so buat baju anak2.hiihihih...jimat duit utk part itew.

anyway doc..wife will always be a good planner.in every way.they are always correct.

Hidup KOKA said...

Baju kurung ngan baju Melayu bebudak I dah beli... Yang lain tu this weekend ler!!!

patungcendana said...

got to get running...
stormbringer's coming...nostalgic sangat...

raya preparation aku masih lagi tahap zero...huhuhu

ps...dah sihat ke?

JohnJenin said...

tak terfikir langsung nak buat baju raya sedondon untuk family. just thinking of making a cute baju kurung for my little princess ;)

besi said...

dr sam...ok la beli awal2 sebab ramai...yg bujang2 tak pe beli lewat2 he hehehehe...
semoga dlm keadaan sihat sejahtera

DrSam said...

Yern Ain,
bukan apa, takut bila tertangguh jadi macam 2-3 tahun lepas. kelamkabut juga dibuatnya :)

kita yang 'tua-tua' ni tumpang gembira bila tengok bebudak gembira.

Meen Eunos,
Alhamdulillah Meen. Saya pun sebenornya lah kan, kalau bujang pun macam tu juga. Tak ambil berat sangat pasal nak beli kain dan buat baju ni. Main sambar aje.

p/s: Brown memang sweet. Lagilah kalau yang light brown (tema tahun lepas).

Betul tu. Bila semuanya dah siap, tak ada lah nak banyak nak fikir. Tunggu Raya aje.

hi...hi...banyak lagi ke nak diganti tu?

p/s: yelah...tiap-tiap tahun asyik main CD koleksi lagu raya yang sama aja (tup-tup dah hampir 10 tahun dah) tahun ni nak kena update koleksi ni.

DrSam said...

Berjimat cermat dan pandai mengurus hal ehwal dalaman ni memang bakat semulajadi seorang isteri kot(ehem...ehem...).

Berkenaan ukuran tu, pakai aje ukuran tahun lepas, tambah beberapa sentimeter setiap sorang dan sms je tukang jahit tu. Voila :)

Hidup KOKA,
Selamat bershopping bro this weekend. Semoga berbelanja dengan penuh keimanan - jangan gelap mata :)

memang nostalgic. Zaman muda-muda lah katakan.

Tak apa. Ada yang buat persiapan 'last minute' pun boleh buat 'zero defect' juga.

p/s: I am back on my feet, strong as ever. Thanks.

Entah dari mana datang budaya ni pun tak pasti, tapi bersedondon ni jadi amalan dalam 5-6 tahun kebelakangan ni le.

Your cute little princess sure looks good in that cute little baju kurung. gor for it.

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere Pak cik.

Saya pun rasa maca tu juga. Masa bujang dulu pun saya suka juga bersesak-sesak tumpang sekaki memeriahkan suasana 'shopping' hujung Ramadhan. Masa tu pun banyak jualan lagi murah. Lepas dah penat shopping dan dah kering tekak, terus tunggu waktu berbuka kat kedai-kedai mana yang sempat. Bujang le katakan :)

Teacher said...

NOT in the mood for Raya this year or ever

CAHAYA said...

I'll passed this year RAYA. Might be in Portugal for meeting. :(

Syed said...

Below RM1K? Wow.. that's quite an accomplishment. Really. :)

".....romantically persuaded her out to breath some fresh air ..."
- Hehe, we like that :)

puspawangi said...

Salam Dr Sam,

Lama dah puspa tak jengok alam cyber nih, blog puspa pun dah bersawang dan penuh habuk. Nasib baik tak de spiderman jer.
Doc, kasut baru tak belike? Atau pakai capal je nak matching dgn baju melayu tu? Ala-ala Hang Tuah jer. Samping baru dah ada doc? Kalu lum ada, mak mertua saya taukeh songket tau..nak order tak? dapat special price khas utk doc dan juga pengunjung2 blog dr Sam nih...

Psst...Doc, kalau belanja RM999.99 pun less than RM1K jugak kan doc? hehehe...jimat jugak kot?

DrSam said...

I hope the mood will finally come to you - soon ma'am.

No worry sis. You can still celebrate the Eid the Portuguese-style. You'll never know - probably the best Raya experience ever!

Yes you're right...another satisfying accomplishment. and thanks to my rustic mental arithmetic skill (congak) for that :0

DrSam said...

salam puspawangi. blog berhabuk tu sebab jerebu kot.

Untuk kasut raya bebudak tu pakai je kasut sekolah. Rasanya baru beli. Saya ni pakai aja kasut kerja - pun baru beli masa mega sale hari tu. tu pun nasib baik tak sambar 2 pasang. Berbelanja dengan penuh ketakwaan gitu.

Songket pun pakai yang corak kosong takde bunga punye. semua warna baju boleh masuk (cheapskate betul bunyinye :). Beruntungye puspawangi dapat mertua tokeh songket. Kalau sedekah satu ke kat saya ni, sempena bulan Ramadhan nanti lagi banyak pahala tu.

ish...ish...nombor tu setengah orang tak suka tu. tambah lagi satu sen.

Hunny said...

Salam Dr Sam,

Lama saya tak ziarah blog ni. Dr Vacation 4D 3N kat hospital pun I tak tahu. Anyway, nampak macam dah sihat sebab bershopping sakan di Jalan TAR. Saya belum lagi start with raya preparation. Masih dalam mood Syaaban.:)

madam gold said...

Salam Doc,
Glad that you are up and about.Klu boleh jln2 kat Masjid India yg congested tu,kira dah sihat dah tu.
Very thoughtful of ur wife to start the preparation early.Comes ramadhan the ladies will be busy in kitchen pulakkan.
Bibik mesti happy dpt dua pasang baju raya tu.Dulu I pernah bagi bibik I cincin emas, and u know dia minta resit nya sekali supaya senang nak gadai balik Indon nanti..Kurang asam punya bibik..
Looks like our families gonna ve the same theme color tis year doc..

zino said...

bagus juga buat persediaan awal.. kami belum memulakan perancangan lagi pun hehe

aShaBuLz said...

hoho...early preparation eh. nice thinking...saya apapun tak beli lagi. sekarang tengah sibuk kumpul duit nak bagi anak2 buah..hahahaha

DrSam said...

Salam. Alhamduillah dah rasa sihat seperti sediakala. persiapan dibuat awal nak mengelakkan kekalutan nanti. Selain daripada itu, 'jump start' mood Ramadhan dan Syawal :)

madam gold,
Actually the shopping was done way before I was bedridden. Now Alhamdulillah.

I think that was one of the reason as well. Coming Ramadhan, not only the kitchen duty but there are many other chores need to be done by the wife.

Berjiwa entrepreneur betul your bibik madam :)

So this year we can form a boria team madam?

Kalau bukan desakan isteri, kita-kita ni tak ambil kisah sangat kot.

Bagus tu. anak buah memang kena jaga dan bagi gembira dihari lebaran.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! DrSam...whoaaahhhh...great shopping time for eid...a good therapy for yourself too and hope your health much better now...wishing you and family a happy and blessed fasting month ahead...take care...;-)

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Too Early??? it was like too late already for me.. hehehe boleh geng ngan your wife la camni.. sopping awal-awal.. and it seems that everyone is sombre this year.. using the 7th colour of the rainbow as raya theme.... the colour of depression??? hehehe leh pose maut sesama cam nie :D

btw, may i have your mailing addres, because i want to post a souvenir to you since you are one of my top ten commenter in July ;D.. if you don't mind, please email it to amiranatasya@yahoo.com ya.. TQVM bosss

DrSam said...

thank you daniel for your wishes. Now I am feeling much better. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed more doing a window shopping :)

Perantau sepi1306,
ramai boleh masuk kelab boria macam ni. Boleh ambil gambar sama-sama masuk URTV. Baru meriah :)

Oh ye ke? patutle 2-3 hari ni terbatuk-batuk. Termasuk 'hall of fame' rupanya. Terimakasih banyak-banyak.

Daniel Ng said...

Just drop by and say hi to you, DrCool, hope that everything is cool for you...

I am doing great but just lazy to update my blog, hahaha!

Take care dude!

CATZ said...

hi DrSam,
nampak sudah cukup sihat utk pergi shopping...wah..shopping raya..
err...when i read this entry, suddenly i feel weird..
i didnt have anything yet for raya..
mcm tak terfikir..and bila baca statement yg now kedai semua dah tak amik tempahan, it seems that, mmg saya tak akan ada baju raya tahun ini..beli siap? tak boleh pakai, size i katik sgt pula..so no baju raya...
baca entry ni mcm tetiba menerima tempias smgt berkobar for raya..
but suddenly, at the end...i feel nothing.few years dah mcm ni.
selamat menyambut Ramadhan.

The Author said...

wah... bagus lah awal preparation. i prefer to do that too. however, doing the eleventh hour shopping is fun with all big crowds making their bargains....

DrSam said...

Daniel Ng,
Hi there, the hottest dude in town. Glad you've landed back on this Blogosphere.

Alhamdulillah dah rasa sihat. Bagus juga kerana dapat berkongsi semangat Syawal ni. Kadang-kadang tu, kalau dicari betul-betul disaat-saat akhir pun boleh jumpa tukang jahit yang sanggup.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan CATZ!

The author,
Kadang-kadang tu, buat shopping last minute pun ada juga seronoknya.

cendawanintim said...

jangan lupa soping tuk cunie skali eh!

Miss TeJa said...

teja n family taun ni biasa2 ja kot..xda baju baru...

yang penting puasa penuh..baru terasa kenikmatan berhari raya..kan?

DrSam said...

ingatkan nak balik kampung sebelum posa ni. Boleh lah borong kain sutera dan songket.

Miss TeJa,
Kalau ikut hati memang kita yang dewasa ni tak kisah sangat sebab badan rasanya tak adalah bertambah sangat. Masih boleh pakai baju-baju yang lepas. Tapi bebudak tu sekejap aja dah senteng :)

Harap-harap tahun ni posa penuh ye Miss TeJa:)

Madam Markonah said...

Doc, r u somewhat involved with the RRI next door? See, I pass by the estate every morning admiring the serenity, coolness and beautiful rays of sunlight streaming thru the leaves. I have been wanting to take some nice portrait shots of my kids in the rubber estate but not too sure if I can simply masuk or what. Do u think there's a possibility of me doing a family photoshoot in there?

DrSam said...

spot on! That is the current playing ground for me. Film producers frequent this place for their drama/movie depicting rubber estate life. I don't see any harm for you and your family to sneak into the plantation and take some nice shots for your own album. After all, there is quite a big community living inside the estate - you can easily mingled among them. I can give you some tips on the right time for the right ambiance if you want to.

A word of caution though - just bring a lot of insect repellents :)

mizzyN said...

hi dr sam, preparation for raya awal this year i see.

My raya wear would be something i'll be bargain hunting around KL in the first week of Ramadhan. But I plan to browse first lady for something too.

Selamat Berpuasa in Ramadhan later.

hazeleyed said...

...like it or not...Hari Raya is a 'Raya (Grand) day...it is not simply a celebration...but merely about 'bondings' and spirit of togetherness...apart from syariah

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