03 June 2010

Until two days ago...I was still 42

Yes, I know. This may sound a bit funny and probably freaking weird at the same time, especially for those who had been willingly and voluntarily celebrated my birthday last January. This baffling affair has become confusing enough for the past few decades not only for those who are very close to me and yet know the fact that January is not my actual birth date, but also yours truly alike.

Year in and year out, on that particular day in January the loved ones will buy me cakes and send my cholesterol level to a new psychedelic level for that short blissful moment simply by stuffing me with a belly full of chocolate cheese cakes richness. Still it was much better than having to settle down with just Mengelembu groundnuts and carbonated drink on that auspicious day.

But I know I am not alone in embracing this peculiar dilemma. Somehow, I consider this as part of a very vital element in my colorful life journey.

I have a very interesting story to share with regard to this odd matter. Three decades ago, I met two particular 'superboys' who experienced even the worst predicament than me. Those '12 years' old boys were quite famous in the sport domain that time. They played football and participated in field events for their respective school so as yours truly. From time to time, we frequently came face to face in various state competitions. They were feared by rivals. In football they could kick the ball and score it from another end of the field just with their sheer muscle. In the field events, they could run like a panther and left others panting very hard to match their speed, that included yours truly. This was not a surprise as later I found out their actual age that time was 15 and 16, but for some unknown reason was registered 3 and 4 years late from their birth date, presumably by their father.

In my case, I am not really sure what exactly happened. All this time I don't really bother to ask my father the question of whether he missed the bus to the police station on that historical day (those days birth registration could be done at any nearest police station) or why it took him 6 months to do so. Probably it was a common attitude for Ganu folks. I do not know and would not know for sure.

Anyway, regardless of those odd condition that I am having for the past decades, I am one happy and contented man now. What more I could ask this life to offer me. It just ain't gotta any better than this. I just hope those two 'superboys' would share the same jolly feeling as me.

So, let's do it again guys...Happy 43th birthday to me... even it is six month earlier. Double cheese cake anyone?


ckLah said...

.....sebaya kita!

Selamat ulang tahun...

Zareda Norman said...

Dr Sam
age just the matter of number.. the date as well.. heheh

any way, happy birthday dr sam..

JohnJenin said...

Wow. Interesting read. How lucky DrSam to celebrate twice every year. Happy Birthday DrSam!

Miss Izah Mohamed said...

owh muda lg dr sam..hehehe
man's life begin at 40 kn.. hik3

happy bfday.. may Allah bless u

DrSam said...


dah tak boleh lari...sentiasa sebaya kita :)

Zareda Norman,
couldn't agree more. every year the number keep changing, but life move on for the better or worse...never a constant.

Having a second thought, yes you are quite right. Twice a year is not a bad idea at all.

DrSam said...

Miss Izah Mohamed,
Mudah-mudahan muda sokmo...life begin at forty for those who are willing to change (better).

penjenayah merah jambu. said...

double cheese cake?takmao.kalau white chocolate macadamia,5 biji pun sanggup ;p

dan selamat hari lahir dr sam!!semoga yang baik-baik SAHAJA untuk hari seterusnya :))

and err,saya rasa macam ada seseorang lahir sama hari lah,sampai sekarang saya tak boleh ingat.birthday nenek saya kot?entah.(garu kepala)

Faisal Admar said...

happy birthday doc :) keith got the same problem. written on the IC 13th, but the actual date is 12th... kinda confusing :)

DrSam said...

lima biji yang berapa kilo punya tu? Kalau nenek boleh makan kek lagi, boleh kita belanja dia kek harijadi. (sebenarnya saya pun sampai sekarang masih menggaru kepala tiap kali tiba tarikh kerama itu :)

Faisal Admar,
Thanks Faisal. One day difference...his father mus be overslept ni :)

Zendra-Maria said...

I hope you don't have a younger sibling born less than 9 months of your false birthday hehehe... otherwise lot of explanation to do there

mizzyN said...

young at heart

DrSam said...

ha...ha...haru. Luckily or unluckily (depend on how you look at it) my younger brother was also late by few months - a year after my false birthday.

I hope my heart will remain that way for years to come :)

Abd Razak said...

Salam DrSam..:)

Moga sihat hendaknya..:)

Moga hari-hari yang bakal mendatang dipenuhi dengan amalan kebajikan sebagai persediaan utk ke sana nanti.

Selamat Hari Lahir sahabat..:)

Pn Kartini said...


Moga dianugerahkan kesihatan yang baik
Dimurahkan rezeki..Dirahmati & DilindungiNya selalu..amin...:):)

zino said...

selamat hari lahir semuga panjang umur murah rezeki dan di permudah segala urusan.. so boleh wish bila bila masa dalam tempun 6 bulan kan hehe

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
Salam sdr Razak. Saya juga doakan yang terbaik dan kesejahteraan untuk rakan-rakan semua. terimakasih.

Pn kartini,
Amin dan doa yang sama saya panjangkan untuk Puan sekeluarga.

Good idea - enam bulan boleh sekali makan kek :) terimakasih.

Sally said...

Urmm..u sure ur dad registered u in d same year??..hikkss
orait! Lets sing it one more time!
~happy bday to you2x
~happy bday DrSam
~happy bday to you.......

annfrendly said...

masih muda lagi..
selamat hari lahir Dr Sam.
Semoga panjang umur, sihat selalu, murah rezeki, bahagia dan gembira sentiasa bersama keluarga tercinta.

Naddiea said...

Doc,Happy Birthday yaa..x kira la berapa hari bulan pun.hehehe...

teringat bila tanya Tok saya di Seb.Takir berapa umurnya,dia pun x baper nk sure.Tapi saya rasa umur Tok saya x pernah berubah dr hari saya tanya dia sampai sekarang.72 tahun x bergerak dr 6 tahun lepas.hehehe..kalo tanya lagi maybe baru 75 kot.itu la penangan org dulu2 yg lambat register kelahiran anak2 kan..

mirachantek said...



Red Alfa said...

Salam Dr Sam

I also have if not even worse than your predicament of having 2 birthdays. I also have 2 sets of mothers and fathers. You can't beat that!

I was born on the 24th but the birth certificate showed I was born on 27th with a different bin!

But my prayers of love always for all of them who have made me what I have become!

Tny said...

Dr.. 42 or 43.. it's juz numbers.. =) APapun.. selalu kite dgr for guys... "life begins at 40s!" hehehe... =)

Happy birthday, semoga panjng umo, sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki dan bahagia selalu :D

joegrimjow said...

hapy besday

Hunny said...

Salam Dr Sam,

Twice a year eh? Cool.. :) Anyway, happy 42nd going to 43rd birthday.. hehehe.. is that correct?

hazeleyed lady said...

Kak hazel dah pegi sekolahlah masa awak lahir ek...
BTW...Happiest Birthday...
May you be happier..healthier and wiser in the years ahead.Panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sentiasa diRahmati Allah.

Anonymous said...

TQ 4 dropping by & Im just returning ur visit.
Hmmm ... Well, its just a number & a date ... unless U r a super duper sentimentalist! :)
Perhaps U r d last batch 2b in dat situation ... our fathers & forefathers had plenty on their minds & had too many errancds to do. So just look at d brighter horizon & enjoy!

Anonymous said...

TQ 4 dropping by & Im just returning ur visit.
Hmmm ... Well, its just a number & a date ... unless U r a super duper sentimentalist! :)
Perhaps U r d last batch 2b in dat situation ... our fathers & forefathers had plenty on their minds & had too many errancds to do. So just look at d brighter horizon & enjoy!

Encik Ariff O said...

Selamat hari Jadi Dr.Sam.
Selamat panjang umur, murah rezeki.

secangkir madu merah said...

selamat ulangtahun...moga sentiasa dibawah rahmat Illahi..

denaihati said...

Bro LIFE begin at 43 heeee...bila lah lah nak jumpa mu ni ..busy sukmo...

P/s : aku jumpa dr.safinaz kat KLIA..cun lagi beb...(walaupun dah 43)

denaihati said...

Bro maap lah sebab aku suka2 je tambah blog hebat ko ni kat http://info.denaihati.com tanpa minta kenebaran.

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam :-D

Mana aci Bro! Birthday twice a year... Anyway Bro, I wish you All the Very Best and May You Always Be in the Blessings of Allah. Happy Belated Second Birthday! :-D

ouT oF My MinD said...

happy buffday doc..!

yohteh said...

...puuufffff.... ppuuuuffffff....
tiuk liling... heheheeee....
heppi behdey Dr.

patungcendana said...

salam doc...

happy birthday!!!! for the next 5 months, umur kita sama...hehehe

ps...memang ceria sokmo...:-)

Nite Garden said...

Seronok sambut hari lahir byk kali :)

Happy birthday!

syahbandar87 said...

dr sam..thanks 4 de story..best.hehe..apa2pun slmt hr lahir untuk dr.sam..sy pasti cr berfikir hr ini jauh lebih dewasa dr hr sblmnya..pasti ada manfaatnya bila meningkat usia :)

DrSam said...

Actually and quite accidentally I found my father old diary which recoreded the moment I came into this world :)


Salam ann. Kalau tengok orang yang lebih tua, memang terasa muda sokmo...tapi kalau tengok yang muda-mudi ni...mmmmm...nostalgik dan terasalah umur yang meningkat ni.

DrSam said...

masa kecik dulu-dulu, memang selalu sangat berjumpa dengan orang tua-tua yang IC pun takde. Memang tak akan tahu punya berapa umur sebenarnya warga klasik ni. Orang seberang Takir tu mungkin umur panjang sebab selalu bersauna air masin Kuale kot :)

memang kalau dah mengidam tu kena cari segera.

Red Alfa,
Salam kanda RA. It's still puzzling me kanda. two mothers and two fathers...quite tricky and surely very hard to beat :)

DrSam said...

Salam. Life is still going on for me and I am not sure when to start. Tq for the kind words Tny.


Now you make me even more confused :) Thank you.

DrSam said...

hazeleyed lady,
TQ kak hazel for the wishes. I hope you are getting well and blessed with full of joyful time with your family.

thank you for dropping by. Probably you are right, I am the last mohican for missing the boat. Now, no parent has any excuse not to register their newborn baby.

Encik Ariff O,
Salam. TQ very much.

DrSam said...

secangkir madu merah,
terimakasih diatas ucapan tersebut.

aku harap-harap begitu le...begining to realise that I have roamed this earth for last 43 years. Trying to figure out what is my best contribution to human kind (or myself)

Aku yang busy ke, mu yagn busy sokmo...janji mu masih ku tuntut :)

p/s: la...mu masih terkenang cerita lama ke bro. ehem...ehem...dia tu masih Cik Dr. ke atau dah Puan Dr (kalau kau sempat interview dia le :)

Aku tak de masalah bro, malah amat berterimakasih kerana menyenaraikan blog aku yang tak seberapa dan syok sendiri ni kat blog glamer mu. lagipun memang mu kan selalu ambil barang-barang aku tanpa minta kebenaran dolu-dolu hi..hi.. (dulu-dulu le...contoh selipar jepun, pencil, kertas utk conteng masa amali, baldi basuh baju kat dorm dsbnya :)

jgn mare nanti kena jual bro...

DrSam said...

Mia's mom,
Aci tak aci...that is the reality :) eh...sempat ke you balik to the Bolehland and celebrate my first birthday next year :)

out of my mind,
this issue something is out of my mind as well. But anyway, let's celebrate our beautiful life and make full use of the opportunity given by Him for us to move a step further. Tq for the wishes.

DrSam said...

kira tue-tue ning, nok tiup liling banyok-banyok pong semput...time kasih banyok yohteh.

TQVM. musim tengkujuh tu...lagi cool!

Nite garden,
seronok dapat makan kek je :) TQ.

SAlam. usia yang meningkat tidaklah terasa dan ketara sangat. tapi rambut dah nampak satu dua helai uban :)

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam :-D

Still unsure when to go back. Anyway, I can still send a box of Thorntons on your birthday (mmm... the one in January :-D)

hans said...

angka cuma nombor
bilangan yang banyak tak bermaksud tua tapi banyak pengalaman

DrSam said...

Mia's Mom,
Salam. You mean...you want to migrate of what? Anyway, migrate or not, your thorntons are very much welcome here :)

saya pun berharap begitu juga. Semoga angka itu meningkat sehaluan dengan pengalaman juga.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Happy Birthday Dr Sam!!

U looks younger than your age!!

Sir Pök Déng said...

Happy birthday DrSam!

kucingorengemok said...

happy belated birthday *bestnya ada 2 hari jadi!* :)

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