29 October 2008

First entry

This is my first entry to my blog. I have created this blog for quite sometime, but it stuck in between my busy schedules (gardening, watching TV, home-deco, golfing, weddings, gossipping etc.). I first thought that having a blog was not my liking as I am having quite a difficulty in trying to fill in the blank pages in my own diary. But when my friends start talking about blogging, bloogers' meeting, than suddenly having your own blog becomes so cool, just as if you own an Ipod at one time.

Once I stumbled upon a "Red Shoe Diary" type-of-blog written by mak datins and now we can have blogs by politicians, probably mak datin's bored hubby. It was so contagious. So I thought why not. It is probably good to have my own space. A space that I can share with the whole cyber communities on my colourful and wonderful journey that I have experienced on this beautiful planet. That was how this blog comes to be.

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