23 August 2011

Ahhhhh...no wonder my pinnacle is wilting!

Yesterday I went to Putrajaya for not one but two reasons. First was to attend a nerve-wrecking high-impact meeting with the very high ranking Gomen officials, and another less important but significant reason was to personally inhale the fresh air of Putrajaya. Despite many tourist buses with full load of eye-pollutants that roamed the area (especially near the Putra mosque), indeed the air was lighter and friendlier to my lung as compared to my sanctuary in Sg. Buloh. It was raining cats and dogs too but that didn't bother me much to cover my wilting head as I know the acid level is considerably low in Putrajaya - average pH of 6.06 (look at the above table). I can only assume that miss Afida of Putrajaya will lead an acid-free life and probably live a thousand years more.

Hard it may seem, it is now scientifically proven that my area, Sg. Buloh has the worst rainwater quality (average pH of 5.47) in term of acidic level as compared to the other sampling areas, which also explains the reason why my head feel lighter and lighter each day as the vegetation up there is getting thinner and thinner. This rainwater result however puzzled me as all this while I though I am living in a safe haven full of oxygen-rich rubber trees, which act as a good guardian against all the bad elements. Looking around me however reveals some sinister fact of which I failed to notice all these years. There are rubber processing factories that whenever in operation emit nauseating odor, numerous laboratories that discharge copious amount of volatile corrosive vapor into the atmosphere, chemical stores (nobody seems to care if there is any leakage or not) and zombies with bad mouth odor that move around aimlessly in the compound. My playground has becoming a dangerous place to be.

Kerteh is a clear winner in this test (average pH 6.41). It has the best rainwater quality. In fact MULAN can save a lot of her water bill by just collecting rainwater not only for her domestic use but also for their consumption too as the pH range for drinking water is around 6.5 - 8. Actually I didn't expect Kerteh to have such a good air quality (which cause acid rain) as Kerteh is very close to a big oil refinery plant that continuously vomiting gasses from its huge distillery that rival any alien cities. I think its location close to the shore with load of gusty wind that blows inland has a cleansing effect to the atmosphere. With such good air quality probably Kerteh is a good place for me to settle down in the future (after pencen lah).

Result from Cheras (5.95), K. brang (5.85), Kuching (6.14) and Pokok sena (5.95) exhibit almost a similar good rainwater quality and can be considered quite normal on a slightly acidic level. They still don't fall below pH 5.6 (a level that is considered acidic). By now the lucky Bloggers must be very happy to know that whenever it is raining in their area, they can simply go out into the rain and wash their hair with the rainwater without worrying to much on using any shampoo to neutralize all the harmful elements.

To conclude my short report on rainwater quality and assuming there is no cheating involve in this experiment, it is clear that most of the sampling areas are safe to live except my area, Sg. Buloh. It is a very sad conclusion but again it is proven that scientific discoveries may change the world views which more often than not are based on many fake assumptions .

Thank you very much to all the participating Bloggers. Your endless sacrifice and timeless effort have made scientific discoveries as interesting as eating budu with petai. Perhaps for the sake of humankind and pure curiosity, we may embark into another bigger scientific endevour in the near future. May Allah bless you all.

16 August 2011

Semalam, sembilan belas tahun lalu

Buat sekian kalinya
Juragan cinta ini ingin bermadah
merayu agar bayu pagi
membisik kepada angin laut China Selatan
membawa ghairah cinta juragan ini
mengulit mimpi permaisuri
nan lama bertakhta dihati

semalam, sembilan belas tahun lalu
juragan cinta menobat permaisuri dihati
meninggalkan pelabuhan solo itu
tidak berpaling lagi
belayar bersama dermaga kasihmu
mengalun seruling bambu syahdu mendayu
bahtera kemudi dilautan api asmara tiada henti

sumpah setia juragan cinta ini
lautan luas sama direnangi
gunung ganang sama dijelajahi
susah senang mainan hidup ini
jika sumpah keramat derhaka sekali
biarlah jasad ini tidak dimakan bumi

dan jika kasih ini bukan milik duniawi
wahai permaisuri dihati
jemputlah jeragan cinta ini
biarpun sekali cuma
mendampingi kamar cintamu
disyurga firdausi mu hakiki

Puisi semarak gurindam kasih sejati
ku tuju buat permaisuri hatiku
sembilan belas tahun mengulit asmara ini
juragan cinta mohon tiada noktah akhirnya
biar dakwat cinta ini kekal abadi

12 August 2011

Seriously, it has nothing to do with the itch.

Finally I managed to break the three month's blog-a-pause. At this juncture I have to make it clear that this unprecedented time-lapse has nothing to do with any superstitious belief or to commemorate any special events but for sure the longest Blogosphere dormancy period by my standard. It is neither a disease nor my ideas getting into a gestation period but a symptom of mood disorder which manifested from an intimate love-hate relationship with this virtual space. Somehow I am quite relieve now to be able to associate myself and start my intimate relation again with this domain and share some interesting stories with my fellow Blogger friends.

I have to admit though. It must be these intimidating sea serpents with tentacles from the darkest abyss of the South China Sea that woke me up from my deepest slumber. For the past three months I had myself so occupied with none other but myself and somehow got lost into another psychedelic dimension. In order not to feel very guilty leaving this blog in the longest solitude mode ever, I think the best thing to do and what most other good citizens of this Bolehland normally do is to give lame excuses or find some poor scape goats. This time I shamelessly put the blame on my broken laptop - the one that broke my heart but luckily not my spirit.

A week before Ramadhan I traveled back to the Keropoklekor land for a short family holiday and some self-defined top secret/covert activities. I met some of my old friends and in one of our important kedai-kopi-tepi-jalan meetings the word 'sutong sumbat' (stuffed-squid) became a topic of heated debate. Normally when we, the nasi lemak eating nation meet our old friends or long-lost schoolmates in kedai kopi the type of topic that top the list would revolve around the family matters such as the current number of kid and future wives, nostalgic and funny school experiences that make us continuously giggling, future business venture that will never materialize etc. Weird as it was, the delectable dish Ganukite called 'sutong sumbat, dominated the discussions.

I then realized the reason we talked so much on food rather on some other serious matters was because there was not much point in talking seriously on any serious matter because it seems nobody is serious these days. We are surrounded by jokers that make fun of each others. Whatever your belief is, religious matters for example are being ridiculed and mocked indiscriminately without any shame or self-respect. The world economy doesn't help either and crumbling down faster than a sonic-boom speed. Even keropok lekor become an expansive commodity. Who knows in the future 'sutong sumbat' won't have any more 'sumbat' (stuffing) to compliment the salty taste of the squid.

After such a long break, I think it is not superstitiously good and nice to indulge in some serious topic to start with. I don't want to talk very seriously at the moment as my mission now is to find out whether there is any 'sutong sumbat' being sold at any of the scattered bazaars around my neighborhood. That is to find the answer to some of our dispute during the old friends meeting while in Ganukite.

...Selamat Berbuka Puasa folk!

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