31 December 2016

The Marathon Man

The year 2015 was a hectic and yet a wonderful one.  I had many interesting things  happened in my life. Most were very fulfilling ones. There were only one or two insignificant occasions or events as far as I could remember that scarred my memory. For example in my office I had to move to another room   because the ceiling of the room came down and almost buried me alive. Another one was when  I missed to give my first lecture of the semester because I got the wrong timetable (actually it was the previous semester's timetable that I glued on the my door). Those events are not worthy a jotting down in my diary but it will haunt me for another millennia.

Earlier this year I told myself to downshift a gear or two and pace myself slowly. I am moving too fast.  It is good when I move fast but while doing so I failed to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. I tend to focus more on the road, on the signposts or on many distracting signboards and missed to see what the journey is all about. I failed to savour the moments. So far the fast-paced journey has no sign to stop. It is the momentum that keep me going.

As the curtain of 2016 is closing down, perhaps I need to reiterate and tell myself again and again. It is time to pass the baton and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Perhaps once again I should shower myself in a cream of chocolate.

photo credit En. Mokhtar Ishak.

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