30 July 2009

A short illustrated story - 'my heart almost bleed'

It all started one week ago, when my tummy behaving erraticaly abnormal .....

An intimate peek into my chest resulted in this ghostly x-ray image. This was a follow up from the ultrasound procedure earlier that showed an app. 1cm stone in my gallbladder. The x-ray was actually to confirm what the stone is made of. To my great relief, the doctor informed me that the stone is considered a more 'friendly' type of stone - cholesterol type and not the pigment type. To be frank, when I first got the news I had already set my mind that I have to let go the gallbladder through a surgery. In away, I am about to return what I had used and borrowed for the past 41 years. In the end, I just have to take some oral prescription and hopefully the drug will totally dissolve the stone and my gallbladder will finally be stone-free - I got to keep the precious body part again.

Alhamdulillah another good news. A follow-up CT-scan a few days after I was discharged from the hospital showed there was no more wall-thickening of the bladder (inflammatory from the infection) and the stone seems to become slightly small in size.

Looking at that plastic tubing inserted into my vein somehow looked a bit cool. They created this gateway in my body in order to administer antibiotic to kill the germs. My youngest son thought it resembled very much the Autobots' weaponry and always amused whenever he saw that. Somehow, my whole limbs in the above picture looked slightly 'sembab' and 'tembam'.

It was not until the 4th. bottle before they stop this saline drip from invading my blood stream. With 3litre of liquid laxative that I had to consume earlier to clean the whole intestinal system for the endoscopic examination, it was quite a scene to see myself dragging the whole stand into the toilet every now and then.

This grossly image was not the evidence to show that I was brutally tortured. This was what happen when somebody inexperience trying their artistic skill doing body tattooing on me. The nurses probably thought my body was their canvas and I am their guinea pig. I can certainly feel the pain when they inserted the hypodermic needle into my adipose tissues instead of the vein. The doctor was quite furious when he saw that.

While spending my solitary confinement in the room and waiting patiently for the antibiotic to slowly kick in and kill the germs, I have plenty of time to kill too. Luckily the hospital has their in-house entertainment facilities and with 50 blockbuster movies to choose from plus other local channels, the patient will almost rot in their bed pampered.

A room with a view - the last time I spent my night in a hospital was 7 years ago when I had a dengue fever. This time the holiday package was longer - 4D 3N. It was however the all-sleepless night getaway. The first night was because of the high fever and the following nights because the nurses keep coming in and out checking on my body temperature and giving me medication. I am still on a medical leave until the end of this week and still under another course of antibiotic.

Finally an important point I want to make - deep from my heart I want to thank you very much to all my fellow Bloggers, those who have wished me well, who have prayed for my well being, who have come to visit me, who have called and give me support and to my family and my significant half for being with me all the time. I believed, God listens to you and answered your prayer. May God bless all of you too.

-tHE eND-


*SiRibenMerah said...

ouhhhh.. sungguh terkejut jiwa ini..'adeshhhhh..

hope u will get much better soon.. and, syukur Tuhan masih berikan kesempatan utk Doc Sam menulis didalam blog ini...

scary wooohhh tgk pic2 tuh.. takot~!!
Doc, jaga diri bebaik tau..

*kem salam sis zayda and hugs n kisses to anak2..*

Small Hiker said...

doc... wish you speedy recovery... i always enjoy your blog entry.... you can be very funny... muda lagi Doc ni rupanya...

Abd Razak said...

Salam Dr,

Alhamdulillah...mudah-mudahan Allah kembalikan kesihatan Dr dan dpt menjalankan tugas semula berbakti kpd ummah...ameen

Inah said...

look at the bruise..OMG..how can they let the nurse do this to you..

it will last quite a while..trust me :)

C-I-K-I-N-T-O said...

salam Doc,

get well soon ya!~ btw bestnya ospital tuh :)

Meen Eunos said...

Dr Sam.
Semoga cepat semboh dan teroskan

p/s: Hospital 5star. Dah mcm hotel

Nin said...

I think I know which hospital this is. Everything from the view, the bed and the food tray look so familiar.

Well anyway, glad that you're better. Keep on taking good care of your health!

nahmy said...

semoga dlm peliharaanNya & semoga cepat sembuh doc.

grow2g3th3r said...

Semoga DrSam diberkan kekuatan hati dan minda serta kesabaran yang paling tinggi dalam menempuh setiap kesakitan... Get Well Soon....

Sally said...


..syukur padaNYa..lega Sally dan suami bila dah dpt tau yg Dr dah semakin ok..yes..all praise to Allah..

..a job well done for those doctors and nurses who looked after u..

..and ofcourse to your significant half..for being there through sickness and health!!

Naddiea said...


Doc,it was pretty scary having the bad experience from the unskillful nurses.i got the same experience before while giving birth my 2nd baby.It was seriusly painfull.

Anyway doc..have a good rest @ home with ur beloved family.Don't work very hard doc..otherwise the same things will happened again.

Take care..

x said...

I cringed when I saw those pictures. Mesti sakit. Ouch!

kucingorengemok said...

alhamdulillah, antara doa yang makbul kan kalau org yg didoakan tak tahu... maybe u have a lot more reader-friends than u thought u do :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Salam Doc, seems to me you were chosen to get special cleansing before Ramadhan. Nice kind of relationship you have with Him, Alhamdulillah.


DrSam said...

salam, duduk kat pulau tu tak boleh selalu sangat lemah semangat.

Insyaallah, jika masa dan kesihatan mengizinkan saya akan terus menulis dan berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman. terimakasih diatas sokongan.

*salam dari pulau lagenda insyaallah akan disampaikan*

The Author,
Thank you bro. I really envy your energetic life. I wish I can join your healthy activity of which i am sure will enjoy it very much, but not in my current condition.

Take care.

Salam sahabat. Terimakasih diatas doa tersebut. Sememangnya itu didoakan selalu (untuk para sahabat sekelian jua) semoga dengan kesihatan yang diberi akan memberi peluang untuk terus mengenali dan mendekati diriNYA dan menjalani ibadah dengan lebih sempurna.

The mark is less apparent now. A grim reminder for me to be me more cautious next time.

salam. Hospital memang best, tapi duduk kat situ yang kurang best :)

TQ meen. I am feeling very good now.

p/s: hospital, servis dan kelengkapan memang 5star. cuma mungkin ada setengah kakitangan (nurse) yang masih kurang berpengalaman (nursing college ada berdekatan)

DrSam said...

Madam Markonah,
Yes, that kind of reminder made me more even conscious on my own well being.

p/s: were you 'holidaying' in the same place before? Care to share?

terimakasih sahabat. semoga kita semua dirahmatiNYA jua.

terimaksih banyak-banyak. sama-sama kita berdoa agar kita semua diberi kesihatan dan kehidupan yang sempurna.

Alhamdulillah and thank you both for your concern. Now I am feeling much much better.

I guess a small mark like that is nothing as compared to the pain during your labour. Alhamdulillah, everything is looking good.

You take care too.

Yes if felt a bit more painful than the usual correctly-done puncture, but not to the extend for me to saying "ouch" :)

alhamdulillah. You are probably right. The silent prayer from the silent readers were very much appreciated as well.

TQ madam Zen. I could almost feel tears in my eyes reading your comment. Yes, Subhanallah.

@xiM said...

wish you well dr!!

take a good care of yourself..and one more thing,i just wonder why someone inexperienced got an order to do that 'TATTOO' on you..lucky that tattoo will disappear sooner or later..

Memorable trails... said...

Alhamdullilah..you are recovering.Makan moi dgn kicap je ke doc?

ASH said...

....don't want to see la!!

I watched the funny BUBUR NASI aje laahhh!!

Dr sam,
rajin rajin makan ubat.
moga sihat dan ceria kembali.InsyaAllah..

Pn Kartini said...

Kadang2 segala ujian drNya pelbagai bentuk dan ada hikmahnya..dan ujian yg ditimpa kepada kita atas kemampuan kita menghadapinya...:)

Semoga cepat sembuh..dan jgn lupa makan ubat!!
Semoga bila sembuh nanti..cara pemakanan tu kena jaga dan sentiasa beringat..:)
Take care yaa..! :)

besi said...

dr sam..semoga cepat sembuh..ketumbuhan yg tak bahaya ke? harap2 tak de apa2....

makanan kat hospital tue..siap smile lagi heheheh

take care dr sam...semoga cepat2 sembuh

ASH said...

Dr Sam,
sila ambik award di blog saya...
kerja untuk mengisi masa lapangmu!


DrSam said...

thank you. I am feeling much better now.

I suspected the inexperience nurses were fresh graduate from the nursing college across the road.

madam gold,
Ha..ha... memang berdiet betul ni. Makan-makanan berkhasiat betul kali ni. Ikan stim, cendawan dan sayur kailan rebus perencah kicap tiram aje. Slim gitu :)

just adding some spices to the tasteless bubur :) Glad you like it.

Still taking antibiotic orally.

Pn. Kartini,
terimakasih diatas pesanan. memang saya terima dan redha dengan ujian yang diberikan.

Betul tu, makanan memang kena jaga sangat-sangat.

kalau nak kata ketumbuhan pun mungkin betul lah juga. sebab tiba-tiba aja dia tumbuh dan melepak kat hempedu tu. Tapi alhamdulillah, tidaklah mengancam nyawa.


terimakasih. akan saya ambil dan cuba diisi masa lapang yang ada.

Eliz said...

DR.Sam, get well soon!!! Wish u well

patungcendana said...

you're back!!!!!!!...

get well...:-)

Fadhil said...


As you mentioned in the earlier post, the disease and pain we suffer are gentle reminders from our Maker that we should not take things too much for granted.

Glad to know you are on the road to recovery. Insyaallah, we shall continue to doa for you.

Encik Ariff said...

patut lama xmenulis.
selamat sembuh.
ubatkalau yg pahit lagi bagus.

CATZ said...

Dr Sam,

moga semuanya sembuh seperti sedia kala..glad that u are back..

zino said...

semuga cepat sembuh dan ter hindar dari segala bahaya....

MariaFaizal said...

My jaw dropped just now.
Hope you have speedy recovery.
Do take care & wishing you & yours great life.Ameen...

P/S : Love it when you put it 4D 3N thingy : D

payarumput21 said...

Salam DrSam...

Semoga cepat sembuh.. Have plenty of rest and... will definitely be praying for your good health...

Take care. :-)

DrSam said...

Thank you for the good wish. You take care too.

Yes, live and kicking.

Yes, we need to be reminded constantly as the true nature of mankind - we are continuously forgetful.

I am praying for your well being too.

encik ariff,
ubat kalau manis sangat pun, tak sesuai bagi yang diabetic :)

thank you. Visiting your blog has always tempted me (the food review).

terimakasih. Sama-sama kita berdoa semoga kita semua dianugerahkan dengan kesihatan dan sempurna kehidupan.

thanks you. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend plus the celebration with the beloved family.

Thank you for your doa. I am feeling better now and recuperating well.

You take care too.

Unknown said...

Hi Sam,

i guess i kena save all my wishing for recovery,many have said that. by the way,first time here and i guess it is nice to leave a comment before i leave,,,,,,,

take care now, will be back visiting, promise

Fly said...

salam Doc
Semoga cepat sembuh doc.. ubat jgn lupa makan.

atie said...

Salam dr sam, holiday 4d-3n ha!hihi.What a joke.I'm glad 4 the good news,Hope that u getting better now,May ALLAH bless u anyway....I'll pray for u 2...

Ida BorneoLove said...

syukur alhamdulillah

Being in the hospital is never a pleasant experience. Then again, u get 'free' off days from work. LOL

Teja Suraya said...

dr sam....xnak sakit dah...take care ye..

nAz said...

Semoga cepat sembuh doc!

Faisal Admar said...

salam doc.
selalunya problem ni disebabkan oleh kurang minum air kan?
ramai gak colleagues yang kena.
kebanyakkannya malas minum air kosong.
tapi selalunya tak perlu buat apa pun kan?
even tak perlu remove pun kan?
ye la kalau nak remove pun susah. batu pun sama besar je dengan organ.

semoga cepat sembuh ye doc :)

DrSam said...

Hi Eugene,
Thank you for dropping by and wish me well. Hope to hear more from you soon.

Salam. Buat masa ni ubat dah habis, cuma jaga makan. terimakasih.

harapannya agar tidak ber'holiday' lagi ke sana. sama-sama kita berdoa semoga kita semua dilindungiNYA.

Ida Athanazir,
Alhamdulillah, feeling much better each day. Too much 'lepaking' at home has done many wonders to me :)

Miss Teja,
Harap-harap begitu. Memang sakit datang tidak menentu.

Have a nice day and enjoy your new life at S. Alam.

Thank you for the prayer. Hope you are well too.

Faizal Admar,
Salam Faizal. Nak cerita sebab musabab dan asal usul penyakit ni memang agak komplicated juga. Mungkin ada betulnya. tapi semuanya itu adalah peringatan dariNYA untuk kita tidak lupa.

Buat masa ni tak rasa sakit, sebelum tu pun tak ada rasa sakit. cuma hari kejadian aja yang sakit. Alhamdulillah, ada peluang besar untuk batu itu hilang melalui pengubatan dan tidak perlu pembedahan.

Saya berdoa agar rakan-rakan kita tidak akan mengalami penyakit sebegini. Terimakasih Faisal kerana doakan untuk saya.

Faisal Admar said...

doc, selalu sendawa kan?

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
memang selalu berangin (dalam badan) terutama jika makan berlemak - asimilasi/pencernaan lemak tidak sempurna. Dihari kejadian perut kembung dan angin tak keluar (selepas makan rotid dan mentega). Itu yang jadi masalah.

umie@kakyong said...

Salam Dr,
Semoga cepat sembuh dan dapat meneruskan menulis blog spt biasa...

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy said...

Salam Dr,

Sorry not dropping ur blog..
Been quite busy with my p/time job.
Furthermore,I am more active in FB.
So,how are you lately??
Hope you are doing well over there.
Will be praying for ur health..

Take care..
Keep in touch,k

Zue said...

Salam Sam,

Maaf. tak tau yg u tak sihat. Lama juga i tak masuk mana2 blog dan seumpamanya sbb tugas yang bertimbun. Call pun tak sempat.

I harap dan doakan you sihat, begitu juga dengan your wife and anak2.Amin

Unknown said...


do get well soon!

I like that U still have that blogging spirit in U, even in the face of ill health and pain!

Keep it up!

Adliff said...


Semoga peringatan ini membawa kebaikkan untuk kehidupan di masa hadapan. Cepat-cepat sembuh, boleh menulis semula.

Bubur nasi tersenyum? :)

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah dan terimakasih kakyong. Jika dikurniakan kudrat, isyaallah akan terus menulis.

Mencari Sinar Bahagian @ Tommy,
Tom, nice to hear from you. Hope you are coping well with your new venture. Thanks for the comment and good wishing.

Salam. memang kalau boleh tidak mahu merungsingkan kawan-kawan. Alhamdulillah dah rasa sihat kembali.

Thanks for the doa. Yes, as usual - life has to go on.

aliff Muhammad,
Alhamdulillah. Peringatan yang tiada dijangka namun meninggalkan kesan mendalam.

secretname said...

Dr Sam..maaf lambat wish..by d time msti da smbuh kan..maaf byk2 sbb tlalu bz smpai tlupa ade blogger yg sakit..wish u all d best..moga sihat sntiasa..amin

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah dan terimakasih kerana tolong doakan. Semoa kita semua dilindungi dan diberi keafiatan olehNYA.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

OMG... if only i had visited this site earlier... anyway not too late to wish you well and hope you're definitely better now... take care, k.

DrSam said...

thank you mem. Alhamdulillah,I am feeling good now.

Take care as well.

deedlebag said...

salam. saya nak tanya sumthing, berapa cost untuk buat CT scan untuk bahagian perut di tropicana medical centre? currently saya buat check up di sana, dah lepas buat xray, kemudian urine etc. kalau boleh saya nak skip untuk lakukan ultrasound dan terus ke ct scan. tapi saya nak tahu harga untuk ct scan. thanks.

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