25 August 2009

Let's graduate with flying colors

Among the most anticipated family activities during this holy month of Ramadhan is breaking the fast or having iftar with the whole family. With our busy schedule these days, it is not so often we can do that, having a full corum on the dinner table. Thus it is very timely this year as the schools' one-week break happen to be a day before the first day of Ramadhan, giving the opportunity for my family to perform one of our religious observances in this special month.

This holy month has also brought back many fond memories of my yesteryear. I remember during my earlier bujang time, staying with my family in my kampung, when it close to iftar, it was the busiest time for the whole family. Ladies will get busy with their chores in the kitchen preparing food and men....err... making themselves busy anticipating the tasteful foods.

Everybody sat on the floor, ladies one dulang and the men another dulang side by side. That was also a good time to all family members to exchange stories. We sat and waited for the signal in the form of a big bang from a cannon on top of Bukit Puteri (close to the town of Kuala Trengganu) for us to start the iftar. The sound could be heard for miles. I was told it reached even Kuala Brang, which is 30 miles away. The cannon will also fire seven round of shots just after the announcement by the Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja for the Eid and kids will line the paddy fields (because we can see the smoke from each shot) to cheer for the each bangs.

During this month also, our kampung's masjid will have big iftar gatherings by inviting fellow citizen from the neighboring kampung. It was a tradition. This time we invite you, next time you invite us. The foods were contributed by my kampung's folks - potluck style. I remember once, when my mother asked me to deliver the foods in a dulang to the masjid, my inexperience of dulang-balancing on my head had caused me to be showered by sweet tasting gulai all over my body! Throughout the month, we will be invited to other neighboring masjids for the same deed, of which everybody will enthusiastically complied.

Apart from the small part of iftar, this month of Ramadhan more importantly teaches us about patience, modesty and spirituality. Allah S.W.T offers us this whole month to ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance, purify ourselves by self-restraint and doing good deeds.

Let's pray that we enter and register ourselves in this Ramadhan semester with istiqomah. Let's also pray everybody will graduate at the end of this blissful month with flying colors.


Kak Teh said...

Dr Sam, it is not easy nowadays to have the whole family around the table. Oureldest is forever at work durinf iftar but we have several cats to make up the number.

Yes i remember those days taking food to the neighbours and anticipating more delicious food in return!

Sally said...

let us not just graduate..but graduate with 1st Class Hon!

nice pics u have there..

besi said...

dr sam pic tue betul2 klasik la...

iftar....tq sbb sebelum nie tak penah dengar la...

CAHAYA said...

Nice pic btw. ;) Love it. Agreed with tchersally, graduated. And with 1st class (Hons) lagik. ;)

Abd Razak said...

Salam Dr...

Woah, what a memory, the pic really classic...

May this ramadhan brings blessings & mercy and becomes a month of victory to us all

*SiRibenMerah said...

hehehe.. walopon x cukup posanya.. ahaks..
nak jugak graduate ngan flying colors neh.. ahaks...

Selamat menunaikan ibadat di bulan puasa..

DrSam said...

Kak Teh,
Does this means that Tabby has finally come back? Good news indeed.

most neighbors will return the favor with delicious food, but a small number...dengan bekas sekali lesap :) Sedekah.

Those pics are from the many hidden archives (among them are the glass negatives) that I saved from being thrown away by the people who didn't appreciate their past.

Yes, spot on!

Gambar lama memang banyak. Tempat kerja pun macam muzium.

Perkataan iftar mungkin tak berapa lazim ditempat kita.

Let's us pray we will have a blissful Ramadhan this year.

Salam. Yes, victory for all.

Tak cukup posa pun, masih dapat ganjaran dengan ibadah-ibadah lain. Menyediakan masakan untuk iftar salah satunya.

Selamat bersahur.

aShaBuLz said...

mmg susah nak berjumpa satu keluarga makan sama-sama sekarang....anak-anak lebih gemar makan depan tv dari duduk semeja..

tapi kalau dapat dikumpulkan bersama semula...alangkah indahnya...

oh btw, happy fasting k!! all the best doc!

Kak Teh said...

drSam, no Tabby is stillmissing but I have four other cats to keep us company. and we are still hoping that he'll come back.

Small Hiker said...

good story to share... i always like your writing style... Doc, you must be a funny guy in person... anyway, here i am giving you comments away from my family.. alas for one night only... ramadhan is the month that i cherish, it's time for me to be close to my family. i always make the effort to reach home early, early enough to do my chore for the family, preparing fruit juice for the family... itu tugas papa mereka... and during buka puasa, i always smile looking at the pile of rice that my daughter and son put on their plate, unlike most people they go for the rice first and all the sweet things including kurma later... ahh.. my children, they are growing up so fast...

Zendra-Maria said...

Let's pray that we enter and register ourselves in this Ramadhan semester with istiqomah. Let's also pray everybody will graduate at the end of this blissful month with flying colors.

Ameen and thank you, Awang Mesu.

bspotgurl said...

DrSam - I love the picture. Its remind me to zaman P Ramlee.. Anyway, Lets pray for ALL will graduate with flying colors

DrSam said...

betul tu. kekadang tu walaupun cukup korum, tapi dengan godaan Ben 10, Hagemaru dan lain-lain cerita, anak-anak merayu untuk makan depan TV, terutama yg paling kecil. Cuma dibulan Ramadhan, dapat membawa semua duduk semeja - termasuk juga yang paling kecil.

Salam Ramadhan almubarak.

Kak Teh,
I see. Hopefully our doa during this blissful month will bring Tabby back to you.

The Author,
thank you very much. I don't know what others perceived about me, but as much as I can, I try to take everything easy and not to complicate matters, and try to stay cool all the time.

It seems that you are making good effort taking part in your family kitchen's busy chores. Hope those will make you and your family even closer to each other. Yes...children, they do grow very fast.

Awang Mesu wanted to confess, for the first time in his life, he is making strong effort to be the best student throughout this semester and becoming a better person after that. Ameen. Hoping Kanda Zen and the others will achieve the same.

yes, personally I like those pics too. At the same time, those pics tell us there are many very unfortunate people outside there. Having these thought in mind, no 'dugaan' is a big 'dugaan' anymore.

arsaili said...

salam..ameen...moga kita flying colour dalam ujian di madrasah ramadhan kali ini

pB said...

cantik photo tu ..

setakat ni , semuanya dpt berkumpul bila masa berbuka

lagi satu kenangan ....
hantor kuih ke rumah jiran ...

abu muaz said...

apa pun yg diajar oleh org tua-tua kita makin hari makin banyak ditinggalkan.....ia nya cuma jadi kenangan kini. memanglah seronok berbuka bersama dan bercerita serta melihat kerenah anak-anak kecil...

DrSam said...

How is your Ramadhan in the Kangarooland so far?

Bulan yang penuh barokah, membawa keluarga bersama.

Tradisi tukar-tukar kuih dengan jiran tetangga pun satu aktiviti yang masih dilakukan sehingga kini.

abu muaz,
Banyak lagi aktiviti-aktiviti muhibbah dibulan Ramadhan yang mungkin tidak lagi diamalkan kini. Kitalah penyambung tradisi.

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Selamat mengimarahkan Ramadhan....

Apa juadah iftar di sana hari ini ya?

kucingorengemok said...

amin... sama² kita cuba yang terbaik

Zareda Norman said...

Dr Sam

nostalgik picture.. mengimbau kenangan silam. Tapi sebenarnya kenangan itu yang mendidik kita menjadi kita seperti hari ini kan..

DrSam said...

dengan keadaan kesihatan yang tiada sepertinya ini, pilihan makanan amatlah terhad. Rasanya berbuka dengan lauk ikan singgang aja kot hari ni :)

semoga doa kita dimakbulkan.

Zareda Norman,
Semoga kita tidak lupa asal usul dan menginsafi diri selalu. Memang ya...kenangan lalu membentuk jiwa dan keperibadian seseorang.

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy said...

Hello DrSam,

"Tiada hari seindah Jumaat...
Tiada kata seindah Zikir...
Tiada ibadah seindah Solat...
Tiada bulan seindah Ramadhan...

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak utk DrSam and family...

Jgn lupa comment my blog,k...
Nanti raya dtg rumah DrSam ye..

Adliff said...


Well said!:) May ramadhan 1430 H make us a better person, back to our fitrah...

Nice picture too... it reminded me of old Kelantan charm..

The tradition to sent dishes for iftar to our neighbors is almost die back in my village, the only one left behind is the old folk..

For them it is more convenient to buy food enough for themselves only..the frail hands of nenek and atok plus the loneliness is like a mist shrouding my village now..

(bagai anak burung meninggalkan sarang, pergi mencari rezeki di tanah jauh, yang tinggal hanyalah kederat tua meneruskan sisa hidup sambil menunggu tiba kegembiraan syawal.)

ASH said...

I thought you were the one who fired the cannon?
he he he..

Heii..how come everybody being so nostalgic lately??

Anonymous said...

Selamat Berpuasa Dr Sam

nAz said...

I guess I also can wish you "happy graduation"

selamat berpuasa juga dr sam! ;)

balqissy said...

salam ramadhan dr. sam,

sangat rindu untuk berterawikh di surau sekolah lama dulu =(

DrSam said...

Hi Tom. Indah sungguh ucapan kamu itu Tom. Saya berdoa agar Tom senantiasa tenang dan mendapat petunjuk dariNYA. Rezeki kita masing-masing telah ditetapkan olehNYA. Lambat laun datanglah si puteri bermahkota dihati.

Memang saya berbesar hati jika Tom dapat singgah diteratak saya dihari Lebaran nanti.

aliff Muhammad,
Salam En. Aliff. Probably many old traditions (in Ramadhan) are still being practiced until these days especially in some of the remote kampungs. I am quite sad however, the big iftar gathering has long gone in my own Kampung. it seems the bigger, the more beutiful and the newer Masjids has lost their 'beuty' these days.

Too many 'nengung' during Ramadhan could bring back many fond memories.

Salam Ramadhan almubarak untuk Dino sekeluarga.

Wishing you the same. Selamat berpuasa dengan sempurna.

Salam Ramadhan to you too. Kat mana sekolah tu?

ReActivate said...

::: salam bro.. firstly, where did
::: u get those pictures? it were
::: so awesomeee.. kinda old,
::: [ofcourse ler hehe, yer ker?]
::: but kadang2 mcm in a modernday
::: perhaps it were yours? apa2pon
::: kisah bro berbuka di rumah tu
::: mmg best, terliur jugak baca
::: perkataan 'gulai' tuh [hehe]
~ selamat berpuasa bro..

laki cikgu kimia said...

lets being active! with ibadah..

Naddiea said...


We (my small family) are going to have a great Iftar session with my parent @ Seberang Takir this weekend.We are going back tomorrow morning insyaallah.

Just like ur stories above, it was very difficult to gather a whole family to break fast together.What to do..childrens are scattered all over the world.Pity the old folks..

Fly said...

gambar tu bercerita doc nice pic.. selamat berpuasa dan berbuka disamping keluarga tersayang

CATZ said...


i like the photos..klasik..
mana nak cari lagikan foto cam tu nowadays..
this entry reminds me berpuasa di kampung..bestnyaa...buka puasa ramai2..tukaar2 juadah..
aand baca entry ni jadi insaf..
yee..kitaa pun nak grad with flying ccolours semester ramadhan 2009.
thanks for the reminder.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

;D Ramadhan is a wonderful month indeed. Semoga Dr Sam akan mendapat barkah dan keberkatan yang berganda dariNya di bulan yang mulia ini.

Anonymous said...

nostalgianyerr kannns.. salamm ramadhan drsam itteww

zino said...

teringat omak den kek kampong hehe

DrSam said...

Salam en. Zul. Ditempat saya kerja ni kalau rajin menggali khazanah lama memang banyak benda boleh jumpa. Malah banyak yang telah dilupuskan begitu sahaja, sengaja ataupun tidak oleh yang tidak tahu menilai.

In fact in my office, I've collected many unwanted and unsorted 'artifacts' (documents, photos, items etc) waiting to be classified (sound like our National Archive's job :)

laki cikgu kimia.

Best sunggoh. Have a safe and nice trip to KT. Please eat lot of nasi dagang for me. Jeles gue...

Kalau jatuh ketangan pakar solek foto seperti Fly, boleh jadi lagi cun dan banyak ceritanya :)

Khazanah lama yang perlu disimpan elok-elok untuk dikongsi pada generasi mendatang.

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini akan lebih mendekat diri kita kepadaNYA.

Sama-sama kita mendoakan agar semua mendapat barokah dan keampunan di bulan yang mulia ini.

Salam Ramadhan almubarak jua.

Apa lagi...Start engine kereta, zooom je kesana. Selamat berpuasa bersama keluarga.

Faisal Admar said...

it should be nice doc to see or hear canon for the raya announcement. i never experience that before... or maybe ever :)

yes, during ramadhan we tend to remember all the sweet memories we have which most of them we spent time with our beloved family. i'm lucky as i always have family around me every time we celebrate ramadhan :)

Naddy said...

have an awesome Ramadan dr. when i was small tv1 azan signals the time for breaking the fast. those pictures are really a gem, is it circa the 50s, 60s or 70s?

DrSam said...

Faizal Admar,
Probably one day, you can have your iftar at Kuala Terengganu :)

I am not sure about the date as there is no record written on it. Salam Ramadhan almubarak.

Hidup KOKA said...

Love those photos.... where did you get it?

DrSam said...

Hidup KOKA,
My place is just like a museum - many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

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