24 November 2009

Humanity is dying but we are here to save the world

For the past two weeks I have been struggling very hard coming to term with the fact that it was the Iranian shesh kebab that finally saved human civilization and world population from a nuclear doomsday. It seems that the cheese-eating Westerner got so fed-up with their dairy eating ritual and turned into a kebab fanatic so much so they just say bye-bye to MekDee cheese burger, take everything for granted and treat every Muslim as their good neighbor even when the Kurds in Iraq are pointing the fart-sensitive nuclear warhead through their letter box. Peace to the World!

If not because one of the group members laughed so loud, which I am sure hyenas in the savanna will be extremely jealous, my mind almost got twisted and folded into thin layers trying to absorb this shocking revelation. Of course it was just a joke anyway. Another dry joke when you've got nothing to do and the only poor being to be killed is a short time between tea breaks. Contrary to a popular belief, apart from being a dungeon keeper, scientists got some sense of humor too.

So there was me and a bunch of twenty seven odd senior scientists, science managers, Vice chancellor of universities and senior representatives from fourteen OIC countries attending a two week S&T management course in KL recently. That also explained why I was being MIAing and temporarily hibernating from this blogging community. In fact I am still having a sore shoulder from actively rubbing my upper limb with the members of the Arab leagues, former KGB retainers, our tempe-eating neighbors and descendants of Kublai Khan from the Central Asia .

This course was a good eye-opener for me. Not only that I got some good networking and some foreign currencies to satisfy my craze in collecting world's denomination, I also realized now that the Muslim scientific world has been sleeping too long under the hypnotic mind of Western capitalist. Our mind has been so corrupted to the extend they own our soul. Some even dare to challenge the course of nature in their endeavor in chasing after personal glory. Some inadvertently play God and breach our closely-guarded human and intellectual ethics.

There are still so many grey areas in the Muslim scientific communities and many loopholes need to be patched up. Politic and politics are a big no and wrongly mixed up with sciences will turn into a lethal concoction which only spell a disaster. Good scientist doesn't mean one can becomes a good manager or a visionary leader. Most of us were trained to think so straight they can't even differentiate between a virgin donkey and a virgin olive oil. Many who rise above the rest , by hook or by the book and sit on the pinnacle of the organization may end up ending their carrier as a merely seat warmer. This could be the effect of spending many hours deep-freezed in their dark labyrinth during their glorious days.

I hope my conscience is clear and God lead me to the right path in carrying out my duty. Scientist as many other God's creation should only serve in bringing good and happiness to the mankind. Never to open a pandora box. Once you open it, you'll become a Frankenstein or worst still Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde.

Under the watchful eyes of those rubber trees from the 1981 Amazonian germplasm expedition which later planted in Sg. Buloh, the scientists has vowed that the world population especially int he Muslim circle has to be increased by limiting the usage of latex condom when practicing intimate exercise in their bedroom. It is quite an ironic as latex is considered a sacred toy by a playful kid so as a horny adult - talking from a different perspective.

Trees are just like human being. You nurture them, pamper them, they will be very happy and give you back in return generously. Human capital is very important. It is one of the organization biggest investment.Trying to ignore this fact, the dinosaur era will knock on your door sooner that you might think. You'll extinct!

Our government is working very hard in closing up the gap in the ratio of scientist per population. These scientists, unperturbed by the the raising figure find it very calming to rest in between digesting the effect of phenylglutaramilaminasylphophataselalaningalactoglucanamilosephenyllyphenyl and dozed off into oblivion. The government sent them for a two weeks off from their laboratories, but they rest and slept for the rest of their life Oh-I-Seeing around.

Looking through this 3D Stereoscopic glasses for a virtual reality presentation during a Proton visit in Shah Alam has made me wonder whether our scientific endeavors has really made us closer to the Maker. Now you can find and have a transgenic rubber tree that produce pharmaceutical properties (insulin, vitamin E and the list is endless) as their by product apart from latex.In the future you don't have to go far, whenever you lost one of your legs in a friendly football match that turned sour, just pick up one from a chimeric rambutan tree nearby and Voila you got back your body spare part.

I have been in a regular close encounter with the people who sit on the ivory tower. I have always thought that these academicians have a different mindset from the rest of our nerdy species in the laboratories. Ever since, they work very closely with the public and address issues pertaining to the need of the masses. The Malaysian scientists on the other hands, work closely with the politician addressing the need of a small constituent.

These scientists got fascinated by the wonder of rubber seismic bearing on absorbing the impact of earthquake when installed on skyscrapers or buildings in earthquake-prone areas. Some building can vibrate and resonate up to a couple of Gs. I thought our scientist should also consider installing such a wonderful gadget on our bed too as the aftershock may invariably happen in some of Malaysian bedroom. Some unquoted sources reported the Gs could reach up to the magnitude of earth-shattering10.

There are so many things to do in yet so little time. Scientists of OIC has bigger tasks ahead and one of their responsibility now is to take on the bigger challenge by confronting the Western scientific domination head to head, with strong faith and bring back the glory of our past which was started by our Muslim scholars.


besi said...

belajar menoreh getah...?
dr sam...oleh sbb kampung saya
sumber ekonominya getah..
so saya pandai la juga macam mana
nak menoreh...cuma dah lama je
tak wat nie,,,,skill dah hilang
hehehehe...teringat masa cuti2 sekolah dulu

ASH said...

btw, what is the meaning og THAT long WORD?
errrrrr..i can feel that you REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy the two WEEKS couse!!of coz...he he

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Perjalanan penuh makna...

Kak Teh said...

wow, I never knew that about kebabs and their contributions to mankind, all i know is their detrimental effects on the waistline and the arteries.

sorry i had been awol for quite sometime.

Zendra-Maria said...

Doc, This conference should spur you on towards the coveted No-bells prize in Rubberlogy, especially for bedroom usage ;)

Balek kampong ke raya?

Anonymous said...

I would like to go off from my lecture and attend this kind of conference just to dozed off..hahaha

DrSam said...

saya pun apa kurangnya. Memang kurang sangat didalam bab toreh-menoreh ni. Pernah juga gatal tangan ambil sampel latek dengan menoreh batang getah, akhirnya rosak habis pokok tu. Nasib bukan di tempat pekebun kecil. Kalau tak kes naya.

Kampung besi kat mana? Manale tahu kot-kot tersesat didalam salah satu ekpedisi melawat pekebun kecil nanti :)

You ask me, I also don't know :) I normally come across those type of weird inscription in one of our Biochemist log book.

Everything that doesn't require me to sit in a long and dull meeting marathon has always being very enjoyable to me.

Disitu perjalanan bermula...

Kak Teh,
Glad to hear from you. I've missed some of your adventures too and got to know your appearance in our local TV a bit too late.

Me is experiencing the same vertigo-like effect. My blogging activities has been very limited lately due to not being able to access the internet (my laptop keep crashing, wife's got zipppped by lightning, the desktop downstairs is fully infested by malicious virus and rendered useless now).

I like your idea kanda. A million US dollar winning prize could be bouncifully plenty to be shared among us.

Going back to Bt. Pahat this Thursday. Kodo' Raya yang terbantut hari tu. Kanda beraya kat mana?

Every now and then we should have indulged ourselves in getting some dose of good ZZZZZ and a break from our normal playground.

Sir Pök Déng said...

Meanwhile, our government should embark our local dish (not the share-share one lah, ie. satay, tempe, rendang) into super-international level so that one day, our nasi lemak will be "their" daily favourite breakfast without bringing too much problem moving down in their gullet. This will bring positive implication to our science development.

Anyway Dokter Seng, what the heck is phenylglutaramilaminasylphophataselalaningalactoglucanamilosephenyllyphenyl? Quite a lengthy nomenclature of a phenolic compound, isn't it?

ouT oF My MinD said...

doc, dulu santis Islam sangat hebat dan terulung. tapi skrng semuanya bagaikan hilang di telan bumi. Adakah ia disebabkan dunia ini didominasi oleh barat atau takde lagi cendiakawan yg terulung?

saya sgt bermint nak terbitkan prgm berntuk sains atas tujuan nak menarik minat public mengenai sains. tapi...public kita masih lg belum mampu nak terima perubahan & juga sesuatu benda yang mereka perlu "berfikir". Tambahan pula realiti show mendominasi minda public kita...mau cepat kaya. money & fame is everthing.

Memorable trails... said...

Salam Doc,
Long time no hear...
I am sure such a wity young scientist like you can face future challenges and bring back the glory of muslim scholars.
Yes!!!!You can do your part.

Adliff said...



No wonderlah you went AWOL for a long time. Ha!ha!Ha!

Okeylah tu, pergi kursus.Pasti yang buruk dan baik pertimbangannya dihati yang ikhlas.

USM-bekas alma mater saya tu.

Faisal Admar said...

whoa doc. i'm hardly say goodbye to cheeseburger mc donald's!

hyde was the one could transform into a gigantic ugly monster right? which is very famous for UK's legend?

you're such a brainy doc, malaysian version Einstein?

DrSam said...

Sir Pok Deng,
R&D has been a norm in our scientific community but only recently we have been talking and pay more attention on the C (commercialization). The problem is, when the government and the scientist sit together over a plate of nasi dagang they forgot everything about the innovation, the IP right and the business plan. They just talk about the packaging and how to share the profit. You are in biotech aren't you sir?

That nomenclature I suspected was derived from the aromatic long-chain triglycerides that caused our budu so much a desirable smell. We could just simply give a short acronym for it if you want. how about PENGLALAT :)

out of my mind,
Dah lama sangat kita diberi halwa telinga dan mata, melekat sampai ulu hati sampai sekarang pun masih dibelengu lagi dan terheret sama diulit hiburan. Powderful sungguh pengaruh penjajah minda ni.

Saya amat mengalu-alukan usaha untuk memperkayakan bangsa kita dengan ilmu pengetahuan terutama bidan sains ni. Minat perlu dipupuk dari kecil (target audient). Bagus cita-cita tu.

madam gold,
Salam madam. Missing all the blogging friends too.

I am trying my best now to be on the right track. The course did give me some spiritual motivation to me.

Thanks for your unduly believe and support madam. I hope many more young scientists and young blood such as from our kids generation will take the responsibility to spearhead scientific breakthrough in our country.

aliff muhammad,
Salam. AWOL perang kurus kering, AWOL kursus ni tambah berat badan ni :)

IMHO You graduated from one of the best U in our country. Being the APEX Univ and one of the four research universities in this countries speaks by itself on her outstanding contribution. I have to salute the current VC for his wonderful and excellent job.

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
Once in a while it is okay I think to pacify your addiction to junk food.

Gurney alone drive got 2 MekDee right? One at the end of the street and another one inside that new Gurney Plaza. Aiseh...we missed the opportunity to overindulge ourselves with that fat-laden delicacy. Thanks to the trafic jam.

adiwarnatasya said...

Saya ada pengalaman pertama menoreh.
Pernah tolong mak kawan baik saya menoreh.
Tapi sekali dlm seumur hidup jer:)

yohteh said...

alahai Dr...
patut pun lama ghaib... pergi menoreh rupanya...!!! hujan-hujan pun menoreh juga ye..??

Sir Pök Déng said...

Dokter Seng,

Ah, PENGLALAT! -- a secret ingredient naturally added to the budu broth to increase the production of primary metabolites that induce our Trengganu taste buds to uummph!

Yep, I'm in Biotech. But not yet a doctor. My so-called "mid-life crisis" catalyzed me to concentrate more on writing while waiting for graduation the next year.

I thought I've been programmed to think about profit rather than sitting on a bangku while sipping a cup of kopi in order to shed myself some light for my RnD idea. Research grant is everything -- no money, no work! I'm in an institution where money for RnD is a big... big... thing. Well, that's a typical biotech folks' mindset. RnD is meant for tenfold profit. We don't go cutting down pokok jarak for biofuel when sago is in front of you.

But the bottom line is, we first need to convince those high-ranked officers upstairs who know nothing about gene regulation to approve any research grant's proposal, which is quite hard to do that.

Okay, I'd better concentrate writing at the moment. No profit, of course. Hihi.

DrSam said...

memang nampak maca senang aje menoreh ni, tapi bila pertama kali dicuba memang hancusss! Nangis pokok tu.

Ha...ha...nak buat guane setabok yohteh. musim hujan ni nak turun ke laut ombak besar sangat. Menoreh lah kita nampok gayenya.

Sir Pok Deng,
Yes, that is another problem in our research circle, well at least in my orgy-nisation. Like you said, it is a mammoth task trying to convince the one sitting upstairs to get support (funding) for your good ideas (not the syok-sendiri one). Normally the one who sits at the top is the one who is very good at politics. Politics and sciences could never be a good sleeping partner.

Anyway, good luck sir in putting all your good researches on paper. I hope everything goes smoothly well for you.

Saw the news this morning Dungun is one of the badly hid areas by flood. some are up to their neck.

Naddy said...

Muslim scientists and the old Gloroius days, please come back.

ps : Chimeric tree with human hands and feet as branches? That is a very frightening thought. But I love to read about scientific oddities such as this on the net.

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam (:-D,

Hmmm... no wonder it's been quite some time. Anyway, one of the differences between our glorious Moslem scholars before and now is perhaps their stronger faith and deeper understanding in their relationship with the Creator. Everything is "LillahiTa'ala" - no profit, no glamour in their quest. Any comment?

laki cikgu kimia said...

i cant just hold my mouse from clicking your blog. talk biggie with biggie thought. excel!

Sally said...

Salam Doc,

ye la..like hubby Chemistry Teacher kata..gayat plak Sally nak ngomen d sini..talk biggie with biggie talk..anyway i still have d souvenir that resembles the pokok getah u gave us that day..hehe..skali skala broken English ahakkss..

DrSam said...

Too much R&D&C...should emphasized more on spiritual aspect into the mind of our scientists

p/s: There are already chimeric animals (mice) that grow our bodyparts (ears for example). No kidding.

Mia's mom,
Salam sis. I concur. Those separate us apart from the others (not only scientists but others professions as well).

laki cikgu kimia,
I am just a small mice in munching about in a small laboratory.

Good scientist (and other muslim scholars) got their motivation and inspiration from teachers like you. Nurture them well che' gu!

Naddiea said...

Doc,sekali sekali pi conference mcm ni best kan..nadia dh lama x pi conference,training etc..berkulat n tepu dh rasanya..apa nk buat berkerja di profit oriented company yang sangat berjimat cermat.hihihi..boleh gitew?apa2 pun syukur.nasib baik ada blog Doc yang buleh buat mencuci minda dan otak yg berkarat ni.Thanks doc!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..

DrSam said...

Sekali sekala tu memang boleh sangat, tapi kalau asyik kerap sangat seminar, konferansi, meeting dan bengkel...terbengkalai banyak kerja. Nak mencurahkan perasaan dan isi hati kat blog pun tak sempat :)

Balik Ganu ke? Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

Sally said...


nahmy said...

yaaa doc, good question. which one should we save 1st? the humanity or the world? salam aidil adha bytheway...

nAz said...

Salam DrSam,

If you dont mind sharing here, what is your field in science? I am thinking of pursuing my study, but I'll probably switch course to management instead of continuing my course but not in any time sooner. Just askin. ;)

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha.

DrSam said...

no access to your blog (again) che' gu?

too many questions to address but yet too little answer...

Salam Eidul Adha to you and your family too.

Salam. I (and most probably Sir Pok Deng too), were trained in a very specialized field which is part of considerably important sciences disciplines (a syok sendiri statement :). I am a self-declared cell biologist (plant) with electron microscopy as my speciaslized tool - malays will probably call me 'mat skodeng'. But nowadyas, as many other workforces, plus pressure from the top managment, many are becoming Jack of all trades...

good luck in your Jihad and salam Eidul Adha.

daros kuneng said...

salam kembara doc..

the soul of truth..

what ever can go wrong; can go wrong..


patungcendana said...

salam aidiladha doc. are you ok now? lama tak jumpa...:-)

Encik Ariff said...

sy xpernah menoreh. :)

Temuk said...

Salam bahagia, DrSham.
Lovely entry. We must salute scientists for making the world a much better place, although we should despise those in power making use of scientists to create destructive innovations. Now is the era of big science, everywhere - more & bigger research organizations, more specialized scientists, more funds & complex apparatus, more new findings, etc. But the beneficiaries? The scientists (including those in the universities who get their research papers published & promotions), and the capitalists. The poor & marginalized people, everywhere, are still waiting for cheap innovations that can really benefit them. Just curious of your thoughts about this. Have a nice day!

Tie said...

Err... tak pernah menoreh, pegang pisau toreh pun tak pernah. Mentua ada kebun getah.. memang pernah pergi dan sightseeing kat situ, dalam seram2 takut pacat .

Tengok profile tu, suka baca karya Enid Blyton's ? Uwaa... tak sangka orang lelaki pun minat. Tie dulu kuat berangan. Buku cerita Enid Blyton's banyak membantu, hihi...

DrSam said...

salam kembara to you too.

Yes Murphy's law sometimes do take its dully course.

Salam Eidul Adha to you and your family. I am feeling good now and alhamdulillah. Memang lama menyepi. beruzlah.

cik EPAL,
Salam singgah. Dah kali kedua kot?

encik ariff,
kita menoreh-noreh je di 'keyboard' ni.

That is really a good insight sir. The issue can be discussed in lengthy. You have actually answered some of the pending questions yourself (promotions, KPIs, innovations/inventions that don't fit the public or stakeholders expectation to name a few). Personally I think the system need to be improved in order to bring about some of the talent and brain in our country. One example, scientist don't work from 8 to 5. Too much administrative work will finally take away scientist from the stakeholders (marginalised groups).

Some of the patents are not commercialisable as most scientists are not trained to be a good salesperson nor an economist (some gadget are too uneconomical). There are some changes/improvement but I think we need more.

And one more thing, scientist is not only confined to the one who has PhD or working in the lab, anybody who has the ability or passion to bring changes and make this world a better place to live on can be considered as a scientist as well. I thought the one who studied political sciences should be a good one too :)

Saya pun bukannya selalu pun walau tiap-tiap hari bekerja dikelilingi oleh pokok getah.

Memang dari kecil saya minat cerita Enid Blyton ni. Saya dulu baca novel ni sebab nak buat rujukan dan belajar bahasa orang putih.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

A wonderful journey indeed Dr.. thanks for sharing it with us...

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