15 December 2009

It vibrates and then silence

This time it lasted a little bit longer than the previous predecessors. After a few telltale signs of its doomsday starting with erratic screen display, intermittent transmission blackout and non-verbal curses from it impatient owner, my cute little handphone ceased it services and gone kaput. That was the sign of the great life circle swinging in a full motion.

I was really hoping that this little communication gadget would last a little bit longer, at least another few more years with 8 more cat-lives to fulfill my personal pleasure. Unlike the steam room or the sauna which many believed will do wonders to their live longevity this supposedly immortal being doesn't work in the same principle. Sauna will cleanse our body from noxious substances, when combined with regular steak dinner, orgasms and chocolate cakes finally enable us to live another 126 wonderful years. The excessive exposure of this gadget on the other hand, will simply retard our brain and causing some to Alzheimer state of mind.

Now that it has marked it last day, the last resting place would be in a display cupboard with the earlier prehistoric electronics devices I kept since the first time my brain got zapped with the radio wave. This particular model was good and intended for everything except giving a good signal whenever I wanted to talk and get connected through the air. At least that was the excuse for me the last time I wanted to replace the bulky Xda II with this sleek black beauty.

The evolution from the first handphone ownership was really exponential particularly in the size department. The first model was a big one so famous with Ah Long of Bkt Beruntung selling pirated VCDs. It was so cool those days having that big menacing gadget while chewing rubber-gum in pasar malam. Probably it was meant to be that big and shatter-prove too. Those days I heard, if you got chased by a horny cow, a knock with that thing on the cow's head would send a clear signal for the cow to understand the threat. I guess local enforcement officers has also learned the lesson (those days) and kept to the save distance whenever they spot the Ah Longs with this potential weaponry in the vicinity.

These days it was so easy to change our loyalty from one phone provider to another. Actually I have been loyal to this one phone provider, Marxis for the past ten years until last month when I decided to change my faith to another rival company, Silicom. The reason was simply because I didn't really fancy their arrogance attitude. Since you can keep the existing number, it was very convenience and easy to switch camp (and jump party). I love this concept very much. It is the buyers' market. Next probably the Digimon. Who knows.

This mean I have to get another replacement soon. Otherwise I will be living in the Jurassic park, isolating myself from this sophisticated world. I have planned to get a new one with the sole function that is to enable me to talk. Nothing fancy.

Handphone nowadays, if you take out the funny ringing tones, the wifi, the gigapixel camera and the main purpose for its existence is no less if not better than a vibrator. Sooo ticklish when it vibrates in my trouser :)


aShaBuLz said...

same prob with me doc...my hp can only accept miss calls but not incoming calls...*sigh

even the vibrator didn't work that effectively..lol

Sally said...

Morning Doc,

luv the way u put things in words lah..hehe..

so, what do u have in mind?..i-phone perhaps?

i did jump once from Marxis to Silicom for d same reason that u have..ya laaa..easy..without having to change our number..BUT..i had to jump back to Marxis!! seems that there were problems e.g delayed sms, manjang unreachable..etc..anyway gudluck on your 'jumping' over..
hv a nice day doc..

Abd Razak said...


Lebih suka call daripada sms :)

kucingorengemok said...

those huge ones from earlier in the millenium were the best (norkiah 3210, 2100) - jatuh tangga, jatuh pecah-pasang-balik, jatuh dalam air basuh kereta jiran sebelah - bila on, hidup balik macam takde apa²... all means of destruction tried and tested :)

hazeleyed lady said...

Ass-salam Doc.
All this electronic gadgets somehow are meant for abandonment...
kalau tak kita dok pakai dia sampai mati tak tukar-tukar kan...susah lah bussiness...hahaha!
Depa kata girlfriends are like hand phone...vice versa...betul ke Doc

DrNotts said...

really wish we were back to the days where mobiles would not be priority! i survived without one previously! sighhhh

Adliff said...


Doc. Sam,

LOL!! All means of destruction has been tested on my former Norkiah 3010:- baling ke dinding, berendam dalam air hujan,jatuh katil. It turn out OK!

But now, my new version of Norkiah, only last for a year. Since 2002 (my introduction year), to my count I had 5 type of model from the same brand.

he!he! iphone doc.?

CAHAYA said...

Hehe. I used to collect gadgets or used latest phones available in the market. The most high-tech will end-up sooner (very sensitive) than the campak-dinding phones.

So I chose to use campak-dinding phone for a while now and it stays longer with me than any high-tech phone available in the market.

But I still want an iPhone. Its called 'i' phone, right? So 'i' need to get one. LOL.

kenari said...

Dr...hp cokia sy nokia 3410 dibeli pd tahun 2003 hingga kini masih elok berfungsi. Sy cadangkan Dr beli aje hp baru, habis cerita. Dah 2 tahun sy beli nokia 3110C, tak perlu yg canggih manggih sekadar nk call, sms dan mms je.

besi said...

dr sam....kena tanya budak2 remaja
sekarang handphone mana yg sesuai
sbb diorang lagi xpert...

Naddiea said...

Doc,i can't stop smiling reading ur entry.Marxis,Silicom n Digimon?hihihi..klakar la...

anyway Doc,it is good when u change the line to Silicom.Because from what i know Marxis is belongs to non-muslim n most of the profit goes to their religion group.As for Silicom,they are very islamic.Student saya pernah praktikal kat sana n dia kata kat sana hari2 ada tazkirah etc.Okay la drpada x islamic langsung kan.

Unknown said...


bila handphone jadi vibrator!

Zendra-Maria said...

Doc, last para - memang handphone sekarang multi-purpose - you'll never be lonely with it around ;)

NanaDJ said...

Dr Sam,
One wonders how we manage to survive without handphones before. Nowadays, try leaving your handphone at home, you will suddenly get panic attacks, you start feeling nervous and began to worry whether there is an important call or sms for you.
I am still using the same hp that I got for my birthday two years ago and hope to get a newer model next year. Quite a cheapskate, I am...

DrSam said...

Your phone seems to go haywire as well. She is sending a clear signal for you to let her go and get another new babe.

Evening che' goo.
You did jump back to be the Marxis believer? I thought my cute little hp was 'mogok' on me. I experienced the same SMS delayed symptom with this new provider. So it was not the phone. Now Silicom make me looks very silly indeed.

Abd Razak,
Salam. dulu meamng suka sms, tapi sekarang butang hp dah ketat. Nak tulis SMS pendek pun punyalah terhegeh-hegeh menekan.

I think the army should learn this very important lesson from the Norkiah series when designing their next battle arsenals. The least, their tank should vibrate when there is an anti personnel aimed at them. Achtung! Achtung!

DrSam said...

hazeleyed lady,
Salam. Next generation of personal communicator should be made from flesh and bone with the receiver in the ears. It would be nice if we could just pinch our nose for example to dial the number and straight away talk. Our ear lobes are one good antenna for sure.

p/s: I heard about that too - wife is just like TV, girlfriend is like hp. At home watch TV...go out bring hp; no money sell TV, got money change hp :)

Hp is now becoming very important in our life. For some, hp is their life. No phone, miss soru.

Imagine the air, the atmosphere surrounding us was so congested with so many radio waves (and many other micro and maro waves) crisscrossing with each other all the time. How long our brain can withstand all those interference?

aliff muhammad,
To be frank I have no experience being ticklish by Norkiah. But looking at the reputation I am sure Norkiah is one wonderful gadget to be a new playmate.

I saw a lot of new models in the market that have almost similar features as iPhone but at a fraction of the cost. The Malaysian made (CSL for example) looks very promising. Buy Malaysia mah...

DrSam said...

I will probably look for the campak-dinding one too. The fancy all-in-one phone, like you said need a lot of pampering. Since all-in-one is reasonably quite pricey too, one scratch on the screen will make you scratch your head all day long too.

Norkiah 'tiga empat sekupang' was a legend. I would be very proud to have that one in my collection.

eh...kita pun masih remaje-maje lagi kan :)

Yes, that was part of the reason too. Now the integrated phone system makes our 'hijrah' more convenient.

Now everything need to multitask. Next probably a hp cum inhaler for the asthmatic or a shoulder to cry on for the unlucky lovebirds. mmmm

I guess you are right kanda. Lonesome is a thing in the past now. Life suddenly becoming so vibrant with those wonderful gadgets.

geraugebang said...

Saya masih ada Norkiah yang boleh tumbuk sambal belacan tu. Kalau vibrate boleh gempa bumi lagi. ki ki ki

Anonymous said...

i change hp da byk kali..last2 skang pkai 3310 balik sbb lg senang..haha

HLiza said...

You still keep all your phones? Waaa...

I've been loyal to my number and phone model (Norkiah) since 11 years ago..they serve me well..nombor cari makan katakan..

@xiM said...

hi dr.sam..

it's nice to see all of your phone collection..:)

i love it!

yohteh said...

Marxis, Silicom, Digimon... hehehe...
ramai yang lupa pada nama-nama yang sebenarnya nih...

DrSam said...

Brilliant GB! You have made your Norkiah work very hard and worth every penny.

Rasa-rasanya pun nak buat macam tu juga le.

I keep almost everything that could arouse my nostalgic feeling - anything, even some that others would consider as junk :)

Me love to see them too.

maklumle yohteh. hujung tahung ni banyok sangat nak kena pikir dan buat. Sampai pale pong jadi terpeleot...

ASH said...

Hopefully you can find the right phone..
mu jangang pikir manyak sangat, gugur habih ghambut mu nanti..
tinggai jemput..

DrSam said...

memang rambut tinggal cenonet aja pong :)

3yearshousewife said...

Wow, you even got the one that looked like botol air...
I too like my handphone only to be used to talk & text. The rest will be done by other gadgets. A logical excuse for another shopping trip...

DrSam said...

At first the extra features on the phone were so enticing but in reality it was just either adding to the weight or just an eye-catcher. Redundant. So, yes you're right...I am gonna look for the one that just do that - talking and smsing.

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Unknown said...

salam ziarah..salam ukhwah...
Man's made will never perfect~

Encik Ariff said...

setuju dgn pernggan akhir tu.

zino said...

zino pun rasa nya dah 5 kali tukar HP ni.. setiap satu tu bertahan beberapa tahun.. hehe

DrSam said...

Good luck in you sale. Thanks for the info and link.

Salam ziarah. Even mankind won't last.

encik ariff,
entah-entah dah ada kat market kot :)

tukar hp takpe, jangan tukar dot...dot...:)

Goldman said...

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Meen Eunos said...

Salam DrSam.

Handphone lame di panggil Botol Air.
Kan dulu dulu budak budak sekolah
bawak bekal air dalam botol berbentuk
handphone gedabak besar tu.

Dan orang selalu buat lawak dengan
"bole buat sendal pintu" dan
"baling kt anjing pon bole"

Saye menggunekan handphone Norkia
pada mulanye & akhirnye menukar
kepada Sani Anak Eric.

i've been using Marxis for the
past 7-8 years now. the reason is would probably because of the 'brand' itself. Tapi waktu mule mule menggunakan handphone saye
menggunakan TM Torch later merge dgn Silicom. Ketika itu agak mahal untuk mendapatkan starter pack bagi Marxis. Hanye TM Torch saje yg mampu untuk budak baru habis sekolah mcm saye ketika itu.

Teruja bile melihat teknologi
telefon tangan ni berkembang
pesat each day.


PerantauSepi1306 said...

;D seems that your samseng had given way for you to experimen something else... norkiah maybe... ribut beri hitam... or sohni ehrikson ;D.. heheh samseng omnia II seems inviting for me

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