10 March 2011

Chasing the rainbow

A beautiful and brightly colored confocal micrograph of leaf midvein from a native rubber species (Amazon collection).
Naturally, lignified cells give higher excitation (auto fluorescent)
Cross section, 20x magnification, unstained, Blue & Yellow filter.

Of late I think I have seen too many rainbows. The rainbows however were not the regular one which normally appear and show-off their glorious colors accompanying the mid afternoon shower. The usual streak of colorful lines in the sky will surely make our day but these abnormal rainbows work the opposite way. They were distorted and monotonous. Whether it was an illusion that lead my eyes to play trick on me or perhaps I was becoming deeply disillusioned by all the insanity created by the lunatics that believed they are immortal. There is no way to tell and no plausible answer to the question. Those are the same lunatics that believed there are gold pots at the foot of the rainbow.

These whole madness somehow had rendered my brain to temporarily idle and at the same time drained out all my creativity. It was not the first time and it won't be the last one either. Fertile ideas got stuck and frozen dead in between my brain cells, unable to thaw themselves and flow flawlessly out as usual. A month of blog hiatus is a testament to this.

Relatively speaking though, I can consider myself quite lucky as my state of mind has not yet reach the level of brain-dead zombie army which is now widespread not only in my own playground but also in the entire Bolehland. Brain drain is not that bad as we can always rejuvenate and re-energize the exhausted cells. Brain-dead on the other hand is a serious malady of a catastrophic level to the whole human kind as the immortal zombies could not and would not think properly. As the brain is dead, they will make decision based purely on instinct sans good judgment.

At the moment I can only presume that my life is going to be more and more interesting from now on. I am accepting the fact that we have to co-exist and reliant to each other. But still there are many who don't want to understand that our life can sometime becomes very superficial. If we think we are smart, look good, rich, powerful etc. there are many many others that are far better than us. The theory of relativity doesn't apply to some immortals especially the zombie army.

I may see many more anomalies in the rainbow but I am preparing myself with a pair of polarized spectacles to pleased my own eyes. At the same time, I will just let all the zombies to continue believing there are actually gold pots at the foot of the rainbow.


besi said...

apa yg menganggu fikiran dr sam ni?
metafora sungguh....

Adliff said...



Rainbow-rainbow in the sky, kiss them my beautiful good bye.

People usually forgot they live in the world as God servant. Thus the chase the gold pot even though the rainbow is just a spectrum of light.

*alip sedang cuti panjang...patah kaki.

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”
Kulihat pelangi di pagi hari
Kurindukan kekasih untuk kembali

Pelangi engkau pelangi
Sampaikan salamku ini
Kepada kekasih hati
Pada siapaku berjanji

DrSam said...

kaki ganggu dan gangguan tu memang ada setiap masa dan di mana-mana. Takde hal besi, cuma bila banyak sangat gangguan ni penat le sikit menepis dan bersilat.

aliff muhammad,
WSM. nice one aliff.

p/s:semoga cepat sembuh.

sempat berpuisi pasal pelangi. sedap didengar dan cantik baitnya.

Afida Anuar said...

Salam dr sam...ahaa, lama betul tak nampak kat sini;)

Banyak sangat fokus kat kerja tu kut doc... kasi rehat sikit ke..

catz said...

hi DrSam,

tiba2 teringat lagu pelangi petang.
seperti banyak yang mengganggu fikiran. wut ever it is, am sure sure u can handle it.

Anonymous said...


Teringat masa kecil dulu, suka nyanyi lagu Over the rainbow sambil berangan jadi Judy Garland!

DrSam said...

Afida Anuar,
Waalaikumussalam Afida. Lama senyap tu sebab melengkapkan ilmu pertapaan dan halimunan yang belum khatam lagi.

Kerja memang tak habis-habis dan takkan habis. Mungkin betul juga cakp Afida, kena ubah angin sikit lepas ni.

Dua tiga blog yang saya lawati pun banyak bercerita pasal pelangi petang. Mungkin musim hujan masih belum habis lagi kot :)

klasik tu...

mirachantek said...

gotta fight the leprechauns first, i think.

DrSam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DrSam said...

ha...ha...right on! Even though I am not living in a fairytale wonderland, the leprechauns are rampant.

hazeleyed lady said...

...in chasing the rainbow...never forget the sweet smell of the green grass.
So i am learning it too.

Keep well.

DrSam said...

hazeleyed lady,
A very sound advice indeed...

have a nice day.

Faisal Admar said...

rainbow sangat cantik. recently, ternampak satu sewaktu berjalan ke car park selepas waktu kerja.

nahmy said...

true doc, kita sometimes just 'zombi kg pisang' yg mengejar pelangi. dahle 'zombi' yg hanya ada kulit je...pelangi tu pulak got difference colors..

Wan Sharif said...

been chasing rainbows for the last 30+ years..myself. But foundtis entry a bit out of my depth..
Apa pun welcome back from your hiatus..

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
Rainbow in the sky is the one that we really love to see.

ha...ha...zombi kampung pisang pun sekurangnya-kurangnya boleh menjadi hiburan di kala santai. Zombi di tempat saya ni buat otak makin celaru.

W. Hidnay,
It is good if everybody got the same wavelength...everything will be easier and we can achieve more.

Wan Sharif,
Not sure if I want to wait that long ayoh wang chasing the rainbow. Got another 10+ years to beat your record. Salute to you!

Aishah said...


Rainbows in the sky, rainbows on land, there are for us to appreciate and ponder.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its age, perhaps its plain wisdom, Alhamdulillah now Im quite immune 2 all d disturbing distractions: squeaky, sickening, or even heavenly ... at most the effects are momentary.
I always count d blessings & seek solace in Allah The Almighty.
So even if I were 2 trip or fall, I could always rely on my endurance.

Admin said...

Mengejar Pelangi....
= Mengejar Fatamorgana.....

Faisal Admar said...

talking about rainbow. something is playing in my mind.


TheFusionTea said...

Assalamualaikum..when lights and water collide :)

yohteh said...


...masihkah kau ingat,
kita berlari-lari,
di kaki langit,
mencari pelangi...

...lalu hujan turun,
kita basah bersama...
masihkah kau ingat,
masihkah kau ingat...

sahromnasrudin said...


semoga Dr Sam baik2 aja ya..semoga Dr Sam terus dirahmati Allah SWT

DrSam said...

Rainbow is God-created natural wonder for us to ponder ( and not to be chased)

Waalaikumussalam Kak G. thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am more or less like a mangkuk - tadah je. Anything that comes by is considered a blessing.

memang ada yang suka mengejar. Kita biarkan si luncai dengan labu-labunya...

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
too many rainbows ke Faisal :)

The Fusion tea,
A collision that produce a very pleasant effect.

ingat sangat :)

Waalaikumussalam. Semoga kita sama-sama dirahmati.

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