30 March 2011

to nuke or not to nuke ?

To nuke or not to nuke, that is not the question. The question is, how long the mother earth can still breathe and survive the continuous onslaught by the ever-greedy and ungrateful humankind. The earth core is molten and becoming more and more unstable each passing days. She is starting to disintegrate and weaken. The sorry state of our earth spread like a mild ulcer, sporadically evolves into a tumorous state, malignant at first but waiting for the right time and the right precursor to be transformed into a full blown dreadful cancer. Mankind calls this a disaster. This is a natural phenomenon predestined to the aging mother earth, but we ourselves undoubtedly provide and become the catalyst. Civilization is seriously at stake. Probably it is the time. Probably we are due for another mass extinction and share the fatal fate which many million years ago had happened to the ancient dinosaurs.

Going by the current rate it is quite plausible that we are going to witness the Doomsday sooner than what the disillusioned Nostradamus had predicted earlier. This year alone, mother earth shivered and shaken more frequent than ever. Was that not the sign she wanted to convey to us that she is not well or unhappy? We just have to wait and see....and pray that it wouldn't happen in our lifetime.

Not in the far distance, the powers-that-be in our Bolehland is planning to feed the power-hungry nasi lemak eating nation with the ultimate energy the earth can offer. Someone is going to build a nuclear power plant somewhere in somebody's backyard. Naturally and predictably this has already raised heated debate especially in kopitiam and kedai kopi as nothing has been seriously discussed in Parliament yet - that if everybody has becoming very serious these days.

I am of the opinion that we still do not seriously explore all the other safer options and alternative technologies that are available. Even if there is none out there, I still think we should find and try to come out with one. Having said that yes, uranium and all those millions years half-life elements which can generate almost endless energy are not a child's toy that we cannot simply take it for granted and later toss them around recklessly. As radiation is something that we cannot see with our naked eyes and we need special equipments to do so and not everyone can afford it, even at a very minute dosage but continuous exposure to that elements could transform us into a mutant. A mutant with a super brain power is an added bonus but imagine if we are all transformed into a chimeric monkey or perhaps a retarded new species. A total mayhem.

In fact I strongly believe, even if the radioactive dust from the recent mishap in Fukushima does not have the slightest chance to travel all the way across The South China Sea to our Bolehland, some of our countrymen are already exposed long-long time ago to the similar potent dose. It is very clear because you can see a lot of no-brainer bullshitting around as their brain has long gone or shrunken into a pea size. In fact, as we speak the Philipine which is only a few nautical distant from Sabah is already detecting some level of radiation in their Islands.

Some power-hungry citizen wrote in our local tabloid recently and tried to justify the commissioning of a nuclear power plant in our Bolehland by pointed out that the current nuclear technology is safer (please bear in mind that when they built the Fukushima plants many years ago, they have the same mentality) But do remember that hundred years from now the current technology will become obsolete as well. And the recipient to that obsolete technology is not us but none other than our future generation.

I do really hope we can give some thoughtful consideration on the other natural power-generated elements out there. We have abundance of wind, water, sun, tidal wave and even tones of rubbish which if we cleverly exploit and manage them all probably can easily outshine and outdone the nuclear power plant in term of the power output and possible safety hazard . The best thing is they are all free.

The other alternative that I can think of is to consume less energy probably for example by having a candlelight dinner every single night for every household throughout Bolehland. People of Nasi-lemak-eating nation are known for our romance aren't we?


Sally said...

Salam doc,

bukan kah Nabi junjungan kita sudah dipertontonkan tentang keuzuran/ketuaan bumi ni di kala kejadian isra' mi'raj lagi..apatah lagi pada hari ini, ketika ini..mother earth is getting weaker and not many seems to be bothered about it..

but the candlelight-dinner-thingy sounds great to me!

catz said...

hi DrSam,

how are you?

hem..Malaysia has plan to have 1st nuc power plant in 2021.and now at stage oF PIPA (public information public acceptance) .
well, due to what happen in japan, i think this will change people perspective on nuc power plant. and the plan is like 'sodokollahulaziom ' lah kot.hehhe.
this would b a huge challenge if they still want to proceed with nuclear power. Malaysia is a small country, maybe still have another option.
at one corner, they are people who really excited to materialized the nuc plant, and at the other corner people are suffering.
technology is good, but ketentuan Allah, tiada yg dapat jangka.
Hope for the best..for future.


Sir Pök Déng said...
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Sir Pök Déng said...

Malaysia will be the American military's magnet. This is the South-East Asian version of North Korea.

Looking at present days' situation, I suspect, more volcanoes will erupt. Tsunami isn't a buzzword anymore. World economy will be going down. Kerteh will no longer produce petroleum, so does Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring region. Cars can't move. Military vehicles too cannot move. Nuclear war will explode. Country A sends a goddamn powerful missile to Country B's nuclear plant, Country B in return sends intelligent officials and highly-trained commandos to do the same thing to Country A's nuclear plant. Human will no longer has the power to start building nuclear weapon anymore.

Armageddon war will occur in a very very primitive way; swords, horses, archers, and ballista.

DrSam said...

WSM cikgu. that is the problem with the non-believers. They thought everything will last forever.

Yes...romantic candle light dinner will make sure the 70 million Bolehland population target can be achieved sooner than 2020 :)

Hi Catz. I am physically and spiritually fine, except my mental congested a little bit :)

People who live in Bangi should be worry and weary as many of the 'brains' that will influence the policy makers come mostly in that area. A twin-unit nuke plant is not a joke coz it will drain another 21 billion of tax-payer's money. I hope MNPC (Malaysia Nuclear power corporation) will come out with a rational and sensible report that take into consideration especially on the possible health hazard to the innocent public.

Sir Pok Deng,
I couldn't agree more with you sir. The moment our Bolehland become a nuke producing country, America will start sending Captain
America, X-men, spider man and other super heroes including Jerry Springer to 'baptist' our beloved Bolehland. Bolehland than will be caught in a love-hate relationship with other neighboring countries who are always suspicious of each other and also eager to be another super-power in the region and not to be outdone. Third world war will mark the destruction of our world. That is scary sir

Adliff said...


Bolehland will become "Can and Tin Land" if the twin nuke power plant happen to be explode by ever powerful Captain America. Another Iran in the making eh?

Methane gas from DBKL landfill and many others is a good source to be tapped.

nahmy said...

assalamualaikum doc, maaann!...are we really running out of other source of energy?! bab nuc ni..jepun yg teknologi tinggi tu pun kaput...camna la kita. landslide yg merata-rata pun terkehel nak control...entah la doc

Mulan said...

lari sikit.. earth hour baru2 ni pon ramai buat tak tau..

mirachantek said...

LOL terus melonjak naik bisnes candle

DrSam said...

aliff muhammad,
Yes aliff. they should visit Kuala Berang and see the vast 'business' potential with all those cow dung laying around. But no Captain America please!

Masalah yang timbul ni sebab ramai yang dah terkehel otak. Acu cuba try urut dan perah otak sikit betulkan mana-mana yang terkehel tu dan cari jalan yang lebih diredhai. Aman gitu...

saya pada waktu dan saat kempen itu, satu keluarga 'lari keluar' dari rumah yang ditinggalkan 100% bergelap dan ber'cerah' di D'Curve Damansara makan malam :)

Jom...ada can buka bisnes jual candle ni :)

Diana AR said...

teringat cerita malaikat tak setuju Allah turun Nabi Adam ke bumi sebab akan sebabkan kemusnahan dan kehancuran..

saya harap saya tak menyumbang terhadap terlalu banyak terhadap kehancuran tersebut..dgn recyle, tak buang sampah rerata

ASH said...

NOT to!
Full STOP!
enough is enough..

DrSam said...

Allah yang Maha bijaksana dan Maha mengetahui telah merancang segalanya dengan baik dan sempurna. Cuma makhlukNya yang terlalu banyak diberi rahmat itu selalu lupa.

DrSam said...

Orang Bangi memang patut marah...

Unknown said...

Even as I jot this, CNN has been reporting that radiation level has been detected to be 4600 times higher that normal in the water surrounding the reactor plant. Its only a matter of time that it will seep into the ocean, exposing fishes and other sea creatures to radiation, and later just arrive in the form of tide washing up our shore.

Its scary, but its reality.

DrSam said...

Aiyah....there goes my sushi sessions!

Seriously this is serious. I am not sure if any of 'pihak-pihak berwajib' take some precautionary measure by taking random sampling and radiation reading on sea produces. I am sure the fishes in Japan by now are finding refugee in the more calm water of our coastal area.

WWF should start a campaign on a no-fish diet for a while. It will dramatically save some endangered species as well.

yohteh said...

...doh nok wak guane mo'o..? ke nok nati rase kena sunami lu retek belake, baru ppakak nok reti baser..? panahh gok ni brase, tobbaq pong..!!!

DrSam said...

...ccakap dengang oghang hok dok gheti baser ni memang payoh...sapa terpele'ok lidoh pong dok pahang-pahang setabok ame...

Dengor cerite masa tsunami tu awok-awok di Seberang Takir pindoh belake...kappong Yohteh dok naik air ke ?

Anonymous said...

Allah SWT forewarned repeatedly in The Holy Ql Quran!
But not only the non-believers did not take heed; most of those proclaimed as religious authorities & the self-proclaimed believers continue to go against The Divine Rule.
True, there are just too many no-brainers & power-crazy beings in our nation.
So, all the other citizens, no matter how few, must duly perform their holy duties. Together, we could still make the difference.

DrSam said...

That is the spirit kak G! We can make the difference if we really want to. Greed and all those unholy - we just pray that they don't drag us down with them when the time comes.

hazeleyed lady said...

ass-Salam DrSam

...some 'People' up there...just never learn from the past...did they???
Perhaps we all should shout louder!

that candle.light dinner thing sounds iinteresting! :)

Keep well

Anonymous said...


Selepas apa yang terjadi pada Jepun, memang kita kena consider balik tang teknologi nuklear ni. Negara kita kecil je. Kalau kena bencana, memang tak ada tempat nak lari...

MaizaC'Joe said...


moga doc dan keluarga sihat sentiasa :)

Maiza setuju dng pendapat doc tu..

ramai yg bimbang apabila logi nuklear meletup bimbang kesan radiasi.. pada Maiza ada sesuatu nak di tunjukkan. Sejak kejadian tsunami, kemudian beberapa kejadian.. Dunia dah tua.. akhir zaman.. wallahu'alam

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”
”Maaf lama kami tak ziarah”

betoiii pendapat doc tu....

kebimbangan selepas apa yang berlaku kat jepun... nuklear ni ancaman kepada keselamatan ..... karang meletup baru nak nyesal...

bumi semakin hampir musnah dan hancur... kita manusia perlu ingat dah banyak peringatan diberi tapi kita tetap alpa... bahana yang akan berlaku... takan kita nak mengulangi kesilapan...

TheFusionTea said...

Hi DrSam, candle light is nice but smoke is call open burning :) eat nasi lemak on banana leaf is biodegrable but cut the tree/leaf doesnt save the green. Really need an einstein here :) by the way i love all your comments lighten up my day everytime. Thanks so much.

DrSam said...

hazeleyed lady,
waalaikumussalam. That is the problem. People up there never want to look down thus no chance to emphatize. Perhaps the plants should be build behind their house...then we can see what is their reaction :)

Semenanjung Korea bergerak 5 cm selepas tsunami di Jepun. Kalau bencana atau malapetaka besar berlaku di Bolehland ni no hal...kita hanyut jadi Pulau. Nama pun tukar jadi Pulau Malaya(nauzubillahi min zalik)

MariaFaizal said...

When there were huge hoo-haas about global warming, rainforest burnt down etc aired on TV - probably half of mother earth citizens thought that various threats of climate change were just being exaggerated.

Reality is the Mother Nature has struck back [and the sad part is my son is just 6 plus now and so other kids :(] and i'm already thinking about our existential nightmare :((

As for me : God forbid nuclear plant in our tiny Bolehland.I know to some point, nuclear energy plays an important role as a real potential in long term strategies aiming for sustainability & minimising global climate change. And many operators of nuclear power plants have demonstrated that those plants can be operated safely & efficiently.

BUT! i seriously DON'T & WON'T believe that our top leaders are capable of demonstrating the same (buat bangunan feds pun bocor + roboh sana-sini *smirk)

Take care Doc & regards to your wonderful families :)

DrSam said...

Waalaikumussalam. terimakasih Maiza, diharap keluarga Maiza pun sihat sentiasa.

Kita sebagai manusia senantiasa diberi pilihan.

Gambaran kiamat, akhir zaman serta tanda-tandanya memang nyata dan bertepatan apa yang berlaku di atas mukabumi ini.

TheFusion Tea,
With the current technology, we should be able to come out with smokeless candle (now we already have smokeless charcoal) and you don't throw away your banana leaf, just consume it all with nasi lemak and consider it as ulam :) Waluauwee...now you give me an idea...

DrSam said...

Now your comment really sent chills down my spine. runtuh sana...runtuh sini...korek...korek...korek...

Now you make me to believe that in the near future we have to move to Mars or some other celestial place.

sahromnasrudin said...


Dr, trime kasih atas entri ini..saya tertarik dengan cadangan yg akhir itu..mungkin boleh buat kempen mengenainya kan

Wan Sharif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wan Sharif said...

Yes we should waste another few billion ringgit to built nuclear facilities in our bolehland. just so that we will be labelled negara maju..
The award to build the said facilities should be given to those who could not even built facilities (example Trengganu stadium) that can last more than 10years..
With so many white elephant -facilities in our bolehland.. is it not time that someone's cronies get billion ringgit contract? and at the same augment the chance of having retarded new species in our bolehland... NA'UZUBILLAH..
Alahai candle light dinner.. masa kecik dulu dok gomo nasik berlaukkan ikan singgang ngan budu bawah naungan pelita ayan.. puah doh rasenya bermalap malap dan bergelap gelap .. nak rasa eletric generated by nuclear power pulok deh :P

ASH said...

Dr Sam,
kalau Jepun negara maju pun tak boleh buat apa apa dengan apa yang berlaku pada Nuklear plantnya...siapalah kita?
I have a doubtful feeling.

DrSam said...

walaikumussalam. nak buat kempen mungkin saya lah orang pertama kena mula dulu...lead by example and walk the talk tak gitu...?

Wan Shariff,
ha...ha...Ayoh Wan. I have to concur 100% with that wonderful notion. White elephants can also become a tourist attraction what...

saya pun sempat juga bertemankan cahaya pelita dan lampu minyak gaz ketika dirumah Tok. Bangun pagi nak pergi sekolah teraba-rata cari colok...

DrSam said...

I don't blame you to have such a bad feeling about it. You pointed it right...lift flat rakyat should be our benchmark from now on...

Abd Razak said...


Kita yang sudah dilantik sebagai khalifah di mukabumi ini hendaknya jangan salah guna kuasa yang ada..

geeds said...

power and greed. if only they are fully aware about the consequences rather than the ka-ching.

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
Waalaikumussalam ustaz. Ya, Khalifah yang diamanahkan untuk menjaga dan memelihara...

the sound of ka-ching is more alluring thus make some become handicap (pekak) - greed and power are good allies.

Aishah said...

Assalamualaikum, Wan Sharif spoke every word I wanted to say except mine will come up as depa, awat, dak aih, tak reti.

Hunny said...

Dr Sam, so scary.. I am moving to Bangi..

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”
“Telah nyata kerusakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan oleh perbuatan tangan manusia supaya Allah merasakan kepada mereka sebahagian dari akibat perbuatan mereka agar mereka kembali .” . Di tengah hiruk pikuknya pembangunan dunia sekarang ini kita dihadapkan pada kenyataan bahwa pembangunan secara langsung maupun tidak mengharuskan timbulnya kehancuran di sisi lain.

pal7 said...

dr Sam..
kemajuan teknolgi masa kini kadang2 merosakkan tanpa kita sedar..hargai alam kita..hehe

Temuk said...

Assalamu'alaikum DrSam
I just don't know what to say. Some people never and will never learn from experience. Some people are and will forever be greedy.

As far as Malaysia is concerned, I think, we can still be 'maju' with our very own small yet safe, sustainable, cheap and non-nuclear power projects. That is the challenge that we should take up, right? Didn't we say that we were going to modernize based on our own mould, and not by copying the others especially the West?

DrSam said...

Waalaikumussalam. Glad that many people speak the same lingo. Probably because we live under the same sun except the few who have tak pa, janji aku senang, duit lagi penting kind of attitude.

Good luck !

sekarang pun dah semakin banyak perkara dan peristiwa yang begitu menghancurkan jiwa dan perasaan. cuma kehancuran fizikal ini sebagai permulaan kepada suatu peringatan-peringatan yang bakal mendatang...itupun bagi yang terrrrlupa dan lalai namun masih sudi untuk diingati. Yang hatinya sudah keras dan hitam dek terlampau khayal dan alpa dengan halwa dunia sama-samalah kita berdoa semoga sempat kembali ke pangkal jalan.

satu kempen yang memang dialu-alukan. Hargai dan hormatilah diri sendiri serta mahkluk lain disekiling kita.

Spot on Temuk! the keyword is sustainable and our own mould. Ukur baju di badan sendiri. We don't want to have first class facilities but managed by third world mentalities (and abilities). Pahit...but that is the reality.

Faisal Admar said...

i do not understand many things in this world:

1. what is the purpose to keep a nuclear silo/bomb or whatsoever?

2. why do we need war? where is the brain if guns and bombs could control it?

3. why power is everything in community? money seems to be competing in between?

now, you make me miss dinosaur!

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
I understand your predicament Faisal. In fact you don't have to crack your head to find the answer as most of the thing that happened in this world don't make any sense at all.

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