14 April 2011

Acid rain for bloggers-funded project

Any piece of information that could save life or improve our quality of life can be considered as important. I consider the information in the form of a bar chart above is very important as it could change our life and the way we interact with nature. I didn't realize its importance until one day I took that piece of bar chart information back home, discussed the finding a little bit with my significant half over dinner, digested the fact halfheartedly, went to bed and had an unforgetable nightmare about the consequences we are about to face in the years to come. Naturally being a self-professed scientist I decided to jot it down in this blogosphere in hoping that this piece of eye-opener may perhaps assist my blogger friends to take some 'iktibar' and probably some preventive measures in facing our bleak future.

In the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis and all the uncertainties that are looming in the air, our weather is responding and continuously changing to match the temperamental tempo of it's surrounding. Nevertheless most of the environmental changes so far seem quite adverse and not so kind to humankind. With all the exaggeration, I predict by the time we achieve our Wawasan 2020 almost everybody in Bolehland will be hairless and more iresisistable than Kojak, suffering constant severe migraine or probably having burn and dented scalp with some holes here and there up our pinnacle.

The reason I come to this concluding remark because the water that is pouring down from the sky kingdom is getting more and more acidic by my acceptable standard (look at the chart - the lowest pH so far is 4.29). It is just like someone up there who happens to suffer osteoporosis and eat load and load of lemon then piss down on you. I don't mind if the taste is like lemon but this one is no way near even the dreadful cough syrup. That data by the way came from the rain that was collected for almost a month perioud at my own office backyard, a place that is surrounded with all the lush green and the air is considerably thin as compare to the other less 'green' area.

Since then I have been thinking. My thought has nothing to do though with my noble idea of converting hujan batu into hujan emas (supposedly to be a top secret project) but it has everything to do with our daily life and future generation. I am thinking and taking the initiative to start a small blogger-orientate project just for the sake of scientific curiosity and a little bit of fun where at the end of the day everybody who participate can also claim themselves a true mother-earth guardian angel.

Thus I am calling all my blogger friends from all over Bolehland to enthusiastically contribute to this small but meaningful project. The idea is to have rain samples from various part of Bolehland so we get a general idea on the severity of this pressing issue or how fast we will become another Kojak. This project will at most take one month (depending on the rainfall). What you have to do is simply send me some water of the rain samples from you own backyard and I will collate the data and churn the results and present it in this virtual realm for us to discuss further. I cannot promise any monetary reward to any good Samaritans out there who are going to participate in this ambitious project but an illustrated presentation of simple correlation between different geographical representative is guaranteed.

If you are interested to be part of this interesting project that perhaps change the course of human history, please email me your address and I will send you a simple sample collecting SOP (standard operating procedure).

Any taker out there?


Naddy said...

peace upon you dr,
just sent my mail.

besi said...

dr sam...betul ke ni? dah leh kira bahaya ke...

DrSam said...

thank you mizzyN. Will sent the SOP and simple collecting apparatus to you soon.

The bar charts never lie. But don't worry too much. Just take as much shower as possible and scrub youself with soap to neutralize the effect. That will make us smell good too :)

Abd Razak said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara...

Allahu Akhbar...hanya kepada~Nyalah kita memohon perlindungan. Andaikata itulah takdirnya kita tiada plihan lain selain bersyukur atas nikmat pemberian~Nya...

Fadhil said...

Doc, you mean that you actually want us to send you the sample of rain water? If you can send me a testing kit, I can actually test it for you and just give you the data.

I'm working in Sg Besi now and it's raining almost every afternoon.

zino said...

teruja nak tau apa keputusan yg di perolehi nanti...

nak tau juga hujan apa yg jatuh di kawasan ni...

saya dah emailkan add.. tq

Afida Anuar said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Sam..

is it mean we must collect the sample of rain water for a month and send it to you? or make it week by week?

Anonymous said...

Oh... ye ke ?

Tapi, senang tak nak buat test ni ? Kita takut tak boleh buat.

Tapi, nak try jugak..

Anonymous said...

Dats pretty noble!
We live in about the same neighborhood. So, U dont need the sample from me as d rain water quality shld be about same.
Kak G wish U all d vey best of luck in this noble undertaking.

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
Waalaikumussalam ustaz. Hujan pemberian rahmat dari Allah S.W.T. Datangnya tiadalah dicela dan kita seharusnya mempersiapkan diri untuk menerima rahmatNya itu.

Teringat suatu al-kisah tentang seekor binatang yang bernama "Sujaul ukro" yang pasti akan datang nanti menyiksa umat manusia 10 golongan (alam barzakh). Panjangnya 30 tahun perjalanan, matanya kilauan petir sambar menyambar dan bisanya jika jatuh ke bumi tiada satu helai rumput pun yang akan tumbuh. Subahannlah!

Saya terfikir adakah mungkin hujan asid ini merupakan titik permulaan peringatan Allah itu?


DrSam said...

thank you sir for you interest. Initially I was thinking the same but alas all the Litmus paper to test the pH (the one that I should send to all the participants)in my lab had already expired (zaman jepun). The other issue is there will be a very big variation in result if everybody take the pH measurement themselves. The best thing is for me to sent a few small 50 ml sampling bottles (5 replicates) and you send them back to me for analysis (the postage is the only part that incur the cost -the reason why I wrote bloggers-funded project :)

I think this project is going to be very interesting because this will be the initial record and a reference point of our micro-climate change. Perhaps we will do the same next year and the years to come. Jika diizinkan dan umur panjang.

Send me you address sir?

DrSam said...

terimakasih zino. sila tunggu 'buah tangan' saya dalam peti surat tuan minggu hadapan Insyaallah.

Afida Anuar,
Waalaikumussalam. The participants will only need to take and send to me a small portion of rainwater (small sampling bottles (5 replicates)will be provided - will send to you by post) you just collect the rainwater, store it in the bottle and when all the five bottles are filled (from different day) you have to send them back to me and I will do the analysis in my laboratory and present the result in this blog. Voila!

DrSam said...

Kalau baca SOP saya bunyi pun macam projek sekolah rendah aje Tie. Tak susah. Bagus juga kalau dapat sampel air hujan di Kuala Brang tu :)

DrSam said...

Waalaikumussalam kak G. Insyaallah I do hope the outcome from this small initiative will become the catalyst for us to appreciate our environment more. Thank you.

Perhaps we can think of some other public-orientate projects and work together in the future?

yohteh said...

Mr. Einstein... do I need a rain gauge..?

Mulan said...

scary kan.. march & april patut nya musim panas di sini, but its been like musim tengkujuh after tsunami in japan..

DrSam said...

no need yohteh. If you want to join just send me your address and I will send you the kit (small bottles). Nok tahu gok kualiti hujang beloh alik nung...

everything becomes so unpredictable these days. Frankly speaking I like this cool weather that we are having now. But who knows what is next to come.

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”

Jom Terjah entry terbaru ??
rxz 5 speed 6 speed catalyzer

Hakikatnya, hujan itu rahmat.

“Dan Dia lah (Allah) yang menghantarkan angin sebagai pembawa berita yang menggembirakan sebelum kedatangan rahmatnya (iaitu hujan), hingga apabila angin itu membawa awan mendung, Kami halakan dia ke negeri yang mati (ke daerah yang kering kontang), lalu Kami turunkan hujan dengan awan itu, kemudian Kami keluarkan dengan air hujan itu berbagai-bagai jenis buah-buahan. Demikianlah pula Kami mengeluarkan (menghidupkan semula) orang-orang yang telah mati, supaya kamu beringat (mengambil pelajaran daripadanya) .” (Al-A’raf : 57)

Maka Kami bukakan pintu-pintu langit, dengan menurunkan hujan yang mencurah-curah” (al-Qamar : 11)

Maka, BERDOALAH. Semoga Hari ini lebih baik dari semalam. Dan semoga, Hari esok akan lebih baik. Dalam ilmu tasawwuf Dan ilmu-ilmu fardhu Ain lain pun Ada juga mengingatkan Kita tentang kebijaksanaan Allah.

Lihatlah firman Allah yg bermaksud : “Dan Kami turunkan hujan dari langit dengan sukatan yang tertentu, serta Kami tempatkan dia tersimpan di bumi; Dan sesungguhnya Kami sudah tentu berkuasa melenyapkannya. ” (Al-Mukminun :

Rupa-rupanya Allah turunkan hujan ADA SUKATAN. Baru Hari ini Kita tahu, bahawa Allah turunkan hujan lebat kepada kita sekarang ini Ada sebabnya, Ada sukatannya. Kemudian, air itu akan disimpan di bumi. Selama mana? Itu semua rahsia Allah.

“Dan Kami hantarkan angin sebagai pembawa air Dan pemindah benih; maka dengan itu Kami menurunkan air (hujan) dari langit, kemudian kami berikan kamu meminumnya; Dan bukanlah kamu yang (berkuasa menurunkannya atau) menyimpannya. ” (al-Hijr : 22)

Semoga Ada iktibar untuk peringatan Kita.

“Dan Allah jualah yang mengetahui rahsia langit Dan bumi Dan kepadaNyalah dikembalikan segala urusan. Oleh itu, sembahlah akan Dia serta berserahlah kepadaNya. Dan (ingatlah), Tuhanmu tidak sekali-kali lalai akan apa yang kamu lakukan.” (Surah Hud : 123)

Zareda Norman said...

very interesting project. Utk RMK10 pun kami buat project carbon..

boleh add zar sekali... eda_um98@yahoo.com.tq

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Bro :-D

I know my participation will not be entertained. But just for the fun element, Bro - can I like just dip the litmus paper into the collected rain? Another easter break activity for the children, in a rainy day.:-D
And I will tell you the result.

Anonymous said...

Responding to ur suggestion on the possibility of working together on certain projects:
Just 4 ur info, Kak G hold a PhD in Business (strategic marketing & management).
Can we work together? Perhaps. In certain social & economic projects, both of us could assume different roles to achieve a common specific goal. Right?

TheFusionTea said...

Aslmkum DrSam, thats the price humankind pays for technological advancement. Allah swt provide rezeki by pouring rain to wash out the acidic environment that we live in. After Hujan rahmat , we get fresher n cleaner air, InsyaAllah.

Wan Sharif said...

I showed your chart to many officemates..I thought I have made some comments.. maybe I did not do it in my excitement discussing the acidrain in the Bolehland.. Arghhh..

DrSam said...

Subhanallah dan terimakasih di atas himpunan potongan ayat Kalimah Allah itu. Banyak pelajaran dan iktibar yang diperolehi darinya. Saya pun pernah tertanya-tanya dan pernah mengutarakan soalan itu kepada diri sendiri terutama apabila melihat air terjun yang mencurah-curah turun tanpa henti dari atas gunung/bukit (tanah tinggi). Air yang mencurah sebanyak itu, tidak henti-henti dari tempat yang tinggi pula itu datangnya dan disimpan dari mana? Kekadang tu bukan ada kolam @ takungan pun di atas sana, cuma simpanan di dalam bentuk kelembapan tanah/akar sahaja.


Zareda Norman,
Terimakasih Zar di atas kesudian menyertai projek ini. Mungkin jika ada kesignifikanan (bahasa jawa) dari projek kecil ini nanti, mungkin kita boleh sambung dan kembangkan jadi projek RMK 11...

DrSam said...

Mia's mom,
WSM sis. It would be very interesting to have 'intercontinental' participation and I am looking forward to that. Yes, it was a very good idea and it can be a good family activity as well. you can send your observation/results to me but I am sorry our laboratories don't use Litmus paper anymore. But in the fish & chips land, Litmus paper or equivalent can be easily found in most DIY shops.

Enjoy your hujan emas experience and please do remind me when you are coming back so that I can order a contena worth of British produces.

DrSam said...


Way to go Kak G and I am looking forward to join hand in hand with you in the future. thank you.

I have actually initiated a small community project in my neighbourhood and if the outcome and the respond are positive I will expand and share the project with our blogger-friends for the benefit of all. I believer I have to 'walk the talk' first ...

The Fusion tea,
Waalaikumussalam. Correct! All the hikmah that we tend to forget and sometimes fail to see and appreciate. The natural phenomenon that happen in this world is just part of a big tauhid laboratory for Allah to teach us (tarbiyah) and for us to experiment and come to one conclusion. Meng'esa'kan Dia...


Wan Sharif,
Terharu sunggoh ambe ayoh wang sapa gittu sekali!

Thank you very much and I do appreciate your effort in sharing this information with your colleagues. I hope our small contribution will create at least some awareness to the public.

Do yo want to participate Ayoh Wang?

sahromnasrudin said...

assalamualaikum Dr...

thanks dor dropping comments in my blog..i really appreciate it...May Allah bless u and pray a success for your project...

DrSam said...

Waalaikumussalam shahrom. Insyaallah, we hope this small project will benefit many.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

A very noble cause indeed doctor. Semoga berjaya projek ini dan terima kasih kerana sering berkongsi ilmu di sini : )

Mak Su said...

please excuse me, rasa tak mampu nak sertai

DrSam said...

Insyaallah. Kita sama-sama berkongsi ilmu dan cuba menyumbang mana yang terdaya.

Mak su,
No problem mak su. I will published the report for everybody to benefit as I am sure by now our volunteers are working very hard collecting the sample (as we talk a thunderstorm is on the way)

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