23 August 2011

Ahhhhh...no wonder my pinnacle is wilting!

Yesterday I went to Putrajaya for not one but two reasons. First was to attend a nerve-wrecking high-impact meeting with the very high ranking Gomen officials, and another less important but significant reason was to personally inhale the fresh air of Putrajaya. Despite many tourist buses with full load of eye-pollutants that roamed the area (especially near the Putra mosque), indeed the air was lighter and friendlier to my lung as compared to my sanctuary in Sg. Buloh. It was raining cats and dogs too but that didn't bother me much to cover my wilting head as I know the acid level is considerably low in Putrajaya - average pH of 6.06 (look at the above table). I can only assume that miss Afida of Putrajaya will lead an acid-free life and probably live a thousand years more.

Hard it may seem, it is now scientifically proven that my area, Sg. Buloh has the worst rainwater quality (average pH of 5.47) in term of acidic level as compared to the other sampling areas, which also explains the reason why my head feel lighter and lighter each day as the vegetation up there is getting thinner and thinner. This rainwater result however puzzled me as all this while I though I am living in a safe haven full of oxygen-rich rubber trees, which act as a good guardian against all the bad elements. Looking around me however reveals some sinister fact of which I failed to notice all these years. There are rubber processing factories that whenever in operation emit nauseating odor, numerous laboratories that discharge copious amount of volatile corrosive vapor into the atmosphere, chemical stores (nobody seems to care if there is any leakage or not) and zombies with bad mouth odor that move around aimlessly in the compound. My playground has becoming a dangerous place to be.

Kerteh is a clear winner in this test (average pH 6.41). It has the best rainwater quality. In fact MULAN can save a lot of her water bill by just collecting rainwater not only for her domestic use but also for their consumption too as the pH range for drinking water is around 6.5 - 8. Actually I didn't expect Kerteh to have such a good air quality (which cause acid rain) as Kerteh is very close to a big oil refinery plant that continuously vomiting gasses from its huge distillery that rival any alien cities. I think its location close to the shore with load of gusty wind that blows inland has a cleansing effect to the atmosphere. With such good air quality probably Kerteh is a good place for me to settle down in the future (after pencen lah).

Result from Cheras (5.95), K. brang (5.85), Kuching (6.14) and Pokok sena (5.95) exhibit almost a similar good rainwater quality and can be considered quite normal on a slightly acidic level. They still don't fall below pH 5.6 (a level that is considered acidic). By now the lucky Bloggers must be very happy to know that whenever it is raining in their area, they can simply go out into the rain and wash their hair with the rainwater without worrying to much on using any shampoo to neutralize all the harmful elements.

To conclude my short report on rainwater quality and assuming there is no cheating involve in this experiment, it is clear that most of the sampling areas are safe to live except my area, Sg. Buloh. It is a very sad conclusion but again it is proven that scientific discoveries may change the world views which more often than not are based on many fake assumptions .

Thank you very much to all the participating Bloggers. Your endless sacrifice and timeless effort have made scientific discoveries as interesting as eating budu with petai. Perhaps for the sake of humankind and pure curiosity, we may embark into another bigger scientific endevour in the near future. May Allah bless you all.


Sir Pök Déng said...

Ah, scientific matters. My fav. Anyway Dokter Seng, what's the average (normal) pH value of Malaysia rain water?

Tie said...

Haha.... result acid rain project rupanya... Hmm... Sg Buloh tu kawasan perindustrian, kan? Rasa macam pernah dengar pasal kilang2 haram di sana.

Afida Anuar said...

Salam Dr Sam..

I've been waiting for this result actually, finally;)

It surprises me that Putrajaya is not that bad. So after this, i can enjoy dancing in the rain here with the shampoo!..oh! he he..

PS: Sama-sama Dr Sam. Lain kali kalau nak buat experiment lagi, jangan lupa jemput kami tuk participate;)

Abd Razak said...


Moga sahabat sihat hendaknya di sana disamping menjalankan ibadah puasa

I'm happy to have this result out and it's safe here, bolehlah main bola dalam hujan ni..

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

doc, dtg putrajaya tk sound.huhu.. i love putrajaya, sy keja kt bangunan kubah ijau tepi masjid pink tu :p happy fasting, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

pB said...


datang dan membaca entry ini

DrSam said...

That is one good question sir. A survey done in 2001 (it was ten years ago) by the Malaysian Metereological Department reported rainwater acidity range could be as low as 4.4 to as high as 4.8. and varied between geographical location and time of sampling. If I use that as my reference data, Sg. Buloh is considered a much safer place now :)

Yang buat Sg. Buloh tersohor bila kilang mercun haram Bright sparkle tiba-tiba buat 'free show' bunga api tahun 1991 :)

DrSam said...

WSM. Are you sure that makcik cleaner didn't sabo your test kit :) I still cannot accept the fact that you can happily 'mandi hujan' without worrying too much of sakit kepala later.

p/s: tengah rancang eksperimen alaf baru seterusnya.

Abd Razak,
Waalaikumussalam ustaz. Alhamdulillah Ramadhan kali ini diberi kekuatan dan masih mengharap agar kekuatan itu berkekalan.

Dulu-dulu bolehle main bola dalam hujan, sekarang ni dah jadi jadi manja sikit kot...mesti sakit kepala la, selsema lah...

DrSam said...

Liyana Safra Zaaba,
Datang putrajaya pun atas notis terkujat. Lagipun kalau saya bagitau bukan boleh belanja makan pun :)

Kawasan yang terancang seperti Putrajaya memang cantik. The whole area can be considered as a tourist attrction. Sebab tu tiap-tiap hari penuh je bas-bas pelancong depan pejabat you tu.

Salam Hari Lebaran maaf zahir dan batin.

WSM. Terimakasih dan Insyaallah, projek seterusnya jika tiada aral boleh lah pB turut serta ye...

Adliff said...



Bagaimana pula dengan Seremban? Saya duduk dalam taman nih (bangunan pejabat di sekitar taman tasik).

Kalau turun Seremban, hello-hello kepada saya.

Mulan said...

ohh... terkejots ni...

petrochemical plants, less than 20km away je..

DrSam said...

aliff muhammad,
Waalaikumussalam aliff. Nanti kita buat eksperimen seterusnya, boleh sdr sertai.

Insyaallah saya helo-helo jika ke sana. Ingat masih di KL.

next balik kampung trip, I will make a point stop by at Kerteh for a taste of fresh air (and perhaps your place for some keropok kerteh as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,its pretty good news; considered not that alarming. Alhamdulillah.

Jom kita maksimakan usaha beribadah di hari-hari akhir Ramadhan tahun ni. Insya Allah, kita akan diberkati sepenuhnya.

Afzainizam said...

Sekarang ni hujan pun takut nak keluar pasal kat tempat aku ni kawasan kilang.... tapi rasanya selamat kot.... kalau keputusan yang keluar tu rata-rata Alhamdulillah

Budak-budak main mercun,
Jangan sampai terbakar tangan,
Di Aidilfitri kita berhimpun,
Hulurkan tangan meminta ampun.

Sudah tiba Hari Raya,
Setelah kita sebulan berpuasa,
Hari Raya di sambut gembira,
Jangan pula ada yang berduka
----==--Salam Aidilfitri---==----
--=== Maaf Zahir & Batin ===--
semoga kesalahan dimaafkan, silaturrahim kekal erat
buat pembaca blog kami
Jom Terjah entry terbaru ??
masalah ignition motorsikal tak hidup

sahromnasrudin said...

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H..Maaf zahir batin..Maaf dipinta andai komen dan pandangan saya sebelum ini telah mengguris perasaan sdra .. Semoga ikatan ukhwah sesame blogger kan semakin erat lagi di Syawal 1432H ini..

Wan Sharif said...

Good invaluable work.. cuma bimbang satu aje.. dancing in the rain or playing football in the rain.. have to be careful.. lightning may strike at highest point...human ;=(

Temuk said...

As the name suggests, Bamboo River is supposed to be a well-kept natural and serene setting. It is sad to know that pollution has pervaded the area. Human intervention has indeed caused ireparable damage to some areas that were originally so beautiful and peaceful in our country.

SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA. Semoga segala amalan diterima Allah. Semoga sihat dan bahagia seisi keluarga menjelang 1 Syawal. Maaf zahir batin.

nahmy said...

selamat hari raya aidilfitri 1432H utk doc sekeluarga. maaf zahir dan batin dari saya sekeluarga. stay ceria!

MaizaC'Joe said...

Assalamualaikum Doc :)

Tangan di hulur maaf di pinta
semurni hati, seikhlas kata
setulus kasih....
tiada penghujungnya....

Salam AidilFitri maaf zahir dan batin
ikhlas dari Maiza :)

psst: Doc, Maiza kuar dari topik ;)

Faisal Admar said...

Doc, what about Penang?

Afzainizam said...

risau gak persekitaran bandaraya johor bahru

Buah pauh di tengah bendang,
Jadi dagangan di tengah kota,
Saudara jauh datang bertandang,
Bermaaf-maafan sesama kita.

Negara kita aman sentosa,
Jangan dilupa orang terinyanya,
Makan sudah baju bergaya,
Orang fakir jangan dilupa.

Anak zirafah dimakan buaya,
Buaya Tain makan kelapa,
Bila makan juadah raya,
Yang miskin jangan dilupa.

Pagi raya semua gembira,
Berjalan bersama rakan dan taulan,
Ketika enak menjamu selera,
Orang yang tiada jangan dilupakan.

------Salam Aidilfitri-------
semoga kesalahan dimaafkan, silaturrahim kekal erat
buat pembaca blog kami
Jom Terjah entry terbaru ??
burasak vs lepat loi

balqissy said...

wow~ surprisingly w/ all d results. how ignorant m i?

if we r considering BB area, i wonder how d graph will looks like. =D

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

good sharing Dr.Sam!!.. i like!.. now can main hujan... :)

L said...

maila kaji kat sp plak.. huhuu kalu datang hbq taw. L nk ikut..

jom bacer seket..=)

jeragang said...

Maah deh doc pok jeragang kureng understeng ghaek ing englih buk some wei I tra.... I dong kno abauk raing wote quality buk I kno that wheng they pleng for putra jaya sang taing ago I did involve a few meeting to monitor water quality oh sunga kuyoh.... quayek thah to maintaing you kno... they monitor ph BOD eng ader ting that i dong know... to meet objective dek lake water as gook as drinking water

Sitie BUm BUm said...

ape kate tgk sungai punye kualiti utk diminum plak. =p

Puan Ninie said...

gud mowning doc..:)
lama x dtg sini..doc ape kabar..for sure doc lebeh sehat dari saya kan..:)

anntaj said...

Salam Maulidur RAsul :)

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