11 July 2012

Gone, but not with the wind

That was not the first time. I hope it will be the last. The great lost was very hard for me to comprehend at first. It was not because all of a sudden my koi's pond became very quiet and lifeless, but because the trust has been broken. Unlike promises, a trust is by no mean to be broken. When I trust someone  (politician  is obviously not in this equation) or some immortal being (like my external HDD which mysteriously disappeared with all my important data and secret recipe) -  I surrender my entire life with it, literally.  

The usual suspect in this case was none other than an unsuspecting and innocent-looking Bangla, whose face slightly resembles the famous Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan.  He resides in the neighboring kampung Boyan, but most of the time find solace in my neighbor's house, a few block away from mine. He is actually  a no stranger to my peaceful neighborhood - quite a handy guy. He is very friendly and ever willing to help. 

On that fateful day, we left the house for a long holiday break. The man I trusted to look after my kebun and the wellfare of the  fishes in my pond was none other than our friendly Bangla from the neighboring Kampung Boyan. We left for a balik kampung holiday thinking that everything was in a good hand. Until a  few days later, another neighbor called me and conveyed the shocking news. The whole population of kois and carps were annihilated (except the mean-looking algae sucking fish, Hypostomus plecostomus  a.k.a ikan DBKL). Following tips from fictional character Inspector Sigh and looking at the symptoms, I suspected the fishes' demise  was due to over fed and suffocated to their last breath.

It was a very sad affair. It was even hurting when the man you trust didn't admit to his crime and started blaming somebody else. Does this sounds all too familiar? At one point in our life, we have to accept the fact that everybody makes mistake. I do make mistakes and I am sure will make many more. Mistake is our best educator if we are willing to learn from it. Anyhow, it was already considered a gone case. The wise man always says, lets bygones be bygone. Even though it won't be the same, the karps and the kois can always be replaced (the demise fishes will eagerly come to the surface whenever they heard my footsteps near the pond, expecting their food).  

Along the way we can always ponder and learn some new things to enrich and put new meaning to our life.  First - never trust a Bangla with a face that resembles any popular movie star (not that I am jealous). Second - Admit our mistake; it will make our life less complicated. Last but not least - never overfed ourselves as the consequences are quite predictable.

These lifeless fishes were now a distance memory.  They have been my source of 'ilham' for the past 12 years. Whether the new generation can emulate the aura of their ancestors - time will tell.
Those fishes, even until the end of their life refused to leave this mortal world wasted.   They enriched the soil and  provided other form of  life with organic nutrients. The Heliconias seems to flourish exceptionally well after that. One loss is another's gain. That is one of the balances in this world.
This ponds and its wonderful living creatures within have been given me so much pleasure, day in day out. With the absence of the stimulating kois and  carps,  perhaps I have to stop finding excuses or rely on other thing to become inspired. Perhaps I have to shift and realign my thinking a bit. To live is to inspire.  


Sir Pök Déng said...

I would cry if my cat dies. I love cats. Cats love fishes. Do you see the chain here?

MiEy said...

so do I. sad for you.

Naddy said...

My heartfelt condolences

mirachantek said...

my fish died recently too. same cause. overfed. all kembung. :[

ASH said...

taknak bela kucing atau ikan lagi..
kucing mati sebab kena langgar ngan tayar kereta jiran
koi mati sebab pam berhenti dimasuki rumpair...( kolam kecil jer )
no more..


DrSam said...

Ikang mmakang kkucing...I see...I see...

Sad but life has to move on.

Good memories will always linger in my heart.

DrSam said...

It seems my case is not an isolated one. We should then educate the Kois' citizen to be less greedy when it comes to food.

Banyak juga tragedi melibatkan ikan dan kuching ni. Boleh buat memoire kuching dan ikan. Saya setuju. Peristiwa hitam itu ada sedikit sebanyak meninggalkan kesan pahit di jiwa.

Mulan said...

saya tak suka bela haiwan.. sbb takut sedih sangat kalau mati nanti..

DrSam said...

samalah kita. Bab-bab menjaga haiwan kurang sikit kepakaran. kalau jaga pokok-pokok tu boleh lah tahan juga. lagipun kalau pokok mati, taklah sangat terbuku rasa hati.

Fadhil said...

Salam Doc,

So sorry about the loss of your koi. I used to be a happy guy rearing aquarium fish. Until one day, they start to die, one by one due to some illness. Today, I have 3 empty tanks and just some memories.

I hope you get some new fish soon.

DrMaya said...

Demo tok train dia dulu kot banyok mano kena wi berapo kali sari kena wi make ike tu? Apapun buleh kiro lg lar setakat terlebih feed ike, kalu dia pecoh masuk umoh wat lari semua harta benda camano? Hehe...

area kito tu tok berapo aman bro...megu lepas kawe kelik 2 mengu, umoh bawoh kena umpil pintu habis barang2 kena angkut..tuan tadop dumoh gi mano tau..so "never trust others" tu meme kena amal..sedangkan diri sendiri pun kadang2 xleh trust jugop hehe..

DrSam said...

Salam Oldstock. The pond is still quite until this day. Only 3 grown up Patins left and some small fishes. But most of the time they hid under the gazebo. I decided not to mess their life and my life again. So let it be. Let the pond becomes the quiet witness.

Ikang ambe tu kira terer doh. Cuma bab makang-makang ni dok berape cerdik sikit. Lagipung, mungkin ikang-ikang tu percaye jugok kat Mat bangla tu, same macang tuang die ccaye.

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