13 August 2020


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minyakgaz.blogspot.com said...

Dear Dr Sam,
I do miss blogosphere and blogging friends.
Where are you staying once moment...

Hahaha you may not believe this..
They came to know my in depth fascination/reading on integrated farming and asked me to come to their rumah Sinar kasih in section 16 pj.. I thought somebody is going to talk about how thay are going to treat drug-addicts with methadone ..
After several short briefing on the UMCas new house ( previous in Gombak) they ask me to talk about integrated farming.. stunned by the request I asked what they had been doing.. and why are they doing farming.. it seems that they want to find some vocation for cured drug addicts.
I talked about Black soldier fly larvae as food for fish and poultry.. Fish poo as nutrient for plants.. plant medium as filter for water - AQUAPONICs..
They seemed impressed enough and talk about water source just outside the house..
I talked about Ram Pump (using potential energy) that can be utilised to carry that water to their house reservoir without using electricity.
Then I talked about Bell pump that also run sans electricity to successfully move water in the aquaponics...
then VOILA, a few prof and engineers in the group want me to lead this pilot farming project, to write working paper, to ask for grant etc and I was told the ultimate price is that I will get to be involved in farming the 100 acres (in UM’s coffer) located somewhere in Jelebu. Coincidence perhaps?

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