15 March 2009

Bloggers' day out - Close to the nature.

The place was so beautiful
The people was so wonderful
The food was brilliant and plentiful
The atmosphere was full of joy and laughter
It was a memorable and unforgettable event - friendship to last forever!
Thank you everybody!

My three green-bloggers, having preempted a supper after a dip in the cool stream nearby.

tcherSally (lady in red - in the middle) looking at Mr Ismail (her hubby) trying that tasteful cake specially baked by Farah. Seriously the cake is delicious! tchersally, a very dedicated teacher came all the way from Kota Bharu for this picnic. She promised if any of us, the hardcore bloggers were to visit Kota Bharu, she will personally become the official tour guide! Tabik kawe...

Plenty of delectable food, enough to cater the whole community of FRIM. In fact all food brought that day was freshly made by our skillful chefs. The neatly packed colorful tupperwares were kari laksa by Masterchef CAHAYA.

Farah, Nadia, camera-shy TuNTeJa (hiding behind the pole) and CAHAYA preparing the food.

Food, food and lots of food...

The cheerful Farah looking at TunTeja (still trying to elude the camera :) and Nadia helping themselves with the food, while CAHAYA at the background was trying to fish out something from her Doraemon's magic pouch. Once I saw her pulling out a big black bin bag from that pouch!

Everybody was talking joyfully when suddenly, we saw bloodstain on Mr. Ismail's foot (not in this photo). A memento from a creepy crawler. That was kind of deja vu for MeEN (in green) as he works in National Blood Bank. MeEN is a very handsome and polite guy. Still available, mind you. Seen here flanked by his long-lost-but-newly-found classmate, November , a keen photographer. Sitting beside November is her sibling.

MeEN guarding the food from the straying monkeys, while others engaging the usual ritual of doing a 'tawaf' arround the wakaf. If you notice, tchersally and her GBS came with ther red theme :)

We were quite fortunate that day to have this remarkable performance by these young acrobats at the nearby stream. This unexpected show however really put TuNteJa off as she initially planned to have the whole jacuzzi by her ownself.

Time really flies when you are having fun. Time to go home.

Bye, bye. See you again next time!

Pulau Pandan Jauh ke tengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang jua


Memorable trails... said...

I envy you guys..but if I were there I would be out of place kut,cause you all semua nampak muda belia...
Good to hear that you all had a wonderful..

Cikgu Ije said...

aaaaa banyaknya makanan!!

Meen Eunos said...

Its been a great & memorable
gathering to treasure..!!
Thanks again Dr for the wonderful
p/s:Not to forget the pencil holder

madam gold
tak kesah pon mude ke tua. yg
penting kite happy.

Anonymous said...

another bloggers meeting!!!
at FRIM plak tuh..

caturist said...

I do loves nature...

ASH said...

Eh..tak hujan ke kat sana?

Okay semua happy jer..
I jeles gitu.

Sally said...


what else can I say..other than..thank u!! it was such a great meet up..had a great time..simply nice..

err..lawatan balas..lawatan balas..

Shimamon said...

Glad that we had it in FRIM..very relaxing! Anyway, thank u for arranging the gathering. It was simple, but a very enjoyable moment.

btw, thanks for the pencil holder..unique! ;)

a.b geldofg said...

meriah.....syg aku tk boleh join..sb2 ttentu...maaf ye DR

MariaFaizal said...

Yummy! and I missed out the fun!
You should see my eyes turned green with envy now,specifically 'staring' (like laser) at photos of food brought over!

I just wished I was there :(

Haula Hati said...


mau gath lagik!!


Kalau ur wife ad, lagi sronok!!



x said...

Waaaa...besnya! Lain kali nak join! :D

DrSam said...

madam gold,
I think the food really did the wonder and bonded us together.

kalau jual kat pasar malam memang akan 'sold out' sebab semuanya sedap-sedap belaka.

Nice knowing you meEn. Will hello you for another mengeteh session if I happen to be around Jalan Tun Abd Razak.

Al Muallim Shah @ Dino
FRIM is the nearest green habitat to the city center. My family weekend getaway.

Nature lover's paradise.

DrSam said...

Saspen juga mulanya. memang hujan pagi tu sampai pukul 9 a.m. tapi alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar.

Your good company and your effort is greatly appreciated. And the food of course!

Nanti kita tolong kempenkan 'Jom berdeghak ke Kota Bharu' pula :)

Nice knowing you too. You really have a good talent in photography.

a.b. geldofg,
I was hoping to meet you there, really. Probably we can arrange another 'mengeteh' next time. Your time, your place :)

I think the atmosphere would be more hilarious if you were there with your jokes. SiRibenMerah is coming down to KL next week right? emm...

This is Mine,
Cheerful as always :) errr...still expecting the photos in my mailbox. My wife said the cake is deliciously made. Can share the recipe?

Si Penconteng,
Kamik tunggu aja orang di sinun :)

CAHAYA said...

Omg! Candid again.

No way you saw me pulling a big black bin bag out of my magic pouch. It was tesco bag je la. Haha. :) Like I said, you guys really can make me laughed-out-loud at anytime. :)

Thanks all for the wonderful picnic!

MariaFaizal said...

Yaay! Yaay! There'll be another gath! With Red Ribbon this time.

Please....other blogger friends...I'm hoping I'd b able to meet up wz you guys/gals too!


P/S: This weekend was occupied with realtives' gath at my place
:( & :D too! (mixed feelings as I really wanted to be at FRIM)

MariaFaizal said...


I was just thinking...
You & Sis Zayda may join The Red Ribbon at my place.

How does that sound? :D

P/S: I miss sis Zayda already.And, didn't really have chance before to really 'pot-pet' with her.

Teja Suraya said...

hahahaa...drsam ni suka meng'candid' gmbar org..mna bleh..xdpt kebenaran tuan dia..leh kena saman tau..kikii...apa pun drsam kita suma hepi on that day kan..makanan banyak smpai xabes..aiyoo..kenyang sgt2..hehe..

apa pun..thanks 4 da day la to all yg dtg...hope kita akan jmpa lagi la ye..

Unknown said...

I wanted to go, I wanted to go.. but I was kinda shy...So,I went today...but of course the fun was yesterday... glad u guys had fun... Maybe next time i will not be shy anymore

Haula Hati said...

The recipe??


yang butter cake aite??

nnti farah ltk dlm blog..


p/s: butter cake tue first time buat + farah just "taram" je dia punya bhn2... mujur jadi... hahaha~


DrSam said...

memang cute dan amat berguna beg Doraemon tu.

Sounds like a good plan. 17 & 18 I am free.

TuN TeJa,
Dulu memang cita-cita nak jadi paparazzi, tapi apakan daya kat Malaysia ni tak boleh cari makan kot.

Nice meeting you too. Hope to meet again in the future.

Everybody was so shy at first. But once the ice broke, tak kering gusi dibuatnya.

DrSam said...

This is mine,
Memang ada bakat jadi masterchef. Pertama kali buat terus jadi.

Anonymous said...

mcm best je DrSam..

besi said...

dr sam...rajin la, hmm kita tak dpt pegi la...malu...hehehehhe

Haula Hati said...


masterchef ke??


stakat mkn2 biase boleh la drSam..


p/s: dh letak the recipe of both cakes...


im going to send u the pic pulak~


send my regards to ur wife ya...


nahmy said...

salam tuan,
woww!...that soon you start the cuti-cuti M'sia ye..tak balik Ganu ke??

DrSam said...

memang seronok apabila tengok semua orang seronok.

aiseh...ingatkan besi berhati waja :)

This is Mine,
nanti saya minta wife cuba recipe tersebut. Insyallah saya sampaikan salam tersebut. (mungkin dia tengah baca pun komen ini :)

salam kembali. Nampak gayanya tertangguh lagi projek balik kampung cuti sekolah kali ni. Ada aral. Insyaallah 2 minggu lagi jika tiada aral. Nak kirim keropok lekor pun boleh juga :)

Anonymous said...

seronoknyer mandi-manda makan2.... :)
bestnyerrrrrrrr... :)

Anonymous said...

awesome job drsam..welldone...

DrSam said...

fahmi latiff,
blogger Kelate dah ramai nih. Boleh buat mengeteh kat sana :)

Nik Muhammad Hafiz,
TQ. Hoping we can meet in the next blogger's occasion.

Anonymous said...

insyaAllah dr :)


Encik Ariff said...


Skullsplitter said...

I missed out the fun too kak maria. =( A lot of food.. Yumyum. haha. But i still have my laksa curry by Cahaya. Huhu~ Just pick up from her house rite after my shooting. I got my cake also from Farah. Huhu~ =)

Dr Sam : When is our next 'mengeteh session'? Huhu~


MariaFaizal said...

Adik Skull,
Hmmm...nih yg x aci nih...
Dapat jugak adik rasa laksa & cake power fr Cahaya & Farah. Jeles okay? he he..Rezeki adik...

Haven't got confirmation on when Iyra's arrival. Will roger you soon :)

DrSam said...

Nik Muhammad Hafiz

encik ariff,
kita berjelesan dilain hari :)

good that you managed to sample some of the delicious food that day. Actually we were expecting you to come with the whole production crew to shoot a scene or two with us :)

Our next 'mengeteh' session could be any time - you and me, just give a call.

DrSam said...

Today and tomorrow I am quite free. Will be having my just-you-and-me getaway with my significant half from 19 to 26 March. If I am not mistaken, Lyra will be in Kay El until the end of this month right? Pls hello me on the detail. TQ.

umie@kakyong said...

seronoknya yang dapat join gathering tu... teruskan hubungan silatulrahim dgn sebaik2nya..

Tny said...

Wow! That's cool.. syioknya gathering sambil ber-picnic camni.. brilliant idea =)

Unknown said...

salam bro,

nx time harap dapat joint pula..

Zareda Norman said...

wahh closed to nature.. kat mana ni??

next time kalau nak geder geder back to nature lagi, zar boleh suggest tempat bes bes sekiatr lembah kelang

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Syoknya berpiknik sakan ye u all... jeles jeles jeles

DrSam said...

silaturrahim terjalin, semoga akan berkekalan.

SiRibenMerah dah kat Shah Alam ni. jangan jeles tau :)

salam, sila tinggalkan no hp kat email saya. Itupun jika sudi utk sesi mengeteh di Jalan Ampang ;) Insyaallah esok saya kesana.

Zareda Norman,
FRIM, Kepong.

Cadangan tempat mesra alam tu amatlah dialu-alukan. Tapi takkan setakat cadang aja, jom lah turun padang sekali.

Lain kali jom ikut sekali.

cik_mimie said...

salam dr.sam
bestnye... tp mane satu dr.sam.. huhuhu
anyway..sila tuntut award dr my blog.. tq :)

Leenoh said...

Bagus, aktiviti yang baik, insya Allah suatu ketika yang lain nanti dapat turut serta.

MariaFaizal said...

Then 18 it is.Is it alright wz u & sis Zayda?

I'll roger Iyra as she texted me just now. i have already texted you the details.

See you & sis then...

theblabber said...

hope to join you next time :)

DrSam said...

salam. terimakasih diatas penghargaan. Saya dah letak kat blog ni.

Terimakasih Pak Ngah. Kalau ada rezeki, kita pun boleh ketemu jua.

Thank you. Sounds good.

No problem.

piqaiqapiqa . said...

frim di selngor tu ye?

MHK said...

Wah best ada lg bloggers meeting....next time nak join lah

DrSam said...

piqah SHJ

Kita tunggu perjumpaan seterusnya.

a.b geldofg said...

lama tkda entry baru Dr....penat ye

hanaahmad said...

wahh...beshnyer...rugi tul x join!

PerantauSepi1306 said...

cayalah Dr... very the happening gittew.. but then, mana your picas with mem.. asyik gambaq org len ja ;D hehhehee takkan konses gak kot..

haidan said...

rase cam dah penah kumen kat sini..
tade pom...
nak kumen,nak kumen...
bile lagi nak wat gath dr sam???
next time nak wat lagi ajak sayep kay...
picnic dat dat was really2...super duper fun...
eventhough a bit emosional hari tu..
teda maknanya emosi tak stabil itu...
it was really2 nice to know u...
really2 hope to meet kak zaida again la..
she is so sweet mase kat Uncle Lim's dulu...
wondering bile nak jumpa dia lagi...

Tny said...

Alaaa.. I tau.. dia mmg dh plan nk jumpa DrSam & the others.. huu.. huu.. huu.. S.A is far..

Takpe.. next time perhaps.. :)

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