08 March 2009

Bloggers' meeting - it was hillarious!

As planned, my wife and I arrived at the designated place for the most anticipated bloggers' meeting of the year just in the nick of time. That was after some high speed car case in the overcrowded basement car park. Ikea is on sale.

Quickly we hopped into the lift and the moment we stepped out from the lift on the top floor of Ikano Power Center, we straight away stumbled upon Maria and her entourage (her charming hubby Faizal, little Adam and cute Ayesha). Without wasting no more time we rushed to the gazetted meeting point, but to our astonishment, the food court was not there to be seen. Vanished. The place that used to be buzzing with foodlovers was no more there. Zilch! Instead it was now stood proudly an interior house accessories supermarket. No way! I secretly checked the date on my handphone to make sure it was not the 1st. of April.

Did David Copperfield come to Malaysia recently? I almost banged my head onto the wall. To make the matter worst, I didn't have the other bloggers' numbers to inform them of this unexpected discovery and the changing of plan. Undeterred, the cool Maria came to the rescue and straight away got into action. With utmost confident she put up her brave face and started asking strangers these unfamiliar question - "Are you looking for DrSam Sir?". Haa...haa...Go Maria! I am proud of you. I am sure those strangers have a very lasting impression on you that day.

We finally decided to go down to the ground level and settled down in Uncle Lim Kopitiam, hoping that the others would have the same thought as ours. As if on cue, I saw a group of curious youngsters coming down on the escalator. The unmistakable faces of skullsplitter and CAHAYA with the whole gang brought me a big relief. Somehow, they made it to our spot. I would love to read their own version of that day misadventure in their blogspot. A bloggers' meeting almost become a bloopers of the year :) Until now, I am not so sure if there were other bloggers who did actually come, but went straight home and missed all the fun. For my utterly ignorance, if there is any, I humbly apologize. Mistake learned.

All in all it was a good meeting with lot of laughter. Thank you everybody (Maria, Faizal, Skullsplitter, CAHAYA, TuN TeJa, Farah, Nadia, Kamaliah, Juita and not to forget little bloggers Ayesha and Adam) for making the effort to come. and wishing to meet all of you again soon!

Maria (and her supporting hubby, Faizal) became very creative and wrote my name on ballons (her kid's ballons) for the whole world to see.

Nadia (pink shirt with purple tudung) just could not bear all the ticklish feeling in her belly and burst into laughter, while Farah joined the others on having the fun of their life. If you look carefully, the rubbery souvenirs I mentioned earlier were displayed plainly on the table.

Having load of laughter can make a person craze for food become unbearable. Seen here was Juita, oblivious to the surrounding she helped herself with the last potion of curry puff. TuN TeJa, on the other hand, listened religiously to Maria's preaching while Kamaliah (on the far right corner of the photo) posing for the cameraman with her cutest smile ever. TuN TeJa and Kamaliah came all the way from Malacca exclusively for this historic event. Selamat berBTN TuN TeJa!

Skullsplitter an up and coming movie director cum production manager, having a deep thought after listening to Maria's suggestion on having some of us as his castings in his future reality show. If I can read his mind correctly, he is probably saying "Hang biaq betul Maria, boleh berlakon ka depa ni?". Contemplating with managing so many complaints coming from the rakyat, some with marriage problem, family problem and many more problem that you can think of, with her calibre, CAHAYA should start to think of opening her own call center ASAP.

My significant half with her number one fan, the cute Ayesha enjoying a blissful moment together. Our own soldiers didn't make it to this meeting (for the second time) because their cousins kidnapped them.


patungcendana said...

sounds like fun...

DrSam said...

Yes, it was :)

JohnJenin said...

I love the idea on putting DrSam name on the balloon to make whole world know the meeting place - meet-the-famous-blogger-DrSam :)

x said...

Waaaaa. Oooohhh. Besnyaaaaa.

Zareda Norman said...

wahh sungguh seronok berjumpa blogger kan...

zar kalau jumpa secara gitu harus kelu mulutku.. hehheh

Tny said...

Waaahh.. bloggers gathering part1.. yeayy!!

Owh.. ramai blogger perempuan je nih.. Happy weekend Dr.Sam =)

CAHAYA said...

It was fun. And yes, it so hillarious! :) Thanks all. Looking forward for another meet-up! :) Yeay! Lets picnic!

Gampangnya Waikato said...


The last pic? Tourism ads ke?

Mai le ramai-ramai datang Anzac...ushhh

Anonymous said...

apasal jadi camtu?
nasib baik tak dapat pi...
sebab takde nombor sesapa...
i'll try next week...
dr sam, how bout taman tasik titiwangsa?

MariaFaizal said...

Hi DrSam,
Yes it was hillarious but definitely memorable to me. And, I'm thankful that my hubby's such a sport giving me chance to preach to others, :D

I wonder if Daniel & Miezi were there too :)

Yup, we sohuld do this again & others shall suggest of where the next location be.Some cool peeps suggested Alamanda Putrajaya, some FRIM Kepong.

It was really nice meeting you all - Cahaya, Eddy, Juita (sorry I missed out ur name in Cahaya's blog :),Teja, Kama, Farah, Nadia, Sis Zayda & of course DrSam :D

Can I import these shots DrSam. please?

DrSam said...

Ha...haa...I should have put the ballon on sale in eBay :)

Ada tersedak ke semalam? Because Maria kept saying your name, whenever there was a missed called in her phone "This must be JohnJenin calling asking for the direction"...

Si Penconteng,
Orang disinin seronoknya.

Zareda Norman,
Tak sempat nak kering gusi. Kalau tak ketawa, tersengih dengar loyar cerita yang bermacam-macam.

Picnic sounds very irresistibly interesting. Location?

Gampangnya Waikato,
You are always in my mind bro :)

PJ Selamba,
Itu le. ter-overconfiden. bagus juga cadangan tu.

Yes, wondering if Caturist was there too. (Miezi got my hp no). I think with your excellent job handling that critical situation, unanimously you are the best person to be the bloggers' event organizer!

Check you mail box for the photos please!

p/s: if you want to 'cilok' the photos from this page is also no problemo.

have a great weekend.

DrSam said...

Memang power puff girls power betul semalam.

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

Wow, really sounds like fun, maybe more people would participate in that thing the next few times? :P

Sucks that the foodcourt, the meeting place, right? Was gone!

Much Love,

DrSam said...

Hello there too!

Things happen unexpectedly sometimes :)

Join the bloggers' meeting next week?

Have a nice day and a good weekend.

arsaili said...

salam..wahhh bestnya....jeleous seh tak bole join ahahaha.For the next meeting... You choose the significant date of me and my dad...14 march...another remarkable day of us getting old by 1 year

a s m said...

teringinnya nk join

Anonymous said...

tahniah Dr.Sam

"mengeratkan silaturahim"

ni usaha murni,
setiap inci kearah kebaikan akan dihujani halangan... tapi halangan itu hanyalah ilusi.. sahaja...

Dr.Sam ibarat ayah buat blogger... tq Dr.Sam.. :)

Anonymous said...

ooo yer lupa!!!
tak adil gambar Dr.Sam lates punya tak ada pun...:o

Encik Ariff said...


besi said...

dr sam.... menarik

Sally said...

waaa..blogger friends DrSam smua muda belia seh!! naik segan plak Sally nak joinnnn..

FRIM sounds cool..close 2 nature..*wink *wink

err..tak aci nih..gmbar Dr x de..how am i going 2 recognize u if anthing like yesterday were to happened next week eh..

Skullsplitter said...

Thanks Dr Sam for this gathering! Nice meeting you, your wife, kak maria & family, and others. How do u know what was in my mind? Hehe. No la, Just joke. Ape sy fikir, in terms of production, Kak maria and Cahaya blh jadi script writer, you can be a producer, your wife boleh jadi executive producer, teja, kama and little blogger Adam & Ayesha blh jadi actor & actress and Farah and her friend, nadiah can manage the production and last skali Cahaya's friend, juita can be our account manager. I'm the director. Complete one production team. Equipments and technical side, hire outside. Ok? Hehe.


Fly said...

tahniah DR berjaya merapatkan hubungan silraturrahim, memang nampak hepi sangat perjumpaan tu,

MariaFaizal said...

Scriptwriter? Whoa...I'll write comedic, ha ha...

Padang MBSA S.Alam?
I have posted another conclusion of the meet-up.Thanks for the photos.Regards to Sis Zayda.

DrSam said...

Salam bro. You are the one who actually introduced me to this blogger ritual thing :) I should give you an award "1st blogger to meet"!

14th...We will sing a birthday song for you on that day!

Selamat menyambut maulidurrasul.

Kalau ada kelapangan silalah join. Boleh bertukar-tukar cerita.

fahmi latiff,
Memang tujuannya begitu. untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim. Tiada sempadan usia, warna kulit, ugama, latarbelakang dll. Macam ayah bloggers...:) Sebab tu lah Fahmi, takde foto terkini sebab tak fotogenik dah tua..hi..hi..

encik ariff,
Ramai juga blogger Penang yang berminat. Boleh penuh satu bas kalau geng penang turun Kay El :)

DrSam said...

menarik kerana berjumpa dengan ramai sahabat-sahabat baru. masing-masing dengan latarbelakang yang menarik. ada kelapangan harap boleh jumpa.

muda remaja :) semuanya baik-baik belaka.

Memang perancangan ada candangan nak buat kat FRIM. Insyaallah jika ramai yang setuju, kita buat picnik ala pot luck kat situ minggu hadapan. Boleh mandi manda dan main air terjun sekali kat situ.

Eddie, nice meeting and having to know you. Youth is your asset now and I can see with your good attitude and strong determination, you can go far in your business. I wish you all the best and pray for your success. Thank you for coming and hope to see you again soon.

DrSam said...

Perjumpaan yang penuh dengan gelak ketawa dan berakhir pun dengan gembira.

Good write up and report. Padang MBSA pun O.K juga.

Fly said...

DR SAM : belum lagi DOC tgh menghitung hari nih :) harap2 semua doakan gak ye semua selamat. Ikutkan tarikh due tu 20mac doc. ikutkan 2-3 kali scan, baby girl doc.

DrSam said...

doakan semoga kedua-dua ibu dan anak sihat. Baby girl...pasti comel. Take care both of you.

Unknown said...

bestnye kalo saya pon ada sama time tu kan??hihi

Hunny said...

Mana-mana pun okey.Buat perlawanan bowling antara bloggers pun ok what? Amacam Dr?

DrSam said...

jemput datang 14hb, sabtu akan datang.

Nurhani Salwa Binti Jamaluddin,
Cadangan yang bagus tu. Buat perlawanan persahabatan. Mesti meriah. O.K boleh kita usulkan. terimakasih.

Haula Hati said...

sgt2 sronok!!!

walaupon dpt jumpe skejap je, but still, farah ngan nadia hv so much fun!!


thanx for the gift!!
really appreciate it!!

sirNik said...

best tu..tak pelawa saya ke DrSam..

caturist said...

Memang Best!

Teramat sangat nak hadir... tapi belum kesampaian. Insyallah bulan 5 nanti baru free.. harap2 akan ada lagi perjumpaan.

Saya amat2 berharap DrSam yg saya hormati tidak berkecil hati dengan saya.

By the way, saya dah tolong promo sikit dalam posting terbaru saya.

Anonymous said...

" Macam ayah bloggers...:) Sebab tu lah Fahmi, takde foto terkini sebab tak fotogenik dah tua..hi..hi.."

Dr.Sam BUKANNYA tua.....


usia itu hanyalah no...
sajer je Dr. Sam ni....
mana boleh.. letak pic terkini...
tak adil..
lalalalala.. :)

Sally said...

FRIM!!..FRIM..!! FRIM!!..DrSam..any request 2 b brought from Klate???

Tiada aral melintang..i'll b there..err..how 2 recognize u eh??

Faisal Admar said...

Ah ok. I miss this fun. But I didn't go for a reason. I'll update my blog maybe tomorrow for the reason why I didn't go (I really want to go and I can't make it on 14 as I've to attend Joe's gathering in Penang).

Maybe there's no luck yet but soon I hope I can meet you guys ;)

HalfCrazy said...

Aww, would love too but I live in the Philippines and I don't have money. :P Enjoy! :)

Much Love,

HalfCrazy said...

And whoa, seems like most of the people here are Malaysians! Malaysians right, or am I wrong? Lol!

DrSam said...

This is Mine,
Thanks for coming last Saturday and it was nice talking to you Farah. I hope you can join us again this weekend.

Semua rakan blogger dijemput. Kecil besar tua muda semua dipersila.

Terimakasih. Tidak mengapa, Insyaallah jika ada rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur kita boleh jumpa.

Fahmi latiff,
sebab tu masa Fahmi kat Bkt Bintang hari tu, ingat nak jumpa dan mengeteh. Saje tak letak foto terkini, adalah unsur-unsur saspen sikit :) Bila dah ramai jumpa dan hilang elemen saspen tu baru boleh letak banyak-banyak foto sendiri - cuma takut ada yang muak pula...

tempat kita tengok dulu apa kata rakan-rakan lain. FRIM memang menarik untuk bersantaian, parking senang dan banyak aktiviti boleh buat. Tak perlu bawa apa-apa, bawa badan aja :)

saya dah email no hp.

I hope to meet you earlier, probably during one of your trip to Puchong. But later I found out you abandoned the project. Probably next time.

Enjoy the gathering with Joe.

Sorry, I didn't realize at first that you are staying in Philippines. But you are most welcome to drop by anytime as we are now living in the borderless world. No boundary.

*SiRibenMerah said...

Doc, I nak sgt jumpe u.. tapi tuh la.. masa dan keadaan cam x bersesuaian je utk I yg jauh neh join.. huhuhuhu.. sad.. sad...
I'll be around Shah Alam from 17th until 28th.. perghhh.. lama sgt tuh.. Hope u can spend time to meet me..

DrSam said...

Insyaallah jika tiada aral. 17 dan 18 ada kelapangan. 19 hingga 26 ada projek mega dengan wif. Boleh ajak Maria and the geng join sekali.

Haula Hati said...


mcm byk je vote untuk ke FRIM (ngee~)


farah x sure la leh join @ tak...


tapi kalau ikotkan hati~

mmg nk join gak, no matter wut happen~

*uish? nekad dh tue bunyinye~


hope dpt jumpa lagi dis week~

Zue said...

wish all of u happy gath...

Hope said...


DrSam said...

this is mine,
nampak gayanya gitu le...pot luck picnic kat FRIM.

Jom. Wakil dari Klang.

biasanya senyum tanda setuju ;)

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Soooo very happening, eh.. 2 minggu berturut ni kira lasattt oooo ;D

Dr Sam, don't forget to upload more gathering picas, ye.Tak leh gi dpt tengok pun jadilaaa..

DrSam said...

lepas ni boleh pencen :) Bagi can kat orang lain dan muda-muda pula jadi penganjur. kita hanya 'start the ball rolling' aje.

patungcendana said...

re:...pertandingan bahas kat UM tu...Debat ASTAR...tapi dah lepas in february...takpe la...lain hari kita jumpa...:-)

Anonymous said...

a good meeting among bloggers..
thumbs up to those who organize this and to those who come!

Teja Suraya said...

hee..thanks drsam untk gift tu..hee..n sesi mengeteh ni ye..xsabar nk jumpa lagi..

n walaupun smple je our 1st meeting nui..but really fun kan.. :)

n..dis week..xsure la cmna..huuu..why not wat next week ke..kui3..lalalaa..

DrSam said...

Oh ye ke...bunting masih kelihatan di K.L.

Al-Muallim Shah @ Dino,
TQ. Hopefully you too can join the others this weekend.

TuN TeJa,
terimakasih Emma kerana sudi datang, jauh nun dari Melaka. Kalau ada kelapangan sila lah datang lagi. Namun jika ada aral, bila-bila pun boleh buat bloggers meeting. Tidak semestinya yang saya buat sahaja, blogger lain pun boleh sambung aktiviti baik ini.

Meen Eunos said...

Salam Dr.

i'm your new & young follower.
the gathering sounds very
interesting. Hope to see you.

GC said...

just by reading your post i felt like i was there with you all having fun hehehe.

tahniah :D

hopefully, next time i can make it :D

DrSam said...

thank you for dropping by and follow this humble blog. young and old, everybody is welcome. Hope we can meet this weekend. Got any blog?

Hi bro. We can kopi O kaw kaw when next time you cross the ocean and landed here in K.L.

umie@kakyong said...

Memang bagus untuk merapatkan silatulrahim antara bloggers.. tahniah dari untie ;))

CaBaiKeRinG said...

happy for you guys!!

take care n be happy!

Anonymous said...

wahh besnye..tringin nk join jmpe bloger sume tpkan jauhhh..huhuhuhu...

kuIna said...

ini betul mengeteh nie...

Anonymous said...

hehheheh.. Dr.Sam OK tq... :)
ayahnda best la ..... :)

cik_mimie said...

wah, mkin meriah ye blog DRsam..
ayahanda blog ek..
bestnye.. dpt jumpa blogger...

DrSam said...

terimakasih untie. Saya sekadar memenuhi permintaan rakan-rakan blogger.

eh...masih kat Penang ke dah kat KL?

Dari Alor Setaq turun bertandang
singgah sebentar di pekan sehari
Jika ada umur yang panjang
Lain hari boleh jumpa lagi

kulna Jentayutiara,
yang minum teh sorang aja :)

fahmi latiff,
jangan lupa lain kali helo..helo

lama betul menyepi diri.
sesekali tu turun le kesini.

MiSyaJanah said...

sioknya dpt jmpa blogge
rs yg len....hohohoh

cerana said...

DrSam..terima kasih kerana sudi melawat dan sudi meninggalkan ulasan walau sepatah kata dalam blog saya..saya amat menghargainya DR.

Meen Eunos said...


Anonymous said...

wah3..this weekend pn ada?
i have nasyid competition this weekend at UTP..huhu..

CAHAYA said...

Adoi. I forgot to update about the location. Aiyoo. :) Now dah update. :P

haidan said...

adakah saye di boleh pegi gath kali ini( hari sabtu kan...? )dr sam...??
bakpe sume gamba saye hyper je ek??

Sitie BUm BUm said...

nk belon ade nama kite tatu!!!

DrSam said...

Lama tak dengar cerita :)

saya memang jenguk blok sirnik, cuma ada masalah sebelum ini untuk memberi komen kerana "word verification" tidak keluar.


Al-Muallim Shah @ Dino,
Good luck with your nasyid. Hope to see you next time.

Nampak gaya, jika tidak ada aral, memang kita akan di FRIM.

Kedatangan memang dialu-alukan.

[S]itie [B]Um [b]Um,
Wah...nick yang unik.

CAHAYA said...

ok. pls leave msg kat shoutbox abt time of the gathering yer. and berapa org dijangkakan yer kali ni dr sam?

Haula Hati said...

Dr. Sam...

farah dh update bout the gath esok!!


cant wait.... cant wait....


Unknown said...

ah..blogger meeting..beshnye..
should make blogger reunion...
i wonder who gonna sponsor..
. . .

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