23 April 2009

I stop to smell roses

Sekuntum mawar merah sebuah puisi
Semester berbunga sewangi kasturi
dibalik jendela hatiku dicuri
kasih diikat cincin dijari
Cintaku cinta abadi
Hingga akhir nanti

Juli : "Apa you tulis merepek-repek ni darling". She asked me, after reading the latest entry in my blog.

Rumi : "Apa yang merepek tu?". Me, cool as usual.

Juli : "Tu ha...cerita pasal teropong kita tu". Lady, you've never changed. That's what makes you so special dear!

I wasn't 'merepek'. Not now. Probably back then, yes. Campus life was great. The late P. Ramlee said "dunia ana yang punya", that was the best to describe my feeling. It was a honeymoon year for me. The kampung boy had finally breathed his first 'freedom'. Away from family didn't really dampen my spirit. A little bit, probably. I had the whole Kamsis C to myself, and the tenants became my new family. In fact the whole campus became so friendly. Even Mak Cik and Pak Cik cafeteria were quite accommodating. Free meals was inevitable. I was at the top of the world. Man, I was living in a fast lane. I needed a handbrake.

That was the year of "battle of the bands". That year, the university imposed a ban on riding motorcycles around the campus. 'Ekzos potong' was so rampant, sonic boom was nothing in comparison. The bikers (actually most were kapcais - your scholarship was merely enough to buy you 'soup ekor' and 'nasi daging merah' once a week) had a demonstration and as usual, with AUKU was still in forced and instilled fear to the 'jakunis', the standoff was a mere illegal gathering with loudspeakers dancing to the tune of the cheering crowd. I was part of the crowd. Euphoria!

But soon I became restless. Something had caught my eyes and my puberty hormone started to kicked in. Luckily 'teropong iman' was at hand and came to the rescue. It zoomed in and the auto focus did all the fine tuning. Snap! I cut short my high flying activities and spent many hours confining myself in Tun Sri Lanang. I was not alone. The secret for a successful live in campus was to have a 'smart partnership'. The principle is still apply until today. I have several good partners but one was really special to me. We were in a real serious business. In business world they duped it a win-win situation, but in campus life we called it a symbiosis. We became a symbion.

You play hard and study smart. That's the rule.

I do not know about you guys, but I was never that good at taking notes during lectures. Somehow, girls are blessed with good ears and beautiful handwriting skills. Their scribble is nice too. Even their notepads smell nice :) That became my excuse to have a personal 'secretary' who will lend me her notes for me to digest. I am a happy and contented man. I smell roses everywhere.

The smart partnership became a very close strategic alliance, until now!

At the pinnacle of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang), 1988. I didn't find my puteri here. But with all the youth and mountain of energy, i could have conquered the world then.

p/s: Can also check out what I was up to during those crazy years here


Haula Hati said...


suke tgk gmbr2 kt entri nie...

(btol ke ejaan tue?? cam pelik je..hee~)

**krim salam kat kak zayda ye!!!


Zendra-Maria said...

Dari nota turun ke hati, gitu?

Atau sebaliknya, Doc?

Sally said...

Gosh!..doc i luv this n3 sooo much..u put everything nicely in words..yup..campus life is the best part in life..full of surprises..full of promises..full of 'experiments'..'field trips'..hormones kicking in here n there..hehe..o..o..u r making me smiling alone tengah2 mlm buta nih..ahaks..

JohnJenin said...

Haha. Dah tahu taktikal DrSam kat kampus dulu. Thumb up!

Tersenyum baca cerita DrSam time tengah tengah malam. Dan kenangan cinta zaman belajar mula muncul kat pala otak nih. Hehehe

First love ke DrSam?

pal7 said...

teknik mengorat yang baik..

*buleh belajo cara nih..hehe

CAHAYA said...

I'm not girl enough. I'm sucks at taking notes. But I had my own secretary too back then. But this time, his notepad wasn't smell roses. But musky.

And I still remember the smell until now. Make me smiling whenever I smelled it somewhere else. :P

p/s: Wonder where is he now. Last saw him in Paris in flesh, that was 3 years ago. :)

Mia's Mom said...

This is sweet & cool at the same time. My own exp... if I remember correctly, the first few months of campus life brings out the rebel in me - not as sweet an experience!!! (;-D

Zue said...

agreed with tchersally "campus life is the best part in life."

And my lecture notes ... be passing around the class for them to copy ... and has been such "referrence notes" (jadi macam buku rujukan kat library) for years to junior..:).

itulah....hahaha....but nobody teropong me..heheheh...

bozzobattousai said...

bozzo pon slalu terkenangkan round2 KL sambil naik kapcai honda lampu bulat...best gile masa student...takde masalah kecuali masa exam....

*SiRibenMerah said...

yeahhh.. hatiku juga bunga2 chenta sebegini di waktu campus life.. kemana2 saja berdua.. hurmmmm~.. kenangan itu yg cuba nak dilupakan.. saketnya masih terasa.sebab, harapkan panas smp ke petang, tapi hujan lebat ditengah hari..

wahhhhh.. syioknya kalo happy ending cam Doc Sam n Sis Zayda..

Naddy said...

nota budak perempuan wangi-wangi dan nice sribbles. I was never like that.

Anonymous said...

wahhh romantiknyer...
1988.... umur fahmi ketika itu 8tahun hehehehe... :)

Puan Ninie said...

campus life is great!!!
wendu kat zaman blaja dulu2..;)

u make me missing something doc...;p

thanks for cheering me wif dis en3..;p

Eliz said...

cute ... cute... but zaman blaja... i never lend notes to guys... ehehe particularly coz i didnt take note.. i only listen... if not mesti i already sangkut like cerita Dr. Sam..this entry sounds romantic too...

x said...

Doc goes down the memory lane :)

besi said...

dr sam....zaman study kat U dulu macam zaman cite Ali Setan ke?...
zaman tue rock kapak tgh hot...heheheh..gunung tue kat mana drsam?

MariaFaizal said...

Muah ha ha..tergelak sekejap baca comment 'besi'

That really crossed my tiny brain just now - about the Ali Setan thingy.. he he..

But, I somehow find this very sweet & of course nostalgic. I think you're better looking now :)

Betul tak sis?

nahmy said...

masa blm kahwin mmg le semua jenis bunga dri sesapa saja asal wanita akan terasa harumnya....tp bila dah berpunye ni..hanya bunga dr 'sidia' je la yg harum...bunga lain?? dr org lain?? kena minta izin dulu tuaannn...

Hidup KOKA said...

I just found a new Rose!!!

ASH said...

dulu 'MAT BUNGA UKM' juga ya??
Nasib baik tak jadi mat BURGER..
Punya berbunga sampai senget LAUT dalam gambar tu!!ayo yo..

he he he..mat bunga..

masih berbunga lagikah hati MAT BUNGA ini??
aku macam terhidu sesuatu..

DrSam said...

This is Mine,
Gambar-gambar yang lepas lembaga penapisan :)

#Sekretari saya cakap waalaikumussalam...ada masa singgah le rumah#

he..he..tq nota!

Glad to hear the entry bring back nice memories of yours. If you were smiling reading it, I was 'sengehing' while writing these entry! I am sure during your time in USM, you have your share of 'love is in the air' version as well. Care to share? Make Abe We smiling!

John Jenin,
Tu le dia Pak Cik. I hope the tips will be of use to our love birds in the Uni.

To answer your question - it was like doing an experiment. you are not sure about the final outcome, but it definitely requires many trial and error. Mine 100% - a hyphothesis proven correct.

Teknik masih boleh diadaptasi dan diperbaiki. Sesuai untuk orang bujang sahaja :)

DrSam said...

You left your musky notepad in Paris? Any chance of retrieving it back...any soon?

Mia's Mom,
Well, walking down the memory lane will always make us smiling. I hope the rebel in you has finally find its cause.

My trophy said she still remember you wearing a head scarf, which was very popular that time. You were among the nicest demo that time. Yang lain kerek semacam je.

You spent so much time in the lab, nobody got the chance to 'teropong' you!

sweetest memory!

DrSam said...

Ada juga orang teropong masa kat kampus ye. Teropong dari kamsis mana tu?

Mat Rock cakap "first cut is the deepest". Namun 'first cut' itu yang buat kita lebih berhati-bati dan lebih berpengalaman. Masih hujan lagi?

mizzy N Nadierey,
Haaa...haa...we are in the same league. Got find your personal secretary then.

fahmi latiff,
cinta tiada bermusim.

Tak jawab lagi soalan - kenapa blog sahabat tak boleh masuk?

mEiZ AraNda,
Yes, we'll miss everything that left us with good and beautiful memories.

Wah...pity your male coursemates.

Si Penconteng,
Travel back in time. Bring back nice memories.

DrSam said...

welcome aboard.

Ha..ha...Ali Setan dan Azura. Tapi filem tu awal lagi. Filem lakonan kami kira versi Romantika d'amore ala bollywood gitu.

Mount Ophir = Gunung Ledang - masa tengah mencari-cari Puteri Gunung Ledang. Last-last jumpa puteri Batu Pahat aja :)

My trophy smile when reading your comment. Probably in agreement with your statement :)

Whenevre you're free, we should watch Ali Setan with the whole family...should be hilarious!

Petik bunga kat taman di rumah aja. Teropong iman pun dah karat.

hidup KOKA,
Good for you bro. Take a real good care of your flower.

Haaa..haa...mat bunga tak apa, jangan mak jiwang.

Mat Rock tak jadi mat bunga, cuma tukar jadi mat skema aje.

..laut pun senget...punyalah angau :)

nAz said...

a simple story yet lies a lot of memory


Yang Benar, Kakak Perkara Rawak said...

"beautiful handwriting skills."

oh..patutlah tadek sape nk pinjam notes sye..buruk sgt..hihi..klu buat keje properlah,kalau notes,peh..macam cacing kena goreng..hahaha..

***sweet gile ah drsam..seronok bace! :)ermm.jeles pun ade..hohoho..

Zue said...

seingat I, your trophy tu pun trophy yang paling anggun masa tu...untung betul you DrSam.
The best trophy yang i pernah jumpa.:)

Ida BorneoLove said...

....... i stopped to smell what's cookin' next door ;p

Haula Hati said...


kalau ad masa nnti, farah singgah umah...



Memorable trails... said...

Wow doc..everybody was so friendly to you, so accomodating..You must be one cool,down to earth guy whom any jane ,rose, etc..etc ..would like to bring home to introduce to mum and dadkan.
Insyallah,if I have time I d write on my vasity days..That story on navaho land pun tak siap lagi.Waiting for hols..

patungcendana said...

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.

know that song doc?...

nostalgic eh...:-)

DrSam said...

walk down the memory lane, always bring smiles to my face.

tulisan macam cacing pun tak apa, mungkin ada orang yang akan berkenan kat cacing tu.

sweet macam gula-gula :)

nasib baik dalam lab tak kena ketuk kepala dek demonstrator, asyik tengok trophy aja :)

Ida Athanazir,
now my tummy is grumbling...nice smell coming from the kitchen.

This is Mine,
Bila free dan terlanjur kesini.

madam gold,
I am just a simple guy who like to smile a lot :)

ma'am, does your son participates in Debat Perdana at UIAM?

spot on ma'am! we were young...and we thought they'd never end.

Memorable trails... said...

No doc,I dont think his college send any team.But my daughter's classmate is.Were you there?look for team from sm sains pasir puteh.
Your son in?Best of luck to him..

patungcendana said...

gosh...i miss my friends now...wonder where they are...huhuhu...really bad at keeping in touch...

DrSam said...

madam gold,
thank you ma'am for the wishes. went there last night. Meriah betul. Will go again to cheer them all.

I had my breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam this morning and saw an old photo of students of one of the schools in Pahang on the wall. Clearly written on photo - looking for old friends. Good way of keeping track of old buddies.

atie said...

Cool...gud to be a cool person ha!!dr but romantic 2....

patungcendana said...

wasn't MGS was it?...

re:..serangan dewa melankoli memang dahsyat...huhuhu

DrSam said...

cool and romantic :)

Can't remember exactly. Will check.

p/s: melankoli bermusim tak apa.

Unknown said...

ahh~~ rupanya Dr sorang yang romantis..

zaman dulunya rempit mcm mane la ye...hee~~ sume naek moto kapcai..ekekeke...

*SiRibenMerah said...

Doc sam, tengah pk sedalam-dalamnya nak sambung citer tuh.. Yeah,first cut mmg deepest sgt..till now masih hujan dihatiku..hurmm, just a conclusion, kalo I sambung citer tuh, citer kehidupan di UKM akan berterusan dgn org yg sama selama 4 tahun.. ouhhhhhhh~ camne neh??

nak sambung jugak...=P~

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy said...

How are you??
Lama x dgr cerita DrSam...
Mesti busy dgn kerja harian...
Been quite busy nowadays..:)
Do feel free to comment my new blog...Hope to hear fr U soon..:)

sufian said...

i see sweet memory from your pics..

ummuilham said...

hurm tk kata pun all guys to evil..
maybe some of them jer yg king of evil.. huhu

Nin said...

Hihihi... I love hearing stories of how 2 people meet and fall in love. Cehh...buku nota je modal...

I never experienced cinta kampus... because mine was a long-distance relationship. But still, enuff memories in the experience to last a lifetime esp. since I married him hehehe...

DrSam said...

romantika D'Amour. kena belajar lagi, belum khatam.

Cadangan disokong. Sambung jangan tak sambung. Menunggu cerita telenovela terkujat di Kejut :)

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy,
Hey Tom! Nice to hear from you. The way you are writing, looks like everything goes very well now. Good for you man.

Sweetest memory indeed.

Ummu Ilham,
Salam. the evil withing, is every man's fear.

Madam markonah,
What to do ma'am. buku nota pun, buku nota lah :)

Wow...a relationship flourishing over distance, with a touch of a very happy ending. Another telenovela ma'am?

Ady Syam said...

Salam Tuan Rumah... Selamat Pagi :) Saya ada award special untuk anda sila amek kat blog saya

DrSam said...

Ady Syam,
Salam. Terimakasih diatas anugerah itu. (Pengunjung ke berapa?)

puspawangi said...

you have too much of g-force la doc (as in your comment "..the evil withing.. :). Tahulah you tu orang Ganu yang suka makang ikang!

DrSam said...

opsi daisy! Nok buat guane stabok ame...ikang sokmo.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Hahaha.. me too play hard, study smart.. and definitily flirting session in those yester years when gilrs play hard to get and boys wooing with chocs and roses and definitely love notes

DrSam said...

Hi..hi..I guess most have their sweet memories too. Yours probably more interesting than mine.

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