05 May 2009

Living under the same sun

Everything seems to be very quiet in our neighborhood lately. I hardly see my fellow law-abiding citizen jog in the morning or busy-body maids gossiping with each other about their stingy lady bosses. Even Samantha, a petite blonde living next door became very agitated with the serene surrounding . She will moan and whine on anything that suddenly disrupted her afternoon nap. A hunky postman doing his usual business will really piss her off. A real bitch she is. Samantha is the only dog in the vicinity. She barks at anything that passed in front her gate. Loneliness has really got into her. Though she is such a bimbo, a real stud is hard to come these days. Not while she is confined in her comfort zone. But I believe even a spoil brat like Samantha will be a good sire one day.

And thank you to our Bolehland weather, it is summer again. The blazing heat, skin-biting UV, air pollution, head-banging deadlines and traffic jam has worsen the situation and really shrunk our lifespan (into half) as compared to our own species in the northern and southern hemisphere, who has the privilege living in the fridge. But who are we to complain? With mamak and tom yum stalls around the corners that operate 24/7, all year round. It is a fiesta!

Back in my neighborhood, I have a different story to tell. In order to kill the boredom and to fulfill our social obligation, my fellow law-abiding citizen who shares the same 'lorong' with me decided to have our annual communal gathering, while at the same time celebrating the labour day holiday together - pot-luck style. The truth is, we have been engaging in this healthy activities ever since we moved in into this neighborhood seven years ago. The idea was initially mooted by me (ehem...ehem) thinking that by knowing my fellow law-abiding citizen better would allow me in the future to borrow their grass cutter or even their posh car in case of an emergency. And not surprisingly, whoever came up with any good idea will almost unanimously be selected as a leader, in this case the chairman of the 'lorong' of course. (I noticed these has become a common practice in the government sector, no wonder why not so many good and constructive ideas being put forward these days :)

With 44 houses in the 'lorong' and very supportive law-abiding citizen, the venue will be rotated among us. The chairman has the honor to choose which house to become the host. I was the first, in fact the second and the third to host such an event, that if my memory still serves me right. In a way, this gathering has also served as a testing ground for budding cook to show off their cooking skill. This has left the men, who oblige willingly to succumb themselves indulging with all the food they can stuff into their belly. The gathering has become a tradition and I hope the tradition will continue.

But strange it may seem, in all of those occasions, we somehow have never invited the blondie Samantha to join the fun.

The host cum-treasurer (far left) giving an inspiring opening speech to the speechless guests.

Ice-breaking session after the opening speech has left our bilal (in the middle) gasping for breath to recite a 'doa makan'.

Kids are having their good time as well.

After an inspiring speech by our host and a short doa recital by our bilal, the ladies made themselves busy preparing the feast.

Oblivious to the heavy discussion that almost rival the parliament around him, one of the law-abiding citizen helping himself with satay kajang, courtesy of our bilal.

Archive of time - the theme of our previous gathering was BBQuing under the moon. Seen here was one of our ex-member of law-abiding citizen (stripe t-shirt) who had moved out to join another law-abiding citizen in another neighborhood. That was the last BBQ we had.

Archive of time - members of the community deeply engrossed discussing the current affair - mostly rubbish but rather very entertaining.

Archive of time - the ladies, with enough corum to vote and send in their representative in the next general election.

Archive of time - our prolific and outstanding chef, checking to make sure the foods were not contaminated by straying saliva from a heavy discussion nearby.


Naddy said...

can the accumulated food for thought that night rival the debates in parliament or any dewan rakyat :-P?

satay kajang, haven't berjaya eaten them yet.

SRISUFI said...

Salam drsam

Pertamanya saya sangat tertarik dengan tajuk post kali ini....benar kan dr, kat mana pun kita berada tetap pandang matahari dan bulan yang sama.


DrSam said...

with mouth full of food, the only thing coming out was rubbish - that part rival the debate in parliament or dewan rakyat :)

never taste satey kajang before? which part of the planet are you from sis?

Orang yang berjiwa seni macam kamu ni memang pandai saje mengupas, tajuk pun tidak terlepas :)

memang betul - bulan, matahari dan bintang antaranya tidak pernah berubah. Alangkah bagusnya jika manusia dan hatinya begitu juga (eh...bunyi jiwang lah pulak :)

Naddy said...

i'm from venus. hu hu hu.

Anonymous said...

the foods looks very appetizing..
this reminds me to organize up a bbq for my housemates too..hehe..

Encik Ariff said...

kind of happy gathering.

patungcendana said...

here's to u ...raise a glass for everyone...

here's to them underneath the burning sun...

same sun...different fate doc...

hehehe...saja je...menimbulkan keraguan...

semangat kejiranan yang tebal...salute you...:-)

MariaFaizal said...

Yum, yum...
I saw 'barbequed' satay there.. :D
Me loike anything carbon even capsicum..hihi...

The street party looked so merry & i know i don't live around the neigbourhood, but i just wished i was there with you guys and Samantha (the only bitch that we can call bitch in a cute way :)

And...together indulging in those yummy food!One more thing Doc, is there anyway I could purchase the fruity soap (that given by sis Zayda)?

Have a happy day!

syazliadam said...

hey, that`s me in the 3rd picture (the red shirt boy with a watch)

Unknown said...

salam dr sam.. have a nice day k

tomato_masam said...

wow, jiran2 ber'gathering' bersama, can't wait for our lorong gathering juge~ but lambat lagi, maybe next raya baru ada next gathering~ btw, banyak nya makanan tuk BBq~ sangat sangat drooling sudah~~ hee =)

Nin said...

Good food, good company, good conversation. A lot to be thankful for eh? Bila nak buat makan2 for fellow bloggers pulak? :-)

JohnJenin said...

Meriah sungguh neighborhood DrSam. This value need to be maintain because people nowadays too busy to know their neighbor and very anti social.

Thumb up!

Sally said...

such a great activity among neighbours..muafakat membawa berkat..

p/s d bbq looks sooooo delicious..drooling..drooling..

Shimamon said...

it's fun to have gatherings or parties like this every once in a while. give us chance to catch up with our friends. :)

CATZ said...

bestnya sesekali buat gathering macam tu..i tak pernah berpeluang...

Mia's Mom said...

.... and the same moon... BTW, Sam, neighbor angkat accept tak masa gathering tu??? (:-Dkeysi

bozzobattousai said...

saya sokong...kita memang kongsi semuanya...bulan, bintang, matahari dan udara...buat apa gaduh2...BBQ under the stars kan lebih baik....

Unknown said...

salam....wah3 goog writing.....get more info...

*SiRibenMerah said...

wahhh.. bbq gitu..
nyummm nyummmmmmm~

Hidup KOKA said...

Best nyer BBQ!!!!

time for ngeteh?

check your g-mail....
I ada bagi phone no. I...

Sms ye!

balqissy said...

waah~ seronok. memang agak penat kalau buat makan2...tapi, seronok bila tgk semua org gembira dan berseronok~
oh. rindu rumah tiba-tiba.~

DrSam said...

Welcome to the Bolehland!

The food and the good company are always very appetizing.

encik ariff,
law-abiding citizen always feeling happy.

walking under the hot sun, wearing a yellow hat...shouldn't be confused by now.

We could make another arrangement for you and other bloggers to have a BBQ gathering - and that sounds like a plan already.

We got the soap whenever we attended our regular Saturday's kuliah. They sells many other halal products as well. There are several varieties. Will get for you another one.

DrSam said...

atromen should be doing his homework at this hour.

salam and have a nice day.

tomato masam,
semangat kejiranan perlu dipupuk dengan aktiviti muhibah begini. Jika ada peluang memang digalakkan dianjurkan.

madam markonah,
Always nice to have good company. You missed the first and second bloggers' meeting (in March), but if there is good response, why not... a BBQ gathering sounds good.

Kalau semua satu kepala, buat apapun jadi. Harapannya sentiasa satu hati.

kalau dapat bbq kat PCB lagi bagus ni. Lagilah dapat hasil laut yang segar bugar gitu.

DrSam said...

Twice a year should be good to catch up with neighbours. Try to organise one at your neighbourhood. I am sure everybody will enjoy it.

lain kali boleh rancang bloggers BBQ pula. Itu pun jika ada yang berminat.

Mia's mom,
He..he..I know you are one law-abiding citizen. Neighbor angkat shouldn't be any problem. Can join next time.

BBQ kat mana-mana pun bagus, asal ayam, daging atau masakan BBQ itu tidak hangit/hangus sudah.

Anak Pendang Sekeluarga,
salam singgah. TQ.

sampai juga ke asap BBQ ke utara?

hidup KOKA,
Worait. TQ. will sms you for mengeteh.

seronok tapi tak lah penat sangat sebab semua terlibat dan bermuafakat, tuan rumah pun taklah terbeban.

x said...

Waaa. Besnya dapat berkumpul ramai-ramai macam ni :)

Memorable trails... said...

Alhamdulliah..such a good noble spirit still exists in the city and should be preserved and passed down to the next generation.
Semuga niat dan kerja -kerja ini diberkati Allah...

Sally said...

BBQ at PCB eh..yup would b great indeed..infact that nite we did have a BBQ ..and yes d sea 'creature' there are fresh!!..so..bila nak mai?

MariaFaizal said...

Give me the details of the prices. Let me pay you PLEASE..... and this time i don't just want ONE, I want more as the soap is really great.Honestly!

Email me Doc? Thanks in advance.

patungcendana said...

hehehe...confused is my default mode...:-)

Zareda Norman said...

under the same sun

macam lagu scorpion je..

DrSam said...

Si Penconteng,
cosy-cosy gitu ;)

madam gold,
Yes, I agree ma'am. This spirit of 'main pondok-pondok' should be passed down to our next apprentices.

you did? Jolly good! Yes, we will find one good day, when the moon is full and I will call you then.

Pas de probleme! Will email you the details. I am sure the Ustaz would be very happy to have another customer like you :)

the Mean, Mode and Median. or was it Depeche mode?

Zareda Norman,
Spot on kak cik! lagu masa tengah tangkap lentuk dulu-dulu ;)

Zue said...

ingatkan samantha tu orang tadi...:)

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy said...

Sound interesting ur blog...
Next time called me up if there is any event like this,k...:)

Zendra-Maria said...

Mak bapak Samantha pun xde ke? One thing I learnt from experience is to always prepare something filling for vegetarians too. True it's potluck but not nice if they have to eat back their own stuff, kan?

Kudos to your efforts, Doc.

DrSam said...

Samantha memang nama orang tapi letak kat anjing. Camne :)

Mencari sinar bahagia @ Tommy,
Hi Tom. Will do...

Mak bapak Samantha pun tak datang hari tu. Malu atau segan agaknya.

You are right. We should be considerate and thoughtful when preparing our food especially when it involves many people with different diet. But in our case, there is non herbivore but all omnivores!

patungcendana said...

oh...kau pun tahu depeche mode ya doc?...teringat zaman kat uni...

ya...kuehbakar memang best...:-)

*SiRibenMerah said...

alamakkk.. mmg la x sampai.. tapi kalo org utara g tunggu asap bbq kat situ sampai la kot x lama lagi.. hahahahahaha...

serius kne wat bbq sekali kat umah Doc..hurmmm... sis zayda, muleh ke???
pelizzzzz.. sambil kelip2 mata kat sis zayda.. hehehehe =)

Fadhil said...

Salam Doc,

You have good neighbours there. It is a good tradition to keep, this makan gathering.

I look forward to you organizing a bloggers BBQ gathering. If the timing is right, I try my best to join.

DrSam said...

ada lah satu dua lagu yang boleh layan.

Kalau orang utara turun sini, apa salahnya, boleh kita perasap Shah Alam kot :)

Good neighbours, nice neighbourhood.

If you are interested and many others have the same liking, then we should have one. Why not sir.

Fly said...

salam dr apa khabar, harap-harap sihatlah yek. lama tak jenguk sini, agak busy saya skrg ni.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Indeed a good practice, eh Dr Sam.. We also had it once a year in order to bond and catch up accordingly ;D

Tantalising idea indeed to BBQ under the moon but it is so hot nowadays even the night can do so little to cool off the day heat, kan.

DrSam said...

Salam kembali. Alhamdulillah. memang kehadiran cahaya mata baru memang masa lebih tertumpu kepada si comel. Cukup ke tidur cikgu :)

Hope many other law-abiding citizen would do the same.

we have to wait until the next full moon or Malaysian Winter to come, then we will have our BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Sam.... ramai juga ye... jiran2 Dr.Sam yang sporting....

BBQ lebih2 tak der ke..?

... :)

CAHAYA said...

I missed the tea so much! :P

Aqila Borhan said...

bestnya berkumpul ramai2. yg buat tertarik adelah BBQ tu. =D

puspawangi said...

Doc, tak buat acara tarik tali ke, lawan congkak ke, kan lagi meriah? Kalau buat BBQ lagi, saya nak datang leh tak?

DrSam said...

fahmi latiff,
setakat ni alhamdulillah, majoriti jiran lorong tu satu kepala dan satu hati.

Kalau BBQ kat PCB kan lagi bagus, tunggu jutawan muda belanja :)

Come again, you are most welcome!

towkey BBQ dengan BBQ set yang canggih sudah pindah. Yang tinggal hanya BBQ pasang siap aja.

Cadangan yang bernas dan boleh dipertimbangkan. Atau pertandingan cabut lalang kat rumah jiran yang malas nak merumput pun boleh juga :)

BBQ ni bukan tak nak buat, cuma kalau buat tu kena jemput geng-geng lorong lain pula (macam pernah sekali tu, lorong sebelah dah merajuk tak dijemput). Lagipun bau semerbak BBQ tu menjelajah hingga sampai ke Utara no!

nAz said...

semangat jiran!

bab makan2 ni mmg best..
saya pun nak mengaku jiran


payarumput21 said...

Salam DrSam..

Hmmm.. most of the pot luck yang ada semua initiatied by the office.. tak pernah lagi attend from the neighbourhood..

Bagus kan semangat macam ni.. memang dituntut.. seronok tengok..

Syabas DrSam and all your law abiding friends / neighbour..


zafi said...

Yosh... i miss this kind of event
Yup my "lorong" also did the same thing...
Keep up a great move !
Sepakat bawa berkat!

DrSam said...

boleh daftar keahlian kejiranan sementara. Pendaftaran masih terbuka.

law-abiding citizen really looking forward to have such gathering. You can be the one who make this thing happen in your neighbourhood.

I am sure you have a 'lorong' ala "Coronation street" at your place. A very happening street indeed.

manro said...

hahaha... bro memang pandai buat lawak. ex law abiding citizen went to another neighbourhood coz your food had everyting in it but no power and money bro... you are happy he went i guess.... jeng..jeng..jeng...jeng.....

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