23 May 2009

Yes chef !

I woke up this morning smelling something very familiar engulfing the bedroom. It was nice, sweet and rich. The smell really made my tummy grumbling. The pungent smell invading my nostrils led me to jump out of my bed and straight away heading to the kitchen. In my clumsiness negotiating the stairs, I almost bumped into my cheerful significant half and she greeted me with the biggest smile ever. I could see that she was very occupied with her chores preparing some delectable delicacies. But this time the ingredients and the amount of raw cooking materials packed like a mountain on the small table in the kitchen.

Rumi : "Kenapa banyak sangat barang-barang kat dapur ni, nak buat kenduri ke?" I am trying very hard to recall if I miss any important event.

Juli : "Bukan kita yang nak buat kenduri, jiran depan rumah tu mintak tolong masakkan." the internal affair minister explained.

Rumi : "Sejak bila pula buka bisnes catering ni" Just trying my luck, hoping to see some ladles flying in the air. Nope. No luck.

Juli : "Dulu masa mengandung, Az (nama jiran - bukan nama sebenar) ada bagitau dia mengidam nasi beriyani yang kita masak dulu. Tadi dia minta tolong masakkan, tak sampai hati pula nak hampakan" With that, I just left her and got ready to see my dentist (that jaw-dropping experience can be another episode - just like Mia's mom said. But probably not interesting enough and not worth sharing in this blog anyway)

I seldom spent much time in the kitchen as that is not my territory. I later realised since the first time I met my significant half, some twenty years ago, she actually melted my heart with her gastronomic skill. In fact, I should have thanked her now, if not because of her wonderful skill in the kitchen I would have been so skinny, a mere gusty wind of Pantai Batu Burok will surely blown me away.

Now that she is a full time housewife, after leaving her teaching profession a few years ago (that is another interesting episode to share - but let her, the internal affair minister write it herself in her blog), she can passionately spend more time in her command center. In a away, that really made me worried. Now I have from time to time, checking the needle in the weighing scale just to make sure it won't swing that much from my comfy zone. I remember when we were in the far land, the land of fish and chips, I ate so much of her cooking, when we came back to the Bolehland nine years ago, were like a ballon, if we accidentally sit on a pin sharp grass, it will almost surely made us burst.

Probably my dear wife, you can open a small catering services or a cosy restaurante and fulfil your childhood passion to have your own business.

Yes Master chef, I will be your first loyal customer!

Our bibik diligently assisting the master chef getting everything ready for the big showdown. During this critical moment, it is wise to keep my distance from the ground zero. The wonderful smell of finely prepared condiments will caused my tummy to sing a familiar notes.

I didn't expect to have another gathering by law-abiding-citizen in my neighbourhood to be that soon. We have just had one earlier this month. This time another member of law-abiding-citizen who had missed the previous gathering take the initiative for the members to gather and got update with the latest local news.

No, they were not actually waiting for the freshly cooked nasi beriani being delivered from my kitchen but anticipating another members to join the corrum.


ASH said...

Bon apetite...
err don't forget the needle in the weighing scale, okay!!

ASH said...

am I the first to comment?!
....cepat jer kalau pasal makan ni ye! ha ha ha

DrSam said...

Actually no chance to sample nasi beriani yet. But at this late hour, after posting this appetizing entry, my tummy start to grumble.

Hi..hi..nanti I fikirkan apa nak bagi hadiah kepada pengomen pertama :)

x said...

Bila baca entri ni, terus je ingatkan sambal nasi ayam penyet. Sodap!

Zendra-Maria said...

Bila buka restoran tu, jangan lupa ngundang untuk food-tasting ye?

gman said...

i swear i could smell nasi beriani just now...

doc buat sy lapar~~~~

ouT oF My MinD said...

wow..jeleousnye saya.
dah lama x makan masakan yg dimasak kt umah. rindunya masakan family kt kg...bila nk jmput makan2..;b

lg satu, betullah kata orang, pikat lelaki through his stomach...;p

MariaFaizal said...

Yum,yum...I'm drooling now.
And, biz opportunities with excellent skills & I envy your lovely significant half to have worked from home & generate income & watch children growing up before her eyes.

Sis Zayda will be really occupied with more orders coming in soon... & her own blog? (owh come on,come on..give me the url add. please...)

Let me know the date to officiate that cozy restaurante as I'd really love to be there.Can't wait!
Congratulations in advance.

To Si Penconteng,nasi ayam penyet memang best kan? Pernah try kat depan New York Hotel in JB?

Nite Garden said...

Wow... Lucky you :)

Opening a cosy restaurante is a great idea. I'll be her second loyal customer as Im tired of eating nasi briyani from mamak restaurants :)

DrSam said...

Si Penconteng,
kesian ayam tu kena penyet :)

food tasting tak perlu tunggu buka restoran, datang je Subang Bestari ni. Secara tak langsung boleh dapatkan pendapat umum.

Wait till you come back to the Bolehland, we celebrate your success with nasi beriyani..

ouT oF My MinD
Selalu sangat makan di restoran sdn. bhd, selra tak habis, asyik tambah aja. Kalau ada kelapangan, apa salahnya gatecrash disini :)

You know my place, you are most welcome anytime.

Business plan has not materliased yet, too many consideration ( and distraction). Still in the fact-finding mission mode and fine tuning her learning curve. could not simply jump the bandwagon as yet.

Her blog is 'drowsing' at the moment :) Tanya tuan punya badan, takut nanti kena puasa 3 hari 3 malam :)

Nite Garden,
thank you for your encouragement. Will tell my wife to speed up her plan. Kita ni tumpang makan aje :)

Diamilikku said...

ok.. set.. booking menu yg sama mcm neh utk meeting june nnt.. hahahaha.. agak2 over x permohonan princess riben neh?? ouhhhh.. I nampak sis zayda da angkat senduk nk I join bibik tolong dia kat dapur.. orait sis.. kalo buka bisnes katering.. I angkat tgn nk tolong skali.. hehehehehe.. tetiba ngidam jugakkk~

Sally said...

Lucky u!..ade chef hebat di rumah..hehe..increasing waist line??..no worries..thats a sign of properity!!

CAHAYA said...

Sis Zayda is a great cook! And I guess my tummy also can sing the same song as yours. :P

p/s: Send my regards to Sis Zayda. :) Awh! I missed the 'tea' so much!

besi said...

dr sam...ghairah juga...kalau pasal makan? heheheheh

besi said...

alamak lupa lak...salute kat master of chef...

*SiRibenMerah said...

alamak, diamilikku td tuh akaun kakak.. so, it's me yek.. nnt sis zayda terkejut pulak..

DrSam said...

Salam. Booking akan dimaklumkan kepada master chef. Buat masa ni tengah cari tukang rasa makanan (food tester) dulu. Permohonan anda diterima!

Dah lah semakin kurang beriadah kebelakangan ni, selera makan pula bertambah. tu yang rungsing tu.

Thanks for the compliment. Will convey the message to her. You can join afternoon tea at our garden anytime (before your nightshift start).

Itu yang buat bertambah rungsing tu, lepas makan buat kita jadi bertambah ghairah :)

Master chef balas salute!

DrSam said...

Mula-mula terkejut juga. Tengok dari gaya penulisan boleh agak juga siapa penulis sebenar. Kesilapan teknik yang tidak disengajakan boleh berlaku kepada sesiapa :)

balqissy said...

ahaha... jum ber-diet sama-sama.

Memorable trails... said...

Salam doc,
Nasi beryani???emmm bestnya.Teringat nasi beryani gam kat Sg Batu Pahat tu.Have to balik kampong this hols gamaknya, nak makan nasi beryani.

You have so many fitness center in KL,just go to one.Lainlah di kb ni,gym pun jumpa.

Good ukhwah in ur neighbourhood there doc..

Inah said...

nasi beriani!! gosh..being in foreign land makes u realize how special our delicacies :)

PerantauSepi1306 said...

nasi briyani ka dr sam... uisshhhh meleleh ayaq lioq camni.. nak rasa gak bley walau tak de sebab nak ngidam.. hehehe

cendawanintim said...

makanan lagik...oh nooooooooo!!!!

patungcendana said...

thepatung says...

to juli.....lady you rock...:-)

to rumi...ahahahaha...keep watching the needle... :-)

DrSam said...

diet tu satu dugaan yang besar buat masa ni.

madam gold,
nasi beriyani gam kat Bt. Pahat tu memang melekat kalau makan. Kali terakhir pergi makan situ 2 tahun lepas ketika cuti. Tahun ni cuti sekolah makan keropok.

Every now and then, there are promotions from the many fitness centers here, but I still prefer to do it the traditional way, mencangkul kat kebun.

Law-abiding citizen is always looking forward to strengthen the ukhuwah.

I hope your short holiday in the Bolehland had given you ample time to sample our local delicacies.

tunggu kenduri kat Ganu. Dah set tarikh ke?

Rumi has always been the fan of slow rock, while Juli was rocking the cradle :)

Zue said...


Your significant half is very very good in cooking. My mum keep asking me to go to your house....she still remember how deliciuse the lunch with ulam and sambal belacan at your house...

Send my mum regards to your wife.

Anonymous said...

salam Dr.Sam... :)

bau nasi beriyani sampai ke sini...
harum.. dan sedap nya...salute Master chef..:)

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam (:-D)!

How nice to wake up to smelling something's cooking! Can imagine a "goofy-like" sleep walking act sniffing right to the source... hehehe...

Zaida ada buat home delivery kat Shah Alam tak? (:-D)

nahmy said...

beriani gam johor takdak ke? klu ada tu sanggup saya memesan 2-3 set...

Adliff said...

Doc. Sam,

So yummy! You made me hungry! Untungnya isteri mahir memasak!:)

SRISUFI said...


dari sedu...terus sendawa sri masuk blog Dr. kali ni..


Unknown said...

ahhhh... the description alone is enough to make my tummy rumble!

DrSam said...

I will ask my wife if she can organise another luncheon, the kampung-style. Probably the previous lunch get together and everybody ate on the floor has that lasting impression on your mom. The master chef is on the jolliest mood these days :)

fahmi latiff,
salam sahabat. Wow...bau beriani dibawa oleh angin barat daya sampai ke Serambi Mekah?

fahmi, ruang komen ditutup lagi ke?

Mia's mom,
You have to come and taste the sample first, then only you can make an order. Home delivery doesn't sounds very errrr...glamorous these days, might as well you import the master chef herself to your kitchen!

Beriani gam Johor ori kat Bt. Pahat aja. Ni angan-angan nak buka cawangan kat sini lah ni :)

aliff muhammad,
salam aliff. saya kalau dah balik rumah lepas kerja, kalau tak ada hal penting memang malas sangat nak keluar lagi cari makan kat luar - master chef dah standby tunggu ambil order kat dapur :)

Sendawa pun masih bau beriani...alhamdulillah.

Reading your comment has also made my mouth salivating. I really have to go back now!

Fly said...

nasi bariani yang doc ceritakan watkan saya lapar dan terus rasa mengidamlah..:)

arsaili said...

salam...wahhh teringin plak nak makan nasi briyani...err mana pic tengah gumok tu ahahaha...nak tgk gak...

DrSam said...

bro, jangan bro...catlina baru aja lepas mengidam :)

salam, dulu yang kita pergi makan kat Sg. Buloh tu berani klon dari Bt. Pahat. Next time balik ke Bolehland boleh rasa beriani versi lain pula.

Pic tengah gemuk segan nak tunjuk, takut salah faham ingat kita mengandung plak :)

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam (:-D),

How I wish I can import the Master Chef herself - but... sure the roommate doesn't mind? (:-D).

Insya Allah... nanti datang sample. Thank you for the invitation(:-D)- takut Danish + Aqil tak berhenti-henti makan je!

DrSam said...

Mia's Mom,
Salam. Or course the roommate doesn't mind, so long you return the master chef scratch-free.

Make sure you come to sample the dishes before you leave the country. Bukan apa, takut kempunan dan meleleh pula air liur kat sinun :)

kuIna said...

alamak baunya sampai kat sini la... mesti sedap nie...

sy lapar nie..

CS @ Mama AA's said...


klu sya la bab nak msk byk2 ni hehe

klu makan sendiri & family blehla keh3

Fadhil said...

Wow Doc, your missus can cook nasi beriyani eh? Good for you. I am a beriyani fan myself. Dengar aje orang cerita ada kedai jual nasi beriyani sedap, mesti pegi try.

DrSam said...

kulna LadyInRed,
kat sini tu kat mana ye? 'Delivery service' belum di 'activate' lagi :)

saya pun tergolong dalam kumpulan itu juga - tolong makan.

If you happen to pass through Sg. Buloh or my office, just ring me. If the menu doesn't in my internal affair minister dish of the day, then there is another port nearby we can go and sample the beriani gam (the chef was a student of that famous Bt Pahat Beriani gam).

Naddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naddy said...

i think the members are waiting for the incoming members and also the food. After eating is our nation's favourite past time.

CATZ said...

beruntung mempunyai master chef di dapur sendiri...
turun ke dapur tinggal makan..syoknyaa..
ramai ellaki yg saya rasa malu/tak nak puji/ego nak puji masakan istero, but the u describe..ur wife is really a good chef...
eh..rasa nak makan pulak..

takpe..mkn je lah..once a week timbang asal tak lari jauhhh sgt dr zone sepatutnya ok lah..
exercise lah sikit...rugi tak dimanfaatkan masakan yg sedap di dapur sendiri..ramai org tak dpt peluang mcm DrSam yg bertuah ni..

kalau nak buka restorante..hire me..dpt tolong potong bawang or cuci pinggan atau potong sayur pun ok..dpt gak intai resepi master chef..

CATZ said...

*eh..salah eja..
isteri..not istero...hahahahah

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