02 June 2009

Longing for the sun

This is the most anticipated time during the second quarter of the year, when all member of your family is around and make a full house one more time. It is a school holiday and I am almost as excited as the kids.

School holiday could mean many trips up and down, scoring half the peninsular of Malaysia. As I am getting my back into it's my normal posture (not that it was crooked before though) , I can again enjoy driving a long-haul trip without having to worry the strenuous effect on me.

The first trip after such a mundane period of healing was a two and a half hour trip up to Kuala Kangsar to fetch my son from his college. Normally he will just take a bus ride home, but I presume during the last few weeks before the school break was quite a hectic time for him with preparing for a debate competition, exams and daydreaming - he forgot to buy a bus ticket.

But I don't mind having to travel all the way to his place. In fact I quite enjoy the journey as the route along the north bound highway has many interesting lay by and rest areas for me to stop and take a break and cool off myself.

Two most popular rest area where I almost won't miss during those trips are Tapah R&R and Hentian Sg. Perak (both ways). Both places have good facilities, many things to offer - some you can't find it anywhere else, clean and very colorful. There are always some 'jajan' to bring back home from these two stop over.

Tomorrow I am traveling away from those two rest area. I am going back to the east coast for a holiday, to my hometown the Keropoklekor land. Even the rest areas along the new highway are not as good as the one in the other side of the mountain, but I know I will enjoy the good scenery along the scenic coastal area of Kemaman, Dungun and Kuala Terengganu. Even though the collapse of Sultan Mizan new stadium was a bit shameful (and shocking) to most Awang and Mek Ganu, that won't a bit surprised me as I am sure Ganu people will always say "mujo ambe takdok situ dudok cakung dalang stadiung masa atap tu rutoh, kalau tidok mapuh keghah bahang tanoh ah wei"!

It was considerably a busy week for me trying to clear everything off my desk and other people's desk as well, in anticipation of this holiday. It is time for me to switch off my handphone and enjoying my long siesta under the palm tree on a beautiful sandy beach, after having a morning breakfast of nasi dagang.


mus said...

kuala kangsar, erm, i wonder whether it's MCKK dat ur talking about? =)

pal7 said...

moga perjalanan esok dipermudahkan dan selamat hendaknya ye..
hati2 dalam perjalanan..

*nak tapau keropok lekor ganu..hehe

Fly said...

SElamat pergi dan balik ye Dr, Kira balik kg lah ni ye :)

Anonymous said...

eh2...dat house is called 'rumah wawasan' when it was my years..i used to walk alone in the morning when i was form two and would notice that all the windows are closed and in the afternoon back for lunch at the hall i would notice that all the windows are open again..haha..

Anonymous said...

maybe just my imagination though at that time..hehe

Honeydy Love said...

i think i need to go somewhere peaceful and have a nice scenery as well.
i love beach..
i used to traveled alone if i eva nid one.
so i can juz relax and hv a peaceful mind..
really miss those days..:)

Abd Razak said...

Dr sam...moga perjalannya dipermudahkan oleh Allah SWT

Memorable trails... said...

You re right Doc.The facilities along North South highway are much much better than the east coast bound..
Lama ke balik Ganu doc?Have a fiesta of nasi dagang,keropok lekor etc..
Your son not involve in rugby training doc?My son now in KT,busy with his training.If everything goes as plan,they are meeting on 1st June..
Have a great time in kampung..

Anonymous said...

Same here, I am more excited when come to school holidays than my kids. we can go jalan-jalan & makan-makan.

Cool man, good to hear that u will switch off you handphone. I always enjoy "switch off" outside world for a couple days so that i can enjoy the peaceful day.

Have a great holiday, dude!

pB said...


moga semuanya selamat ....

@rep said...

that haunted house ada lagi rupanya.. scary...

Sally said...

Happy holiday!! Safe journey..and thank you for having me n my family at ur luvly home last Friday..Salam to Pn Zaida n the boys..

Meen Eunos said...

Happy Holiday Dr Sam.

bozzobattousai said...

bozzo blom ada anak so school holiday is just like any other holiday yg bozzo tak dapat cuti...hari keputreraan pon jatuh hari sabtu....cis tak cuti lagi...

Halezza Ibrahim said...

Happy holiday Dr Sam...have a nice journey!!

*SiRibenMerah said...

happy holiday Dr Sam, Sis Zayda and the kids..
take care and enjoy ur holiday...

MiSyaJanah said...

wah dr sam...
so ejoy pi holiday iya...hohohoho....
saya pun rasa seronok sanagat...tp, pas abis cuti, saya da start mengajar..praktikum di sekolah...huhu..
selamat bercuti iya doc!huhuh

Encik Ariff said...

selamat bercuti..

MariaFaizal said...

Your son is in the MCKK debate team..impressive!

Have a safe & pleasant journey and Happy Holiday!

ASH said...

ho ho ho..balik kampung
ho ho ho..balik kampung...
ho ho ho....balik kampung...
hati girang..

nampak atap stadium yang ghuntuh tu..

selamat makang ikang ayeeer..
kiring ghupok losong dehh??

nahmy said...

perhh!! nasi dagang asli yg mendamaikan tekak...

Eliz said...

dr sam i bungkus keropok lekor kat chow kit jer nak bawak balik to the land of the head hunter...

anntaj said...


besi said...

dr sam....hentian tapah..mmg byk org jual buah...jambu la terutamanya....

DrSam said...

Yes, you got that right.

terimakasih. keropok lekor memang jajan yang tidak pernah dilupakan.

musim cuti sekolah baru boleh satu keluaga balik kampung.

Cuti sekolah ni apa rancangan bro? Tak jenguk K.L ke?

I asked my son and he didn't know about that house named 'rumah wawasan'. Probably different batches have different name for it.

Seem a bit sad to see such a beautiful relic being abandoned and no effort in restoring it. My son related to me many weird encounters at that house as well :)

Honeya Diaz,
Have gut will travel! Pack your thing and jump the boat.

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

waaaa,you made me miss my hometown so bad! oh-sandy beaches...and the keropok lekor.hmmm~the stadium thing was shocking!

DrSam said...

Terimakasih diatas doa tersebu. Amin.

madam gold,
I will be hibernating and cut off from the civilization for 5 days. Have to watch the weighing scale as normally I will put up few kilos after the long fiesta :)

My son missed this tour as he was not well during the selection. The inter state competition is quite good for a novice like him.

Good luck to your son!

Daniel Ng,
You can imagine now, I am wearing a sarong with strong wind blowing from the South China Sea. Marilyn Monroe will envy that moment bro!

Have a cool and great day!

terimakasih diatas doa tersebut. Amin.

ha..ha... is it still haunting you until these days?

Happy holiday to you too. Everybody enjoyed having such a good company that day. Like you said "macam balik kampung dan tak habis-habis bercerita..".

Looking forward for another wonderful family gathering!

Did you finally manage to get the number of that blogger?

DrSam said...

Still waiting the right time for our mengeteh session.

Have a great day!

cuti..jangan tak cuti. Cari masa yang sesuai pergi ber'honeymoon'.

Halezza Ibrahim,
Thank you. Have a wonderful school holiday to you too.

Thank you. Your nick now reminded me of that Lady in Red so popular these days up North (hiway). Nothing to do with you right?

Hasil penat lelah itu nanti akan terbalas akhirnya. Buat masa ni tumpukan kepada kurus dulu.

encik ariff,
semoga selamat semuanya. Amin.

He is always a chatter box, ever since he can talk. So I thought his talent might be better put into good use such in a debate team.

Thank you for the wishes. Are you starting at your new job soon?

DrSam said...

nasib baik acara sukan IPTA tu tak mula lagi, kalau tak tak dapat nak bayangkan besarnya musibah. nauzubillah.

makang ikang singgang dengan budu memang mengiurkan.

Khepok lekor...no problemo. Helo...helo aja untuk collection :)

yang asli tu selalu dicari-cari.

Bolehlah melepaskan kempunan tu.

salam :) Tak turun Ganu?

memang betul. memang tak pernah miss beli jambu yang cun-cun dari situ.

Liyana Safra Zaabar,
When was the last time you makang khepok lekor? Never mind, I will do the honor on your behalf agar tidaklah kempunan sangat :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe..probably because of the different years..
the story was that before my years, an ustaz live there with his family but then they had to moved out only after a month if I'm not mistaken..
they claimed that weird things happened when they stay at that house..
even a construction where the college wanted to build a new basketball court next to the form 2's old court had to be cancelled because the workers claimed they were being 'kacau' by something..
haha..well it's only a story..eh..so much of my reminiscence..haha..panjang plak.

CatlinaFly said...

best nyer balik kampung...sy baru naik keje selepas berhibernasi selama 2 bulan..:) ,next balik kampung, raya lah..take care yea~!

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Have a nice trip and holiday to Ganu Kite! hehehehe couldn't help smiling when reading the Ganu's people statements.. hehehehehe and smiling still ;D

CAHAYA said...

Craving for Nasi Dagang, Jambu air and keropok lekor. Hmm. Nak cari la Ahad ni. :P

@xiM said...

mapuh kerah la kalu hamber duk cakung dalang stadiung tuh..hehe

ello prang kampung..balik ganu kaa..:)

kawe pun lamo doh tok balik ganu nih..dua minggu lagi kot..

selamak bercuti deh!!


Hidup KOKA said...

Balik ganu? keropok lekor?...

Tension........... nak ikut!!!!!

Sally said...

yes..i did..i did something nuts..haha..left my number at his blog..soon after got his call..we went for a fish head curry lunch..

Sally said...

..with darling ofcourse..

umie@kakyong said...

Selamat bercuti dan selamat dalam perjalanan pergi dan balik...

Gambar buah2 tu menarik... terliur je tgk... hehehehe...

MariaFaizal said...

ha ha ha.. LOL !!
Nice one on the sarong (after reading your comments on Daniel's page :)

Probably starting July or if still heavy hearted - after Aidilfitri :D

Be safe anywhere you guys are.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I remember the optimism of the Terengganu people by their adoption of the 'mujur' attitude.

Anything bad happen, there's always a 'mujur' something worse didn't happen kinda attitute.

Must learn to apply this kinda optimism in life erk?

Cinta said...

Salan Dr Sam,
Ur son is a debater from MCKK? most probably I was his adjudicator last week for the HKSBP :)

Have a great holiday!

kojah said...

wahhhh, ur son in mckk??cOngrats!

btw, happy holidays...=)

Zue said...


Selamat bercuti to you and family. kalau ada lebih kepokganu tuh, bawak balik KL.

Naddy said...

happu holidays dr sam, that's a grand old house you got there. my great maternal grandparents had one like that in segamat, house on stilts, the last time i checked it is left to rot on the family land and they said the living descendants continue to pay the cukai pintu.

Sulamankasihabadi said...

selamat bercuti...:-)

Sir Pök Déng said...

Dear Dr. Sam,

Too much consuming nasi dagang in the morning will ease us to take a somewhat short nap in the afternoon. Let the 'anging patta' (coastal wind) blows our face and we're in heaven. :)

theblabber said...

enjoy cuti Dr.
save some kopok lekor for me Dr :)

Zareda Norman said...

enjoy the holiday ok..

Nin said...

Selamat bercuti DrSam!! I used to study in T'ganu and until today, I still think the people of T'ganu are the most hospitable. This I gathered from my experience visiting local friends. What struck me the most was that they immediately make you feel at home, like you're one of them.

For instance, I went to my friend's cousin's house and spent the night there. Now, for some people, being hospitable means the guests just duduk and do nothing, right? But this kakak, she asked me to help her goreng ikan which I did. Then another time, she sent me to a neighbour's house to collect some sayur/ulam she had ran out. I loved it cause I felt like they treated me like one of them! I felt right at home.

Another incident, I followed a friend and her mom to visit her mom's friend. We hardly know this woman, my friend even, but she sent us anak dara to the kitchen to make coffee. So pandai2 we all la kat dapur tu cari kopi, susu and stuff :-)

Definitely a different kind of hospitality! :-)

kucingorengemok said...

rumah tu cantik... atau fotografer terer ambik gambar :)

Honeydy Love said...

hi doc..
could u give me your e-mail address, so that i could put under my blog reader list.. TQ.. :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! DrSam...enjoy your trip along the LPT and have a great time in Keropoklekor Land with a lot of nasi dagang and such...;-)

Naddiea said...

Dr Sam,enjoy ur holiday yaaa...mesti best la makan kepok lekor n nasik dagang.i've just coming back from K.trg last nite.i really enjoy tje kepok lekor but i missed da nasik dagang.boleh plak terlupa nk makan.huhuuhu...nak balik KTrg lambat lagi la pulak.

Happy Holidaysss..

Zendra-Maria said...

Have a good time Doc. You deserve the break. Jangan lupa singgah kat rumah saya bila balik nanti, k?

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam,

Jealous sikit bila dengar Kemaman - it reminds me of the Best Sata in the World somewhere along Pantai Teluk Mak Nik or it's more glamorous name Monica Bay...hmmm such bliss.. Anyway, enjoy your well-deserved holiday, have a Cool Fun Time and Be Safe. My Regards to your Mum & Dad. (:-D

x said...

Wow. It's been ages since my last visit to your blog, kan Doc. Hehe. Well...I'm back! :D

Honeydy Love said...

Greetings Dr.Sam

This is my New Blog.




atie said...

wah dr, ganu kiter!!! hihi. Bestnya makan nasi dagang ye....lagi best kalau mak yang masakkan,Baguslah dr dah makin sembuh yer....

Syazwan said...

Wow, such a lovely vacation huh...

DrSam said...

Weird stories that passed on to generations probably will become an urban legend.

dah lama tak balik kampung.

Ganu kita couldn't help smiling either :)

Were you in the kereopoklekorland as well last weekend?

hallo Ganu kite! Selamat bercuti ke kampung.

hidup KOKA,
mung jangan tensyen-tensyen. Nanti kita bawa keropok lekor pelepas rindu :)

Good that you finally managed to meet another blogger.

Send my salam to Che, Abe.

DrSam said...

terimakasih diatas doa. semua selamat.

Sarong is my alltime favourite costume, since my childhood.

Warmest regards to Faizal and the kiddies.

Easygoing people with easygoing attitude. Cool!

He is a junior school debater, yes. But he didn't join the HKSBP this time. Next time he will say hello to you.


TQ. selamat berkunjung.

khepok ada je stok. kalau nak jemput le singgah ye.

Sad to hear your story.

DrSam said...

alhamdulillah semua telah selamat. Terimakasih.

Sir Pok Deng,
Ha..ha..no wonder almost all the local inhabitants move in a very slow motion and life is surely very slothful.

no problemo. TQ

Zareda Norman,
We enjoyed and cherish every moment of it.

Madam markonah,
Glad that you found people who eat keropok lekor had offered you a different and special kind of hospitality. Or was it because you were an 'anak dara' :)

rumah lama tu, fotographer pun dah berkarat juga.

Honeya Diaz,
Will do. TQ for the invite.

We surely did. But the LPT experience was not so encouraging.

DrSam said...

Went back to KL on Monday. Never got enough of nasi dagang and keropok lekor. Never and ever :)

Yes we did. Rumah yang mana satu ni :) could not get access you blog now. No link to it.

Mia's mom,
Monica Bay...wow such a glamorous name. I never imagine such a sleepy town has a girl named Monica :)

Insyaallah. TQ.

Si Penconteng,
Enjoying good and interesting adventures somewhere in this planet? Welcome back.

Honeydy Love,

Kalau balik Ganu memang tak lepaskan peluang makan nasi dagang. Belakang saya memang dah beransur sembuh. Terimakasih.

Wan 0806012,
Lovely vacation indeed.

zafi said...

i Cant miss to stop my car at tapah... i really want to eat the fresh fruits!
Also the pau Tjg Malim... not sure whether its still exist there and also the soup noodle - Chinese style!
oh Its all about food though! :P

DrSam said...

going to KK again tomorrow. I am sure will enjoy the trip.

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