28 October 2009

Better late than never

It was this time of the year when the full moon obscured by the monsoon cloud overhead. My fellow law-abiding citizen in my neighborhood felt that we should once again get together to unwind ourselves and ease our mind a bit from the post-budgetary syndrome. I thought that was a great idea and great ideas shouldn't just be left idle on a dusty shelf. With that in mind, last weekend we all packed our food and left the kitchen with a handful of mouth watering and delectable foods, erected a big tent on the street, sitting packed together under the cloudy sky, munching and laughing until the first morning dew started to settle on the grass.

That was actually the second community-get-together gathering by the law-abiding citizen residing along the street this year. Actually that gathering was planned and meant for the Raya of which we would normally held it in the month of Syawal. But we had a consensus to have the annual event out of the norm as we wanted everybody if not all to have the chance to attend this special congregation. Living in a rather big community especially with multitude of backgrounds, political believes, religion and personal taste, a consensus is very important. At least we managed to decide and agreed upon on who should be in-charge of looking after and manned the teh tarik section.

As usual at the end of the night, everybody was very happy and well stuffed like a reticulated python after the night hunt. This gathering has undoubtedly brought us even closer to each other. Our next food-chomping meeting is scheduled to be on the first quarter of next year, with more interesting activities and a very interesting theme - "You bring your food, we'll finish them all".

This was the first time this chapati made its first appearance in our meeting and straight away become very popular and a star choice among the street dwellers. So popular I didn't have a chance to get a taste of it and it was gone the moment I went around the table for the second helping. Kudos to the chapati and its chef!

Food was never a problem and in a colorful abundance but I had a problem in making up my mind on what to consume. My gastrointestinal system is still adjusting to all the temptation and my normal cardinal diet.

Law-abiding citizen waiting eagerly and patiently for the organizer to make an opening/welcoming speech. As there was no eminent sign of by-election looming in our neighborhood, except probably in Batu constituency of which we are not quite sure when, a short (makan) doa reciting was suffice enough to start the ball rolling.

Joke of the day left our members feeling ticklish but some were not amused at all Or probably didn't understand what the other member was mumbling and rambling about.

Law-abiding citizen it their comical mode. There was one caution though, don't laugh while your mouth is still munching and full with potentially face splattering food geyser.

"Aku dah tahu dah. Hang kalau pergi F1 tu mata kena buka besau-besau"


balqissy said...

so great having that kind of neighborhood. even kat kampung pun kadang2 tak macam ni ^.^

Small Hiker said...

where is this? it's a good neighborhood you live in. it's very difficult for some of us to have maken2 like that in a multi-racial community...

laki cikgu kimia said...

caption bawah tu is the very good one :P

Sir Pök Déng said...

Such a lovely neighbourhood we have here. And nice chappatis too! Very the 1 Malaysia lah.

zafi said...

salamz bro
the food looks so tempting and alluring
the gathering moments is unforgettable!

bspotgurl said...

BUt capati tu.. alahaiii nampak sedappp

Zue said...

Bestnya capati tu

besi said...

Law-abiding citizen heheeeheh
dr sam terpengaruh dgn movie ke?
seronok tgk jiran2 leh kumpul ramai-ramai...

kucingorengemok said...

joke of the day pict - heheh, letih kan kalau buat lawak orang tak faham, left wondering, 'hi-class sangat ke joke aku?' :)

Naddiea said...

wah bagusla neighbourhood mcm ni.kat area umah nadia org2 tua je rajin nk berkumpul etc.org muda kebanyakan buat hal sendiri.termasuk ler nadia sendiri.huhuhu...bukannya apa,teringin nk join tapi segan.hihi.. buleh ke camtu??

CAHAYA said...

Kewl neighbourhood. My area asyik nak berebut parking je. X best!

Abd Razak said...

Salam dr...

Hak jiran kena jaga juga ya dr...:)

Adliff said...



Bagusnya jiran-jiran di tempat tinggal Dr. Di tempat saya begitu juga cuma lebih ramai kaum pendatang dari rakyat Malaysia. Maka feninlah kefala skit :P

Nampak sedap capati itu :)

Miss Izah Mohamed said...

salam drSam,
lame rasenye xjenguk cni..
quite been bz with lot of work..

nway, hav a nice day with ur work & ur family.. =)

ASH said...

Meet another group of law abiding citizen this coming saturday, okay?
he he he

Memorable trails... said...

Lovely activity doc!

Naddy said...

Food and friends, always a fun mixture.

DrSam said...

But I feel like this neighborhood is becoming like a kampung now :)

Small Hiker,
These law-abiding-citizen reside in a remote part of the planet sharing the border with Kg. Paya Jaras. Thus the kampung spirit is very strong.

laki cikgu kimia,

Sir Pok Deng,
I dunno about 1Malaysia but yes you are right the chappati really did bring the spirit out (even though there is no Indian living on our street).

Salam zafi. The food is always a good starter for a good communal comradeship.

DrSam said...

Memang nampak sedap, saya sendiri pun tak sempat nak ngap! Sempat cium baunya aje :)

Jom kita buat jamuan chapati.

Law-abiding-citizen memang dah lama terpengaruh dengan kehidupan kampung. Sebab tu law-abiding-citizen tertunggu-tunggu aje untuk berkumpul lagi.

Gambar tu actually gambar selepas berderai ketawa selepas joke. Cuma rakan sorang tu aje tak tahan asyik sengeh tak habis-habis (agaknya terasa atau terkena kot :)

Harapannya semoga ramai lagi kejiranan lain yang turut serta. Law-abiding-citizen pernah juga bercita-cita meluaskan ukhuwah dgn kejiranan (lorong) berdekatan dengan buat jamuan bersama. Cuma berjaya diadakan sekali aja jamuan pot-luck dengan lorong-lorong lain. Lepas tu habis diperingkat perancangan dikedai kopi aje :)

High-class and high taste neighborhood kot Cahaya. No worry. Next gathering you can join us if you want to.

Abd Razak,
Salam sdr Razak. Jiran yang mesra memang seronok hidup bermasyarakat. Itu kita kena pupuk selalu.

geraugebang said...

capati, tosei, tosei capati. sedap tu.

DrSam said...

aliff muhammad,
ex-pat (bibik) kat sini pun turut serta juga :)

Miss Izah Mohamed,
Salam. Tahniah diatas kejayaan terbaru.

Insyaallah. Looking forward to join Bangi gathering this Saturday.

madam gold,
Luvly jubly!

Just like rojak, very colorful and harmony.

sedap lihat, sedap makan.

adiwarnatasya said...

Sedapnyerrr capati tu...
Kesukaan adiwarna tu:)

3yearshousewife said...

Wow, what a wonderful street to live in. You're one lucky neighbour.

DrSam said...

Bila berkumpul beramai-ramai begitu, memang macam-macam makanan dapat dirasa.

Yes, indeed. I am hoping others are sharing the same spirit.

Faisal Admar said...

doc, why do you call them law-abiding? in what term to be exact? :)

kinda confuse.

the chapati looks good ;)

Pn Kartini said...

Banyak2 gambar..capati tu jgk yg menarik pandangan...:)
Alhamdulillah..masih ada semangat kejiranan itu..:)

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
These law-abiding citizen of my street, abide to the rule religiously and never break any law that was created by the mankind (except probably missed to pay monthly fee to our security guard). BTW, Your type of question reminded me of the time when I was sitting for my viva :)

Pn. Kartini,
Alhamdulillah. Semoga semangat seperti ini dipupuk dan dikongsi oleh jiran-jiran dikejiranan puan juga.

p/s: Rupa-rupanya masih ada baki capati dalam peti sejuk tak perasan selama ini disimpan isteri :)

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Kalaulah kejiranan saya seperti ini......

zino said...

meriah nampak nya tu hehe

abu muaz said...

Seronok dan menyeronokkan ya Dr.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Hi Dr Sam.. lamo den tak jengah umah nie.. meriah jer berjumpa-jumpaan tu ;D

DrSam said...

kita doakan semua kejiranan mempunyai semangat dan ukhuwah yang baik.

kita buat kejiranan blogger kita meriah juga.

abu muaz,
seronok dapat bercerita dan bertanya khabar.

Kita meriah sama-sama. Takpo eh..Den pun ada maso melawat rumah kawan-kawan.

yohteh said...

1MALAYSIA ke nih..?

CATZ said...

semangat 1Malaysia...
bagusnya komuniti ini...
dlm kehidupan bandar masih ada semangat kejiranan...
seronok tgk..

DrSam said...

satu hati satu rasa.

tumpang makan tumpang gembira.

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