13 October 2009

Live and kicking...again!

I am not sure what was the real culprit. Was it because of the powerful sedatives that put me in almost as high as a 'mat fit' after a routine ketum drinking session or copious amount of anesthetic of which still lingering in my bloodstream that rendered me more lethargic than a donkey to move on with my beautiful life again? I became one lazy sick-puppy. Very-very lazy that I almost wanted to just lie down on my bed and count almost every second that passes by.

For the past few days I'd been searching for an answer. Perhaps it was just another one of my delusions in this increasingly paradoxical life. After becoming a perpetual visitor to the same sick-house for the past 3 consecutive months, I almost believed somehow or rather it has taken its toll not only on my physical attributes but also on my psychological state of mind as well. I almost feel my mind started to freeze and I was suffering some sort of brain constipation. There are so many things that stuck in my mind, waiting to be translated into pieces of readable jottings but they just won't come bursting out flawlessly.

Luckily today... yes today, out of the blue I found my mental laxatives. It comes in a form that I couldn't possibly imagine myself. A Samaritan somewhere in the Blogosphere, sent me an email with a song (Wali band ha...ha...I found it really refreshing and funny) attached to it and after listening to that heart-thumping rendition with some body swaying and foot tapping, suddenly everything becomes very lively. My frozen state of mind started to thaw up faster that the melting iceberg in the northern Hemisphere, the idea started to flow and my fingers started to dance again on the key board.

What I really wanted to note down was that everything went well with the surgery last week. I walked in to the hospital last Tuesday and got myself warded. First it was for an endoscopic procedure to remove a stent in one of the bile ducts and later undergone a scheduled surgery to remove my gallbladder the next day. A day after the surgery I was happily discharged by the attending gastro surgeon. It has been a week now and Alhamdulillah I am feeling very much better each passing days.

Thank you everybody for your concern, the well-wishers, friends who continuously visited me in the ward even while I was still in my delirious state. I am especially very much grateful to both of my parent who came all the way from Ganukiter and spent the night at the hospital tending to my helplessness despite being told that my loving significant half will be with me all the time and no need to drive all the way to S. Alam. I guess that was the nature of parenthood. No matter what, how and where. Parent will always be there for you. I am blessed.

Now I am on a very long holiday. Perhaps a short break somewhere in a paradise island will heal the wound even faster. Perhaps a tip or two from a seasoned captain who find his heavenly sanctuary on the Kapas Island on how to conceal the scar from becoming too obvious would be a good idea too. I am feeling cool again.

After having a long thought on whether to show off to the whole world the aftermath of two and a half hours surgery - with a slight censorship to cover my modesty of course, there you can see three small dressings that cover the small wounds that pierced through my front abdomen. No six pack abs here but at least I managed to shave 2 inches of belly fat. That was considered a big achievement and i will try to keep it that way. Not much pain as far as I can remember. I guess a stab at the back is probably far more painful especially by someone you trusted before.

Haiya Pete! Your practical joke this time had almost caused a confusion if not panic among the hospital staffs. I don't intend to be casted away to the Seychelles Island for having myself involved in another humiliating Datukship scam. Since you owe me an apology, another sashimi session would be suffice. No heart feeling though, thank you for your thought and kind gesture. However, the Malay believe if you keep chanting that word 40 times like a mantra, it might become a reality. You'll never know your luck...so keep chanting my dear Pete!


ckLah @xiiinam said...

Patutlah...lama tunggu entri Dr Sam...

Harap semakin membaik...

3yearshousewife said...

May you have a speedy recovery.
Enjoyed reading your blog.

Fadhil said...

Doc (Datuk Seri... heheheh),

Glad to read that you are on the road to recovery.

A stab in the back is always more painful than any surgery... how right you are!

Get well soon.

Small Hiker said...

Nice to hear from you again, Doc! Have a speedy recovery... if you're going fpr a retreat in of those beatoful island off Tganu, please put up lots of pictures...

Encik Ariff said...

no wonder dah lama tak post.
get well soon.

Abd Razak said...

Salam sdra Dr Sam...

alhamdulillah...setiap kali saya ziarah di sini selalu bertanya dlm hati ke mana gerangan dr...

mudah-mudahan kesihatan dr terus baik

Pn Kartini said...

Semoga Cepat Sembuh....

[danial][ma] said...

hej! DrSam...get well soon and have a good rest so will have a speedy recovery...take care...

CAHAYA said...

get well soon dr Sam. have fun recovering. ;)

Naddiea said...


alhamdulillah u r getting better..harap2 percutian ke pulau kapas akan membantu proses utk cepat sembuh.insyaallah...dengan air laut biru...pasir putih bak kapas..wahh..best tu..saya dh terbayang2 pantai di pulau kapas ni.last holidays ke sana 5 tahun lepas.Okay Doc,take care n rest well..

patungcendana said...

salam doc....glad to hear from you again...

yeah...you go and get yourself better ok...I'll still be here when you get back...:-)

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah. Sudah semakin dan beransur sihat.

Thank you and alhamdulillah.

Hi...hi...after a second thought, Seycheles Islands doesn't sound that bad either :)

Thank you.

small hiker,
Will do...will do...


encik ariff,
tu le. baru ada mood nak menulis.tq.

Abd Razak,
Salam sdr. Terimakasih kerana selalu menjenguk kesini. Alhamdulillah, rasanya keafiatan bertambah baik.

Pn. Kartini,

DrSam said...

thanks danial. Feeling much much better now.

Yes, I am looking forward to another nasi beriyani session (oppsi...)

Insyaallah. Masih dalam perancangan. Memang menaruh harapan tinggi ni. Malu nak mengaku. Bukan setakat lama tak pergi...sebenor sebenornya tak pernah pergi pun. kih...kih...tq

salam pc. Will rock and roll as usual.

Zendra-Maria said...

Sudah habis pantang nampaknya Doc... hehe

kucingorengemok said...

ada censorship board? hehe... i pray for your speedy recovery, datuk seri... errr, eh? ;)

Adliff said...


Sudah agak akan Dr.Sam akan menjalani pembedahan. Syukurlah, semuanya berjalan lancar.

Semoga lekas sembuh. Jaga pemakanan ya. Banyak penyakit datangnya dari perut.

hazeleyed lady said...

Salam Doc
Welcome back!
So glad that you are A-Ok.
Semuga sembuh 'tebukan' tu cepat.
Tanya sikit boleh?
Berapa hari pantang? 44 hari ke...pantang jumpa? Hahaha!

DrSam said...

sekejap je pantangnya. Pantang makan yang besar godaannya ni :)

Terimakasih. Kalau tak censor takut blog kena ban pula :)

aliff muhammad,
Salam. Alhamdulillah. Memang tengah berjaga-jaga makan. Tu yang turun lagi sekilo :)

DrSam said...

Salam. Mula-mula ingatkan pantang macam orang bersalin juga :) Batuk dan bersin pun punyalah geli perut. Pantang makan memang berjaga, tapi bila teringat nasi lemak, nasi dagang dan macam-macam makanan tu kecur lah pula perut.

besi said...

dr sam semoga cepat sembuh...

hmmm pasal daun ketum? dr pernah try ke.....
diorang cakap elok utk kesihatan....? betul ke

ouT oF My MinD said...

selamat kembali ke dunia cyber. rindu bebelan u. harap cepat sembuh.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah...good to hear that you are well on your way to full recovery. Go have that well deserved break on some paradise island! It'll do you good :-)

arsaili said...

salam dr sam...glad to hear u start blogging again..a good sign rite...so cepat sembuh wokey

DrSam said...


Tak dapat dipastikan kebenarannya, tapi disyaki saya pernah terminum bergelen-gelen zaman sekolah dulu. Diceritakan air ketum yang warna dan rasanya macam air tebu, dicampurkan oleh seorang penjual air tebu tepi jalan yang selalu kami singgah ketika balik sekolah. Memang sedap dan ketagih yang amat air tebu itu. Kalau tak pekena tak senang duduk. Sebab tu kayuh basikal pergi balik sekolah 2-3 jam tiap hari tak penat-penat. Power gitu :)

ouT oF My MinD,
Alhamdulillah. Ingatkan cewek-cewek je yang kuat membebel ye :)

Yes, Alhamdulillah. Insyaallah will do once the ticklish sensation in my tummy gone.

salam bro. Just came back from a shopping trip just now (accompanying my wife). Still feeling a slight groggy though. Just sit at the bookstore, could not move very much. Still walk like a sloth :)

Zue said...

Alhamdulillah dah sihat.
Kena jaga makan supaya lebih sihat.

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah. Thanks for everything. Sorry tak sempat singgah your open house.

Naddy said...

dr sam, slmt kembali ke dunia blog. meramaikan majlis kami yg lembap sikit nie.

NanaDJ said...

Dr Sam,
Alhamdulillah you are ok now. Lucky you only 3 spots,I am left with 6 inch long scar - had to have a normal op because the gall bladder was swollen to the size of a tennis ball.
Anyway, have a good rest - better still at the paradise island, lazing under the coconut tree(?)Cheers!

abu muaz said...

Salam tuan. Maaf lama tak singgah .

DrSam said...

kita sama-sama memeriahkan dunia maya kita. Ada masa, ada kelapangan, ada keafiatan kita berkongsi cerita.

The reason why I didn't undergo the surgery just before the Raya was because the surgeon want to avoid having an open surgery like yours (my gallbladder swelled from an infection and need at least two weeks to let the organ back to normal). So we are in the same boat now :)

Paradise island is really tempting!

abu muaz,
Salam. Tidak mengapa. Blog ini pun lama tak bersuara akibat empunya diri kurang bermaya. Baru sekarang ada tenaga dan mampu berkarya.

DrSam said...

Do you aware that public has no access to your blog? just wondering.

grow2g3th3r said...

DrSam.. bagaimana kesihatan sekarang.. jaga kesihatan sebaik mungkin ye....

Oh ya, sampaikan salam tahniah dla buat cuni erk.. dla memang kehilangan no hp dia gara2 handbag dla kena snatch.... nie no hp dla: 0193369681. Tolong inform cuni ye...

DrSam... dla confirm akan buat master with thesis... dla cadang nak buat tajuk "A study of public perception towards TNB reputation".
Apa pendapat DrSam?

TQ Dr.. oh ya.. jangan lupa makan ubat dan rehat...

Anonymous said...

get well soon doc.. (ehehe, doktor pon sakit jugerr erk)..

Nurul Binti Ibunya said...

an apple a day..
pe ntah tak ingat..
selamat baik!

mat fit ke mat pit?

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah. Kesihatan nampaknya beransur kembali. Insyaallah akan saya sampaikan pesan dla kepada Cuni. Dia masih kat hospital ni.

Go for it dla!

Tq. setakat ni rasanya cuma Namrud je yang tak pernah sakit. Kita manusia sama aja. Sakit itu penghapus dosa juga sebagai peringatan sekali sekala.

Arjuna Qaseh,
An apple a day keeps a doctor away :)

entah lah...rasanya mat fit kot.

Ida BorneoLove said...

parents are funny sometimes.. when we hurt ourself, they'll start marah marah.. 'why you ... bla bla !!!?'

'what ??!! I told you to bla bla bla... ??!!'

marah sayang to. When we truly need them, they are always there

Memorable trails... said...

Salam Doc,
My guess was correct...doc gaknya hospitalised again.Anyway glad that you are back to your oldself.
As you say,3 wounds in front is nothing compared to backstabbing.Been there...
Thanks for the wishes for big-baby and angah.Wishing you fast recovery too.
Rest and recuperate.Ada masa singgah KB..

DrSam said...

Ida Athanazir,
Yes. How marah our paret is, they always have this parental love deep in their heart.

madam gold,
Salam madam. Alhamdulillah. Now that I am feeling much better, always feel very happy and looking forward to share stories with friends.

Have great days ahead madam.

CATZ said...

get well soon..
happy to see u back here in blogging world.
jalan-jalan ke pulau ke??

ASH said...

wooosh Thank God, Alhamdulillah..
Gee..take your time Dr Sam. Don't push yourself too hard.
Never mind if your walking is like a sloth.
The most important thing is your health!
..nice AB! ha ha ha...
just kidding!

Anonymous said...

uish..s.emoga cepat sembuh..hehe..eh,jgn lupe mai singgah blog jen..hehe

bspotgurl said...

Semoga cepat sembuh. Tenangkan jiwa masa holiday okay.
and of coz, pls take care

NanaDJ said...

Dr Sam,
FYI I have not gathered enough courage to blog as yet. So, for the time being you will find me flitting from one blog to another making comments or sharing my thoughts and whatever...
I prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. THE FC and 'blog' are set up by well meaning friends who kept urging me to do something about them. Soon maybe...

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah. Happy to share the story and read others too.

Pulau vacation is still in the planning stage. Wanna join?

Just got an invitation by a friend for another nasi dagang session at the famous Ulik Mayang this lunch time. So cruelly unfair. The sloth will be there just for a drink.

Better work out on my Abs though :)

terimakasih. Dah jengok. Banyak cerita menarik.

DrSam said...

Thank you. Hoping to get a good and long resting week. But you know, megeteh kakis keep pestering and poisoning me to go out for gastronomical activities. So tempting.

OIC. Well I am more than happy to have you coming here and share you thought with us, in this virtual world. Looking forward though to read your pieces. Soon I hope.

Faisal Admar said...

doc, i hope you get well soon doc.

i never try ketum before... and i know that if you drink a lot, then you are going to get drunk as fast as alcohol could.

haha i have to resize the image to see clearly, dato sri!!! omg!!!

what was their reaction? :)

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
Thank you Faisal. I hope you'll never try it in the first place. Once addicted to Ketum, you'll walk like a ketam I guess!

Ha...ha...I couldn't be sure what was the reaction as I was already discharged when he sent in the bouquet. either).

Anonymous said...

get well soon doc

Fly said...

berehatlah dengan penuh ketenangan dan semoga pulih sepenuhnya ya doc.

theblabber said...

Hope you get to get off the bed soon. Get well soon my friend!

p/s: i miss the kopok lekor lah. Eheh

DrSam said...

Thank you doc.

Insyaallah. Cuma godaanya banyak sangat dari kawan-kawan :)

Thank you miezi.

p/s: Wait till you come bakc here.

uncledon said...

Salam bro.. get well soon.. take care of yourself ya..

DrSam said...

Salam doc. I am good now. Thank you very much.

Faisal Admar said...

eh btw, why did you censor it :( too sexy?

PerantauSepi1306 said...

alhamdulillah, semoga Dr semakin sihat sekarang.. tapi bila baca hat part gambaq censored tu tak leh tahan nak sengih.. hehehee.. len kali you might want to blurr the whole pic a bit.. cekci wooo.. ekekekeke

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