22 January 2010

Drawn by the legendary sharingan power

As far as I can remember during my pre-adolescence period, my ample spare time was fully occupied with productive activities (by my standard). Such activities could range from getting myself busy running aimlessly around my grandparent's house, looking after ikang skila (fighting fish) that I kept in small used lemonade bottles under the house, spending countless time with cute little cikgu - a small sand burrow-digging creature or playing with little soldier figurines I bought from one of my exciting visits to Pasar Kedai Payang.

The most imaginative thing I did as a growing up kid back then was to form a small band of 'kampung' infantry and we would indulge ourselves in a mock battle using senapang buloh (a hollow bamboo with small semi-hard seeds or wet newspaper as bullet - I thought that was quite an ingenious invention) shooting birds (and innocent girls :) around the kampung.

So apparently I could not complain much when my little juniors, during one of our outings will invariably ask me to buy this and that. I could understand their urge as I've been in their shoes too. The memories are quite vivid it seems. Most of their fancies are toys or memorabilia from their favorite cartoon shows. I didn't mind of their pestering me because that was also exactly what I did to whoever brought me along to Pasar Kedai Payang, long time ago.

The deep interest in those child-play never died off. My significant half would have by this time understood my deep interest in this childish indulgence too. I thought it was a rather peculiar sight for her at first when she saw how I could let myself deeply rooted in my potato-couch watching my favourite Manga movies for hours or standing still and mesmerized staring at TV screens in a shopping mall watching free hi-tech figure-transforming Japanese anime during one of her shopping trips . Did I tell you I pick up Japanese (I mean the language) from these movies too? Well at least now I know what Arigato gozaimasu means :)

Seeing my kids enjoying their toys or anything that fancy them really make me feel very contented. The inherited power of mangaekyu sharingan - the power that controls and distorted time and space dimension, really invoke back my childhood fond memories. In a way that brings out the kid in me as well.


Naddy said...

i am a newbie in child play. a few years ago i got myself to memorizing the words to naruto's intro song. it is bissful.

besi said...

dr sam...naruto tue...
gempak la...

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam :-D

Yo Bro! I think there is always a kid in ourselves no matter at what age we are in. So you kid is into Naruto too? (Judging from the headband). Reminds me of the many times we have to buy the headbands as my children either lost theirs or generously hadiahkan to their friends - It is always like, "it's all right. My mum will buy another for me" Oh yes! They are very generous but on my expense!!! It is clearly a revolution in kids play nowadays as compared to our time. For us, since money is not that easy to come buy, we have to be more creative, right? I remember the boys around where I was staying working hard designing their guns from planks of wood that they found. And having fun later, proud of their creation. But again, life was so simple then...

JohnJenin said...

i love the head band. naruto rocks! may your junior becoming the 7th kazekage. hehehe

NanaDJ said...

Dr Sam,
Yes children nowadays enjoy different things. My grandson is a big fan of Naruto so much so ramen has become one of his staple diet. I don't know how the Japanese have such imaginations, I am fascinated by the mini ninja games he played on Wii, I can't even understand how to play them.

nAz said...

macam ayah saya. terpegun tgk helikopter mainan jual kat shopping mall, terus beli tuk diri sendiri. (padahal kami adik beradik suma dah besar panjang) ;)

adiwarnatasya said...

Tomel budak tu:)
Cute sgt;)...

Sir Pök Déng said...

You should buy himself shurikens (the ninja throwing instruments/weapon) so that he can hurl them at passing neighbours' cats. hehe.

Abd Razak said...

Salam Drsam..

Amat berbeza kanak2 zaman dulu dan sekarang, pendekatannya sama namun caranya tidaklah sama. Apa pun yg penting pendidikan Islam mesti diutamakan

nahmy said...

missing the 'good-old-days' hah doc?...same here!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

naruto.. hahaha.. nice la tht pic..

yohteh said...

budak-budak KL cakap... konda-kondi, polis sentri... kita pulok teringat masa kecik-kecik main "torr-jél"

I'm Seri said...

Salam Doc,

Yang pasti si hero berbaju biru itu comel.

Have the Best Day Ever ya Doc.

Selamat berhujung minggu.

abu muaz said...

Salam Doc.Lama saya tak jenguk sini.

Tie said...

Suami Tie gitu gak. Mungkin masa kecik tak mampu. Kalau nampak kereta remote yang changgih tu, dia pulak yang teruja. Budak2 tu apa lagi.. makin menjadi laa...

CAHAYA said...

Cute cute pics! Next time hopefully we'll see you in that kinda headband plak.

Ida BorneoLove said...

I'm still very childish at times. can be very silly and loves laughing!

that keeps us young??

DrSam said...

probably now you can try on Sakura War's. Sounds very lively.

Tu belum masuk sage mode lagi tu :)

Mia's mom,
Salam sis! I hope your kids won't pester you anymore to buy them the headband. I am wondering whether there is any Japanese toys shop in Dundee? My youngest is into Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom now :) Good way to study proper English too, especially for pre-school.

He still needs to learn many more secret and forbidden jutsu but the fifth in the making, surely!

I think most of their peers are having the same liking. They learn the tricks very fast, unlike us the veteran. Things change and won't be the same again. This Naruto thing and their diet especially do made me worry as instead of ramen, my kids love instant noodles very much.

DrSam said...

sama lah tu kot dengan saya :)

jaga-jaga. Nanti dia gunakan sharingan kat you :)

dok juppe doh nak cari mainang lame tu yohteh...maing baling selipar atau gelung getoh...

Salam IRIS.

Hero sekejap jadi spiderman, sekejap jadi ninja...

Have a wonderful weekend too.

abu muaz,
Salam. Jenguk-jengok dan jeling-jeling bila senang.

DrSam said...

Sir Pok Deng,
Shurikens were surely one of their favourite weapons. Many wasted on wandering lizards. Hi...hi...you love-hate relationship with this domestic canine species really is eternity. But beware sir, you shurikened them once, eight more lives will hunt you down :)

Abd Razak,
Ini semua pengaruh persekitaran, media massa dan juga rakan-rakan. Memang betul. Dalam mengejar peredaran masa, ilmu Agama perlu dititik beratkan.

Salam. Maybe you can share with us yours too.

Life is beautiful lyric,
His first collection. That's why looked very happy.

DrSam said...

Betul juga kot. masa kecil-kecil dulu mungkin asyik memendam rasa. Bila dah ada peluang ni, apa lagi. Pantang nampak.

We'll see in our next mengeteh session. Hey...why don't we have a theme for the meeting then? Naruto's doesn't look bad on adult too.

Ida Athanazir,
Childplay and lots of laugh...that will surely make us very young.

Faisal Admar said...

doc, kid nowadays is so different than our time. i mean, even my time is not as old as yours, but still, we spent more time with friends playing sport or any game together outside of the house.

now, they play psp or play station rather than spending time outside. more and more spend time online too as everybody has computer at home.

very different.

i used to catch 'ikan laga' too. still remember, instead of that, we caught some ikan haruan and ikan sepat as well. got one time, i saw big python around that area, but that never stop me. i didn't tell my family, until now.

my second sister got the same experience like me, unlike my youngest sister who was born in 1990. everything was different to her, during that era. i think she is the pioneer of the era, that modern technology conquer everything :)

Small Hiker said...

boys with toys... can't be separated and it will never change... except of course the toys keep changing...

Zendra-Maria said...

Dinda, boys will always be boys no matter at what age - as long as the toys for old boys are lifeless, it's ok by me :)

Adliff said...



Comelnya pahlawan Naruto tu :))

Didik anak ikut zaman. Zaman saya, helikopter biji getah, tangkap ikan laga, galah panjang, senapang buluh, konda kondi, teng-teng itu sampai kena sebat baru nak berhenti main...

Anak-anak sedara kini telur ayam kampung pun depa pelik...haih!
Berat tugas iba bapa kini dengan dunia dihujung jari.

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
You had a wonderful experience too Faisal. Pity our kids, not that they don't want to have our kind of experience, but the surrounding has change so much they don't have the chance anymore.

Small hiker,
Boys without toys...no such thing I guess.

lifeless toys can caused another kind of health hazard too dinda. Choking is one of them.

alif muhammad,
Salam. Anak-anak era tekno dan gajet ni sepatutnya lebih kreatif. Tapi bila dikenang kembali, disebabkan kekurangan, creativity is endless.

DrSam said...


Opssss...'kanda'. Slip of the tong.

laki cikgu kimia said...

Have heard of the series. never got any chance to wacth yet. heheh. salama malam selasa Dr Sam!

DrSam said...

laki cikgu kimia,
nowadays, youtube got everything. Salam hari Selasa.

CatlinaFly said...

tomei + encem..naruto shinpunden kecik!(hehehe betul ke eja nih?)..

dr sam, dulu kecik2 sy ni boyish, main rounders, panjat pokok, naik basikal round smpi ujung kampaung..anak2 zaman sekarang lain dah resamnye...harap2 tak terperuk depan tv dan komputer je(tapi dulu2 mak2 kita tak bimbang nak lepaskan anak2 main2 kat luar rumah, masa tu takde kes culik/rogol/bunuh budak2..so peaceful then..)...

**oh ye..tgh layan bleach dan inuyasha sekarang...bdn je dan besar n jadi mak org, masih suke katun/anime hihihihi..:)

DrSam said...

bab panjat pokok tu memang aktiviti yang wajib zaman dulu. Habis pokok jambu serta seangkatan dengannya kena gayut. Bila difikirkan balik, betul you cakap, mungkin dulu-dulu ibubapa kurang kerungsingan melepaskan anak bermain tunggang-terbalik kat luar rumah. Aman je. paling tak pun hapak masuk lumpur.

Bleach...sikit-sikit 'bangkai'... sikit-sikit 'bangkai' :)

ASH said...

Hari tu macam monyok jer time kita jumpa ..
Takut acik TAU!!!

DrSam said...

tu le dia. malu-malu kucing maca bapa dia juga :)

annfrendly said...

Comel anak dr sam.. Beruntung dia, kerana mempunyai seorang ayah yang baik dan memahaminya.

hazeleyed lady said...

...in every hearts...there's always a hero!
Have a pleasant Friday.

Faisal Admar said...

is it possible to give them a chance to experience this doc?

Anonymous said...

Arigato gozaimasu ...

hahaha.. best kan Dr.Sam..

tengok anak2 gembira ayah pun senang hati..

patungcendana said...

salam doc....aku masa kecil main 'space 1999"...buat hq dalam hutan...best...aku jadi maya...perempuan alien tu...dont know whether you remember that serie...

re:...burung enggang tu memang tinggal in my housing area...dia orang tak pernah migrate...hehe

catz said...


hi doc Sam.
of fan Naruto kah? lucky they have father like you.
cuma nowadays, i realize that why ek budak2 ni kalau suka satu kartun ke watak2 kartun kena pulak nak beli baju/aksesori watak dlm katun or hero kartun tersebut..
kena beli weapon plastin lah, t-shirt ben10 lah.. naruto headband lah..hehehhe..
menjiwai sgt lah budak2 zaman sekarang ni..as time goes by, semuanya berubah ye.. but this better dr mereka dudukkkkk je dapan komputer tak bermain dan tgk TV langsung dgn asyik main game and berinternet,


zafi said...

hehehehhe its very different from my time and new generation kids... oh plz dont compare urs.. :D go naruto!!

DrSam said...

ann frendly,
saya pun beruntung mempunyai anak-anak yang boleh kongsi Naruto head band tu dgn saya :)

hazeleyed lady,
Yes, there is always a child in every of us.

Have a nice day.

Faisal Admar,
I've been wondering as well.

Selalunya begitu. Senang pabila melihat senyuman mereka.

Lama tak dengar cerita. What's up F.L?

Space 1999 memang popular zaman tu. Maya tu awek alien yang boleh tukar-tukar macam chameloen tu.

re: kawasan perumahan yang ada takungan air mesti ada burung migrasi yang akan hinggap

semangat budak-budak ni kebanyakkannya bermusim. Memang betul, kalau musim Ben10 semua kawan-kawan dia beli barangan Ben10 termasuk baju. tak sampai sebulan kemaruk Naruto, lepas tu mungkin G.I Joe, lepas tu transformer,lepas tu ultraman...lepas tu semua lupa entah kemana :)

time changes and moves very fast.

Anonymous said...

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