04 March 2010

Consistently inconsistent

As I strolled peacefully under the scanty shade of wintering rubber trees, trying to evade the stinging heat of blasting sun my brain has finally started to thaw and melted from its frozen state - that little wonderful thing reside in my head succumbed for the past two weeks. It was not the global warming or the climate change that constipated my mind, but the inconsistent surge of wind that consistently bantering key positions up the bouncy ladder which caused a freak internal unrest.

As if cast by an evil spell, everything move in a very slow motion. Time is the only thing that move in tandem with hope and leave no trace behind. How I wish to run like a long distance runner and race against time but alas the beast inside had consistently biting hard and determine to leave it curse mark as a permanent scar. For the time being taming the beast is the utmost priority.

Global warming however is a real thing and temperature globally is consistently rising up. Animals such as spectacled bear in Peru and Australian hill frogs that live in cooler habitat are now leaving the warm lowland and migrating fast up the colder mountain. Ironically, another omnivorous white collared rice-eating species is consistently fighting hard among themselves for a very limited place of hot seats up the pinnacle. Sooner or later, the seat will be on fire.

I've been periodically checking the thermometer inside my house and it had consistently shown a steady 30 degree Celsius for the past two weeks. Once the reading outside was an astonishing 45 degree C. Better be careful, as you could boil your eggs in that temperature. Even occasional dry wind that blow from the West did not seem to calm the raging sun. It seems that the weather is forever changing. Who can predict humanity's report card would be in the next 20, 40 or 60 years from now looking at the current state of our sick planet?

Life exist on this planet as a result of a natural greenhouse phenomenon occurring in our atmosphere. It is a kind of protective blanket that regulate the temperature of our earth. Despite being less-abundant, their present are becoming more significant each days. The main culprit to this is no less that human activities itself. But this rice-eating species is not the only being to shoulder the blame alone. The methane from cow dung is also one of a green house gas and a slight mishap will cause another major environmental holocaust. I hope our folks in Kuala Brang can help the nation and play a major role in reducing this potent element.

To address the issue, lets not talk about greening our earth by planting more trees. People who live up in the sky or penthouse will not like the idea. Focusing on our daily diet, in my humble opinion can also help us tackling this pressing issue. Eating more beef will make sure the cow population is under good control. The downside for this however, beef consumption will make us to fart consistently and fart has component that contributes to greenhouse gases! So whenever you feel that sensational urge, please hold as long as possible dude...if you manage to do that, do it consistently please!


Abd Razak said...

Salam DrSam...

Bila segala tumbuhan itu mendatangkan keuntungan kepada manusia, mereka akan lupa akan perkara yang bakal menimpa kerana sifat tamak dan rakus itu mula menguasai mereka.

Adliff said...


Dr. Sam,

Bumi yang tiada rimba, dicemar manusia, yang jahil........ ingat lagu Zainal Abidin.

Hutan batu kini lebih selesa dari hutan banat Dr.Sam!

Setiap orang dari kita mestilah cuba menghijaukan semula bumi.

Puan Ninie said...

nice talking doc..:)
bumi semakin hilang hijaunyer kan doc..manusia makin rakus...tanpa sedar mereka merosakkan diri sendiri..

kucingorengemok said...

can't keep a straight face at the end, hehehe...

annfrendly said...

Dr sam..
cuaca sekarang memang panas sangat.
walaupun rumah saya banyak pokok, masih lagi terasa panasnya..
tapi jiran2 yg datang ke rumah saya, mesti cakap rumah saya sejuk. rumah jiran saya tak banyak pokok macam rumah saya..

errmm..makan daging lembu memang idea yg bagus..
tapi saya tak makan daging..
payah juga ni..

I'm Seri said...

Salam Doc,

Saya sangat suka kan keindahan semulajadi terutamanya suasana pantai. Nikmat yang diberi percuma.

Naddy said...

kalau la semua kedai masak daging empuk mesti saya jadi pemakan daging yang gigih.

dorang kata avoid red meat. haha tapi macam mana nei.

Naddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memorable trails... said...

Apa Khabar doc?Lama tak jenguk..Yes ..it s hot in Malacca too.
To control ur fart???he..he..
Eating too much beef can make ur body heaty too..

Zendra-Maria said...

Dinda, where I am now it is sub-zero (minus 13 degrees C) Alhamdulillah :)

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
Salam. Bila keseimbangan alam diganggu, akibatnya tidak boleh diduga akal. Kemusnahan dari ketidakkeseimbangan itu kekadang tidak boleh diundur lagi.

alif muhammad,
Salam. Masing-masing mempunyai peranan yang boleh dimainkan bagi menangani masalah ini.

meiz Sha,
bumi dibogelkan dengan rakus sekali tanpa belas kasihan. Seperti manusia, badan yang terdedah tanpa perlindungan akan lebih cepat merana.

It was just an idea...

DrSam said...

bagus minat ann menghijaukan laman dan dikeliling rumah. Selain menyejukkan suhu, ia juga dapat menyejukkan mata yang memandang.

err...saya pun sebenarnya amat kurang sangat makan daging (red meat) ni semenjak dijengok oleh gout beberapa tahun dulu :)

Salam. Pantai sekarang ni, kalau pergi waktu tengahari...fuhh...berasap kaki nak berjalan-jalan atas pasir. Tak macam dulu-dulu.

Red meat memang tak berapa bagus, terutama bagi orang yang berpantang macam saya ni. Sedap memang sedap. ikut hati boleh balun satu periuk kalau kena gaya :)

madam gold,
I am feeling good madam. thank you for asking. I bet you are also busy doing some adjustment in your new place. I hope by now, everything has settled down for you.

Kanda, enjoy your sub-zero experience. How's the food in Kazakhtan?

ASH said...

oooopppsss.xcuseeee me!
he he

yohteh said...

...just returning from Kuala Berang en-routed Tanggol > Tapu > Pasir Tinggi > Serada >... and the dung... at redundance...!!!

anntaj said...

dr sam,
mmg bumi sudah hilang hijaunya..
tp saya mamsih suka tanam rumput kwsan rumah dgn pokok2...

DrSam said...

Aiseyman...(passing out :)

The pungent and grassy smell from those aromatic cow waste product is going to disappear soon once the development knock on those people's door soon.

I miss driving along Sekayu - while enjoying the unspoiled greenery, the natural parfume was so intoxicating!

sama seperti manusia yang semakin berusia - rumput atas kepala pun semakin licin :)

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

Dr Sam
hi, came across your post as you do in this blogworld we live in. Planting trees by individuals feel a bit hopeless when you have the powers that be, viewing the forests as another source of revenue to be unlocked. This is no longer the time for us to say Hey the west did it, so why can't we (denude the forests?) . This is not the time to say there are actually more forests than we know. This is definitely not the time to be in denial. we cannot afford to ignore this and will self destruct. I am not normally this depressing (am depressing myself with this comment haha) but when you think of the state of the world, I cannot help feel there must be a STOP button to be pressed when everyone willhave to comply. In themeantime, what are all the developers doing promoting "green living" and then immediately ruin it to build it? No point asking us to plant a wee tree! though im sure it helps!

Ok ok sorry to hijack your blog! :)

DrSam said...

This planet is aging and counting its last days, so as we the human being. No matter how much we paint this planet green, that blessed color won't calm the fury of the nature. To make things worst, yes you pointed it rightly, there are much talk-cock going around. There won't be a stop button unfortunately as everything going to expire, sooner or later - naturally.

nahmy said...

but doc..i really like to fart, extensively sometimes. eventhough tak mkn beef pun...so what to do??

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...


Yes ..it is extremely hot!!..
But lucky here in KL almost every evening hujan..

My thinking crap: We can test by leaving an egg on car dashboard. See wht the result..

Anonymous said...

salam Dr.Sam...

panas sungguh, ramai orang sakit2 tekak, ada yg sudah hilang suara...

mungkin sudah tiba masanya untuk kembali bercucuk tanam...

tanam benih pokok dan juga benih cintakan alam sekitar... tapi....

tawakal aja lah.... HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakiiiiiiiiiiiil.....

hu..hu..hu.. tq Dr.Sam

DrSam said...

what to do...just do it 'dengan berhemah' aje le...

Life Is Beautiful Lyric,
Voila! by the time you come back from your egg-shopping trip , no need to boil the egg anymore. A simple dish is ready. Good crazy idea.

Salam Fahmi. Setuju benor. Tanam pokok dan tanam benih hijau di minda.

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