07 March 2010

Smoke on the water, license to grill

Despite the blazing heat these past weeks and a thought on whether the rain was going to put off the fire for challenging the wrath of the raging sun, we still decided to have our annual firework ritual - BBQuing. Having checked the published API (Air pollution index) in my area earlier, it was very comforting to know that our annual fire ritual won't contribute much in causing harm to the environment.

Air pollution index was considered good (below the 50 mark) , except in Keropoklekorland (which slightly surpassed the green mark) . This confirmed my long suspicion that my native folks had been ignoring the sorry-state of our planet and kept burning our fossil fuels excessively (in Kerteh) for the past millennium. Even wang ehsan could not possibly stop this catastrophic cause to the mother earth.

I started the fire just after the Asar prayer and waited for the full corum to arrive as planned. The sky however had different idea and retaliated by pouring heavy shower and gruesome thunders as if discontented with me - This happened the very minute fire started to engulf the charcoal briquettes. I had to switch to my plan C, which was to shoulder and move the whole BBQ set up under the porch. This act was a bit tricky and you you can imagine how hard it was to juggle the burning charcoals while controlling my balance (and anxiety) at the same time. If you want to know what my plan A and B were - Plan A was to cancel our firework ritual and dumped all foods to slowly cooked in a microwave oven, while my plan B was to just go and have our nice gathering at any fast food restaurant nearby. Luckily, the porch did give ample space and enough cover from the heavy rain for us to proceed with our original plan.

After many calls and numerous 'still on my way' response from my colleagues, the corum had finally managed to arrived safely to my house. We had not done this gathering with a full membership from our regular 'makan-makan, kecek-kecek' members for quite some time now. Last year was a busy year for everybody and I was not well myself. The fiery sun and thundery rain turned out to do some wonders to our small gathering it seemed.

Thank you everybody!

This special charcoal briquettes was proclaimed to be environmental friendly. While it was quite obvious this charcoal somehow managed to defy the law of physics (smokeless) it somehow gave our barbecued food a special taste as well. Especially toward the end of its lifespan.

Thirty years of friendship was strengthen with a sacred peace accord by gathering around this smokeless BBQ and inhaling the special aroma from burning foods.

A league of fairer sex was making themselves busy with arranging the menu while at the same time catching some tips among others on how to keep their body slim and yet adorable after passing their 40th milestone.

Some never had enough with smoke. The smoke was not however came from the smokeless charcoals (I have to point this out of course) but from the burning fish or lamb parts due to our negligence looking after the fire. Our deep indulgence over talking and catching up with each other caused the burning foods later became the charcoal themselves.

The air was a bit clearer as opposed to the previous one as our chief BBQ officers has by this time taking charge looking and controlling the fire. Yours truly was nowhere seen in these photos as I was too busy helping myself with the vast amount of foods and having to come out with a plan on how to finish BBQuing our food and our sacred ritual before the clock strike twelve in the midnight.

This was how irresistibly good and photogenic the chickens looked like when yours truly at ground zero and took the helm of controlling the command center.

This was the last photo known to exist before these poor squid and some of the lambs transformed themselves into an inedible but combustible matter.


Zareda Norman said...

Dr Sam

bagus charcoal ni, mesra alam.. free smoke dan yg penting the BBQ still taste the sama even more tasty..

Akan ada kempen menanam 26 juta pokok di Malaysia tak lama lagi so tanggungjawab kita semua utk sejukkan bumi dgn menanam satu pokok dan lebih untuk satu warga

Sir Pök Déng said...

That special charcoal thing is quite interesting. But does it make those ayang bakor taste different than their cousins ayang percik pasor minggu cabbang? The bald grill master in License To Grill cooking show told me; more smokes, more delicious BBQ you will get.

Ida BorneoLove said...

woohooo... whatever charcoal lah! janji bbq!

CAHAYA said...

lama tak berBBQ. BBQ time musim panas macam ni, mesti terasa jugak bahang walaupun waktu malam.


DrSam said...

Zareda Norman,
Jika ada kempen sebegitu rupa, saya akan sokong. Sekarang pun seisi rumah memang berminat berkebun - termasuk bibik saya. Besar-besar dan menjadi betul projek lada dan terung dia :)

Sir Pok Deng,
I believed...the smoke from ayam percik ccabang was the one that made my kampung disappear from Google earth database.

Ida Athanazir,
Luckily my neighbors are all very 'sporting-morting'. The smokeless BBQ will not give any unfamiliar smell to any of their clothes.

Bahang memang betul terasa. Sebab tu bila geng-geng saya datang aje, penyerahan tugas dilakukan segera - muka saya pun dah merah macam udang kena bakar sebab dari petang membakar.

idasm said...

ida rasa arang nilah yg diorang guna masa ida makan seafood masa kat golok tempohari. bagus betul arang ni. bestkan sekali sekala berBBQ.

Anonymous said...

emmmm kelihatan enak sungguh pasti sehingga menjilat jari tapi jangan tergigit jari sudah...

DrSam said...

bagus juga orang di Golok tu ye.

bila lah boleh dapat berBBQ dengan geng lama ni?

catz said...


hi..bestnya BBQ dgn kawan2..siokkk!
err..kat mana ye nak beli charcoal camtuh??
the food looks yummyyy..

Abd Razak said...

Salam DrSam..

Wah...indah sungguh ukhwah yang dibina, BBQ bersama

ouT oF My MinD said...

bila doc nk buat gathering peminat doc lg.?

Adliff said...


Wah, terliur saya dibuatnya:)

yohteh said...

...ppasor kedai wuloh ada jual arang tu mo'o, molek menor wat bakor akok..!

I'm Seri said...

Salam Doc,

BBQ...sungguhn lama tak berkumpul macam ni. Best nya. Menunya pun menarik perhatian aje. Ayam oh ayam.

Temuk said...

Hi DrSam
Seronok tu. Cuma bila dah tuwe-tuwe ni tak rajin buat. If you are BBQing beef, chiken or mutton, then the smokeless charcoal is very good. But if you are preparing smoked fish (ikan salai), you'll need all the smoke to 'cook' your fish. I was told by friends in UPM, asap kayu getah is the best for preparing smoked tenggiri. Salam bahagia.

Naddiea said...

Doc,syiok dapat ber"BBQ" ngan kawan2.walaupun tengah musim panas ni.tp nasib baik hujan pulak masa tu kan.x de la terasa sangat panasnyer kan..errr..mana nk beli charcoal tu doc?

DrSam said...

saya pun sebenarnya lama juga tak berasap-asap ni dengan kawan-kawan. Dulu memang rajin. Charcoal tu saya beli kat Giant. Tesco pun ada.

Abd Razak,
Salam. Memang perjumpaan sebegini dapat menambahkan muhibbah.

Out of My mind,
Kalau ikut kalendar, kali terakhir buat bloggers gathering tahun lepas kat FRIM/Curve. Mungkin boleh lah kot buat sekali lagi tahun ni. Tu pun jika ada yang berminat.

aliff muhammad,
BBQ set tu belum kemas lagi...

DrSam said...

kat ppasor keda buloh mende apa takdok...ade belake...

Salam IRIS. Menu-menunya jadi banyak sebab kita buat pot-luck. Tak sangka pula terlebih budget...Tapi selalunya memang gitu pun. masing-masing boleh tapau untuk sarapan keesokan harinya :)

Didn't know about smoking rubber trunk can give such good taste to tenggiri. Good info and excellent idea. Probably can do further research on this. TQ.

Tu le dia. merah padam muka orang yang pertama mulakan api tu berasap ditengah panas :) Arang di Giant/Tesco ada dijual.

3yearshousewife said...

One good thing about BBQing back home is come rain or shine you can still go on with the BBQ.

Zue said...

Selalu ada acara makan2...:)

DrSam said...

dalam kesibukan bila dah bertemu sahabat-sahabat lama sambil berasap bersama-sama, hilang seketika rasa sesak didada akibat kesempitan masa.

remember once while doing my jihad, Eid Fitri fell during the cold winter time. We the students - brace the falling flakes and smoke the whole community with our satey BBQ :)

Geng disinung boleh join kalau teringing :)

Naddy said...

smoking hot do the food look. yum yum!

DrSam said...

hot food on one of the hottest day. Still the gathering was so cool!

Faisal Admar said...

that charcoal is expensive doc :P btw, you should try potato put some butter and mayonnaise... then put in the aluminum foil... and grill it. yummy!

annfrendly said...

terliur saya tengok ayam bbq tu dr sam..
sugguh kuat jalinan persahabatan dr sam dan rakan-rakan..
bagus sekali..

arang mesra alam..
dr sam memang peka dengan alam sekitar..
tak ramai orang yang peka menjaga alam sekitar macam dr sam ni..

Datin El said...

ealam Dr Sam..wow! klu dapat join kan best..semuanya nampak sedap..

@xiM said...

biasa saya kalau kat rumah buat BBQ ngan adik beradik yang lain memang pakai arang tuh..beli kat GIANT saja..tapi mahal sikit jer lah dari biasa.still,kuasa pembakaran dia bagus..sampai terlebih rentung ayam yang kami bakar..hehe

@xiM said...


saja nak letak entri BBQ yang kami buat kat kampung pakai arang tu.haha..rentung ok ayam ayam..:p

patungcendana said...

salam doc. how are you? just passing through. nanti baru datang n baca...hehe...

ASH said...

BBQ ni memang menyeronokkan..
yang lecehnya ialah kalau hujan..
Well, I can see another version of 'Licence to Grill' program here..he he

secangkir madu merah said...

I like BBQ..and it's so yummmmmyyyyy....

gathering yg menambahkan ukhwah..

JohnJenin said...

wah.. this entry brought my old memories with bunch of my kampung friends having BBQ at least once a month.

i support out of my mind proposal on having DrSam fans gath.

laki cikgu kimia said...

bbq burp.. :P

DrSam said...

faisal admar,
Correct. The extra monie incurred consider as part of our small effort to save the planet.

kawan susah kawan senang. priceless!

Bumi yang kita diami ini dan persekitaran berubah dan akan terus berubah. Usaha perlu dilakukan bagi mengurangkan kemusnahan kepada habitat dalam apa jua bentuk termampu.

Datin El,
Salam Datin. Kalau sudi singgah apa salahnya kita berBBQ sekali lagi.

hypermarket tu patut bagi kita komisyen axim sebab tolong promosi. Memang betul tu. Mahal sedikit harga tapi kuasa dan tempoh pembakaran lebih dari arang biasa. Itu ada yang rentung tu :)

keropok lekor Meraga Beris tu pun di BBQ ke bro?

DrSam said...

salam madam. I am feeling good TQ. Coming to KL madam?

Tu le. Tapi bila hujan tu sejuk sikit persekitaran. Bila group BBB nak buat BBQ gathering pula?

secangkir madu merah,
It seems we have many BBQ fan here.

Hi Pak Cik. Since you are already in KL and new playing ground, why not we celebrate it with a BBQ welcoming party for you?

laki cikgu kimia,
bau asap pun boleh kenyang :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the company of good friends and bbqued food. Kenyang perut, suka hati. Thanks for dropping by Dr. Sam!

DrSam said...

This gathering was considered a major feat and becomes one of our important milestone in our friendship...and the more the merrier. Good friendship is a gem - like this friendship quote :-

"Never look back...
Never regret...
Never remember
the people you've met.
Never begin...
And never end...
Never say never
when it comes to your friends"
-Aliza Llaguno-

Have a nice day.

Small Hiker said...

ni mesti peminat Robert Rainford... licensed to Grill!!

grow2g3th3r said...

Salam DrSam.. apa khabar?
wahhhhhhh... bestnya BBQ...... teringat lak aktiviti kat dungun dolu2... mesti lepak kat tepi pantai buat BBQ...

DrSam said...

Small Hiker,
minat makan aje.

Salam dla. saya alhamdulillah. Lama tak dengar cerita. BBQ musim candat sotong akan datang ni ditepi pantai pun satu cadangan yang bagus juga.

balqissy said...

oh, ade eh charcoal mcm tu? baru tau... hehe

nak BBq jugak, but somewhere in the middle of jungle, and near to the river. tapi, xde kawan2 -_-

Anonymous said...

sungguh seronok BBQ,


DrSam said...

selamat mencuba. Kawan kalau dicari ada aje yang hendak berBBQ.

salam singgah.

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