27 September 2012

Dear Madame, I quit!

It was not an easy decision.  Having spent my entire professional life constipating endlessly among the zombies, I finally decided to make a life changing decree. I decided to write a love letter to my boss and quit the job.

Dear madame,

I am typing this memo to you because I can't write properly. My vision especially in Kebun Getah Sekangkang Kera is becoming blur and increasingly hard to focus.   My sight now is not good and with slight astigmatism I am seeing double. If you care about me you should have known of my poor condition earlier.  The least you could do is to give me special allowance for  Lasic treatment.  Now the smell around my office is also stink. But that is not comparable to your infertile antic that from time to time is getting worse. You seem to walk on the cloud and never look down. I know it is kind of lonely up there. But to make things worst, you are surrounded by clowns who don't know to make a single joke. This make the whole circus appalling, except for the schoolchildren.

As you can see, starting next year our lush Kebun Getah Sekangkang Kera will be converted into  another Kalahari desert full of concrete jungles. I am am expecting by December next year during the Monsoon, the whole Subang Bestari (my house is only a 5-minutes drive to the office) will be wiped out and buried under a mile thick of flash mud.  I am sure you wouldn't  know or even care about all this because you seldom come down from your comfortable laurel up in the sky kingdom. It surprises me of your ignorance as the rotting minds that linger in the field and in the canteen had reached the Seventh Heaven and all the celestial beings are complaining.  

I think my time here has come to its end. In short and after serious deliberation, I want to resign commencing last month and please let me go in peace.

Wishing you, the clowns and the zombies all the best.

Yours truly,


p/s:  BTW the password to my PC is "jangan kau rayu" - everything in capital.

That is the actual resignation letter to my boss, after I carefully translated it from Bahasa. Seriously.  Upon learning on my Kamikaze decision, a friend said I should reconsider and write a short memo with a line something like this :

"...I want to withdraw my resignation, I heard a rumor  that  the company which is hiring me is going to hire you too..."

I am sure this is not gonna happen.

It has been 20 wonderful years and I enjoyed and cherished every single moment while constipating in my beloved Kebun Getah Sekangkang Kera. I am not sure about the clowns but many zombies will miss me. I am hitting the road for now and soaring high reaching for the sky.  I believe we are born to be free and free is the feeling right now.

Note : I am on leave until the end of October. Anybody who feel the itch for a leisurely teh tarik session and some tips to write a better resignation letter, you are  most welcome. Everything is on the house.


Abd Razak said...

السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

Moga sahabat sihat hendaknya di sana...

Bisa membuat saya tersenyum di pagi yang mulia ini. Kerap juga melalui kawasan sahabat bekerja tu, sebuah research center di kelilingi rimbunan batu...

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
WSM sahabat. Jika ada kelapangan dan melewati sebuah kebun getah yang bakal hilang itu nanti, silalah helo-helo untuk kita bertemu dan bertanya khabar berita. Saya di ibu kota pun tidak lama lagi, bakal meninggal jejak merubah angin.

kucingorengemok said...

terbayang badul korek surat resign kat mailbox dalam cerita manis² sayang! hehehe

DrSam said...

klasik cerita tu KOG. Saya pun dah tak berapa ingat jalan cerita dia.

Zue said...


Semuga terus berjaya dalam kerjaya.
Mari KL singgah2 lab jenguk kawan lama


Sir Pök Déng said...

Clowns and zombies are everywhere. BTW, that is an epic resignation letter, Dokter Seng.

DrMaya said...

Bro! dah tader kat office kah?? I baru nk masuk 8hb neh...need to talk to you in person pasal polisi HLA for medical treatment lah...Haish what happen, when I just back everybody just angkat kaki huuu?? BTW tak baik u call us zombies, Kita mencari makan di situ... :(

DrSam said...

Terima kasih. Kawan-kawan lama takkan kita lupa. Kalau Jaya Jusco ada sale tu helo-helo lah ye...

Clowns and zombies in a way can be such a pest. However, they also make our live very interesting. And some can even befriended us and become a BFF :)

Mulan said...

all the best..

DrSam said...

Congratulation sis! You've finally made it back to this Kebun Getah Sekangkang Kera. Hope you'll still manage to see the rubber trees before David Copperfield and the clowns...ooppps...the gang make it disappear. I am 'cabut-ing' from the ofice but still around Subang Bestari. Come for a cuppa when you've settled down in your office.

DrSam said...

TQ. Perhaps we will cross path more often soon - Mesra Mall :)

ASH said...

nak gi mano pulok pah ni?
motong getah kat kampong mu?

DrSam said...

Tanang padi atau nnakap ikang lah pulok he..he..he..

Syed said...

You're the gutsiest person I know doc. Good for you :)

DrSam said...

Now that I am at the cross road of my life, I've realized that if we are not expecting anything then we tend not to worry that much. Nothing to loose. Not that I am a man with balls that were made of steel, a man got to do what he got to do.

Nizam.Ariff said...

Tak dapat aku bayangkan kalau aku yg terima surat tu... mau terkedu badak dibuatnya..

apa-apa pun, cantik sungguh ayat-ayatnya...

DrSam said...

Nizam Ariff,
Tak pasti pula ada badak kat tempat saya kerja ni :)

pB said...

semoga suksess didlm apa jua bidang yang diceburi selepas ini

DrSam said...

Insyaallah dan terima kasih.

Fadhil said...

Doc, you're really leaving that nice rubber plantation? Sad to hear but my best wishes to you wherever to plan to go.

Hope to catch some free time and have that teh tarik with you...

ASH said...

makcik madame tu melopong, terkedu baca "ayat ayat cinta" dari Drsam..
kalau inilah suratnya..

betui tak doc?

DrSam said...

Right on sir! It was hard but the decision has to be made. The trees won't be there very long, so if you happen to pass by that area just give me a ring. I will give you a personal guided tour around the 'jungle'.

Nak minta cabut pun kena 'mengayat' betul-betul. Skil tersebut saya perolehi masa zaman mengayat menggunakan teropong iman masa muda-muda dulu. Kalau Nizam nak belajar, memang saya tidak keberatan. Bawa aja KFC satu barrel sebagai pengeras :)

HLiza said...

Fuuhh mmg berani mati..hehe tapi rezeki di mana2 kan..

DrSam said...

Tepat sekali. Rezeki dimana-mana.

3yearshousewife said...

I will never understand this obsession of developing big towns and buildings,demolishing places deemed backward & value less. when people go overseas , they seemed to appreciate and awed by the historical values of old this and that of that particular country. sadly in their own country, things old must be demolished to give way to the new and modern. The RRIM Sg Buluh road brings a lot of memories to me when we used the route to Shah Alam countless times long time ago...

DrSam said...

value brings different meaning to different people. A privilege few like you and me who have the opportunity to experience and see how others value things of their past is something that we are going to miss here in our own homeland. It is a sad affair indeed. In the Bolehland, it seems everything has a price tag including one's self respect, dignity, honor etc. I wish and hope our kids won't forget their root as some of the thing that associated with their forefathers are slowly being taken away from them.

*SiRibenMerah said...

hye Doc Sam..
lama x jumpa..
apa sudah jadi? mau resign?
ouh No~
hope you are doing fine and let's ngeteh sometime..
da lama x catch up with latest news.. almost 2 years?

doc said...

for sure you won't be getting a good reference from her!

all the best!

nahmy said...

clowns & zombies?...in kebun getah sekangkang kera?...such a 'wonderful-hanky-panky' kind of place you got there doc...wishing you all the best doc.

DrSam said...

Macam-macam peristiwa dan rencah kehidupan. Tapi itu dah jadi asam garam. Kena buat 're-alignment' sikit dan cuba merubah angin. Kalau free boleh datang 'mengeteh' di Subang Bestari sebab lepas ni dah tak ada can lagi mengeteh di sini.

Hye doc. Thanks for stopping by and gave your two cents here. My Kamikaze style of saying goodbye to my boss was really not a good example for someone who is still looking forward to climb the corporate ladder and the belly full of hopes. I am now quite contented. But the beast in me is still fierce and quite hard to tame. A cool guy should burn the bridges. But a broken bridge will surely and slowly burn by itself - somehow.

such a wonderful place indeed. The place (if it still exist) will always be in my heart.

Al-Manar said...

I arrived shortly after you at Ayoh Wang. So I thought it would be easier to follow you here instead of beating about the bush to get to this god-forsaken Kebun Getah Sekakang Kera.

I wonder whether that resignation is genuine or just to get sympathy.If you have no job come over and I will pay you climbing my coconut trees. Price of coconut has gone up and you can earn handsomely.

Red Alfa said...

Dear Dr Sam

At this time, I suppose you are now in good ole Gganu. All best wishes to you and the family!

Like you I was once at the crossroad. Right or Left, I had asked?

I chose left and with same kamikaze being sure I thought I could never end up at Right.

But it's proven that the world is ROUND. So if you go far enough left you will end up at Right, won't you?

Arriving after coming so far to find same zombies and clowns.

Making the long and the short of the moral in the story, expect to arrive someplace as the same.

Or finding at Left clowns and at Right zombies.

UmmiAbi said...

All the best to u, DR Shamsul...
Moga terus succeed.. Terima kasih doc sebab banyak curahkan ilmu yg berharga kpd kami generasi baru EM. Moga doc sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki.. Ilmu yg doc kongsikan sentiasa bermanfaat & moga ALLAH je dapat membalasnya..:)
-EM unit- UM

DrSam said...

I am very happy to accept you offer pakcik. I agree with you the price and demand for kelapa is soaring high now. But you have to be patience with me as my 'keghabat pokok' skill need to be polished. I plan to meet you in person Insyaallah. Gong Badak is not that far from you blissful sanctuary.

DrSam said...

Red Alfa,
It is very comforting to receive some word of wisdom from you Kanda RA. it is indeed a crossroad to me. My crossroad is flanked by both zombies and clowns. As the WORLD is round, as you said, I hope any direction I choose will lead me to the RIGHT direction. Amin.

p/s: Congratulation kanda for the recent 'makan pulut'. Moga your anakanda diberkati dan bahagia ke anak cucu.

DrSam said...

Reen, Insyaalah jika ada rezeki dan panjang umur akan dipertemukan kembali. Saya doakan semoga rakan-rakan di UM akan bertambah maju dan berjaya di dalam bidang masing-masing. Saya juga berterimakasih di atas sokongan dan bantuan yang tidak pernah putus dari geng EM di sana.

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