05 November 2009

Walking in a full circle

Little did I expect to come and travel this far. The mysterious and borderless cyberspace known as a blogosphere which seems very remote and strange to me at first, is now becoming a wonderful and lively playground occupying my past time activity (Even though past time is becoming very rare and scarce each day, this past time is considered as one of the precious commodities to the urbanites, the other one is probably their credit cards). This is a place that stores many wonderful stories, brilliant ideas and colorful experiences.

At times this place can oddly transform into a crowded virtual territory densely populated with colorful dwellers sometime lost in their own fantasies. I too sometime got dragged down deep into this endless and dark labyrinth and dozed off into my own oblivion. If it is not because of my true conscience that become my savior and brought me back into this earthly reality, I would have been melted in front of the LCD screen or lost somewhere in time.

One full year has past since I first started to scribble down and translate whatever thought that stuck in my mind into these readable columns. Frankly speaking this cyber journey was never planned or even dreamed of. Actually it was transpired by a departure of a close friend to the Kiwi-land who embarked on a journey to find his true divine spirit. He then started to share his foreign adventure in a blog and gampangnya waikato was borned. I was invited to read his blog and later became truly fascinated and got inspired by his exciting quests and his heart-shattering stories. Even though his blog didn't survive very long and succumbed to a premature and unsuspecting death, my fascination continued and mutated into an obsession. I have to thank him for this.

Along the way, I managed to give life to my own blog and prolonged its existence despite the fact that my own official diaries are still having many empty pages staring at my face - which in away is a bit contradictory but not very surprising at all. Unconsciously my blog keep evolving into an open diary shared by ghostly life forms of which at the latter point become a real life acquaintances.

It was a journey well beyond my imagination, worthy of all the trouble and many sleepless nights. I have achieved what I initially hoping to get from blogging. I feel some sense of accomplishment if not pure and sheer satisfaction. The least is I am feeling good and cool - that's what matter most.

The constant taping on the keyboard has at least wet my writing appetite and flourished into a good habit especially during this time of the year when annual report, scientific article and other unnecessary paperwork are breathing hard down my neck.

Perhaps the most satisfaction of all is the opportunity to come face to face, in real flesh with all the virtual friends and get to know each other in person. Thank you everybody. Thank you my ex-virtual buddies. Thank you all, those who are still lurking in the dark, wherever you are for making my life more interesting. Virtual gestures in the blogosphere are no more a freaking hallucination. Now let me continue with my predestined destiny and get myself deeply seduced into this blogging underworld.

I write...I found them... and I know they exist.


Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

keep on writing. i love ur writings so bad !! they are beautiful, i think u can write ur own book :) and all ur followers will buy that from kinokuniya ~ hehe

Cinta said...

Thank you for sharing and for me to learn and observe from you.

Looking forward to many more tappings of the keyboard.

nahmy said...

yess doc. the magical of borderless world. seeing is believing..at least

besi said...

dr sam....dengan blog macam2 hal seluruh dunia kita leh tahu...
cara bagaimana kita guna itu yg penting........

dr sam.....teruskan...berblog

daros kuneng said...

salam kembara doc..

the blog is our best friend to talk to..


Zendra said...

Doc, happy first blogger birthday. You've come a long way, and I'm pleased to have made your acquaintance here. Keep it up, dinda.

Anonymous said...

keep on writing doc..

adiwarnatasya said...

Bagus doc:)

yohteh said...

salam Dr...
di tahun-tahun terkebelakang, tak pernah terfikirkan tentang "kembara maya"...
untuk tahun-tahun terkedepan apa lagi yang harus kita bayangkan..??

3yearshousewife said...

Happy 1st blogging anniversary Dr.
I do agree blogging really helps in improving writing skills.I never thought I could write let alone tell a story. The fact that people do read and come again is heartwarming.
Keep the stories coming.

hazeleyed lady said...

Ass_salam Doc
...'fell in love'the first time i stumble into your blog.
Keep on blogging.

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam,

Happy Birthday to Archive of Time!!! May it be nurtured always! Unlike mine....sob!sob!

Sally said...

am lucky to have found this blog of yours..
keep on blogging..
tapi sad kan bila ada yg guna blogospere utk niat jahat..huhu..

Memorable trails... said...

Salam Doc,
First, happy anniversary to archive of time.
We started almost at the same time.
I am glad I bumped into your blog...your lively and a touch -of-humour posts always keep me smiling...

Abd Razak said...

Salam Dr...

Keep it up dr...nice to know you thru this platform...:)

laki cikgu kimia said...

rare. this blog is one of a kind. precious like always.

Adliff said...



I fell in love upon my stumble onto your blog. You have the knack for writing. Keep up the good work. Actually Doc. I read your blog as a way to improve my English.

Wishing you happy first anniversary of "Archive of Time".

NanaDJ said...

Dr Sam,
Happy Anniversary! Maybe one day I will be a blogger like you until then I will continue reading your blogs and those of my other blogger friends. I enjoy reading yours anyway, you do write very well.Salam

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Ur writing is my addiction.. hehehehe btulkah ayat ku in ;p

neway happy anniversy to ur blog.... may it continues on forever with more wonderful journey that you may share with us... :D

Skullsplitter said...

keep your good writing doc! :)

Small Hiker said...

Happy Anniversary... I enjoy reading the products of your tappings on the key board...

Faisal Admar said...

what about me doc? we never met and you do not know whether i'm exist :P

anyhow, blogging can be boring when you start to stay away from it for quite some times.

that's why some people will leave blogging, just the matter of time.

actually writing and reading are 2 different thing. i simply think, we need both :)

nAz said...

Different people, different lifestyles, different thought. Its good to share our experiences in blogosphere. ;)

Keep writing!

DrSam said...

Liyana Safra Zaabar,
Thank you Liyana for your kind thought and encouragement. Insyaallah will continue sharing as long as my brain cells are still functioning. On the book part...mmmm probably I am sitting too long in my comfort zone. Somebody needs to knock hard on my head for that :)

No problemo. I will tap dancing on the keyboard as long as the tune is right and the spirit is high. So far so good.

In this borderless world, everybody can travel, anywhere, anytime without any restriction. Unless you don't pay your internet bill, that is a different story.

macam-macam ada kat blog ni. Itu yang meriah tu.

DrSam said...

Salam perayauan disini. Mungkin ada kebenarannya, bercakap dan meluahkan isi hati diblog dapat meredakan kekusutan minda. Blog akan jadi pendengar setia, gerenti.

Thank you kanda. I am very happy and feeling very fortunate to get to know you and kanda RA in person. Many thing I can learn from you (orang veteran). Saya budak baru belajar...hingus pun masih meleleh lagi (terutama ketika selsema) :)

Oki doki doc.

Thank you.

Salam yohteh. Untuk membuat ramalan jauh kehadapan pun ilmu nujum saya tak tinggi mana. Yang pasti dunia tanpa sempadan ini akan pasti berkembang. Cuma kita sempat atau tidak berlari mengejar arus perubahan tersebut.

DrSam said...

Thank you madam. Everybody has many and different stories to share. Everything has to start somewhere and I am glad I took that first step a year ago. You write beautiful stories too and they reminded me of my good time in the far land.

Waalaikumusalam. Ganuspeak will continue to write and share stories for people like you to enjoy. Ganuspeak like to read your (spiritual) tips as well.

Mia's mom,
Salam and thank you. You can still update us with you foreign exploit. Scotland surely has many wonderful things to share. Just don't write in their slang sudah lah. Terbelit lidah kita nanti.

If not because of this medium, we wouldn't be having a picnic at FRIM and eating nasi beriyani at Subang Bestari. wonderful experience!

DrSam said...

madam gold,
Salam madam. If bumping is the correct word, than I am glad to bump into your blog too. I've learned quite a lot from your blog. Your son's experience in a boarding school especially is very interesting (can share with my eldest son)

Abd Razak,
Salam sdr. Thank for your encouragement. I hope one day we can meet in person.

laki cikgu kimia,
Many rare species are in a brink of extinction. Conservation (preservation) is critically at stake. We just keep writing and sharing.

aliff muhammad,
Salam. Thank you for giving me a much needed motivation. I like to share and this is a good medium for all of us to do just that. But sometime I become lazy as well, especially after eating too much nasi dagang :)

DrSam said...

Thank you madam. I am still 'menaruh harapan tinggi' one day you will come out from your hiding place and start sharing many beautiful stories of yours. Anyway, thank you for dropping by and leaving some trail in this blog. Very much appreciate.

Hi...hi...can be a good tag-line. Probably too much ketum-style writing in this blog that caused not only you but also myself got affected by this addiction. Itchy...itchy on my fingers to tap and dance.

Hey there... another ex-virtual buddy of mine. Long time no hear and see. What's up Ed?

Small hiker,
Thank you mate. I tap and tap hoping that the keyboard will still survive and does not break down into pieces.

Faisal Admar,
You never come down to KL and I never go up north recently, how to meet? Now I know that you are very busy with your quiz, assignment and badminton sessions can you still find time for mengeteh bro?

Concur Faisal! we need both, write and read plus probably talk in order to share our world with others.

Yes, life is so colorful. We just keep adding more color to it and paint it with happiness to make it even more beautiful.

CAHAYA said...

Happy 1st Birthday 'Archive of Time'. Keep on writing DrSam. ;)

p/s: I guess we shud celebrate. ;)

ASH said...

I read all your writings!
Remember that..he he he

Thank you for sharing them with all of your so-called "VIRTUAL friends".

Fadhil said...

Salam Doc,

Is it not amazing that some people find it easier to type out their thoughts and recollections onto a computer screen than putting pen to paper? Blogging has given us one such avenue.

Glad to have met you in blogosphere, Doc. Hopefully would be able to meet you in real life, God-willing. Keep on blogging.

DrSam said...

Sound like a good plan. BBQ picnic somewhere? Thanks CAHAYA.

Hi...hi...I still remember you said that in your first comment. Thank you for a good friendship and we have to thank Kak Pah for this. If not because of her daughter's wedding I wouldn't have traveled to Bangi and met you last Saturday. So you are no more a virtual friend :)

Salam. I am very much happy to continue blogging and having the opportunity to meet many virtual friends along the way. That make our life more interesting. I hope we can meet one day. Take care sir.

MariaFaizal said...

Happy Anniversary to you & your blog..

I'm not tracking record/rarely updating mine :( But Doc,you're such an excellent writer.And I'm honoured to have met you in person & family.

I heart your blog Doc! Rgds to sis Zayda your handsome Princes...

Have a wonderful weekend.

kenari said...

Salam Dr, congratulations on your 1st annivesary in blogging. i was also introduced to blogging by a friend but i rarely update mine... tak ada idea nak borak ;)

DrSam said...

Being missing you and the whole gang. I hope we can find time to mengeteh again. Nice knowing you too. Send regard to Faizal and kisses to the kids.

Salam Kenari. No worry, just write and put down in this medium whatever you might think will benefit others. Insyaallah the flow will come.

arsaili said...

salam..time flies and you marked ur 1 year journey in this blogsphere. Along the way, you share your spice of life with us.....keep your finger alive and for us to keep looking forward for your entry.

DrSam said...

Salam arsaili. It seems like yesterday I first met you virtually a year ago. Glad to have you as my first blogger friend, and the first blogger I met face to face. That really did fire up my spirit.

abu muaz said...

DrSam : blog memblog ni mengurangkan stress.baik untuk kesihatan.

atie said...

Keep it up Dr Sam, for your own good and for me to know about it....ok.

DrSam said...

abu muaz,
Ada kebenaran tu. tempat mencurahkan perasaan bila mungkin "a shoulder to cry on" tak jumpa atau tak sudi. Tapi kadang-kadang tu blog pun boleh menjadi penyebab stress, contoh - ada banyak idea dan cerita nak dikongsi tapi tak boleh tulis sebab tak boleh capai blog (PC rosak le, Blog buat hal le, ada yang blog hilang le etc :)

Yes atie. I write you read, you write I read. Kerja dua hala ni.

abu muaz said...

cubaaaan, cubaan belaka tu Dr....Dog balik teranung ke main air boh?

ReActivate said...

::: askm bro drsam.. pekabar? lama tak bersua di sini.. tertarik juga bila baca posting terbaru di sini hinggakan abis saya baca.. benar kata2 bro, & kawan2 di sini.. blogging mmg mengujakan. saya mula terlibat dlm 'blog' nih semasa saya ber-myspace di internet, bukan nak cari kawan pon tapi seronok bermain tukar2 layout, letak wallpaper yg dibuat sendiri etc.. then ke fotopages sbb saya sukee ambik gambar seterusnyer ke blogspot/wordpress..

::: kepuasan itu terletak pada individu itu sendiri.. sgt subjektif; bagi saya bila saya dpt luahkan idea seni saya dlm btk fotografi & editing.. saya sukee hasilnyer.. menerima cadangan drpd kawan2 & menimba ilmu kreatif mereka itupon satu yg menarik utk saya berblog.. thats enough for me at this moment..

::: [re]: yep mmg saya ufo hunter & ghost hunter.. [hehe] kami ada group sendiri sejak dulu.. just for fun [huhu].. thanx bro.. keep on posting! ;)

BEiB said...

Dr Sam....
ur entries make me want some more of those old days...
keep posting on old things..

*SiRibenMerah said...

sometimes bila kita flashback kesah dulu2.. memang best tau.. hehehe.. sneak out malam2?? wahhh.. story la byk2 sket.. hehehehe...

well, I bizi sket lately neh.. ngan camping and urusan2 nak tutup skolah neh.. exam final la.. graduation day la.. iskk.. camping lagi.. adoila...tapi da nk dekat cuti skolah.. hope dapat meet with u n family this holiday.. anything I will let u know.. miss u'ols so much.. nanti leh la kita mengeteh.. ekekeke..

kem salamz kat sis Zayda n hugs n kisses to anak2.. take care =)

Anonymous said...

betul doc, yg jauh kita dekatkan, yg dekat kita rapat rapatkan.. kannns

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Pergi walimah rumah kakPah hari tu ya?
Tak sempat keluarga kita berjumpa...

DrSam said...

abu muaz,
masa kecil-kecil dulu memang seronok main air boh ni. Macam pesta lah pulok. Bila dah besar ni psiko sket sebab dah kena beberapa kali terkandas dalam perjalanan dan terpaksa bermalam dimerata tempat.

Salam bro. Saya Alhamdulillah. memang diperingkat permulaannya hanya suka-suka macam syok sendiri pun ada. Ingatkan hanya sekadar 'rekod' dan 'album' mengimbau perjalanan hidup untuk tatapan dimasa akan datang.

Tak sangka pula boleh bertahan lama dan boleh dapat ramai kawan dan kenalan, jauh dan dekat. Ini semua memberi semangat dan motivasi untuk terus berkongsi cerita.

p/s: UFO hunter memang satu hobi yang jarang didengar dinegara kita. Boleh kongsi pengalaman menarik tu bro.

Actually that was the original idea. Mengabadikan kenangan lama dan berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman dulu-dulu yang menarik (tajuk blog)

DrSam said...

cerita ceriti dan pengalaman silam di BBB memang banyak yang manis. Mungkin antara fasa hidup yang paling indah. Boleh sengih sorang-sorang punya penangan tu.

Cuti sekolah tak lama lagi. Kalau sudah keluar dari pertapaan di pulau dan terlajak ke daerah ini, helo-helo lah ye. Boleh kita kumpul sekali lagi dengan Maria and the clan.

memang setuju sangat.

Saya pergi petang sikit (3pm). Jumpa Kak Pah serta Ashley sekeluarga. sempat lah bercerita sebab dah agak reda sikit masa tu. Cuma Blogger lain tak terserempak sebab depa datang lebih awal. Tu le...bukan rezeki kita nak bersua. Insyaallah dilain masa.

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