23 July 2010

no bother mates, my cuppa tastes better without sugar

The least, lets stop worrying for a moment. We, the nasi-lemak eating nation had being worrying too much for thousand of years, so much so this is becoming a trendy lifestyle in today's Bolehland. When the Portuguese stumbled upon Malacca en-route their ship joyride across the ocean for example, our forefathers worried they would steal our cencaluk and left us with nothing except a few Mamaks. We almost forgot that we still had the heavenly budu and tempoyak of which can also blast some of us into a palatable oblivion. The Dutch did the same. For all that we know, they left us with a stretch of street in the Malacca town if not pronounced or spelled properly will make some goes bonkers.

We worry about the greedy inflation that will eat our bank account faster than hungry termites ingested our house. Urban folks worry too much on keeping the belly flat with the same intensity the cat-walkers worry about bulimia and anorexia. Rural folks on the other hand worry their sons and daughters do not fancy to stay in the kampung anymore and migrate to the more exciting and livelier city and later turn into mat rempit or minah bohsia. The fear has been encoded in our gene ever since our ancestors roamed this earth more than 6000 years ago.

From time to time, we had been bombarded with countless issues that led us to become so worry. Fast forward into this new millennium, last week exactly on the same auspicious Friday night many of us succumbed to that disease and invoked the ancient gene one more time. On that auspicious night many barang suddenly unceremoniously naik of which the term Barang Naik was coined. Some worried too much to the extend it affected the other barang as well. It was a chain reaction. Once naik it is hard to turun. This is quite worrying for some. This pandemic spread across the Bolehland and we can already seen the multiplying effect took place.

Ever since that pandemic spread, I spent and wasted many agonizing hours staring at the displayed menus in many kedai Mamak looking for the sign of the price hike. We kept being told that Mamaks will absorb the cost due to the price hike of sugar and not to simply allow most of their barang to naik. But there is some evident to suggest that isn't the case. I realized my teh tarik kurang manis tastes the same but the price in some of the kedais is not. However this is not the cause for me to be alarmed. Lets do not miss the plot altogether. This kind of naik is good of all the humankind. It is for the sake of our health. That was what we have been told and the nasi-lemak eating nation contented.

Even when the fossil fuel of which is not a renewable resource in million of years saw the price made to climb the stairways to heaven gradually and elegantly, that should not stir us a bit. We should look at this positively. Perhaps it is the right time to dump our cars and start to cycle like the Dutch and becoming healthy thus live longer, enough to see our grandchildren got roasted by the UV light that leak through the ozone holes eroded by constant air pollution - caused by the fuel combustion. Perhaps we should start to seriously thinking into utilizing the solar energy or other renewable resources like the bio-fuel from the cow dung. It is a challenge and this is suppose to make us more creative, innovative and progressive, ideally speaking.

Yet while I was sipping my cuppa I could not help but start to worry about all the debris floating in the outer space which at anytime can land onto our head. This can happen if for example one of our satellites become haywire, poked by the floating sate sticks left in the orbit by the astro-nut at the International Space Station. Or it could be banana skin left by some clumsy experimental monkeys way back in the 60s, jammed it navigation system and exit the orbit headed straight to our homeland.

Step backward almost 30 years ago, I had another harrowing experience which was even more worrying. Once I experienced having excessive blood in my urine after a break from intensive training and prolong exposure to the cosmic ray in the school sport field. Upon checking by the doctor, the remedy was simply to drink more liquid. That was really a big relief. I could only utter to myself...

"Thank God, luckily I am not menstruating!"


Abd Razak said...

Salam sahabat..

Moga sihat hendaknya...

Rupanya kita ni banyak merasa bimbang dengan keadaan di dunia terutamanya saya ni.

Bila gula naik kita merasa bimbang, khuatir barang lain turut naik sama. Sedikit pula bimbang dengan amalan yang bakal dibawa ke sana nanti. Subhanallah...moga Allah permudahkan kehidupan kita

sahromnasrudin said...

salam..blog tuan hebat..tgk follower mencecah 320 dibandingkan dgn saya ( terasa kecil diri ini)..selamat berblogging dan jemput selalu ke blog sy :-)

Zendra-Maria said...

Salam Dinda, harap-harap pencen saya turut naik :)

PS - tualang honey bagus bagi mengelakkan otot-otot terasa sengal selepas senaman intensif membina 6-pack :D Thanks Doc, salam saya buat Zayda dan hero2

yohteh said...

...kita orang kecil, Dr...

Ismail Fitry said...

I love this article Doc :)

Same here in New Zealand, most of the lecturers ride bicycle to work, even the dean if I'm not mistaken. But what funny eh, none of the Malaysian students follow their supervisors' step.
Alasannya, harga kereta kat sini murah hahaha...

DrSam said...

Abd Razak,
salam Sdr Razak. Alhamdulillah kita di dalam keafiatan. Bimbang dihati jika tidak diberi peluang untuk memperbetulkan diri yang compang camping ini.

Salam. Alhamdulillah ramai kenalan (ramainya di alam maya) dan mengeratkan ukhuwah sambil berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman.

Salam kanda. Yang itu memang patut naik :)

DrSam said...

dah le kecil, mentimun ditengah durian pula tu.

Ismail Fitry,
Thank you Ismail. I'd love to ride a bicycle too to work as my house is just 'a pelaung' away from my workplace. But I fear the scorching sunlight might turn me into Dayang senandung :)

Yes, those who live in the temperate region or further away from the Equator should have no problem happily having a joyride under the bright sun light. It is fun too.

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Yupp, we worried too much.. but if we openly say " take it easy people", mulalah org pandang kite mcm kite ni tak bertanggungjawab.. haihh, susah kan...!

ASH said...

what can I say!

Faisal Admar said...

jeez! now i'm craving for budu and cencaluk!


DrSam said...

Budak Lurpak,
We worry because we are helpless and incapable of doing nothing (to make a change)

Apo nak di kato!

Faisal Admar,
You eat budu/cencaluk as well bro?

zino said...

yg penting kita jaga kesihatan jaga pemakanan jangan berlebih2.. dan minum banyak air.. inshaallah..

Anonymous said...

Err... takut tengok gambar kat atas tu...
Bila harga barang dapur naik, kita susah sikit nak kreatifkan diri. Kena kurangkan aktiviti memasak, tak de la pencuci mulut tu lagi.

Tapi kan... rasanya nilai duit kita ni yang menurun.

DrSam said...

kesihatan memang perlu dijaga. Mungkin itu lah hikmah disebalik apa yang berlaku.

sekarang kalau pergi ke supermarkt atau pasaraya, sekali beli dah mencecah ratusan ringgit. Memang terasa kecil sangat nilai duit kita sekarang ni.

Faisal Admar said...

haha not only eat... but crazy of them! when i was at terengganu and kelantan, the shop owner jaw dropped...!!!

i eat budu as kuah with the rice... not only cicah with ulam haha!

catz said...

salam DrSam,

nak naik basikal..tapi panas laaa..
ihiks.pastuh takut kena hon dgn kereta/lori.

now nilai duit makin kecil. dgn kenaikan pelbagai brg asas dan keperluan..hemmm..duit kita ditelan inflasi. eh..now dah mega sale?

en_me said...

jantan sejati doc kanns.. ehehe

annfrendly said...

salam Dr sam..
sekarang kena berjimat cermat..heheh..

suhu dunia makin hari makin panas sebab banyak sangat pencemaran :(

betul cakap dr.. semua ni akan melatih kita semua untuk berfikiran lebih kreatif & inovatif.. setiap masalah ada jalan penyelesaian..

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Tak lama lagi Ramadhan...bulan berjimat cermat. Sepatutnyalah..

....tapi sebaliknya yg biasa berlaku..

Zareda Norman said...

DR Sam
less the shugar, more the bee honey.. hehehhe

Red Alfa said...

Dr Sam

No. I like 'em real sweet that nobody can!

I am screaming mad and at who? That fler who says it's healthier with less?

I tell the mamak manis, manis lagi, ok! It costs the same as without, now that it has already gone up!

Sir Pök Déng said...

Our Terengganu life would be dull without sugar.

Anonymous said...

Doc, coincidently, I now prefer my beverage without any sugar so the price hike didn't quite jolt me out of my seat. Tara papa... hehehe...

DrSam said...

faisal Admar,
You seems to be more Terengganu than Ganukite :)

BTW, after more that 4 decades I am just starting to have a liking toward budu...

saya lagi dah naik seriau. bukan setakat basikal, motosikal pun dah pikir banyak kali.

cakap pasal mega sale ni...dah beli baju raya ke?

DrSam said...

apa nak buat...dah ditakdirkan gitu kejadiannya :)

salam ann. jimat cermat tu memang kena dijadikan amalan kita selalu. tapi cabaran dan godaannya pun banyak juga.

suhu dunia memang dari hari ke hari akan berubah. cuma kita tidak sedar atau perasan sangat sehingga sesuatu yang drastik berlaku.

DrSam said...

mega sale dan KL sale pun makin menjadi-jadi...

Zareda Norman,
another good alternative. the best is try to live sugarless.

Red Alfa,
Ha...ha...I bet mamaks will be very happy to have many customers like you kanda...

DrSam said...

Sir Pok Deng,
I've been away too long from Ganu and my taste bud has been indoctrinated with less. In that sense that make me less Ganukite kot :)

Yes madam...that is the way to go. My cuppa is sugarless for quite some time now.

Ida BorneoLove said...


good one doc!!

sugar oh sugar.. same as meat, salt.. i love all of them.

but, umur dah tua so mesti tau jaga pemakanan diri. Jgn nanti hujung hari menyusahkan anak anak bila sakit

DrSam said...

Ida Athanazir,
we should take the responsibility to look after our own body.

Yang sedap tu selalu memudaratkan. cubaan.

catz said...


takde pun pi mega sale...maybe sebab dah tua, malas dan rasa tak penting.
baju raya? belum. malas nak fikir.
pakai saja apa yang ada.

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