23 January 2009

Can't cook, won't cook

Apart from having many skills my significant half are gifted with (among others are shopping, shopping and shopping :), her cooking skill is the best none to other. The skill is so natural, she can prepare a good dish with just anything that is edible thrown into a cooking pot. Presumably she inherited this skill from her late mother, who was also very good at pleasing anybody's taste bud.

One good thing about having a good cook in your house is that you don't have to worry about what dishes to put on your dinner table day in and day out. In fact I don't even have to think about the food at all. I just go back home and succumbed to my hungry appetite and consumed everything that was prepared on the table. As I am not a very fussy type-of-person when it comes into what to tuck into my tummy, any simple dish will do.

On the other hand, it can be a daunted task though in deciding what menu-of-the-day would be. That was the downside of it when you are presented with so many gastronomic choices to choose from. If from time to time you got a call from your significant half, asking what to have for lunch or dinner, sometime it can got on your nerves as well. A hungry man is an angry man the wise man says.

wife : "Hello darling, what do you fancy for dinner tonight?"
hubby : "Anything dear."
wife : "Nasi beriani with Moroccan-style chicken or Nasi Bukhari with mutton cooked Iranian-style ?"
hubby : Anything will do dear.
wife : Or do you fancy a chicken masallah with shish kebab?
hubby: "Better get you hot pan(t) ready or I will have you for dinner instead!"

With such a good cook she is, who am I to complain?

Ever since my last intimate liaison with the "Bujang Club" long time ago, I seldom make myself busy in the kitchen anymore. At the same time, I lost all my skill in handling all the kitchen paraphernalia, thus my cooking skill as well. Skill needs to be practiced, and since the kitchen is not my domain anymore, I can hardly remember now how to make my famous "mee goreng berangan", which has earned me a name among the members of my former club. Fancy that recipe anyone?

Going abroad was the only time I can reclaim my excellent cooking skill. Thanks to Abang Brahim, cooking beef rendang was as easy as finding your way through London undergrounds. If you look close enough you will notice that I have not forgotten my past time delicacy, even thousand miles separate me from Losong Dato' Amar. (my wife laughed at me when she saw the sorry state of that 'khepok' - apparently the oil was not hot enough!)

This is not my secret recipe that I've mentioned earlier. You won't be left to surrender yourself to starvation in the far land if there were Malaysians around and you knew how to make friends along the way


Sally said...

lucky man u r..my hubby too sometimes cant understand why i go such into details on what 2 b cooked..i guess we ladies would like 2 serve only d best 2 our darlings..well cooked..well presented..above all..masak dgn penuh kasih sayang..its a way of saying.."honey..i luv u.."..n looking at his "prosperous" tummy..i know he feels d same way..hehe..eh ye ke ni??

tomato_masam said...

u r s0 lucky t0 have a wife like her =) dah macam restaurant in ur own house!~ hihi`

Faisal Admar said...

i am a bad cook. my 1st experience was when i went to germany for 6 weeks. the only foods i cook were spaghetti and instant noodle or instant boneless fish.


DrSam said...

wife will do their best to serve their hubby. lucky me.

hi..hi...menu please!

Not bad my friend.

Unknown said...

alhamdulillah.. jodoh Allah...

dah boleh posting entri cara memasak lepas ni... hihi

Anonymous said...

With such a good cook at home, what you need to worried more is your waist line.

I can't cook either but I think I know how to cook the best instant noodle in the world with my secret recipe:-)XD

DrSam said...

Penoreh getah,
alhamdulillah... masih masak Brahim sekali sekala bila wife outstation :)

Ha..ha..my waistline...that worried me too.

ASH said...

demo masak gapo dio tuu..??
Goreng kupok dak tahu..?

betui ke mu maghi ganu ni?
dak caye aaa..

GC said...

i don't cook either, and i'm not a fussy type too and i got the same problem .... waistline hahaha

thanks for the wish bro, may the year of the ox brings prosperity, good health, happiness to us all :)

Teja Suraya said...

mak teja sgt pandai memasak...n harap teja leh jadi cam dia..one day..heee

ps; suami/anak mana yg xpuji isteri/ibunya pandai masak kan?

Kak Teh said...

DR Sam, when I went back to university, my husband took over the kitchen and he could come up with some surprises. But you know, living away, there is no such hard and fast rules abt who cooks. There's no division of labour as such. Thank God for that.

Unknown said...

"Nasi beriani with Moroccan-style chicken or Nasi Bukhari with mutton cooked Iranian-style"??
* terpikir2 * never heard tht b4... rase apentah lg... hurmmm... mesti sedap an...lebih2 lg org rumah yg masak...uhurk3~~ betuah dpt wife "iron-Chief"...ehehehe...

besi said...

hehehe...janji leh makan
caya la dr sam

a.b geldofg said...

bnyaknya nasiiiiiiiiii ish2

DrSam said...

kawe bukan tak tahu, cuma bila dah kat obersea terlupa - ingatkan french fries ;)

Never mind the waistline, cannot "tahan" when the tummy do the thinking.

tun Teja,
kena belajar cepat-cepat secret recipe dari mak tu.

DrSam said...

Kak Teh,
The problem of being too contented has always make one a handicap. But somehow out of desperation, sometimes I managed to pull one or two of my old tricks in the kitchen and came out with a masterpiece (mee goreng berangan le - what else)

iron chef is an iron chief - never messing around in her kitchen.

asal kenyang.

ab geldolfg,
sejuk le..biasa aku tak macam tu ;)

patungcendana said...

aku suka memasak...tapi tak suka disuruh memasak...huhuhu

DrSam said...

resepi apa yang bagus untuk lewat-lewat malam macam ni?

gman said...

if i may ask drsam...
what field did u take in london?
ive been wondering since the first time i visited your blog

from the pic, i guess researcher?
n if, in what specialty?

Anonymous said...

mee goreng berangan?
wonder how it taste like..

patungcendana said...

baked beans on toast...hehehe

MiSyaJanah said...

dr sam,
tuah ayam nmpk di kaki, tuah manusia takde siapa yg tau...
dr. sam teramat2 la bertuah...
hohoho....tidak pyh pening2 kepala fkr nak mkn apa kan.....

zino said...

salam kenal..

zino "pandai' masak sebelum kawin dulu bila dah kawin skill tu hilang sedikit demi sedikit sebab mem pandai masak..hehe

ckLah @xiiinam said...

Mee goreng berangan?

Let me taste.......

yumm...yumm....slurp...I wan't some more...he..he..

Anonymous said...

nampak sedap jer...:)
Gambar ni pun cantik jugak... colour tak over, flashing still nature... emmm cantik dan sedap jadinya bihun goreng ni... nk g makan la terasa lapar plak... :)

tq DrSam

DrSam said...

more or less yes. The clue is in my previous entry, something about my honeymoon.

it may look like mee goreng, it may smell like mee goreng and it does taste like mee goreng, with some extra local spices :)

talking about baked beans on toast...(now scurrying down the stairs and into the kitchen).

DrSam said...

nak kata tuah tu takde le, dah buat auditioning awal-awal :)

salam ukhuwah. sama lah kita, boleh join kelab.

let me try the old-kept secret first, then I will let you know whether my skill has not go down the drain :)

sempat juga ambil foto, walaupun masa tu tengah lapar..terketar-terketar.

Faisal Admar said...

haha the waistline... no wonder drsam is getting fatter!

x said...

Waaaa. Macam-macam isteri Doc pandai masak ya! Macam chef pulak. Kalau tak keberatan, post la satu dua resipi dalam blog ni :)). Saya pun suka memasak :)

DrSam said...

alamak...camni cancel tawaran utk belanja you kek tu (eh..buruk siku pula nanti ye ;)

resepi kena tanya chef sendiri. takut post kat sini jadi ajaran sesat pulak. tuan punya badan sebenornya ada blog juga, tapi dia buat-buat segan :)

TokBatin X said...

I hate cooking and yet I love eating. Tomato is good untuk pencernaan. Hei, I like your work.. keep it up.

DrSam said...

Thank you for dropping by and for the tip as well.

Teja Suraya said...

dlm perancangan..tapi slow2 la..haha..teja ni bab2 memasak lmbat tgkap sket..hehe..

Aqila Borhan said...

wahh. laparnyaa !

DrSam said...

tun Teja,
tidak mengapa asalkan minat ada.

kalau lapar cari mee gorang berangan :)

juelee said...

i love cooking too...rasa puas je bile nampak orang kenyang makan ape kiter masak tapi one problem, i tak lalu makan ape i masak hohohoho..

shnurafizah said...

nice blog drsam..

lets link each other?

~littlestars~ said...

huhuhuhu aku pun tak lalu makan apa yang aku masak...orang kata sedap tapi aku rasa ntah apa2 ntah

DrSam said...

wife selalu cakap macam tu juga, tapi saya tengok selera o.k je.

Tq. no problem.

itu dah dikira satu pengiktirafan. atau maksud disebaliknya "sila masak lagi aku nak makan." :)

Fly said...

wahh dasat ah doc..sungguh menyelerakan..laparlah pulak tgk lauk2 tu

CikYana(",) said...

salam dr.sam
dr sam org pulau manis gok ke?
umoh kt aner?
umoh cik yana dpn masjid pulau manis..knal dok?

CatlinaFly said...

not expert in cooking..still learning, and my hubby is my pengkritik hehehe..tapi skrg minat sgt belajar masak, tak tau lah pembawakan baby ke ape.. :) tapi asal leh ditelan & diterima perut, belasah jelah doc!

love is forever said...

dr sam, terima kasih singgah...
blog yang sempurna keluarga yang bahagia...

shnurafizah said...

tq for dropping by.. :)

and yes, karambunai is a very nice place.. lurve it..!

DrSam said...

kalau lapar, kena minta catlina masakkan cepat-cepat :)

Cik Yana,
salam. Kg dok jauh mane dari Pulau Manis. nunnng di belakang Kuala Ibai je. nama kg glamer....kg sg. derhaka.

pembawakan abang Fly tu kot.

love is forever,
TQ. memang love is forever!

Malaysia ni memang banyak tempat-tempat yang menarik dan canti-cantik. tak kalah dengan negara lain, malah lagi menarik.

Unknown said...

Time belajar overseas memang one has no choice but to cook if not one could die of hunger especially if one does not want to eat katok food. I did... both: cooked all types of dishes that once balik sini i no longer cook. What a waste, all the talent of cooking is only applicable when u are not at home. Laksa, karipap, nasi dagang, name it.. sumer we could and would cook... do we still cook these special delicacies anymore, NOW?? i doubt it.. i think most are like me. used to not anymore.

MariaFaizal said...

You lucky, lucky...err.... Dr! :)
Your wife's absolutely fantastic cook! And, I'm wishing I could be like her 'super' soon.

And, I day dream about 'mee goreng berangan'! Sounds fantastic!Perhaps you should consider opening a cafe/restaurant with this signature dish! And boy.... those pics make me hungry (again) though I've just had heavy dinner.

P/S : I love 'nasi' too!

Have a great day!

ita.itu said...

caya la Dr..aku x suka memasak..tp kena gak msk..hehe

DrSam said...

We become too pampered when we have so much choices to choose from.

Brilliant idea! A signature dish would be a good start to enjoy this new year.

Intan Hanina said...

PLKN?? loh..

Intan Hanina said...

load cheat tu camno

DrSam said...

cheat kena tanya anak saya. dia ni dikira gamer tegar juga.

Anonymous said...

wahh... how lucky u are!!
my hubby pun x fussy sgt..bedal apa je depan mata..ahaks :P

DrSam said...

memang tidak memilih pasal makan ni. asal halal aja.

CATZ said...

hi DrSam,

untungnya.ur significant half seorg chef yg sgt bagus...so..u have restaurant in ur own house...lucky u..

DrSam said...

dapur kayu to be more precise :)

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

salam Doc...
tengok nasi dakam talam tu teringat pulak NASI AMBENG. adui doc dah malam ni...rasa tengok nasi tu macam sedap jek doc!

** doc
tenung ajer lah mata si Aliesya tu
insyaallah nanti doc boleh dapat baby gurl yang cute lagi (hehehehe)

Syazwan said...

We just had the best "Mee Goreng Berangan" in my whole lifetime...

Guess who cooked?

Anonymous said...


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