08 February 2009

The darkest side of the moon

Arm with just a pencil and blank papers, the big cake has to be distributed well among the party goers. It seemed that some has bitten more than they can chew.

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. If this space constitutes of organic matters, probably some rust or mildew has started to show its presence by now. But thanks to my fellow bloggers, who have from time to time diligently kept this cyber-medium nourishing and lively. In a way the nice wishes and comments, that I unintentionally left unanswered, uplifted my spirit and motivated me to share my experience here.

I think the chilling temperature up the hill has some effect on my whole mental state. It took my frozen brain 3 days to thaw to the room temperature and manage to function normally. Normal in a sense that I can consciously figure out for example, down in my office at the bamboo river there are only two tea/coffee breaks as compared to the countless similar breaks up there in the hill. If you take into account the many short nerve-cracking breaks for our nicotine-addicted friends, then I am not ashamed to shortlist the event in Genting into our special edition of Guinness World Record for the most number of 'high' people conferring in a meeting.

However, looking at the current Malaysian standard my confused mental state is still considered not that bad at all. Of late, there is this neighboring state, her internal affair is so peculiar, frog is fast becoming a popular pet and party-jumping is becoming deliriously anticipated, along the way making gate-crashing into somebody's house is no more acceptable. Treason is another fashionable glossary item and I don't want to be in any part of it. I am sure most of us especially the descendants of Datuk Maharaja Lela are very much well-versed by now with this issue, thus I have no intention to deliberate it any further.

Well, back to the business that has kept me away for quite some time from reaching to my fellow friends and family and leading my normal life at the same time. It is worth to mention though that my meeting was surprisingly considered a successful one, surpassing similar meeting that was held two years ago at the same place. In short, the timetable that I suspected earlier going to be a dodgy one turned out to be meticulously planned by my fellow chief accountant and quite mind-bending at the same time, toying around with millions of ringgit tax-payer's money. If everything is according to plan and God's willing, I will be handling copious and absurd amount of money, enough to stimulate our micro economy for few years. That is going to be my contribution toward our economic stimulus package, so to speak.

For those who are expecting some souvenir from the hill tribes, or wishing to see some nice photos of me enjoying myself in the Solero shot or the flying coaster, sorry guys. I just couldn't make it that far. Probably next trip I will do. That biennial congregation has really entrapped us in one room after another from morning until almost midnight. Ever heard the phrase of so close but yet so far? If it was not for the karaoke session during the gala dinner that really made our day and offered some opportunity for our in-house stars to show-off with their hidden talent, many would have suffered a pneumonia already.

All in all it was a nice retreat. A roller coaster journey down the misty hill through the scenic Ulu Yam road, bypassing the crowded Batu Cave trunk road has left some nice impression on me. I hope the next retreat would be nearer to Putrajaya as we will surely receive some quick respond from the people who are entrusted with the wealth of our country. When I asked my fellow chief accountant why he was so sentimental in having twice the meeting up in the hill, his answer was "the altitude make us closer to our Creator, our prayer will be answered even faster". I hope he was right.


MariaFaizal said...

DrSam, welcome back. However I have sad news to convey. CaBaiKering's father passed away last night. My deepest condolences to her & families. Al Fatihah.

P/S: I'm really pleased that you're back.

Anonymous said...


alhamdullilah .... nampak sihat dan ceria DrSam... :)
hehehh... lama cuti... :)

mana gambar DrSam naik solero... tak de pun... heheheh mesti tak naik ni... :)

ok tq DrSam... fahmi pun tak berani jugak naik solero... sekali jer naik tu pun sebab kena kepung oleh kawan2... kena paksa.. :(

besi said...

selamat kembali drsam...
hmmm u nie kira macam aset negara
orang2 macam drsam sebenarnya menggerakan negara...

bangga ada kwn blogger cam dr sam

p/s meeting wat yg terbaik dr sam..

ocw said...


As u control the microscopy materials as ur job function, how come I didn't see ur picture ever appeared in the blog. Perhaps there are a lot of fans may want to know u closer.........but not through microscope. Pa macam......put you most attarctive and handsome photo but not the sexy and desire one........chao!

DrSam said...

Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun. My deepest condolences to her and families. Alfatihah.

Ceria sebab dah lepas beban tugas kat atas batu jemala. Cuti dari masuk ofis, tapi kerja kat hotel.

Masa kat sana dapat juga kupon-kupon untuk liburan tu. tapi asyik terperak dalam bilik meeting tak sempat nak buat apa-apa.

semua yang terlibat dan menyumbang menjadi penggerak negara. saya hanya entiti kecil dan menjalankan tugas sahaja.

brader Jon,
Where got fan one? Everybody here is my friend. However, If you look (and utilise your microscopic vision) and search carefully you will find what (or whatever) you are looking for somewhere in this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back bro. Hope that you enjoyed the meeting and the "high" & karaoke session in Genting!

Talking about toying around with taxpayer money, bolehland are blessed by it natural resources and suppose to be in a better position than many countries. But the main problem with Bolehland is that our politicians don’t seem to get it right. It’s a fabulous country and it should have a fantastic future. Unfortunately most of our politicians only looking for their own interests and never care about rakyat future.This's why I try to stay away Malaysian politics cause it make me feel sickening and disgusting!

I don't know what will be your role and position in the growth of the economic of our country but I sincerely hope that whatever your plan do it according with God will and for the shake of the future of our next generation.

You take care ya!

patungcendana said...

hey...you're back...so...did you get high too doc...errr....wrong question...
what I meant to say is...did you have fun in genting...but since you werent even close to going to the themepark...don't bother answering...hehehe...

re:sekuntum mawar merah
sebuah ouisi
di bulan februari...

Zue said...

welcome back to work.
Now I dah jadi one of your blog follower. baru nak belajar...

DrSam said...

I concur with you bro. With so much natural resources and wealth, our Bolehland should be among the most prosperous nation if managed properly. The politicians whom are also the policy maker are supposedly to be the guardian of our fortune and future, ideally.

I am neither interested nor having any intention to put myself to their level. We, are merely the implementer, trying very hard to carry our duty accordingly. At the same time, balancing between the wrong and the right, morale and principle.

Somehow, along the way, some of our comrades tends to forget this saying "Great power comes with great responsibility". God willing, I am trying hard doing my level best not to fall into such pitfalls.

Oh man...talking about responsibility and accountability make my head to start spinning again! Feeling high already.

Take care bro!

sampai terlupa lirik seterusnya lagu tu, dan sekarang bulan februari. Pantas betul masa berlalu.

DrSam said...

Semalam dah mula kerja. namun almaklum, habis bertango kena berdansa pula. 'paper work' kena teliti kembali dengan macam-macam 'amendment' yang perlu dibuat. Bila nak duduk buat kerja kat benchwork pun tak tahu :) Scope masih tak berfungsi, boleh menempel kat sana lagi?

cik_mimie said...

welcome back Drsam..
have a nice day :)
hrp dpt buat y terbaik segala y dilakukan Drsam... :)

Hidup KOKA said...

Yes.. Yes... Yes...

Dr Sam is back!!!!

atie said...

good 2 c u back yaaaaa

DrSam said...

sentiasa cuba yang terbaik walaupun kadang-kadang hampir terbalik.

hidup KOKA,
kita ketemu lagi sahabat :)

feeling good myself. TQ

grow2g3th3r said...

DrSam... dla dah emel... tq.

Teja Suraya said...

Alhamdulillah..drsam da slamat balik...

xda sourvenir?hehe..next time plss ye..kikii...

ps; nnti gath bloggers dtg ye..bloggers lain pun sila la ke blog teja untuk maklumat lnjut.. :)

cendawanintim said...

haaaaaaaa, nanti jangan lupa bagi bil tuk dla tu, consultation fees gitu!!!

akauntan kat opis abang tu cam best jer!!!!

DrSam said...

dah baca email. nanti saya hantar quotation seperti cendawanintim cadangkan tu.

Tun Teja,
alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar. cadangan perjumpaan itu memang bagus.

bagus cadangan tersebut. ketua akauntan tu kekadang boleh tahan juga biulnya.

Unknown said...

I read this entry earlier but had no chance of commenting it. I would trade the early winter weather you had there. It has been really warm in KL lately. Guess your brain aint frozen that bad because you had some 'work' done. What does it feel like to be among the 'high' people, by the way?

Fly said...

Selamat kembali My fren...

DrSam said...

It was quite a pleasant weather up there with thick fog camouflaged the nice scenery almost everyday. Yes you are right, the temperature was quite an opposite down in KL. global warming.

I don't think having a marathon of meetings, briefings, discussion, brainstorming etc., and most lasted until midnight can be considered as a norm. You brain will get numb as well, thus looking at the size and color of our eye bag, everybody was getting so 'high'. as soon as the organizer said his last word in the closing ceremony, I hastily made my way down the hill, back into the civilization. That I did!

TQ mate. Shooting was almost impossible as the fog was so thick. sorry no photos to share.

pinkiss said...

Dah turun dari atas bukit eh..

x said...

Macamana dengan meeting aritu? Okey ke? Mesti sejuuukkk kan. Hehe.

Leenoh said...


Bila kita di atas bukit.
Orang di bawah kelihatan kecil.
Bila kita di bawah bukit.
Orang di atas juga kecil.

Berjauhan kelihatan bertukar rupa.
Begitukah sikap orang berkuasa.
kita bertanya pengalaman anda.
Benarkah begitu sifat keadaannya.

DrSam said...

turun ke alam nyata, walaupun alpa sejenak nun diatas sana.

Meeting O.K je, orang yang meeting berasap kepala. Sejuk tak lah sangat, cuma kabus tebal sampai nak cuci mata dengan pemandangan pun terbantut.

DrSam said...

Berpantun kita kali ni :)

Bukit tinggi indah sekali
Sejuk mata sejuklah hati
Lagi tinggi bukit didaki
Jika jatuh merana diri

Saya bertatih teraba-raba
Tafsiran budi bukan jauhari
Tapi begitulah sifat manusia
lumrah alam menjadi tabii

Faisal Admar said...

i try to avoid read or watch politic or else i will puke. to me politic is just like drain, where its dirty even though sometimes you see the clear water... but will you drink the water from the drain? eww! so i don't know much about politic these days... this party pointing that party and so on really get on my nerve!

i used to like genting highland once upon a time :) but now no more. for some reasons, the older i'm getting, the less hectic i prefer. in other word, i just want to go to somewhere less people and to simply rest physically and mentally. nothing to think about and if its surrounding with green trees or jungle, its a bonus.

ASH said...

Nice to have you back...

DrSam said...

I think it is best that we just leave them, the politician to do what we entrusted them to do. And we just do what we are best at. If they perform well and do any good deeds than we praise them, but if there is any wrongdoing let the Creator decides their fate.

Salam and nice to hear from you too.

Sally said...

Haaa..there u r..welcome back Doc!!

Zue said...

I will slot some session for u. This week i am veryx10 busy. i'll inform u next week....insyaallah.

DrSam said...

Tq. I am happy to be back here too:)

TQ. Looking forward to hear the good news. My colleagues are chasing me for some reports and the 'customers' are breathing down my neck too :)

patungcendana said...

re: aku dan perasaan memang don't get along...sentiasa berkrisis...hehe

Memorable trails... said...

Definitely..Ill convey ur salam to Monolito and the whole clan.What about Mr. Sitting Bull, Mr Black Water..tak nak kirim salam ke..You should have taken those rides at Genting..Know my first and last ride on a roller coaster was in the 80 s at King s Island Ohio..taubat dah.. tak mau naik lagi..felt like walking upside down..

Kak Teh said...

Dr Sam, it is nice to be working away from the normal place - just looking at the four walls. You come back feeling fresh and ready to go. I am feeling that way now, i need to go somewhere and come back with renewed enthusiasm.

DrSam said...

I see. kira internal affair ni.

madam gold,
Yes, send my regards to them too. John Cannon should be enjoying his retirement by now.

Kak Teh,
Good that you are feeling that way. Under normal circumstances, I would have feel that way too. but the long marathon of meetings and lack of sleep (midnight gossiping with colleagues :) has really drained my energy out of me. Need few days to recuperate fully.

BTW, My colleague at Brickendonbury was complaining having flood all over the place. How is London?


Alhamdulillah dr sam dah selamat balik, so ader souvenirs tak untuk kita

arsaili said...

salam..wowww karoke? try to imagine what song suit u..ahahha. Have a good day bro!

DrSam said...

crazy beautiful88,
tak sempat pergi mana-mana. terperap aje kat dalam bilik.

salam and good day. Next time you come back here, we book a session.

tomato_masam said...

welkam back Dr!!` hihi..picture tak de tak pe, janji memori tu ada` hee =)

DrSam said...

TQ. memang camera pun terperap dalam beg aje.

zino said...

bagus juga meeting di tempat sejuk tu... nak keluar monteng pun tak ada makna sejuk.. hehe

DrSam said...

monteng pun tak kemana.

Anonymous said...

the same case why they created the twin tower up so high..in hope to be closer to God..

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