15 February 2009

Seven deadly sins

While blog-hopping from one cyberspace into another, on many occasions I stumbled upon people, who shares their eating out experiences in uncommon places that I've never thought of going to before . This has led me to satisfy my curiosity and at the same time indulging myself into this fat-accumulating activity. So during the last public holiday, instead of having the normal eating out in our regular restaurant, my significant half and I ventured out a little bit while at the same time trying to tickle our taste bud with something a bit different from the usual.

One of these eating establishments that have caught our attention was Al-Diafah. A middle eastern restaurant, situated at Sri Petaling, which was not very far from the Endah Parade Mall. If one was not very familiar with this area, it was very easy to get lost as this restaurant was quite hidden and away from the main road. You know, the signage in Malaysia can be very misleading if there was one, and finding this place you really have to rely solely on your sense of direction or the correct constellation if you are lucky enough.

The parking space however was the plus point as there was a big one at the back of this restaurant. The ambiance was very unique with intricate middle-eastern decor and you'll get this feeling as if you are dining in...of course... the middle eastern restaurant. The choice of foods has not disappointed us, and the taste was really mindbogglingly fantastic. Their signature dish (Al-diafah rice) was something that I will try again. The service was fast and friendly. It was worth to mention here that their washroom was really super clean to the extend you can have a nap there if you wanted to. A young boy will wait eagerly for you at the entrance (washroom) and gladly spraying a very refreshing perfume onto your palm. First class treatment don't you think?

Our dining escapade however didn't last there. The next day we ventured into another part of the town in searching for another gastronomic adventure. Al-Rawsha restaurant, off Jalan Ampang (Jalan Damai) was our next target. This establishment turned out to be a Lebanese restaurant. It was not very difficult to find this place as Kelab Aman was just on the opposite side of the small road . There was however hardly any parking space and you will have to park your car on the yellow-lined by road, of which was illegal of course. To make the matter worst, there was also some "ulat" who will pester you to park the car at their designated 'save' spots, and it will cost you RM3.

The open food court concept just could not match al-Diafah and the ambiance was not as glamorous as one would have expected. The choice of food didn't disappoint us though but somehow the taste was nothing to shout about. If you couldn't understand a word in Arabic, you would be fooled by their staffs appearance as most were Bangladeshi (the Bangladesh embassy is just at the back of this restaurant).

In short, Al-Diafah has to be my pick of the week in almost every aspects - the accessibility, food, ambiance and the service. Since I have committed one of the deadly sins within the span of two days, I have to repent and forgo the nasi lemak and teh tarik sessions for the next two weeks.

The cosy and subtle ambiance at Al-Diafah will make your dining experience a memorable one.

The fresh salad.

A hibiscus tea and sweet pudding to end the big feast.

This sarbat is a complimentary - on the house.

An open concept restaurang, with colorful canvas as a roof - resemble a Bedouin tent at Al-Rawsha.

Mendy chicken with rice - this one serving is quite a big portion for us and enough for two actually.


Kak Teh said...

Just where on earth is this heavenly eatery? It is certainly a must go on my list when I go back . I think this is your revenge for the mackeral and air asam in my entry. a kind of tit for tat.

DrSam said...

Kak Teh,
No worry. I will personally escort you to these places if you happen to come back here, anytime. Yesss...mackerel and air asam, never disappoint my taste bud.

sirNik said...


saya ada blog baru..blog ceranablog tu mungkin ada yg tak selesa dengan isikandungan di dalam nya..Dr boleh melawat blog baru saya...cerita aku blog: http://sirnik.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

uhu..seems like a very nice place to eat...

Sally said...

refer 2 my n3 :"If one day..."..
ni sambungan Sally..

If one day..
I feel like eating Middle East food..
Can I call u..
N we hv makan2...?

Keh..keh..sounds sooo tempting..I mean d first restaurant..

CAHAYA said...

Nice. I don't know there's such place like this in KL. :) Care to share the address?

p/s: looking for new place for food indulgence. :)

patungcendana said...

yummy...repent, repent, repent...hehehe

re: mereka semua permata hati aku...actually there's three there...2 girls and 17, 14 and my son is 13...sebab rupa mereka hampir2 sama...people get confused... :-)

Hidup KOKA said...

Try Al-Rawsha in Ampang!!!!

Good Iraqi Food!!!

Repent! Repent! Repent!

Unknown said...

We like the Al Diafah. I believe Royal Dates and the restaurant are shared by the same owner. I cannot but agree with you that the service is superb and the washroom is a washroom you don't normally see here in Malaysia (only if you paid RM2 or 5 at KLCC). Hubby and I love the food there. We have not tried the rice though. Maybe we'll try that next. I love the ambiance too. Would recommend to others to go there..

cikgu nik khusairi said...

salam dr..makanan2 itu membuatku lapar.. Dr bila nak belanja kami makan?

Fly said...

salam..the food is tempting

DrSam said...

makluman diterima. selamat berkongsi pengalaman dan selamat maju jaya.

Yes, both are actually a good place to dine. Parking is a bit a turn off for Al-Rawsha.

You are most welcome. Tafaddo..tafaddo.. ya akhi.

Restaurant Al-diafah
NO 43, Jalan Radin Anum
Seri Petaling,
57000 K.L
Tel: 03-90596237

Sorry, I don't have the address for Al-Rawsha. It is actually at the back of Yow Chuan Plaza. There is also another middle eastern restaurant just the opposite of Al-Rawsha. Happy food hunting!

DrSam said...

comel lote anak-anak kamu. Memang betul saya tak sangka foto tersebut rupanya mengandungi dua orang berbeza. semoga mereka menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah.

Hidup KOKA,
ha...ha...does it mean we are going to postpone our 'mengeteh' session too?

Yes you are right. The Royal dates downstairs has a full variety of dates. Very interesting.

cg nik,
salam. No problem. kita buat rombongan jalan-jalan cari makan.

The next time you drop by at KL, do say hello to me and I'll bring you there.

Hope said...

Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

heheheh... DrSam

awal2 pagi... kawan2 blogger setia menunggu tulisan DrSam...heheheh...

best nyer makanan2 tu... nak breakfast jap... lapar ni..
huhu... :)

DrSam said...

looks yummy...taste yummy.

Jange lupo make nasi kerabu. Nasi kerabu Kay El dok leh lawe nasi kerabu aye golek Kay Bee. Sedap ah.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to fat-accumulating club.

Seriously, you can forgo your teh tarik and nasi lemak sessions for two weeks? no way man! I would rather become the "sinner" if you want me to let go my favorite foods.

Oops...Time for my cheese cake therapy!

Faisal Admar said...

its 11.30am and i haven't eaten anything, no, no breakfast too.

so everything about food in the blog will gain my appetite.

the fresh salad looks tasty and fresh.

hmm i realize only the "Al" restaurants have been chosen by you. so you really into middle east food eh? :) i hope the food are not as expensive as they are haha!

how come the salad looks more appealing than the bryani? it is bryani right?

Hidup KOKA said...

No Dr sam!!!! There is no way that we are going to cancel our ngeteh session!!!!!

Aku tengah duk nak adjust my time before March!!!! Bulan ni aku nye outstation kat kat sini aje!!!!

March I have to pegi jauh jauh!!!

x said...

Makanan nampak sedap...tapi adakah rasanya seindah rupa? Hehe.

arsaili said...

salam ..in the name of the food..i will search no matter where...ahahaha....aiyaaa u make me craving la..a stomach for delicious food....yummmmmyyyyyyyy

cendawanintim said...

selamat menambah kg bila berblog!

Anonymous said...

Jange lupo make nasi kerabu. Nasi kerabu Kay El dok leh lawe nasi kerabu aye golek Kay Bee. Sedap ah.

hahahah.. pandai weh kecek kelate... bereh2... nak gi make ni bereh..... hahahah...:)

Zuer said...

macam sedap jer tempat nie...nak g lah...kat sri petaling yek? kat maner yek dr sam...? nampak mcam menarik jer !!!!

a.b geldofg said...


DrSam said...

...that is going to be my hardest salvation, yes. Your cheese cake therapy is very tempting. On second thoughts, I changed my mind :)

The 'Al' restaurants was only a prelude to our food-craze escapade. The briyani was good, but their signature rice was even better. Got to try it.

hidup KOKA,
I will be in my office most of the time until the 2nd week of March (school holiday). Just drop me a note when you are free.

Bukan sekadar indah khabar dari rupa.

Don't trouble yourself bro. I will take you there. Just book the Air Asia and I will be at your service.

DrSam said...

tambah kilo tidak mengapa, jangan tambah inci :)

bereh x2

alamat Al-diafah dah saya jawab untuk komen Cahaya diatas. dari KESAS masuk simpang Endah Parade. terus dan cari alamat tersebut.

Ab geldofg,
aku tahu mulut kamu tengah penuh dengan makanan :)

Anonymous said...

i like every shot of ur pic,especially the fresh salad..
i like ur blog drsam..
interesting sgt..

MariaFaizal said...

Argh....great food & superb service! Never dissappoint anyone :)

I'm convincing my hubby to try middle estern cuisine.Anything for great food!

P/S: I'm so glad that I've seen the 'displayed' awards, heheh..

DrSam said...

Thanks for the visit. I am just sharing my experience for the benefit of others.

Welcome back from JB. I went to seksyen 7 this afternoon. Pak Li over there seems larger than our Dataran Sunway's. So how about next week?

puspawangi said...

DrSam ni makan banyak-banyak kan tembam pula nanti. dah lah hari tu kata sakit belakang dan tak boleh exercise.

tapi nampak memang sedap pun makanan kat restoran tu.

Ida BorneoLove said...

u should venture to Sarawak for the Sarawak Laksa. The ones serve in KL 'sik nyaman'.

besi said...

dr sam..makanan arab sama ke ngan makanan mamak? just asking hehehe

DrMaya said...

Umm...sempena valentine yer??? elok tu, rempahnya "kaw".. muahaha!!!

Zendra-Maria said...

Salam Doc, kalau tak silap, Al Rawsha ada buat Ramadan buffet tahun lepas. Menurut sumber saya, a Malaysian studying in Jordan, makanan memang authentic Arab dan masa tu harganya cuma sekitar RM30 sorang dan amat berbaloi. Boleh rekemen lah kiranya.

anntaj said...

sweet pudding...my favourite...
hello DrSam..how r u??

ekha-bella said...

the fresh salad n the sweet pudding..perrhhh!! tergoda selera bella..

CatlinaFly said...

sweet pudding tu caramel pudding ye dr sam?mmg sedap tuh..mkn sejuk2..best!(ngencess...)

Unknown said...

salam tuan doktor...

lepas ni dah boleh pakai topi tarbus.. :D

DrSam said...

tembam pun takpe. ada orang sayang juga ;)

Ida Athanazir,
Yes, I would imagine so. My first encounter with Sarawak laksa was at the Laksa Shack.

makanan atau masakan? kalau makanan mungkin sama kot, tapi masakan berlainan.

Everyday is my V day :) jadi ke balik 'menoreh' tahun ni?

DrSam said...

salam. Itu merupakan lawatan pertama saya ke Al-Rawsha. Tak pasti berkenaan dengan Ramadhan Buffet. Berkenaan harga, jika satu serving (yang cukup utk 2 orang) dikongsi tambah appetizer, minuman... tak lebih RM18/pax. Cuma parking akan jadi masalah. Jika RM30/pax utk Ramadhan buffet memang boleh rekomen.

selamat kembali berkongsi cerita sahabat. I am still living and kicking, TQ.

seeing (and tasting) is believing.

Memang betul pun, itu caramel pudding. Saya ngap je :)

Penoreh getah,
Salam. Ha..aha...boleh dipertimbangkan. Sorry, lama sangat dah tak singgah kat ofis jalan Ampang tu untuk peluang mengeteh.

tomato_masam said...

al-diafah~ macam menarik, the surrounding sangat kewl, warna warni lagi~ should squeeze in the restaurant in my list..hihi~

DrSam said...

Yes, I think you should.

annfrendly said...

Yummy... nampak sedap makanan timur tengah tue.. buat saya terliur....

Zue said...

Meleleh airliur jatuh atas kibod.....

patungcendana said...

what's up doc...busy ya...:-)

DrSam said...

ann frendly,
kena ajak cik abang pergi sana nampak gayanya :)


Report...meeting...report...meeting...what to do...

PerantauSepi1306 said...

Middle East sungguh last wiken ya habibi ya maulana Dr Sam... Sib baik takde xtvt naik unta ja.. hehehehehe :D jgn marah haaaa ;p

DrKong said...

Temptation for food? Its me.. haha! Thanks for sharing and info about the place.

I agree with you DrSam about the signage in our country. Poorly and can be surely misleading especially those new in the area. That moment, we totally have to depend our own judgment and sense of direction!

Okay.... hope to visit the place when I back to M'sia.


DrSam said...

antiviti naik unta...bagus juga idea tu. boleh jadi pelaris!

Kengkaru Kong,
Luckily we have Google earth...

CATZ said...

nampak sedapnya makanan di situ..
with ur detail description, rasanya kena cuba ni...suka juga middle east food ni..

DrSam said...

cuba jangan tak cuba :)

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