16 June 2010

Is everything 'begheh' up there in the Keropoklekor land?

The recent news coming up from the Keropoklekor land is really alarming. New fetish in girls' used undies has resurfaced again after becoming quite unheard of for ages. this time around a local guy whom suspected high after presumably consuming addictive ketum drink was caught red-handed wearing girl's underwear himself. I bet the color must be pink. Girls always like pink.

Further investigation revealed he had been 'borrowing' thousand of used girls undies for his safekeeping and personal consumption for quite a while. Only God knows why he had this weird liking toward girl's private property. I am guessing by having those undies very close to him, this will give him some sort of unspeakable blasting and euphoric feminine sensation. Or perhaps this will make him to appreciate the fairer sex better. We will never know for sure. But anybody who is high on something (be it love, money, power, praise or FB for example) is very unpredictable by nature indeed.

Almost at the same time, under-age pregnancy is quite rampant in the Keropoklekor land. This is equally worrying. My theory are - either local schoolgirls are too fond for keropok lekor until they could not differentiate between the real delectable one from their male colleagues appendage or they are actually the victims who had lost their undies and have to get into the classroom bare-bottom, which presumably facilitates the process of popular hippies activity - the quickie. By no means it is not an isolated incident. From Kuala Brang to Besut and down to Kemamang you can hear babies crying in tandem with their very young mothers' weeping having no experience to wash the babies' poo.

Boys and girls of this Internet age are very creative, imaginative and full of fantasy. Testosterone level is at their peek too. Those fatal combination if not handled properly could be potentially disastrous. Imagine (not the bottomless schoolgirls) if this issue is not addressed properly or taken up seriously, the Keropoklekor land will soon turn into the Pregoland. I for sure don't want that to happen.

Having that in mind, I raced back to the Keropoklekor land last week in hoping that I could shed some light on the issues and uncover some untold mysteries. But the real answer couldn't be found anyway. Too much overindulgence with irresistible local cuisines,smingling with locals on several makan pulut occasions, continuous sun tanning in beautiful beaches, numerous visit to Pasor Kedai Payang and other smaller markets hunting for khasidah, plus other similar serious issues concerning conservation of local heritages at hand have taken a heavy toll to my brain cell thus impeding me to think wisely. This unsolved mysteries then command another visit back to my hometown anytime soon - not a quickie but a thorough investigation with more determination and clearer objectives.

Trengganu has changed so much since the past decades. Some welcome those changes with their heart and open hand (for monetary rewards of course) but some has shed tears trying to protect what is left for the next generation to rejoice and many left heartbroken in the end. As for myself, there is one thing that has never changed. My wonderful feeling toward my hometown still strongly remains, even though the landscape has changed so much and the old charm of the town himself has gone forever.

At the time of this writing, many more local heritages are being torn down and new eyesores are breathing their new ethereal life to hunt the true Awang and Semek of Ganukita for life. Having thought about it, my heart break into pieces. It is just too heartbreaking for words.


This is a real welcoming treat for me whenever I came back to my kampung. My mother's specialty - ayam kampung masak gulai. This is no ordinary gulai as the rempah was specially chosen and hand prepared by my mother. Her own secret recipe. Outdoor cooking with firewood added some unspeakable unique taste . The three ayam kampung were good courtesy from my younger brother's gok ayam (chicken run)

These colorful looking shoots from many edible plants littered around my father's house are a good compliment as masak sayur lemak putih to that gulai ayam. Apart from the omega three from ikang aya, these shoots provide all the minerals and vitamins for Ganukite brain to pronounce that extra G efficiently. Do you recognize any of them?

This food stall which has no name along Jalan Petani in Kuala Terengganu (close to Wisma Darul Iman) is only known as 'kedai berasap' for a very obvious reason. People from as far as Bukit Payong (by Ganukite standard, Bkt Payong is considered quite far) will queue just to get a taste on their special nasi kerabu daging panggang.

I went there for the first time after being campaigned by my little sister to have a go with the nasi kerabu. It was worth a visit really. The beef is really tender and juicy which made the whole dish very delicious. The eating experience was also very unique as while you are stuffing the delectable dish into your mouth, the sweet smelled smoke will arouse you taste bud and not to mention a free smoky perfume to your garment.

I like this fruit very much. Ganukite called it buah sto. After so many years the plant that grows in front of my father's house bear its fruit, only last week I got to taste its wonderful fruit.

The best way to eat this fruit is by dipping it with soy sauce (or specially prepared fish sauce). Pickled sto used to be my favorite too. Eating this fruit, one has to be very careful, as consuming the whole thing is very tempting. You can get serious constipation by doing so.

While hunting high and low for khasidah, I found another indigenous Ganukite delicacy. The star-shaped, yellowish delectable is know as 'Mas sejemput', another ingenious sugary version of Jala mas. My mom told me, in the old days bachelors were encouraged to eat this mas sejemput. I forgot to ask the reason behind this suggestion.

Another past time activity of my fellow countrymen. While waiting for the football kick-off later that evening, playing with kites in an open paddy field is very satisfying indeed. I missed the big interstate kite competition held in the open field close to my kampung two days earlier. This particular spot also reminded me of my toddlers days when we battled the neighboring villages with meriam buluh and meriam tanoh.

This is a must activity in our balik kampung itinerary - main pantai. My kids love the beaches so much they got heavily sun-burned. Their skin turn dark beyond recognition having spent many midday sunbathing and beach combing along the beautiful beaches of the Keropoklekor land.

Instead of a very clear warning on the Pantai Pandak beach, nobody seems to pay attention. Who cares anyway and who pay attention that much these days. People break the rules as we speak. The small one break small rules, the bigger one breaks the bigger rules. Actually I was very surprised to see this beach swarmed by so many visitors as previously this beach is almost unknown, even to yours truly.

This is another activities not to be missed - by my significant half so to speak. A batik shopping in an oven-like temperature of Pasar kedai payang will roast your wallet dry.

A new development actively taking shape at the back of Kampung cina. The sandy part was once used to be part of the Terengganu river. This new establishment when completed will block our view of Pulau duyong beauty (in the background). I hope the shop (shown here with the signboard, which used to sells sundries and frequented by my aunties in the 70s) won't be demolished by the local authority.

This is so far a real eyesore to me. Seeing this has really broken my heart. This particular place used to house many rows of shop lots that keep many fond memories. I think the town itself has lost it soul when the state government decided to destroy the old shop houses on this site last year. A town without a soul is meaningless as far as awang and semek concern.

The new Bazaar Warisan from the viewpoint of Pasor Kedai Payang side entrance (close to pasor ikang). Ironically, what warisan does the local authority is talking about when they themselves indiscriminately destroying the old local warisan every now and then?


catz said...

waaa...tempting gila tgk nasi kerabu tuuuuu...dan buah sto itu.
dan pasar payang..
oh ganuuuu..
banyak rupanya makanan ganu yang saya belum pernah jumpa.
oh..must have JJCN ganu soon.

catz said...


hahaha..salah eja.

DrSam said...

he...he...tershashul sampai ye catz. tu belum pekena buah sto cicah sos tu lagi...ish...ish..teringat meleleh lah pulak air liur.

Adliff said...

Buah sto dulu hok jeruk paling la sayo suko. Tapi tok tahu ado lagi ko dok pokok sto di kampung saya tu.

Mas sejemput? Kali pertamo tengok!

Maju tak bererti memusnahkan. Memang sedih bila melihat kedai warisan hilang begitu sahaja.

besi said...

dr sam... nampak sedap makanan2 tu.
teringgin lak menengoknya

Wan Sharif said...

Dr Sam,
Just to put you on another wild goose chase.. there is another species of buah.. named buah stia, sebesar buah sto tapi leper/lebar sikit tak sebulat buah sto; rasanya masam sikit berbanding buah sto.. the last I seen one stia tree was in Pulau Duyong 35 odd years ago..
Mah jjemput; alahai..sedaakk tu.. dibuat dari kuning telur.. saperti juga jala mas..
putih telur akan di gunakan untuk buat hati sokma (trengganuspeak for hati sukma but it is called tahi itik by ore kelate.. uduh sungguh namo hok demo tu bui)

DrSam said...

aliff muhammad,
saya pun dah lama tak berjumpa dengan buah sto jeruk ni. Tapi kalau gulai kulit buah sto tu selalulah makan (campur dengan ikan kering atau sotong)

banyak lagi sebenarnya kuih tradisi Terengganu yang jarang-jarang kita lihat dan kadang-kadang aje boleh kita jumpa.

Wan Sharif,
Yes...I know that sto-sibling buah stia. The epidermis is a bit velvety. I prefer sto over stia to be honest. But this ilusive fruit is so hard to find nowadays. I asked my father about buah piah...another indigenous fruit that I believed is already extinct. In my whole kampung my fater informed me there was only one such tree of which being sidelined for a new balairaya many years ago. Very sad to hear this.

hati sukma @ tahi itik...name je dok sedap, tapi makang pun...dok sedap jugok (terus terang cita rase saye lah Pak Wan :) Nok buat guane stabok.

Pn Kartini said...

Salam ..:)

Nampaknya kalahlah orang sini..!!
Lum sampai lagi Bazaar warisan tu..& Pasar Payang pun dah lama tak pergi..aduhaii!!:):)

Nampaknya 'kenduri' sakan dgn gulai ayam kampung tu yaa..:):)

Abd Razak said...

Salam ..:)

Buah sto..first time dengar doc..:) rupanya seakan buah mangis...makan waktu tgk bola ni best ya!

Zendra-Maria said...

Doc, the most apt punishment for that sicko man is to cut up his keropoklekor and dump in hot boiling oil hahaha

Anyway always nice to read about your balik kampong getaways :)

zino said...

saya suka holiday ke ganu.. dah lama tak kesana.. last masa on the ay balik dari kelantan last year.. oops dah le lama sangat kan hehe

mrnoble said...

girl undies.. that dude is just sick!

DrSam said...

Pn Kartini,
Salam Puan. mesti dah lama betul ni tak ke Ganu. Bazaar Warisan dah lama siap, cuma tak berapa penuh lagi dengan kedai-kedai jualan.

Abd Razak,
Salam Sdr Razak. Nampak seakan buah manggis, tapi rasanya memang jauh berbeza. Buah manggis lagi manis-manis lemak, tapi buah sto ni masam-masam manis.

Bahaya juga kalau tengok bola sambil makan buah ni, takut terlekat bijinya yang besar tu bila bersorak gol :)

Kanda, now you've mentioned it we have to be extra careful from now on whenever we buy keropok lekor from Marang area :)

saya pun lama juga tak balik kampung. sebab tu bila balik aje, seronok sakan anak-anak (bapa pun sama sebenornye :)

Mr Noble,
hi...hi...weird people is everywhere.

JohnJenin said...

Saya jugak sentimental setiap kali balik kampung. Sedih jugak bila melihat bagaimana pembangunan menghilangkan nilai2 warisan. Kampung pon dak tak merasa macam kampung sebab kereta punya la laju macam rumah berada di tepi highway. :(

I am looking forward to visit terengganu after reading ur post. Bukan sebab girl undies, tapi sebab kedai berasap tuh. Nak kena beli mask siap2.

@xiM said...

suka baca entri ni..
teringat ganu kiter..tapi saya dok berapa lama sangat duk terengganu sebab rumah di Kemaman..anyway,buah sto tu saya tak makan..tak taw.tak leh telan.nasi kerabu makan..mas sejemput dan khasidah tak makan jugak..haha..not so Ganukiter kan..tapi Keropok lekor berhantu habes..:)

akan datang rasanya dah takder warisan dulu dulu..semuanya 'warisan' YANG DI MODENKAN..atas sebuah nama pembangunan.itu harga yang kita harus bayar..entah lah..

Fadhil said...


Your caption on pasar kedai payang is right on the money, hehehe...

Tak tahu pulok ada kedai berasap tu. Next time gi Ganu nak kena cari kedai nasi kerabu daging bakar tu.

DrSam said...

Saya pun risau juga sebenarnya. Ada berita terkini yang hutan nipah sepanjang sungai yang dah diderhakakan (Nama kampung Sg. Derhaka) akan dibangunkan oleh kerajaan negeri dengan rumah banglo yang bernilai Jutaan ringgit. Siapa mampu beli rumah yang berharga begitu? Orang kampung akan terpinggir dan keindahan semulajadi pasti hilang selamanya. Sedih...

Ha...ha...sekarang sotong kering banyak kat Ganu musim candat sotong, tak payah cari undies. Kedai berasap tu memang saya rekomen pakcik.

sayapun pernah duduk kat Kemaman axim kerana ikut ayah kerja di sana. lebih kurang 4 tahun (belakang masjid kemaman tu). Kemaman pun banyak meninggalkan kenangan indah. Kawan-kawan sekolah SIS pun masih ramai di sana.

DrSam said...

If the money spent wisely on preserving the heritage, that is no problem. Looking at the current rate and the current flow of money, it works the other way around.

Kedai berasap tu senang aje cari, sebab dari jauh dan nampak asap dan baunya pun semerbak. Cuma kena pergi awal sikit sebelum tengahari.

adiwarnatasya said...

Salam DrSam:)
Owahhh sgt menarik makanan2 itewww:)

Naddy said...

ganu, it's been 3 years since we lst met. hope 2 c u again.

*SiRibenMerah said...

Hye Doc Sam..
lama I x singgah sini..
btw, nice promo about your ganu.. hikhikhik.. tapi x de pic ngan si molat2 gegirl anak kak yunie ke?? ouhhhh.. holiday da nak abes.. bila nk turun Langkawi pulak??

send my regards to Sis Zayda n anak2.. Hugs n kisses from me...

DrSam said...

Salam. rasanya pun menarik juga :)

I think Ganu is missing you badly too :)

Photo baby montel dan comel Insyirah memang banyak ambil. kena minta kebenaran dari mama dia dulu untuk dikongsi disini.

Langkawi dalam masa terdekat ni tak ada rancang nak pergi, tapi hujung tahun ni Insyaallah sudah book ke sana.

HLiza said...

I have thousands of Ganu pics from the recent trip..mana tau kita pun nak buat posts ni? Ini sudah potong trip! He he I love everything about this KeropokLekor Land..and will come back as often as my bank acc permits..

Mia's Mom said...

Salam DrSam :-D

Sorry Bro, out of the many ulams, I only recognize ulam raja & daun pucuk gajus. I also see something that look a bit like pucuk manis but am not sure.

Hmm... does value really have to be sacrificed when the big "D" is taking place?

And what you call sto, looks a bit like tampoi to me. You know buah tampoi? It is like rambai on a bigger skill and less2 watery.

To be frank, the name tahi itik do put me off. Why do they have to liken a food to be fed into human bodily system to a poo? Well...but you see Bro, there is quite a few names of our tradisional kuih which makes me wonder like badak berendam & puteri mandi (probably the inventor of these two kuihs are fond of taking bath though I don't dare to explain the badak part...) also lompat tikam (an ex-Silat Master perhaps?)

But Bro, enjoy your holiday, yeah. Have a Good Time sampling all the delicacies especially those which are rare and starting to lose its fame to the younger generations. Ahh!..thosse ayam gulai...hmm... cooked in traditional way... Nothing beats it!

My regards to your other half and Have a safe journey :-D Opps... jangan lupa singgah Gerai Sata Wan Embung kat Pantai Kemaman on the way balik, ya? You won't regret the detour... guaranteed!

cikmanggis said...

salam dr.sam..nostalgia ..rasa nak balik kampung terutamanya bila nampak buah "stol" n nasi kerabu:)

Fly said...

Salam Doc wahh cantik layout, berwajah baru :)

makanan di terengganu mmg sedappp..bestt

Jawapan dari blog saya : Klu bab teknik ni susah nak cakap Doc, sebab saya banyak try & error sehinggalah saya benar2 puas dengan hasil yang mengikut konsep. Kadang2 main belasah je secukup rasa hehe. Anyway saya gabung diantara software PShop dan Photoscape.Untuk Tutorial Photoscape Doc leh rujuk sini http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/help.php?id=filmeffect

pB said...

Salam DrSam

masyaallah , sedap nyor buoh seto tu .. Nasi kerabu tu pun ...wowwww

Rabu lepas sempat ziarah nenek tiri kat Jln Kamarudin tu... belakae ghe'rat chino ....

kella said...

oh my... lama dah tak kelihatan buah sto itu! hiii... darat sungguh lening jadi..

neway.. thanks for dropping! :)
salam kenal.. ngikut ok

piewahid said...

salam DrSam,
alhamdulillah...pcutian yg mendamaikan bsama seisi keluarga.

mana keropok lekor utk kengkawan doc? :)

p/s- masa kecik2 dulu allahyarham ayahanda selalu bwk balik buah sto tu dari hutan. skang pyh nk jmpa.

aShaBuLz said...

the food.....so tempting...

DrSam said...

Please share with us your side of view on Terengganu. I would love to see your vast collection and I am sure they are all stunning!
I hope the next trip to KT won't break you acc that much. Was it because of the trip to Kedai Payang :)

Mia's mom,
Let me see if you are correct...yep...yep...and another one yep...:) pucuk paku, pucuk manis...

Sto is not even close to tampoi. Tampoi is more like rambai like you said but sto is sto, different taste different texture :)

I am a bit puzzled myself on how the tahi itik was associated with the kuih. Unless those days tahi itik is quite edible...Well I am just guessting :)

We did stop at Pantai Mak Nik (your Monica Bay) and kedai keropok (now the keropok along those stretch toward pelabuhan Kemamang is quite masin you know, not like the previous visit which is quite tasty...too much formaldehyde from Siam I suspected)

have a nice day sis!

DrSam said...

cik manggis,
Salam cik manggis. buah sto bila dibelah susunannya pun seakan buah manggis :) Tapi manggis lagi sedap...kalau tak takan dipanggil Queen of the fruits.

Salam Fly. cuba-cuba bila dah blogger bagi template baru ni.

Terimakasih diatas link yang diberi Fly. Saya akan melawat dan menuntut sedikit sebanyak ilmu digital manipulasi ni bila berkesempatan.

Salam pB. Jalan Kamaruddin dan Jirat China tu memang tempat laluan saya sokmo apabila balik dari sekolah di Ladang dulu-dulu. Banyak kenangan disitu (termasuk atas jirat tu :)

DrSam said...

buah sto tu bukan selalu dan bermusim juga. kat pasar pun jarang boleh ditemui sekarang ni.

terimakasih menjenguk diblog ini.

Salam piewahid. Percutian bersama keluarga memang tidak dinafikan paling seronok dan membahagiakan jiwa dan raga.

Hi...hi...nak pekena keropok lekor kena singgah rumah kita le.

p/s: kalau dah di hutan pun susah nak dapat, apatah lagi di kampung atau bandar. macam tu kena tanam banyak-banyak ni.

tempting...sampai menjilat jari :)

Faisal Admar said...

doc, you're bad!
now im craving for nasi kerabu daging bakar!!!!

Sally said...

"But anybody who is high on something (be it love, money, power, praise or FB for example) is very unpredictable by nature indeed."

hehe..terasa aihhhh..

DrSam said...

Faisal Admar,
He...he...still expecting you to have a pit stop here so that I can kawtim with you a delectable kerabu or similar mouthwatering Ganu food.

alamak... ada orang terasa pulok. Meh kita belanja nasi kerabu meh...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

dr sam, saya baru strayed over here. dok tahu pong u ada nice blog. am linking yours to mine..rugi rugi miss hok dulu2..

yohteh said...

...heeee... tu baru kuale tganung, kalu round tang ke darat-darat sik├ęk, ganah-ganah agi Dr...

DrSam said...

Kama At-Tarawis,
Welkang here Kak Putri. I am glad that you accidentally strayed here and have peek into my virtual domain. Zayda and me always find your blog very amusing too.

ambe lening kalu gi darat mungkin sesat baghat dok setabut ame lah yohteh...mungkin nek staing boleh ajok yohteh jalang-jalang cari makang beloh-beloh darat pulok...ke guane yohteh?

annfrendly said...

terliur saya tengok buah sto gan kuih kasidah tu.. sedapnya...
aik.. larangan mandi? pantai tu bahaya ke dr Sam?

DrSam said...

dua-dua memang sedap. Buah sto tu cicah dengan asam lagi laaaa sedap.

Larangan mandi tu memang ada asasnya dan sebagai tanda berhati-hati.

Small Hiker said...

wah... so much things to eat and so many things to do... with so little time I guess... saya kalau gian nak makan nasi kerabu, sebelum hiking kat Bukit Tabur, pekena nasi kerabu kat Taman Melawati, ok gak...

DrSam said...

Small Hiker,
Yes bro. So much thing to do yet so little time to spend. Kalau saya boleh mengikuti aktiviti lasak, memang tak rungsing melayan gian makan, tapi dah kurang aktiviti ni terpaksa telan air liur je le...

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