27 November 2008

Dedicated to my fellow botanists of 1990

One thing that I like most when I joined Botany Department at UKM (1989/1990) was their endless trips to so many beautiful places in this planet. I love nature and that gave me splendid opportunity to get a close encounter with my passion. Looking at the colorful diversity of plants, their symbiotic relationships with the ecosystem, how importance their existance to our life etc., can sometime make you closer to the Maker.

Searching for the elusive Tasic Chini Dragon.

Posing with Berhaman, Syed, Lister and Rahim after a tiring walk along the Rasa Hills.

Walauweee...so romantic. I can't remember what Husaini was trying to console me for. Guessing at my face it was probably because I missed my morning pee. Tioman Island.
At ground zero - Cameron Highland

Scaling the highest peak of Pulau Tinggi - just to have our lunch up there.

In many of our audacious field trips, one of the challenges was to accept offers by locals to taste their exotic foods. Look at the coffee, dark as charcoal but taste as good as any coffee at Starbuck or Cofee bean.


Syazwan said...


Hi dad. Nice hairdo.

Gampangnya Waikato said...

Betul la...

Fullamak...ini gang awie wings dulu ni...

DrSam said...

yes you are right. Zaman Battle of the bands.

Ni kes salah pilih idola lah ni.

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