30 November 2008

One fine day @ FRIM

It was quite a relief to see the clear morning blue sky wide open in the horizon after a week of continuous downpour. The heavy downpour in the eastcoast has not disappointed the keropok lekor-nation to celebrate their annual event of "maing boh". I purposely missed the event this year as last year I had a very wet experience. I was stranded in Kuantan for two days during that watery festival.

So this morning we head to FRIM as planned for our family gathering. For a season traveller, FRIM is quite wellknown as a popular stopover especially for naturalist. You can still find big trees and green jungle with nice waterfalls for a nice dip. It took us 20 minutes to reach this place from our house, so by Kay El driving standard it is considered a very close picnic destination. I am quite sure many Kay El inhabitants don't really aware the existence of this nice place. I am not sure though, if the glamorous wedding of Maya Karin that took place in this serene habitat has in a way ring a bell to these Kay El people.

Kids seemed to really enjoying this outing. They didn't really mind soaking themselves in the water for hours until their toes become numb. My bum was also starting to become numb from spending hours sitting on the rock watching them splashing and wading in the pool. After some serious persuasion to get them all out of the water, we finally packed up and head back home with a minor sun burn on the skin.

1 comment:

SKT 84 said...

A good day without the lousy old man with viva infront of me......is one fine day to me.

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