25 November 2008

googling over the cyberspace

I am a cool person. People that I talked to told me that I am cool too. So at least I am right thinking that I am cool. I feel cool when I am eating ice batu kacang, looking at my bank account during paytime, taking a ride in my UDM after spending a day doing detailing and even cooler if I have to cope with bosses that had no sense of humor at all - pity them.

Yesterday, my old and trusted buddy, Badrul shared some of his old-kept secrets on how to get our posting listed on search engines. For some IT geeks this may sound so trivial, but not for me, a fourtysomething cool-guy. He revealed to me every steps, every trade secrets and tips that he has gathered over the years at The University of Durham (the same university that I read my MSc/PhD). After of some pinging here and there, I started to see my blog listed on Google, and to me that was cool. Looking at how knowledgeable he was, make me thinking that this guy should in the first place becomg an IT consultant instead of spending his entirely working career handling test tubes and playing with plant hormones than can shrunk his manhood. I can see the sincerity and passion in him. How I hope that others have the same 'badruism' in them. These species are a rare breed now and in the brink of extintion especially in my workplace of which I called a heaven. Cool!

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