25 November 2008

School holiday and PSP 3000

Now the most anticipated even of the year has come. Nope... it is not the Monsoon Cup that brought Michele Yeoh and Jacky Chan to the once-sleepy town of Kuala Terengganu. It is the Year end school holiday, when your kids spending their time mostly at home pestering you and your wife. The other thing that I noticed having significant effect during that gestation period of their schooling time is the number of trafic on the road. It reduces drastically. Sometimes it makes me wondering why this mind-blowing phenomenon is happening. Does the parent dutily send their children to school themselves and then dashing back to work after that? Or is it their habbit to have breakfast and bid farewell to their children first before going to work? Mind you, global warming has so many explaination to it, but this phenomenon I have yet to find the answer. Anyway it is good because I can drive my car flawlessly on the road and along the way it save my brake pad and my pocket as well.One and a half months is a long time. So I have to think of ways to occupy them with quality activities. At the same time I have not really rewarded my kids for being so nice and obedient to me all this while. A little pampering will do. You take some, you give some. One thing straight away cross my mind. The most talked-about (of course among their peers, because I don't think my peers give a damn!) was PSP 3000 that was just being released in October 08. After some googling about (yes I am good at doing that now), I found only one shop in the entire nasi-lemak-nation that sell the latest model. The shop was in the S&M Shopping Arcade Center along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (I should get a comission for this free ad from the shop). The shop owner was quite surprised when I approached him and he later told me that I was the first customer to their shop asking for the model. This could probably mean that I am the first official customer that bought PSP 3000 in malaysia. Cool. With slimmer design, antiglare screen, built in speaker, skype and other cool feature comes with it, I am poorer by RM950. And it comes with one original game, of which one of my all-time favourites, Final Fantasy VII. Since it is still consider new in the market, modding is quit impossible. But with Malaysia-Boleh spirit, I don't think our elusive home-grown hackers in Low Yatt or Imbi Plaza won't take that long to unlock the code.

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