10 November 2008

Sticky business

Life can be so sticky. One day you can get obsessed with something or someone and the next day for no obvious reason you found out that you don't have the crave anymore. for instance, I for once have this craze and urge to start my own business. A business that is not only can fullfill my dream but also my bank account.

So I took that road and jumped into the bandwagon but after a while I realised that not everybody can be a towkey. Not for a fainted heart anyway. I almost abandoned my PhD in doing so. So I quit (the business). Luckily I did so.

But there is heaven somewhere. And I found my heaven somewhere near the "Bamboo River". But later, I found out that the place is not only a safe heaven for me, but also a sanctuary to most of my fellow rice-eating-buddies. So far I am glued to this place and I believe my other buddies are the same. Stuck for life!


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