23 November 2008


Whenever I have some spare time, I will attend my garden. In my motherland, spare time is a very precious comodity and hard to come. It is so important to me that I will trade in with my golf clubs if I have to. Anytime.

Somehow, back in my motherland it seems that I am always busy. And I noticed that my fellow friends, colleagues, neighbours and especially my bosses have the same problem. I am not that surprise if somebody tell me that our politicians are busy. Because they have many important jobs to do such as having fun bullshitting people in parliments, attending official ceremony in golf clubs, making policies that only a bunch of people would undestand and presumably managing their bank accounts in Geneva.

Having that thought in mind, it makes me a bit nostalgic. Ididn't have this problem when I did my PhD in the distant land not so long ago. Despite my very busy schedule of spending my time in the laboratories, in search of scientific breaktrough, hoping that one day I could become the first keropok-eating nation for a Nobel laureatte (and of course a Datukship for that as per our tradition), I still have plenty of time for my family, friends, hobbies, sightseeing and even things that I don't fancy much which is shopping.

If anybody ask me why, I am still figuring it out myself the reasons why, we the nation of roti canai, char kue tiew, and cappati having such a busy lifestyle. Probably because we are so materialistic, conditioned by circumstances and along the way denying ourselves our own quality life that we ought to have. Who to blame? "Bukan salah ibu mengandung".
Back to the original story. Ah yes the orchids, of which belong to the family of Orchidaceae. I think my professor in botany will be very impressed if he ever read this blog because I still can remember the takson very well. At first I don't really fancy keeping these species in my garden as it will only mess up with the theme of my garden.

And yes, as if our life is not complicated enough, garden also has their own themes. Amongs the popular themes of the gardens that was not taught to me by my professors and solely based on my years of observation is the "Kampung theme" of which will consist of "bunga tahi ayam, bunga raya, kemboja, melur" and other plants families that will contribute in their daily used as cooking ingrediens or as medicinal plants. ".

The other theme is of course the "City theme". These gardens are normally decorated by flashy designers and planted with exotic and erratic plants with names that only the retarded can pronounce very well. Can anybody pronouce these plants properly? Digitalis purpurea, Pisum sativum, Paticerium platilobum, Cucurbita moschata etc. Sounds so scary even pests won't come nearer.

But for now, I will try finding time attending my garden. Looking at the lush green, vibrant colors and the diverse symbions in these small ecosphere have some soothing effect on me. Theme or no theme I am contributing to the greening of our planet.

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