21 November 2008

Time flies

People says time flies. Time flies very fast and more so if you are having fun. Today while I am transferring my old files to a new PC I came across some photos of my youngest son. He is 2 plus now. Man....he grows very fast. I have lost count now of how many sleepless nights I have to cope with or how skillfull I was to change his dirty diaper. It was a priceless experience to me. The experience that all fathers should have not missed.

Spending time with my kids is always a fun thing for me to do. Having to watch them growing up from a tiny-weeney-cute little being into a very adorable object is someting that I enjoyed very much. Sometimes, this obsession can be a very good remedy for me from some of our adult's many dread diseases. Stress can just fly away when I simply hug my kids.

Yes, time flies if our time is fully occupied. Suddenly my present in this planet has reached its fourty years of existance. Yes fourty years of colourful life. So I am going to paint my remaining lifespan even more colorful and God knows for how long, and enjoy my life to the fullest.

All the jokers and circus clowns around me....ahhhh...they are just part of the dark colors that will add on to my wonderful journey in this planet. I have my babies to cheer me up.


Gampangnya Waikato said...

What can I say more...these are the words of a true father.

I pray to God that you'll be a good father for the rest of your life.

DrSam said...

The same doa goes to you too bro. I hope your family will be your strongest motivation and inspiration for your endeavour in the Kiwi Land.

Can't wait to celebrate your success in due time.

Stay strong and stay cool bro.

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