01 December 2008

An Indian and an arrow

I was made to believe that technology can improve your performance in sport. At least that was what my colleagues told me. There are so many gadget with new technologies out there from sport shoes that can make you running like an antelope, tennis racket (or is it racquet?) that make you ball spin in your trouser and even an apparel that can suck you sweat drier than the Gobi desert.

I am a fan of Taylormade golf equipment, at first not much on their performance but more on their look. It just look beautiful in your hand. So beautiful to the extend that hitting a ball requires my extra effort not to scratch its nice surface.

Finally I can put this theory of technology myth to the test. In a way it was also a good excuse for me to get my hand on this driver famously known as the Burner. With my current handicap, my normal distant with a driver is approximately 170m. With this new burner I finally managed to reach a 200m distant marker. A big improvement in my game. The myth is busted. So now we know - it is not the Indian but the arrow.


Gampangnya Waikato said...

Hahaha...guess you come to the deduction after a few swings.

I can say the analogy is that driving UDM and Proton Iswara is very much different.

I believe, Nazir would pretty much concur with my statement.

By the way, you are letting go ur R7?

DrSam said...

Good analogy. But then proton is proton and UDM is different genre altogether. Is is just like comparing aple and orange.

Do you give Nazir permission to read your blog?

I will keep the R7 simply because we have some bad losers among us, so that I can "give muka" when playing with them :)

Gampangnya Waikato said...

I do not know what thinks of me, but I consider him as a friend besides just being an office mate.

So, he has the permission to read my blog.

Yeah...UDM and Proton...you can't really compare them.

Good correlation can be made if I am comparing something from the same class like comparing V to a gorilla...hahaha

DrSam said...

I used to know a gorilla once and try to make friend with him. Because I am not that choosy type and don't want to be labeled of discrimination against different species. Problem was this gorilla cannot control his big smelly mouth,stinking to the seventh heaven along the way suffocated me. so I decided it was not worth my effort and might as well I stick with my fellow homo sapien.

SKT 84 said...

This type of people always make others suffer and they r happy of doing it. Just like my skt only got 84.SKT stand for sasaran kerja tahunan. skt 84 = non-achiever, low class = bachoi =tak boleh pakai. I hope they will live happily ever after.

DrSam said...

Bro SKT 84,

Kah..kah..going thru your spicy comments really made my day lah.

But why bother and whining about these people who live their life with rigid guidelines but keep changing every now and then (to suit them), meaningless criteria in SKT form that determine whether you are a superstar of just a mediocre and etc.

Just live our life to the fullest man. Set our priority right and let the jokers dance their own tune.

Gampangnya Waikato said...

Alamak SKT...

We are talking about golf here, not about work.

I leave matters of my work to the more competent fella to ponder, sleep on or whatever necessary.

Yeah, just live life to the fullest man, regardless of what people label us.

Sometimes, the problem with most of us we always think that we are married to the job.

As a pragmatic person, as long I am happy with my marriage, I am all right.

If not, that is why court is in existence, syariah or otherwise.

Cheers bro...panjang lak komen ni.

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