02 December 2008

I have four superheroes

I remember during my adolescence, I always admire some heroes or certain characters in drama series of 70s and 80s. They were heroes like Mike Guyver, Six million dollars man and Ultraman for instances. I am not quite sure however, why on the other hands I didn't really fancy Superman. Probably because I couldn't understand why a weirdo that can fly and has the strength of many-many elephants, wears an underwear outside his trouser. That just didn't make any sense at all.

Nowadays, my superheroes are four indestructible but cute little youngsters of which from time to never failed to amused me and at the same time keeping my days very busy. Man, they grows very fast and they are big eater as well. Their appetite can match any hungry wolves for that matter. They can consume a month of your ration in a merely week time , with still a place for more desert. I think African locust will have to surrender to these superheroes where appetite is concern. Their infestation is unstoppable. To make the matter worst, the eldest one has always become the dumping-site for his other brothers leftover food. No wonder he is among the chubbiest of all.

Since they all grow very fast, I can't remember when or how they learn not to pee on the carpet and start using their toothbrush properly. But one thing that I always remember, especially on the sign of their fast growing was when they don't bother to follow you anymore whenever you want to go shopping for groceries. The sight of them chasing and teasing each others was the sight that I will always remember fondly. I can't imagine how lonely a couple would be without these noisy kids around. But I can understand now, why everytime I or my other siblings 'balik' kampung to see our aging parents, we really put the big smile in their face.

My life nowadays simply revolving around these four charming little creatures. They are my superheroes now. They are my savior. I will miss their innocent little faces sooner of later but I am quite certain they will always put a big smile in my face.

1 comment:

Syazwan said...

My dearest dad,

You must have realised by now that raising up four superheroes, you need to be a superhero too!(well, at least...hehehe)

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