14 December 2008

mmm....No wonder!

In any two ways relationship especially the long-term one, there is normally a mutual agreement between parties in order for the relationship to work best, as ones would have expected. Normally these agreement comes in the form of silent, unwritten understanding, strongly binding as soon as the couple start to engage in their fist kiss. Occasionally I came across some funny people, funny places or funny office-politicians who really good at making people laugh with their antics. But this parking resit of which I received when I parked my car in Kay El recently was even funnier. The small print that stamped at the bottom of that paper caught my eyes and almost caused me laughing like a hyena. The best part was "..negligence of the management or the employees..". A nice way for saying you are neither a responsible person nor a fan of Mawi. Perhaps the one who runs that parking business watched too much of Nabil's show. Perhaps the motto of whoever owned that place is "to play safe", since the parking lot is just meters away from Lorong Hj. Taib.

A comical and witty disclaimer like that is now a norm if you have not noticed yet. You can see it everywhere even in the blogging community. "you read this blog, but if you have a heart attack you pay the bill". No wonder nowadays there is so much break-up in relationships. especially with the youngster in their fat-track relationship. The popular motto is "you got pregnant and I will find another land for a farming"!

1 comment:

ASH said...

'you got pregnant and I will find another land for a farming'....

kekadang aku terfikir berapa banyaklah gamaknya ye..'tanah tanah' felda yang telah berjaya diterokai'..


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