03 December 2008

Be happy and you will live longer

This afternoon my eldest son and me paid a visit to University Malaya Specialist Center for his sinusitis problem. While waiting to see Prof. Prepa, a ENT consultant, I went through a pile of magazines in the waiting room. I came across this article on happiness, in an outdated Time magazine of which I thought very interesting enough.

In that article, the author listed 10 practical tips on what we should do in order to keep us in a joyful mood if not over the moon. But unlike my house mortgage BLR, my mental memory keep reducing in the capacity and I can't memorised all the 10 tips. But one thing that managed to embed in my mind, probably because of its simplicity and practicality was was to jot down at least 10 good thing that we do each day. By doing this we will initiate that feel good factors and harbor a positive feeling in us, along the way will make us happy. And if we keep doing it over time so that it become a habit, we will be a happy person all the time. I think that was quite a simple thing to do. And i am sure in one whole day we are doing more good deeds than we can think of.

Let see what are the good deeds in my bag for today, that make me feel good:

  • bought that tasty nasi lemak and roti canai for breakfast - save my other-half from wasting her beautiful morning in the kitchen
  • Washed and cleaned the two workhorses - it look sparky clean
  • attended to my garden, weeding and manuring the plants - the plants look healthier that the dog next door
  • glued a small broken part on the playstation console that was broken - kids happy, I am happy
  • Gave my helping hand to my other-half in attending our youngest son that got fever
  • I did not eat much during our departmental dinner even the food selection was so irresistible
  • Feed the Kois in my pond
  • Brought my son to see his ENT specialist
  • I gave way to one typical-Malaysian-impatience driver on my way back from the dinner
  • Sharing this tip with the whole cyber community
  • I am on leave today but yet I still got 43 odd days left for my honeymoon
Hey... I think it work. I start to feel good already.


Gampangnya Waikato said...


Be happy...life is not that long anyway.

I believe I have a folder in a built in CPU inside me, named as the "forgiven but not forgotten".

So, I agree that we just have to follow the flow of life and enjoy what life has granted us.

On one fine day that we wouldn't know of, suddenly a name pops up from the "unforgotten" folder. This signals for the greatest opportunity to make the life of that person the most unhappiest one.

So, till then bro.

DrSam said...

I have that folder too in my CPU. And I know some of our comrades keep the same folder too. If we combine it altogether, the folder can become larger to the extend of the gigabytes.

I for now am quite happy as I've transferred that folder to the trash bin, because I don't want the virus to corrupt my other good folders.

Gampangnya Waikato said...

Caya la bro...u memang hebat...such a kind person ler u..

Org jepun kata sugoi des ne...cool brother

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